Armani Code Homme

You want a captivating fragrance? Armani Code Homme – The ultimate masculine elegance, stylish and seductive. 
A mysterious fragrance with an oriental touch. 
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Armani Code Men – A fragrance for seducers and connoisseurs.

Armani Code perfume men, the refined and seductive perfume for a fascinating man that embodies extreme elegance and charisma. In short, a mysterious, spicy, oriental fragrance: the absolute code of seduction in a bottle modeled after a fern.

Let them convince themselves of Armani Code for men.

Giorgio Armani and Sergio Galeotti founded the company in the summer of 1975.

Giorgio was born in 1934 in Piacenza, 40 kilometers south of Milan. However, he soon established himself as a fashion designer. His fashion collections, shared with Galeotti, have always been comfortable, straightforward and sober pieces, made of fabrics and selected materials. In 1982 they launched the first fragrance for women: Armani.

In the years that followed, several new Giorgio Armani perfumes were launched.

Ten years later it went to Gio, a perfume that won the award for best perfume in 1994. The classic, minimalist, sexy, elegant and simple style is reflected both in their fashion collections and in all their fragrances and bath lines.

Over the years, Armani has become a global brand synonymous with simplicity and elegant sophistication, which has continued to motivate and inspire Giorgio and is evident in everything from Armani clothing, jewelry, watches and cosmetics to Armani fragrances.

Emporio Armani is the young and modern line of the Italian designer Giorgio Armani. Emporio Armani has collections of clothing, sunglasses, watches, perfumes and cosmetics.

The house of Armani is famous for its suits with refined cut, rigorously selected materials and exemplary sobriety. Armani is known for its constant attention to detail. These are the codes and values that the Italian brand defends. This is undoubtedly part of its recipe for success.

Armani is a brand that much prefers quality than superfluous originality. So to make Giorgio Armani Code Homme 125ml, they took inspiration from the most famous fragrance chord of men’s fragrances: that of fern.

In other words, Giorgio Armani Code Homme 200ml, the timeless class of Armani flacons.

In addition, Armani Men has included olive blossom in its composition, as if to assert its Latin origins. Aromatic herbs and star anise also enhance its character. The perfume first develops gradually on the skin, giving each man his personal expression of seduction and magnetism.

As for the masculinity, on the other hand, it shows in its woody and smoky trace, slightly softened by the tonka bean.

Perhaps it is simply the unusual feat of creating a fragrance that everyone has always known, and yet it is not like any other.

Originally it was called Armani Code Black. However, Mr. Armani quickly decided to change it to Armani Code Perfume Men. Who knows why, but it seems that this last minute change brought luck to the fragrance.

Armani Code Man was already a huge success when it was released in 2004. Since there is not only one facet of masculinity, Armani reinterprets its bestseller year after year. In 2006, it transformed for the first time into a women’s fragrance Armani Code Femme. The ladies, on the other hand, also became more and more enthusiastic about this fragrance.

Then in 2012, Armani Code pour Homme focuses on a more sporty fragrance. It became Armani Code Ultimate and left a more woodsy air. On the other hand, the opposite extreme appeared in 2014, a fresh digestive called Armani Code Ice.

Later, in 2015, to pay homage to the blue of the Mediterranean, Armani penned Code Turquoise. Profumo followed a year later. Code Profumo in 2016 focused on sensuality. When you smell it you see a man in a black suit, white shirt, straight hair and white teeth, masculine but not macho, seductive but not arrogant, but charming, the codes of a new elegance, the codes of the Armani man.

 Finally, the latest Code Colonia for 2017 decided to work in a particularly cool sunshine.

Perfumers Antoine Lie and Antoine Maisondieu were responsible for the creation of this exceptional fragrance.

The duo of perfumers who created the perfume Armani Code Homme 125 ml.

Giorgio Armani entrusted the creation of this sensual juice to a duo of perfumers, Antoine Lie and Antoine Maisondieu. Lie was born in Alsace and very early became interested in the world of fragrances, as well as in the art of their creation.

Antoine Lie is a perfumer and a man of contrasts. He creates daring fragrances, mixing ingredients in unique ways. 
The absolute code of seduction for men.

We owe him great fragrances like „Violet Blonde“ by Tom Ford and „Guess Night by Guess“. 
Armani Sport considered him the perfect perfumer for that very reason.

Antoine Maisondieu was born in Grasse. The grandson of Albert Camus, he is also the youngest in a long line of perfumers. He began his career at the Givaudan company. 
In short, the ultimate masculine elegance, stylish, seductive. A story of Hollywood glamor with a deep stronglook.

Antoine Maisondieu, for example, is considered a perfumer with a great artistic sense. He loves to create, to innovate, to imagine… Furthermore, we owe to Antoine Maisondieu some very beautiful fragrances, like Valentino Donna by Valentino and Féérie by Van Cleef & Arpels.

They created L’Eau de Toilette Armani Code pour Homme, a spicy oriental bouquet that offers freshness through surprising chords. 
This eau de toilette for men is equally a celebration of masculine, distinguished and charming elegance.

It begins with a fruity and distinctive lemon and continues with a tasty heart that combines herbs, anise and olive blossom. 
A fragrance that will seduce men who are both glamorous and manly and strong.
So it opens with very fresh notes of lemon, a small citrus fruit from the south of France.

Then it evolves into very Latin fragrances. In fact, Armani likes to assert its Italian origins in each of its creations. The masculine elixir therefore contains star anise and herbs, in addition to olive blossom. Finally, the whole ends with very masculine tonalities. 
The base leaves a sweet, smoky impression with tonka beans and guaiac wood. This initial masculine oriental touch is dedicated to elegant, carnal and relaxed men.

The Giorgio Armani Armani Code 30ml is bursting with Gaiac wood and tonka beans as described. The result is very sensual and even slightly smoky.

Elegant, masculine with masculine notes, a masterpiece of perfume art.

Designed for the man who is grounded yet spontaneous. It is a warm and sensual fragrance that contains precious cedar, guaiac and sandalwood.

A fragrance for seductive men who are in charge.

The perfume water takes up the codes of a classic fragrance for men, well accepted everywhere: a powdery oriental fern base in which coumarin brings softness and comfort with its blonde and almond tobacco notes.

It is a fragrance with refined oriental notes, equipped with a fresh and spicy composition that develops mainly during the night and interacts closely with the male skin.

The perfume brings in the sensual notes: Lemon and bergamot; Latin: combination of olive and anise leaves; base of tobacco nuances, pelica and rare woods; besides fava tonka and gaiacum (a wild tree from Latin America, known in our country as heartwood).

This rich and sensual accord is contrasted in the top with fresh notes of lemon, bergamot and lavender, as well as some anise and spicy notes. And the final note is embellished with leather, vanilla and guaiac wood, which subtly underlines the masculinity with its smoky woody notes.

Armani’s worldwide reputation is mainly due to the fact that its creator has constantly imposed on himself strict design rules, which he has always applied and strictly adhered to.  These are based on values such as sobriety of colors, constant attention to detail, comfort and simplicity of lines.

They are the hallmarks of the success of the brand Armani. 
In short, the brand has established over the years a true code of masculine elegance. As a result, the creations of this brand are recognizable at a glance.

So Armani has developed a fragrance that corresponds to this fashion manifesto. 
The absolute code of seduction: an elegant and sensual fragrance. Elegant – seductive – mysterious.

 Armani Code Homme 50ml is the ultimate accessory to sublimate an outfit. Its fragrances allow him to confirm the natural charisma of each man who wears it. With it, male beauty is revealed in its most distinguished form.

On the other hand, it is a cocktail of bergamot and lemon that leads the dance. These fresh notes are then quickly replaced by the sweeter notes of olive blossom. The final notes consist of warm, earthy chords of gaiac wood and sweet tonka bean, which also give this fragrance an ever seductive base.

In addition, Armani Code Giorgio Armani is also characterized by its very sensual tones. Nevertheless, this family of fragrances is a symbol of mystery and seduction. So it is not surprising that Armani decided to explore this olfactory universe.

Description of fragrance – The masculine authenticity of the code

If Armani Code Perfume Men sounds like a familiar fragrance, when in fact it is authentic, it is simply because it reappropriates the codes of traditional men’s perfumery.

The Armani code consists of a series of oriental and spicy notes, as well as woods and a citrus top. It is perfect for winter and can be translated into youthfulness and romance, for example. Learn a little more about this delicious fragrance.

Thus, firstly, it opens with an intense freshness. It also contains lemon, a small citrus fruit from the south of France.

The fragrance is spicy-oriental and fresh with atypical chords: Olive blossom, lemon, tonka bean and guaiac wood with almond and vanilla accents.

Similarly, another typically Mediterranean ingredient comes quickly second. It is the olive blossom. It is therefore a sunny fragrance that clearly claims its Latin origins, with excellent sillage.

A delicate and aromatic trace of olive blossom opens on a sensual and masculine heart of gaïac and cedar before blooming on the iconic signature of the Armani code: the tonka bean absolute, the essence of seduction.

Likewise, star anise and a touch of aromatic herbs add structure and character. Finally, the masculinity of Armani Code Homme 200 ml asserts itself more and more until, thirdly, it reveals a woody, slightly smoky trace that combines tonka bean and guaiac wood. 
It develops gradually on contact with the skin and offers each man a different expression of strength and masculinity, in addition, its durability is good.

An oriental spicy fragrance for men.

The new deep blue bottle is modern and elegant and is also adorned with the iconic tuxedo belt with the signature of Giorgio Armani. In other words the modern bottle in the color midnight blue is a tribute to Giorgio Armani’s tuxedo, which the famous actor Denzel Washington once wore at an Oscar ceremony.

Giorgio Armani Code Homme 75ml is a perfume that has accomplished the feat of looking familiar before he is even famous. In fact, the perfume has continued to perfectly succeed in reappropriating the classic codes of masculinity as well as men’s perfumery.

With him, you can immediately imagine a man wearing a perfectly tailored black suit of the brand Armani, a white shirt and tight pants.

This man would not be macho, but very masculine, seductive without being arrogant, charming without exaggerating…
A stunning, more sensual and elegant fragrance for men.

In short, a story of Hollywood glamour with a deep, virile look. A fresh, spicy oriental fragrance with atypical accords: Olive blossom, lemon, tonka bean and guaiac wood with almond and vanilla accents.

A fragrance first for the gentlemen of today. It perfectly complements the simplicity of the lines and the sobriety of the colors of the House of Armani. So he does not try to go into the superfluous, but simply magnifies the authentic, exploring moreover with this fragrance for the first time oriental terrain.

The ultimate in masculine elegance, stylish and seductive.

For example, the eau de toilette is described as an essence charged with mystery and sensuality.

Bottle Armani Code Homme – A gentleman with Italian flair.

Also in terms of design, the bottle Armani Code 200 ml Homme has become emblematic. For example, this standard has been established by its off-center and elegant shape. The whole is decorated with a midnight blue lacquer, reminiscent of the satin lapel of a tuxedo jacket. The bottle is very refined and so wonderfully adheres to the image that man makes of the Armani house.

The fragrance is then in a bottle that is now familiar to everyone. Like the fashionable Armani, the bottle has a very slim and elegant shape. Its midnight blue lacquered glass resembles the lapel of a suit jacket. Finally, the whole is topped with a matte cabochon, which is particularly fashionable. Together with Code Femme, it forms the pair of seduction by Giorgio Armani.

A bottle inspired by the color of the night and the famous tuxedo of Giorgio Armani, created for the „stars“. A fragrance for seducers and connoisseurs.

The „caviar black“ color of the bottle is Giorgio Armani’s signature. The bottle remains in a sleek and elegant design with a Giorgio Armani look. The caviar black color of the bottle is a luminous and mysterious black. Its secret? A slight hint of blue.

A bottle inspired by the color of the night and the famous midnight blue Armani tuxedo worn by Denzel Washington at the Oscars in Hollywood. Armani Code is a modern interpretation of seduction and elegance.

Conclusion : Code Homme or sensuality from the point of view of Armani.

The captivating fragrance of Armani Code Eau de Parfum man.

For the modern Armani Code man, seduction is an art, a lifestyle, a perfect mastery of all codes. His perfume, on the other hand, is his weapon of seduction. A new, more sensual and elegant fragrance for the man Giorgio Armani.

A fresh, spicy oriental fragrance with atypical accords: Olive blossom, lemon, tonka bean and guaiac wood with almond and vanilla accents. 
A fragrance in perfect harmony with the philosophy of the Armani brand.

In other words, a man with an intense and mysterious look uses his seductive power to conquer a woman.

Transform yourself into an irresistible seducer, capable of arousing the admiration of all women. Eau de toilette for men envelops you with an unusual citrus and spicy fragrance that evokes a secret and refined masculinity. In addition, develop your seductive power and attract everything you desire.

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Fragrance family: oriental-spicy
Top notes: bergamot, lemon
Heart notes: star anise, guaiac wood, olive blossom
Base notes: Tobacco, leather, tonka beans

What is the price? What sizes are available?

The fragrance is available in the following sizes:
30ml & 50ml & 75ml & 125ml & 200ml & as a fragrance set.

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1 thought on „Armani Code Homme“


The perfect fragrance for your black tuxedo. 
Full of anticipation, I took the package from the parcel carrier at the front door. Only a few moments later I held a simple but elegantly designed flacon with the inscription „Armani Code“ in my hands. 
In advance, I am a rather introverted, but by no means shy mid-thirties and like good manners.

The thing about Armani Law is that it is extremely sexy, but quite difficult to describe.
The brand reflects the image of Italian elegance around the world. Known for its fine materials and constant attention to detail, it is the delight of businessmen all over the world. 
So I use the usual dose, a squirt each on the left and right side of the upper body and watched.

My first thought about this firework of olfactory components was simply „WOW“, and the same holds true to this day. 
Among the most famous fragrances is the Armani Code, which reveals its natural radiance since 2004. From now on, it comes with a deodorant spray.

This fragrance has such an aura of confidence and elegance that it seems rather formal in a way, like something you might wear with a traditional tuxedo.

It is not spicy like most male fragrances, for example YSL’s Opium for men or CK’s Obsession for men. 
With this perfume, Armani manages to combine attributes such as elegance and seduction in a sophisticated way and finish it with a mysterious olfactory note.

In our elegance and sobriety Armani brand has established itself as a safe value. The code for men, as mentioned, was created in 2004 and immediately captivated men. 
For the modern man who wears this eau de toilette, seduction is an art, a lifestyle, a perfect mastery of all codes.

Here the quality and values of the brand merge with the charisma of the man.

It is a fragrance that meets exactly the same criteria as the Armani wardrobe: Simplicity of lines, sobriety of colors, perfection of details, comfort of materials.

The fragrance develops gradually on contact with the skin and offers each man a different expression of strength and masculinity.

The Mediterranean ingredients stand out. It is based on delicate olfactory contrasts and a revised fern accord. The result is decidedly ultra-modern.

The perfumers found their inspiration on the shores of the Mediterranean. Between the olive tree, the anise or the herbs, the majority of the ingredients contained in this odeuvre come from the Mediterranean sweetness. 
The fragrance is spicy-oriental and fresh with atypical accords: Olive blossom, lemon, tonka bean and guaiac wood with almond and vanilla accents.

A delicate and aromatic trace of olive blossom opens on a sensual and masculine heart of gaïac and cedar before blooming on the iconic signature of the fragrance water: the tonka bean absolute, the essence of seduction. 
The olive blossom is a wonderfully unique addition to the composition, bringing an interesting saltiness that is very tempting on the skin.

In my opinion, a balanced combination of anise and „creamy“ notes emerges, which I would in no way describe as „loud“ or „intrusive“, such as the top notes of „one million“ or „joop homme“, but much more as a stylish and extremely balanced composition. 
Armani Code for men has an invigorating opening thanks to the presence of lemon, reminiscent of the old Eau de Cologne pour Homme. The olive blossom in the heart recalls Giorgio Armani’s Latin origins. 
Later on, the anise fades into the background and the spicy-woody notes enter the sinuses. 
Olive blossom is quickly joined by herbs and star anise. The trail is ultra-virile with a woody, smoky trail as it combines tonka bean, guaiac, a tobacco accord and smoky tonalities. 
The whole trail is accompanied by a subtly sweet and above all creamy note, which I think is the perfume’s special charm. 
It is a delicate, almost intimate fragrance that gradually reveals itself. At the same time, its composition plays with contrasts, but also with a revised fern agreement.

A story of Hollywood glamour in a deep, virile look. A fresh, spicy oriental fragrance with atypical accords: Olive Blossom, Lemon, Tonka Bean and Guaiac Wood with Almond and Vanilla accents, an ultra-masculine essence for today’s men.

The bottle is modern, elegant and ultra-contemporary to match the composition. 
A bottle inspired by the color of the night and the famous midnight blue Armani tuxedo worn by Denzel Washington at the Oscars in Hollywood. 
The odeuvre is defined as oriental, fresh and spicy, while also delivering a different version of masculine seduction, and the flacon has a corresponding effect. 
The new deep blue bottle is modern and elegant and is adorned with the iconic tuxedo belt signed by the master himself. 
The deodorant spray is also a freshness concentrate with Mediterranean connotations. First it has a cologne flair and flies over a citrus drink dominated by lemon.

The shelf life is around 6h on my skin, with the last hour only very delicately perceptible. Olive blossom, star anise and herbs give it a rather Latin and Mediterranean strength.
The sillage is ok, but could have been a bit stronger. 
Finally, the after shave, for example, also softens on contact with the tonka bean and subsequently becomes slightly smoky, in this sense a modern interpretation of seduction and elegance. 
With it, you are guaranteed to stay fresh from early morning to night while exuding a subtle scent of elegance

Dancing revealed the true qualities of this beautifully discreet EdT, my dance partners snuggled comfortably against me and there were some compliments.

The perfume water as a spray is effective for 24 hours, but immediately after application gives a fresh feeling..

It is intended for all charismatic men of our time, who are eager to leave an indelible impression in the memory. 
This eau de toilette is the essence of seductive, charismatic men, but also resolutely modern men, but it is definitely not an exclamation point for the „here I am, let you fish and take“ clientele.

I liked to use the perfume for going out and celebrations, but he is also wonderful for everyday things and always my companion. 
In addition, this product is enriched with moisturizing and soothing ingredients. Therefore, the deodorant stick does not irritate the skin. It is suitable for all skin types for daily use. 
You have to wear it confidently, but it emphasizes very well and does not put itself in the foreground.

Elegant and sensual fragrance evokes the main codes of the values of the House of Armani.

This fragrance explores the register of oriental, mixing mystery and sensuality. 
I felt very comfortable with him.

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