Mugler Alien Perfume Ladies

Thierry Mugler Alien perfume ladies a refined composition with floral oriental note. 
The enchanting floral essence that women love and put them in hypnosis. 
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Mugler Alien Perfume 90ml – Radiant, refined, mysterious and very adult.

Use Mugler Alien and awaken the goddess in you, be extraordinary!

Thierry Mugler entered the world of perfumery in 1992 with the creation of the new perfume Angel. 
He invented the indispensable gourmet juice, which is still one of the bestsellers of the house! 
A real commercial success and a perfume icon, this fragrance remained for many years the only female essence of the brand. 
His entry into perfumery in 1992 with Angel was indeed a real feat. 
Then came success after success. Mugler then also took control of the perfumery. Then, in 2005, a new legendary elixir 
was born: Alien Perfume 30ml . 
A true jewel in the perfume department, the spray perfume Alien 60ml seems to blow a wind of energy and seduction never felt before. 
In short, the hypnotic floral essence that women love. More than that, they are its guardians. Muses chosen to watch over this explosive fragrance that incidentally transforms all women she perfumes into goddesses?

But it was in 2005 when Alien appeared. The second great oriental perfume by Thierry Mugler, which very quickly made a name for itself both for the brilliance of its bottle and the power of its fragrance.

Attracted by the world of the supernatural, Thierry Mugler offered a departure from his usual codes and developed his perfume for women Mugler Alien Perfume 90ml.

Ultra-woody and oriental at the beginning, the fragrance keeps adding sambac accents on a base of amber. Radiant light. In short, diffuse serenity. Time suspended. And the symbolism of this perfume gets its full meaning from the exquisite features of a sun goddess, who concludes by spreading a message of peace and love. In other words, hope is growing. A world that reveals itself to us full of bliss, suffused with a benevolent aura.

Thierry Mugler is part of the new wave of couturiers of the 80s that flooded the Parisian capital with a completely new style, sweeping away the conformism of the time. So it was alongside Kenzo Takada and as well as Jean Paul Gaultier that revolutionized haute couture. 
Indeed, their fragrances carry messages.

Unstructured creations, oversized shoulders, unusual measurements… Nothing stops the creativity of the designer. A boldness that, however, goes far beyond the world of fashion.

The Mugler brand, on the other hand, is a phenomenal success thanks to his mythical angel. Of course, it does not stop there. In fact, after Angel with the blue stars, it now 
sent an army of aliens over the world! First, excellent fragrances that burst on the skin of women and secondly, then transform them into ambassadors of this original elixir.

Thierry Mugler is a creator at heart, a true visionary genius who has continued to surprise throughout his career. So his 2005 fragrance creation Mugler Alien Perfume Ladies is no exception to this rule, like all perfumes of the brand in general.

Alien Eau de Parfum for women – timelessly modern, the perfect femininity

The original scent of Alien: sunny and mysterious.

In fact, Alien 100ml is the successor of the very famous Angel. And yet at the time it was not an easy task, in addition to such a myth of smell, to make the fragrance another success. 
If Alien perfume 30ml is considered a must-have in women’s perfumery today, it is partly because it is the work of three renowned perfumers, namely Dominique Ropion, Laurent Bruyère and Olivier Polge.

Alien embodies all the boldness of the house of Thierry Mugler. Its first breath immediately brings a fragrance shock to the nose, based on patchouli, neroli, vetiver and mandarin orange as top notes.

In short, close your eyes and let yourself be transported to another world.

Sparkling and daring, Alien Eau de Parfum does not lack impudence and dares to use each of its ingredients in disproportionate proportions. 
In this case, the sambac jasmine is clearly highlighted. It illuminates the fragrance while contrastingly playing with the tonality of the sandalwood. 
A woody amber fragrance initially born from the outrageous excess of two powerful notes, amber and wood, illuminated by sambac jasmine.

In addition, cardamom and cumin spice things up. Orange blossom further enhances the luminosity of the fragrance.  Radiant and mysterious.  Finally, blond amber softens things and turns this eau de parfum for women into a real caress. 
The flacon continues with this elixir reminiscent of a sacred stone. Like a precious stone, it contains the secret of Alien 90ml that lasts forever and looks like a jewel whose facets hide a secret perfume.

Alien then appeared as a kind of modern deity, solar, powerful and radiant at the same time.

This first fragrance for you seems ideally suited to reveal the radiance and beauty of any woman who wears it.

Description of fragrance – Let yourself be seduced by the jewel-like fragrance.

Alien Thierry Mugler 60ml is like a real olfactory shock. It perfectly matches the outrageousness and intemperance of Mugler’s perfume universe. The top notes are brightened by the grandiose chords of sambac jasmine flowers, whose softness contrasts with the full power of the composition.

A woody amber fragrance born firstly from the outrageous excess of two powerful notes, amber and wood, illuminated by Sambac jasmine.

The magical heart, secondly, is made more powerful by the presence of the very sensual cashmere wood, characterized by strong notes of musk.

The magnetic attraction crate of aliens.

Finally, the base notes envelop you in a veil of white amber, whose chords are as soft and pleasant as mohair, the durability is very satisfying.

Thirdly, the latter shows its incomparable luminosity and is enhanced by the woody and enveloping tones of cashmere. At the same time, cashmere exudes amber fragrance. In other words, aliens, a shock, an emotion.

Alien is an unusual fragrance, whose trail is still shaken by cardamom and cumin. 
However, Alien is clearly dominated by the presence of sambac jasmine.

As for the orange blossom, it makes it seem particularly radiant. Finally, the track is more velvety than ever. You will notice. It’s a real second skin with blonde amber, heliotrope and woody notes. A fragrance embodied by a sun goddess with mysterious powers, the sillage is great.

The whole is contained in a bottle with sculptural shape. It resembles a precious amethyst. Alien is undoubtedly cut like a jewel, both in terms of design and smell.

Moreover, as if to increase its mystery and nobility, its container is reinforced by four golden claws that seem to protect its aura.

It is more than a feeling, it is a vivid journey into the heart of mystery and bliss.

The Alien Flacon – An opulent and mysterious purple gem to seduce.

Let’s start by highlighting the elegance of Thierry Mugler perfume bottle.

First of all, this purple gorgeous jewel is stunning at first sight after all. What a jewel!

Part of the Alien gemstone collection, this multi-faceted, jewel-like talismanic bottle was inspired by an amethyst, which symbolizes meditation and reflection as much as calming.

In fact, this one is a real gemstone that looks like it was just sculpted by the house’s favorite jeweler. Thierry Mugler’s famous amethyst.

 Inspired by an amethyst, this charming case, on the other hand, is cut like a jewel. These facets are irregular, but asymmetrical and absolutely flawless. They show the audacity of Alien. Its plum color offers a great sensuality mixed but with a deep mystery. 
Moreover, this magnificent talisman is sandwiched between four gold claws to further emphasize its exceptional character.

Inspired by amethyst and wonderful as a symbol of meditation and tranquility, Thierry Mugler’s Eau de Parfum Alien invites us to a moment of relaxation. 
Finally, the whole is put in four golden claws. These seem to protect the fragrance family contained in the bottle.

As a fragrance that radiates through every pore of our skin, Alien Parfum Mugler draws its values from meditation and calming. True to the sensual image of this perfume for women, the bottle also always enchants with its talismanic appeal, which is also available at the source.

Nebulous and full of new energies, this unique fragrance sublimates the beauty of every woman.

Like a jewel, this magnificent olfactory creation is a true drive that enlightens us with its essences of jasmine and wood, for example!

Mugler Alien perfume red flacon ( available in 15ml, 30ml, 60ml or 90ml and is refillable) is like a sacred stone charged with new energy.

In retrospect, it also has the appeal of a majestic, strange silhouette. If Mugler Alien 90 ml plans to invade the Earth, how can we resist?

Alien – A luminous, vibrant and sensual modern fragrance.

A radiant, vibrant and mysterious fragrance. Wear it and anything can happen.

Its facets are enchanting and give the case the appearance of a precious stone. Like a powerful and mystical amethyst, its violet glass continues to captivate, captivate, captivate. How can man remain indifferent in the face of such refinement? Pure seduction.

Alien Mugler 30ml is a mysterious eau de parfum, he is available in a refill variant. 
The fragrance is both simple and almost inaccessible. It is like a breath of hope and serenity. Alien reveals its vibrant energy and glowing radiance here.

And indeed, the fragrance seems to come directly from another planet. So, in short, Alien watches over our world and comes to offer it all its floral richness. 
Designed for pleasure, the perfume lands on Earth in 
the form of a purple mysterious UFO, but it does not lack character.

This fragrance is more sensual than ever and seems as attractive as the gemstone that inspires the design of the bottle, the amethyst, a true gemstone

Its fragrance is sunny thanks to its heart of sambac jasmine, but also opulent and delicate at the same time, with cashmere and white amber.

Mugler Alien 60ml is a symbol of wisdom, a muse with a magnetic aura that seems to have entered the earth, never to leave. Perfumes are made to sublimate us, and Thierry Mugler knows that! 
This perfume for women cleverly combines the freshness of orange blossom with the power of jasmine and heliotrope, spreading a trace of peace thanks to its enigmatic scents that perfume our everyday life with a dark and strange sweetness.

 With spicy notes of cardamom and cumin that gently spread on our skin, this fragrance also reveals a woody, beguiling and dense facet full of life and benevolent energy. 
Biding time and the radiant light of the first sprays, Thierry Mugler’s Eau de Toilette Alien for women is based on strong and vibrant emotions that enhance the magic and mystery of its fragrances.

Become an alien sun goddess – arouse hopes, desires and happiness – seduce.

From now on, the woman is a goddess who deserves to receive this fragrant gift. 
The divine essence – Luminous, majestic, with stunning aura. In other words her presence fascinates, everyone wants to bow before such a goddess.

But for them, only their fragrance counts.

So a single spray is enough. Eyelids close and inspiration becomes deep. 
Each fragrance particle breaks into the heart of a heavenly rain. The essence spreads as well with incredible speed. 
In fact, this precious gift never leaves her side. Why is that? Because it makes its beauty eternal!

The heartbeat becomes wild. The face then turns to the sky to capture the energy of the light. Suddenly, again, the eyes open together.

Your students see life in purple! Congratulations, because you are finally Mugler’s alien. A true source of youth that can be recharged to infinity…
Secret Mugler Alien Eau de Parfum reminds you of the greatness of infinite space in which you can move freely.

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How much is Alien by Mugler ?

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What fragrances are included?

Fragrance family: oriental – Boisée
Top notes: Indian jasmine
Heart notes: cashmere
Base notes: white amber, ambergris

What is the price? What sizes are available?

The fragrance is available in the following sizes:
30 ml & 60 ml & 90ml & as a fragrance set.

Where can I buy the fragrance Alien?

Online Shops:
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4 thoughts on „Mugler Alien Perfume Ladies“


Thierry Muglers Alien Eau de Toilette…

Alien 30 ml adorns itself with a new power: the joyful energy of its eau de toilette. 
When I smelled Alien for the first time I knew that this extraterrestrial being must come to my home.

Radiant, sparkling and enigmatic, Alien Eau de Toilette stimulates the senses and enlightens them with sensuality and mystery. 
After a Blue Angel with international success and a green cologne with underrated qualities, Mugler decided to surprise us with a purple Alien.

A woody, amber floral creation (essence of mandarin, Moroccan jasmine grandiflorum, white amber and cashmere wood) highlighted by fresh, cheerful and radiant facets. 
A fragrance with character, relatively successful, but commendable despite its rather enigmatic science fiction communication. Like its bottle, the perfume is dark and angular, strange and complicated.

A new parma colored faceted jewel-like talisman bottle inspired by amethyst crystal. 
And to ensure the eternity of this gemstone, the bottle can be procured at the source or with an eco-source bottle. 
Lasts a long, long time on me, which is good because I have a problem with my skin eating perfume. I can definitely smell this perfume hours and hours after applying it. 
The perfume bottle contains the secret of Alien 60ml like a gemstone that lasts forever. It can be refilled thanks to the refill bottles or in your perfume store at the MUGLER fountain.

Radiant light. Diffuse serenity. Time suspended. Hope growing. 
Distinctive and mysterious, yet comforting and soft, Alien by Mugler conveys passionate sensuality and the essence of absolute femininity. 
A world that reveals itself to us full of bliss, suffused with a benevolent aura. Where does this amazing feeling of satiety come from?

Orange blossom, heliotrope and jasmine intertwine into spicy notes of cardamom and cumin before spreading out on a bed of powerful amber and mystical incense. 
Alien Parfum 90ml is a rich, floral, woody amber fragrance with jasmine sambac, cashmere wood and white amber. 
Ok, this reminds me of sweet, sweet red wine, with jasmine flowers thrown into the pot. Add a few wood chips to the mix. The woody notes get a little louder as it fades. 
It is a fragrance whose magical traces awaken your emotions.

It’s not weird or strange, but it is very strong. Because of the strange grape note, I would almost call it fruity-floral.

The result is a refined and intimate Oriental that is quite successful and whose accord is taken up a year later by the same perfumers, transforming it a little in Code for Woman, in which you will find the same little family resemblance, but with much less boldness and personality, to my taste. 
Alien Eau de Parfum for women: the original odeuvre, floral, sunny and mysterious.

A fragrance like no other, which is irresistibly attractive and is not at all of this world…
The fragrance is the hammer in the positive sense, although here should be well dosed. The jasmine is a dark mysterious little wretch that fights its way through the woody – spicy swathes. Alien, a shock, an emotion. A fragrance embodied by a sun goddess with mysterious powers…
Then without batting an eye, it hides its head in the soft cushion of amber and blissfully falls asleep.

Alien Eau de Parfum, radiant and mysterious, is a woody amber fragrance born from the outrageous profusion of two powerful notes, amber and wood, illuminated by sambac jasmine.
It accompanies me all day and night, watching over my soul. This fragrance is too beautiful and want to go home.

Part of the gemstone collection Alien, this multi-faceted, jewel-like talisman bottle was inspired by amethyst, which symbolizes meditation and tranquility. 
Great, wonderful purple bottle. I think if the bottle was shaped like a large purple flower, it would fit better than this strange alien figure. 
The bottle, like an eternal gem, can be found at its perfumer’s home or thanks to a Source Bottle. 
This fragrance has excellent sillage and lasting power. I wore it during a 5-hour train ride and could still see the odeuvre wafting around me when I arrived at my destination.

An amber, woody and floral creation that invites you to experience the extraordinary in everyday life through its notes of cashmere wood and amber, illuminated by a sunflower, sambac jasmine.

In love, immortally in love, set on drugs: „Alien“ 30ml will be ordered today, all other candidates for purchase just have to stand in line.


How can we not be surprised by this violet fragrance straight from Thierry Mugler’s workshops? 
I have always admired Thierry Mugler’s unique sense of style and approach to the creation of his fragrances and the design of the packaging.

Alien 30ml is just like its bottle: dark and angular, strange and complex. 
It is a complicated perfume that does not hesitate to confuse more than one person in its path. The result is a sophisticated, oriental juice that is still quite intimate. 
So it’s not surprising that so much creativity has led Alien 60ml on the road to fame. 
In fact, it is still one of the flagship products of the brand Thierry Mugler.

A bestseller by Thierry MuglerWhen 
we talk about Thierry Mugler, we undoubtedly immediately think of his famous perfume Angel. 
Although I was a fan of Angel, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from his other perfumes. I

Nevertheless, Alien 90ml is one of the other big stars of the brand. It is, in fact, the second great women’s essence of the brand. 
It took me a while to test its second most popular perfume, for fear of being disappointed.

This 2005 essence proposes a futuristic, sun-drenched vision of women. 
Well, I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Something urged me to try this on my skin rather than on the test card, and I’m quite glad I did just that. 
It seems ideally suited to reveal the radiance and beauty of the woman wearing it. 
The first spray was not at all loud and intrusive, which was a pleasant surprise, as I had expected the top notes to be similar in strength to Angel.

As the advertisement for this essence suggests, Alien creates a sort of luminous halo around the woman, instantly transforming her into a sun goddess. 
Alien is a fairly deep, floral scent, with the jasmine creating a sweet but powdery smell.

It is a fragrance of serenity and hope. It seems to have been born from a gemstone, as its sublime amethyst color suggests. 
This fragrance is quite versatile. In my opinion, it is better suited for the colder months and for nighttime wear, but it could adapt well to any season or occasion.

This perfume water for women releases an aura similar to that of a royal stone. So it seems to be a sacred essence with a strong sense of wisdom. 
The odeuvre has a magnetic aura and opens the way to the imagination, a path that only the greatest can travel.

The floral fragrance of the perfume. 
I like that this fragrance is not complex and that it manages to appeal to a wide audience.

It is a perfume created by Dominique Ropion, Laurent Bruyère and Olivier Polge. 
These three talented designers had the ambition to create a real olfactory shock. Alien is a juice that plays with outrageousness as much as it plays with excess. 
I can’t even begin to explain how Alien smells. In the first moments like a sweet, sensual draw-you-out perfume, but not yet a scent from the unique beyond. 
It releases woody and amber tonalities of cashmere wood as well as a luminous sambac jasmine accord.

But then the strange creature comes out of hiding: and it smells like a load of caramelized figs, plums, dates served on vinyl. Then comes strange jasmine, monstrous, purple and dark blue, not of this world. The addition of cardamom and cumin adds dynamism, while orange blossom brings a sunny aspect. 
The amber isn’t from earthly creatures either, this must be alien amber, that’s how extremely buttery this stuff is! As for the base, it is more velvety. It combines blonde amber with heliotrope and seems like a real second skin. 
And over all this hovers a huge question mark, a kind of indecipherable code. 
A luminous, vibrant and mysterious fragrance… An ambery, woody fragrance, Fleurs de Soleil, born from the impertinence of two powerful notes, amber and wood, illuminated by Fleurs de Soleil, Sambac Jasmine.

As for the flacon, this mystical essence is contained in a precious amethyst-like case.

Overall, I think this refillable eau de parfum is a mysterious, sexy and bold fragrance. This is definitely not a perfume for the shy, accordingly the bottle is also designed.

This container was carved by the house of Thierry Mugler in the image of a jewel. Its color is absolutely captivating and exudes great sensuality.
The bottle of the perfume inspired by amethyst, symbolizing meditation and appeasement, contains the secret of this odeuvre

Its format remains mysterious, and four golden claws even surround the whole, as if to protect what it contains. 
The bottle resembles an alien goblet in a mysterious purple.

His name then appears like a handwritten formula that lets the mystery hover over the perfume, which almost becomes a magical filter. 
Finally, though, I have to get something off my chest: From „Alien“ testing, I have tennis elbow. 
Or rather, my arm is completely twisted, almost dislocated. And I also have sore muscles. 
I would say it’s a „purple“ perfume. So you have to remember to wear only a small amount or everyone around you will be knocked out.

So why did I have sore muscles? My beloved was constantly tugging at it. „Let me smell again!“ -swoosh it stuck again and again to my maltreated forearm. 
He is a perfume connoisseur and said, „I don’t smell spice or vanilla. It gets so much better with time. The sillage is stunning, isn’t it? Delightfully sweet, not tart in any way.“ What he said at one point, however, left me sheer speechless: „This stuff smells like you originally. It’s your skin in the bottle. Only amplified.“

Undeniably, Alien is a fascinating creature that quickly becomes as mysterious as the creator of the house itself. It is therefore a perfect extension of the creative universe of the brand Mugler.


Actually, I had no intention of falling in love with Alien. 
Then I read: „. A perfume from another world, an elixir with a magical and positive power. It stands for the extraordinary in every woman, for the desire to be unique, different. „
And then, poof, two, three, four, moah… let’s say eight drops of the alien landed on my skin. Spread haphazardly, even on my knees. As many places on the body should be tested. Then I thought: beautiful, sensual, soft, yummie. But alien? Much ado about nothing! 
Alien is a talisman capable of revealing the light and creative power of every woman around 3 revelations: First, the Solar Revelation begins with Jasmine Sambac, followed secondly by the Mysterious Revelation with Kashmir Forest, and finally the third Enclosing Revelation, White Amber. 
It didn’t take long and barely five minutes later I had a very silly question mark on my face. What is it? I want it. 
Very nice. Maybe not the summer scent, but definitely something special for the evening, even in summer.

Another hour later: What is this? Where does that come from? It’s so foreign and yet so familiar! I want it, in hectoliters.

The fragrance is addictive. A wonderful perfume! The fragrance is not so heavy that you could not wear it during the day. 
This eau de parfum steals your mind.

I want to spray it, drizzle it, inhale it, sniff it, drink it.


The fragrance Alien, a new classic from the house of MuglerWhen it comes to 
Mugler, it is definitely a love or hate affair. Even among fans of this house, you would be hard pressed to find more than a handful who absolutely love all of its creations. 
After Angel, a cult perfume with international success, and a discreet but frighteningly effective eau de cologne, Thierry Mugler decided to surprise his fans with a violet alien fragrance. 
The fragrance Alien was born. 
This character juice turned out to be strange and complicated, dark and angular, causing a real shock in the small world of fashion and beauty.

Let me state that I really love Alien, and with that out of the way, it can also be said that this love is more due to the fact that my favorite nose, the incredible Dominique Ropion, was involved in the creation of this beauty.
Composed by the noses Laurent Bruyère and precisely Dominique Ropion, the work is based on an incredible complexity and proves to be a particularly effective weapon of mass seduction.

I tend to be irresistibly drawn to this man’s work. My perfume-eating skin is immune to his fragrant charms!

Contrary to perfume trends, it wants to be natural, spicy and woody, unlike the floral and fruity fragrances that were very fashionable when it was introduced in 2005 and are still in fashion today.

Perfectly staged in the 2000s by a unique commercial. What kind of creature is that in this commercial? At first I thought it was an Asian woman made unrecognizable by makeup and hair. The cheeks and eyes speak for it, but no, she is Keine. 
The commercial went down in the history of perfume advertising.

Mugler himself says he only works with models with that certain something. This woman is simply striking and different and fits the concept.

About the fragrance. It starts floral, and I like the beginning. He smells feminine, sweet and also a little fresh, jasmine just. The base note that makes up the fragrance Alien.

Perfumers Dominique Ropion and Laurent Bruyère have developed a daring composition that irresistibly evokes mystery and sensuality, revolving around three main scent axes. 
But in this perfume is captured a personality that reveals itself little by little.

First, you will firstly discover an ambery facet, highlighted by an incredibly overdosed and intense transparent white amber, the main feature of the house. 
The fragrance is something very special. Nothing that could be described in any way. You simply have to have smelled it.

Then secondly there is a woody facet where cashmere, a rare wood that is at once distinctive, dense and enchanting, blooms deliciously. 
I have a fondness for jasmine, it grows everywhere in my garden, and I often sit in my gazebo on a summer evening drinking a glass of wine and reveling in the waves of fragrance wafting over me.

And finally, thirdly, there is a subtle floral facet of sambac jasmine, a flowering plant native to India that is soft and discreet.

Maybe that’s why I like Alien as much as I do! I love that its jasmine quality is consistent and remains fresh and juicy until the end.

In this sense, the fragrance becomes increasingly metallic and cool. At the same time, however, this „amber“ provides a sweetish warmth. 
All fragrances, no matter where they come from, from what depths of the galaxy,
must be explored by oneself, because a description of this is utopian.

He radiates an unapproachable arrogance through the Amber, but at the same time a certain warm closeness. Like an inclined blonde, but she has to put on a show before she opens up. She is, after all, something special. 
These natural notes form a typical, wild sap that seems to come straight from the depths of time, paying vivid homage to the most beautiful forest and country plants. 
It’s undeniably there and has excellent sillage and longevity, but it’s definitely not room filling.

At the first moment, I perceived a sensual heaviness that is difficult to describe. I thought: Oh dear, very heavy, nothing for me! 
But then suddenly: 
A life form unknown to us reaches our solar system. 
An artificial intelligence unknown to us makes contact with us. 
After a while, I was suddenly surprised by this. The scent became really pleasant. Hard to describe, but pleasant and delicious to my sense of smell. The subtle scents of this perfume came out. 
I perceived something sweet, powdery and warm. Just right for the colder season.

But the fragrance Alien, which belongs to the family of woody floral amber fragrances, would be nothing without the more subtle notes that make up its charm and subtlety. 
You’ll find an opulent blend of orange blossom, heliotrope, cardamom and cumin mixed with the power of mystical incense. 
All in all, an otherworldly fragrance.

The result is a refined and intimate oriental that is quite successful and makes the woman who wears it assert herself and reveal herself. 
The elixir transports me to an otherworldly, mystical world. It is so intense that it should be used very sparingly. The durability is also very good.

Alien is also a natural perfume: its goal is to sublimate the nature of each woman, allow her to reinvent herself and dream of something different. 
The intensity intensifies, provided that you perhaps apply a little in your hair or on your clothes. 
Thus, the odeuvre immediately transports you to a world of sweetness, while the tiare flower, the star of this perfume, puts you in a happy memory and helps you get into a positive state. 
The bottle is in a class of its own. I’m a sucker for simple design with a twist (Dior Homme, Lalique White, Givenchy, Kenzo Power), or totally wacky stuff. Either or! 
Again, you don’t have to understand art. Art is experienced! 
This bottle looks like something out of a computer game. 
The design and the interaction or the composition of the individual fragrances is indescribable and somehow mystical.

It is very reminiscent of these fantasy worlds and perfectly captures the theme. 
This perfume also brings joy and light, thanks to its bergamot from Sicily and neroli from Nabeul. Thus, it dives into the depths of nature to take advantage of the citrus fruits that form a sunny bouquet and give it a cheerful and sparkling side. 
Alien is very extraordinary. I cannot compare it with other fragrances. It is not for me a fragrance for everyday, jeans, casual look…and the warmer months. Him I would apply for special occasions and evening wear with elegant and chic clothes. 
In short, the Oduvre is sensual, generous, seductive, sweet, soothing and mysterious all at the same time… It’s up to the wearer to decide what her true nature will be! 
For me, Alien is perfect just as it is… and there is no point in trying to improve on perfection.


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