Chanel No 5

Chanel No.5 is the only liquid in a bottle that deserves the title „perfume“! 
It has become a true legend. Tips, bestsellers and latest offers here:

Chanel No 5 – A perfume that has entered into an eternal myth, No 5 Eau de Parfum.

The stroke of genius Chanel No 5 perfume has gone through the centuries without a wrinkle. From the beginning is considered the very essence of femininity.

In the dreamy and romantic world of perfumery, it is not usual for a fragrance to be named after a single number.

Perfume No 5 for women.

This new name is the fruit of the meeting of Coco Chanel with the expert Ernest Beaux. While they were both on the Côte d’Azur, the young woman asked the famous nose to create a masterpiece for her.

The designer was looking for a perfume that blended different fragrances, rather than a Soli Flore, which was exceptional at the time. 
Having originally chosen an original accord of rose, ylang-ylang and jasmine, Coco asked Ernest Beaux if it was possible to make this top product uncopyable.

So he decided to make it as expensive as possible, correctly increasing the most expensive ingredients, which meant he had to rebalance his entire formula as the floral notes completely took over.

So Ernest Beaux put together a bouquet of flowers mixed for the first time with synthetic notes, the „aldehydes“. The result was indefinable, to say the least, and a great success.

 In 1921, Ernest Beaux presented her with the fruits of his labor: various samples numbered from 1 to 5, then from 20 to 24. She chose the number 5, Coco Chanel 5.
A symbolic and lucky number for the superstitious young woman. Indeed, in the following she decided to launch this odeur on May 05, 1921, the anniversary date chosen for the perfume.

Before Ernest Beaux and Gabrielle Chanel, no one had had the audacity to depart from the fashion of the time, which was to create fragrances around a single flower. However, the first creation of the brand was to be inimitable, because Mademoiselle wanted a unique work of art that no one could copy.

Unlike the popular perfumes of the time, this poetry did not give the hint of a flower. It is in this sense completely artificial and tailor-made, like a dress, just as Coco wanted: „An artificial essence, I mean artificial like a dress, so tailor-made“. The masterpiece thus marked the beginning of a link between the world of couture and the world of perfume from the very beginning.

It is perhaps the most famous and best-selling fragrance in the world. It crowned the fashion house and its designer Coco in the market of olfactory waters.

Mythical fragrance of Coco – Chanel No 5

A powdery, mythical, timeless bouquet of flowers. The extract composed of the noblest raw materials is the most precious form of perfume. It is a floral, slightly powdery and airy flush, whose main scents are jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang, but with hints of neroli and sandalwood. There are also the animalic notes of musk and civet.

 The fragrance is sublimated in a bottle with minimalist lines, inflated by hand and topped with a diamond-cut cabochon.

In 1921, Gabrielle Chanel asked Ernest Beaux to create „a sensual work for women with a woman’s fragrance“, rare and powerful. In response, he created her a visionary composition with an original use of aldehydes. Synthetic molecules that are close to the smell of citrus peel. It is precisely these aldehydes that give the top notes an extraordinary fullness as well as an airy freshness.

The first perfume of the designer continues from its beginnings until today with slight changes in the image and smell, without ever losing the essence of the product. The technicians of Chanel Eau de Parfum assure that if Coco were to stay alive, basically would not be disappointed with today’s masterpiece.

Mademoiselle decided to use the number 5 perfume, as described, and decided to keep this number as a simple name. The sillage includes aldehyde and floral essences of bitter orange, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, vanilla and vetiver, among others. 
This elegant and feminine epic has managed to be timeless and unique throughout the decades. Even today, this attraction is considered almost indefinable.

Chanel No 5 Eau de Parfum is a perfect symbol of the elegance of the house of , especially that of Mademoiselle.

For this new juice she chose a radical flacon decorated with a white label and topped with a faceted cabochon. Not only the original fragrance, but also the simple name and the bottle of this epic revolutionized the history of the art of aroma creation. This tour de force has established itself as a cult fragrance.

An abstract scent that reveals a suitably delicious powdery bouquet.

Nevertheless, it is easy to attribute the success of Coco Chanel No 5 100ml Eau de Parfum to the unique aldehydes, and it would still be the gem without the aldehydes, which serve mainly to highlight the extreme quality of the floral ingredients grown and processed exclusively for the products.

Timeless, the fragrance N°5 Eau de Toilette, also available as a shower gel or lotion, is at the same time retro, glamorous and sensual, it is considered the quintessence of femininity.

Chanel No 5 Fragrance Description – An Eau de Parfum as a Legend

Coco had specifically asked Ernest Beaux to compose a creation that does not resemble any particular flower. The secret notes and scents of this juice, which contains more than 80 ingredients, contribute to the elaboration of its myth. 
Gabrielle described the number 5 as „a bouquet of abstract flowers“, consequently using many floral notes without remembering any of them exactly.

This creation is considered an abstract perfume that reveals a delicious powdery bouquet of flowers, in short, the essence of femininity. 
In 100 years, the formula No. 5 has not changed. An unsettling and confusing breeze with many facets that leaves a different scent trail for every woman who wears it.

The heart note firstly consists of May roses, produced and harvested by hand in Grasse (Alpes-Maritimes), plus jasmine. 
The composition lives on the freshness of aldehydes combined with citrus notes such as bergamot and lemon.

Neroli de Grasse opens with the sensual floral notes of two exceptional raw materials, May Rose and Grasse Jasmine. 
The heart is initially dazzlingly feminine, combining rose, lily of the valley and iris, giving it an ultra-powdery tonality.

Ylang-ylang and jasmine are dominant, accompanied by May rose, iris, neroli, and secondly slowly spread over a base note that never ends and consists essentially of vetiver, musk, sandalwood and vanilla.

Thirdly, the final note is extremely sensual thanks to the presence of sandalwood, amber, vetiver and vanilla. Finally, the final note is ultra-sensual and combines sandalwood, vanilla, amber and vetiver. All this is kept in a very high concentration of raw materials.

Aldehydes bring an airy freshness and give the fragrance its abstract effect. 
In total, this top performance contains no less than 80 ingredients of the highest quality and incomparable fragrances.

The splendor is difficult to define, they do not immediately recognize the No. 5, as with many offers of which they quickly tire. Jacques Polge, the nose of the label, says that this „balance between presence and mystery“ explains the duration of No. 5.

The mythical fragrance from the house, N°5, celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2021. 
Perfume yourself „in all the places where you are likely to be kissed,“ advises Gabrielle. Neck, wrist, décolleté, elbow hollows… Put a drop on the most intimate points of the body, where the heartbeat vibrates.


Flacon – Chanel No 5 Perfume 100ml – Sober and efficient

As for the bottle, Coco opted for a sleek, minimalist bottle with clean, rounded lines and a diamond-like cap.

The sober and efficient design of the flacon is also part of the cultural heritage of the brand.

In short, an iconic bottle with minimalist lines, made of pure glass and decorated with a black and white label that embodies the elegance of the brand.

Its simple and refined design perfectly matches the short and direct name of the perfume Chanel 5. Over the years, the bottle has remained an essential reference.

The bottle Coco Chanel 5 100ml she designed herself. It should be a very simple bottle for her monument, because the content had to remain the most important thing.

The bottle of this creation has evolved over the years, the glass has become thicker and the cap wider, but it has retained its elegant simplicity.

To revive the scents throughout the day, the convenient, portable, refillable spray can be put in your pocket and taken anywhere.

Conclusion: A unique perfume, which became a myth.

For almost a century, N°5 Eau de Parfum has always been among the top 5 best-selling women’s fragrances in the world, without changing its composition.

Chanel No 5 50ml starts with fresh, citrusy notes of bergamot and lemon, combined with the luminosity of neroli. Here aldehydes continue to come into play, making the top notes airy and abstract.

Thanks to the aldehydes Ernest Beaux caused surprise, amazement and confusion, but offered Chanel No 5 Eau de Toilette 50ml, a composition of the composition, which was new at the time.

The heart continues to be ultra-floral, combining jasmine from Grasse, May rose, lily of the valley and ylang-ylang. The iris then comes to a subtle powdery tonality.

Finally, the final note is sensual and delicate thanks to vanilla, vetiver and patchouli, and correctly leaves an absolutely unforgettable scent trail.

Marilyn Monroe, a glamorous icon of the 50s, undoubtedly also contributed to the mythicization of the product. As a nod to its past, many years ago the house made a commercial with actress Marilyn Monroe, who famously wore and loved this fine fragrance.

In an interview, the American actress answered a journalist who asked her what she wears at night, saying, „A few drops of No. 5, of course.“

The various advertising campaigns carried out over the decades, bringing glamorous icons to the screen, such as Catherine Deneuve in the 1960s or, more recently, Nicole Kidman or Audrey Tautou, have helped to perpetuate the success of the brand and, moreover, to reach an increasingly younger target audience.

A true legend and the first perfume of the brand, „N° 5“ is a truly visionary composition for the 1920s.

The extract is the quintessence of a fragrance. His gesture is precise and special.

Coco wanted a unique showpiece, it became a myth.

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Fragrance family: fruity-floral
Top notes: aldehydes, neroli lemon, bergamot
Heart notes: rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang
Base notes: Vetiver, Vanilla, Iris, Sandalwood, Patchouli

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2 thoughts on „Chanel No 5“


Everything you need to know about the myth No. 5. 
I would like to return to one of the most emblematic fragrances for women: Chanel n°5.

For me, this is the only perfume on the planet that I consider a goddess. All other essences can be princesses, queens, priestesses and CEOs, but No. 5 is immortal, untouchable and perfect. 
Chanel N°5 is undoubtedly the most famous perfume in the world. 
What made it so famous? How did this bottle become an icon? 
It is this perfect blend of rose, jasmine, citrus and sweet powder that becomes something whimsical.

The fragrance of a woman is an essential part of her characteristic style. It is one of the components of her identity, it leaves an olfactory imprint. That is why it is important not only to somehow perfume yourself and know how to choose the right product for you. 
Gabrielle Chanel, free and independent, wanted to change the destiny of women of her time through her clothes. The story begins in 1919, when she lost her lover and lover, Boy Capel. Legend has it that the absence and lack of Boy inspired Mademoiselle to create such a piece. 
The story of this work of art, so successful around the world, and the first perfume that attracted a woman as much as her clothes. 
The product is one of the few great classics that I still find interesting because it remains a fragrance with character that has all the merits of a niche scent, that is, an extraordinary tail.

It wasn’t until 1921 that Coco Chanel met Ernest Beaux, a perfumer in Grasse on the French Riviera, and asked him to create for her „a woman’s scent for a woman’s scent“. It was to be perfect for every mood, every occasion, or lack thereof, every age, every woman and every weather.

She demanded that this water must be artificial, composed and made from scratch. 
No wonder this beauty is the absolute and undisputed classic and will remain for a very, very long time!

Just like a dress, the eau de toilette she has in mind must be a creation to which you add and remove components that you perfect little by little. 
Beaux offered Gabrielle Chanel several samples; she chose the fifth sample and launched her perfume on the 5th of the fifth month of the year. Chanel No 5 was born. 
This is a 100% essence in every way; for many it is The Perfume in Perfection.

N°5 will remain the first product of its kind, considered as an accessory in its own right. It really dresses a woman… for example in a little black dress.

For me it will always be the smell of security. My grandmother wore it until she died and now my mom continues the tradition of wearing Chanel. 
Sometimes she was reluctant because of a budget issue. But nowadays, with the boom of online perfumeries, you can find very attractive prices. 
As a little girl, I already had a thing for smells and mom taught me to value it by never buying me my own perfume, but allowing me to have a spritz of her °5 on festive occasions when I was really fancy. 
That wondrous scent is surely eternal. It was my mom’s keynote that I remember so well from my youth! Yes, I am partial – and fortunately so!

A spritz of application back then, that was at most 1-3 times a year, accordingly, I was proud as hell every time and the fragrance was always the highlight of my evening wardrobe for me.
It’s subtle, but it complements your own natural skin beautifully and naturally… as if it enhances your presence while making you feel beautiful and confident.

When my mom had me in her arms: Chanel N°5. When we went out together as a family: This odeuvre again. When I made myself pretty and begged really really hard: that touch again.

So let’s remember the history of this perfume, which became a myth thanks to Marylin Monroe’s famous statement about what she wears at night: „just a few drops of Chanel n°5“. 
It was the first product launched by French couturier Gabrielle „Coco“ Chanel and has been on the market since 1921.

In 1921, the label broke the codes by bringing the world of couture and the world of perfume closer together. It wanted to create its own unique epic…
So there’s a reason why this work is hard to top, even after 90 years, and why it will still be around 90 years from now.

To define her desire, she uses a phrase that I love perfectly describes this article: „a woman with a woman’s fragrance“. 
It was this juice that brought the introduction of aldehydes in the blends by perfumer Ernest Beaux – a revolutionary step.

She asked Ernest Beaux, a former perfumer at the court of the Tsars of Russia, to create a fragrance that would be mysterious and indescribable. 
Ernest Beaux, genius that he was, knew women so well that this creation seems to act and adapt differently on the skin of each person.

To achieve this result, he uses more than 80 fragrances without dominant notes and synthetic components to highlight the smells while blurring the lines. 
Universal appeal emerged… and works well with women of any culture, creed or generation.

A precious blend that, like abstract art, makes the olfactory composition more subtle to decipher.
The fascinating thing about this masterpiece is: it always smells the same and yet never the same. It is not for nothing that this tour de force is said to be „As good as the woman who wears it.“

Coco gets what she wants when, among the various proposals of the famous nose, she discovers the pattern No. 5. Here it is… the juice of femininity! 
I have a feeling that No. 5 is really the scent of femininity. I found similar items: Iris Poudre, Infusion d’Iris Absolut, Caleche, Arpege… but none of these odeurs seem to have that quality that No. 5 has, a quality that I just can’t name.

Throughout history, many other mythical figures have made this miracle such an extraordinary perfume. 
Velvet, pearls, expensive and well-groomed hairstyle, and all this mixed with the leather seat of a beautiful, expensive car.

From Marilyn Monroe, who wore nothing else to sleep, to Catherine Deneuve, Nicole Kidman, the famous muses of N°5, not to mention Audrey Tautou, Brad Pitt and now Gisele Bundchen, one of the most recognized top designers in the world, this little square bottle still makes a lot of noise. 
These are the images that this attraction brings me. If pearls or these stars had a smell, they would smell like No.5.

And no doubt she will continue to represent women across generations, strong and free.

If the story of its creation is already an exceptional product, the aesthetic aspect of the bottle only reinforces its timelessness. 
She designed the bottle offering him the keys to timeless elegance: simplicity, purity, sobriety.

From her suite at the Ritz in Paris, the famous mademoiselle had a breathtaking view of the Place Vendôme, and the cap of the bottle N°5 took the shape of this bottle. 
The shape of the cap is inspired by the Place Vendôme. 
So Gabrielle, true to her terror of anything too ornate, feminine and extravagant at the time, decided that the bottle should be 
sober, square, very elegant with an almost masculine side. In her image.

It is just perfect! Of the ingredients makes not all noticeable to me. From bergamot and lemon no trace. 
A really perfectly balanced flower, as only the brand could make.

But rose, vanilla, jasmine and amber, yes, yes, yesaaaa! It is delicate and noble, but also seductive and sensual, as if it gives off a warm glow around the person wearing it, like a soft golden „aura“ following it. 
That’s why it smells so perfectly creamy and a little soapy and warm, lasts for hours, still gives off to others and has great sillage. 
I can’t tell if it’s one particular note or if it’s all the notes together that make #5 what it is, but whatever it is, I hope it’s around as long as I live!!!!

What more can one add to what has already been said? It has it all… beautiful ethereal top notes, a wonderful floral aftereffect and a charming, elegant, seductively long finish that lingers and lingers.

It is a juice that, it seems to me, can not be understood and appreciated by young muzzles. This masterpiece is a puzzle and the woman who applies it is the last piece. 
It’s like good wine, you learn to appreciate it as you age, your taste buds become sharper. The same principle applies to the sense of smell.

It adds the woman’s very own scent as the final accord and that’s exactly what I haven’t experienced in this way with any other perfume and what makes this one so special.

Moreover, depending on the skin and also on the more or less warm parts of the body where it is worn, it can give off a very different fragrance. 
Then no product smells so noble, mature, precious, rich and substantial.

Its perception may also be different between a woman who wears it on her skin and a woman who wears it only sprayed on her clothes.

Urgent request to new tasters. For God’s sake let it work. Let it work for a long time, even two or three days in the shower without shampooing the wrist. 
It must therefore be tested and retested in your own way to tame it and form it into your own identity. 
Impatient gives number 5 what on the rushed fast food smelling butt.

For me, this memorial belongs to my mom. Since we are not a particularly well-off family and mom has long shimmied along with Chanel fragrance samples, my brother, my boyfriend and I just put together and bought her a 50ml bottle and gave it to her for her birthday. The has been happy, that can not be put into words. 
I made the following observation years ago:

Before I fall asleep I give 3 „finger presses“ my bed chamber, so to speak as a room scent and fall asleep somehow different relaxed – I do not know why but it works! Thank you Coco!

For me, this fragrance cannot be compared to any other eau de parfum, not only because of the family tradition. 
And I’m not just saying that because it will always smell like mom to me. 
In any case, I find him incredibly great and will always want to use.

It’s that ubiquitous quality that gives it immortality, so I often wear it on special occasions, even though I have much more expensive, stronger, richer and arguably more exquisite ones in my possession. 
The box is just beautiful, the bottle a simple design that doesn’t hint at the little wonder inside; clever!

And again it is memories that this composition brings back to me.

It always remains something very special, just like when I carried it home very proudly after long saving from the first salary! 
Symphony from all spheres. The creation! The peculiarity, the effect of its unique texture- it’s incredible and hard to understand. 
The special feeling has not changed. Still provides this queen-of-the-world feeling and that’s just what you need some days!

A mystery – almost even a deity – and gods cannot die!


Chanel N°5 is definitely the best perfume ever created!

It was created in 1921 by Ernest Beaux for Coco Chanel and has understood to cross ages and fashions to become, without a doubt, the most famous perfume in the world. A look back at the birth and history of a legendary composition.

For some reason, I avoided trying it on for a long time. 
I enjoyed the eau premiere that the house released a few years ago, but I had never touched the original, out of an irrational prejudice that it was far too popular for my taste and therefore couldn’t possibly have lived up to its reputation.

In 1921, the famous Chanel N°5 was born. 
In 1921, Gabrielle „Coco“ Chanel wanted to launch her perfume brand. 
Gabriel Chanel, known as „Coco“, was at that time a young fashion designer who had a great success with her pieces to liberate the female body. 
Ambitious, she decided to launch a pure perfumed water according to her idea of femininity and gave the order to Ernest Beaux, at that time creator of fragrances for the Tsars of Russia. 
She chose Ernest Beaux, a designer at the Russian tsar’s court, whom she asked, as written, to create a unique fragrance, different from all others, „a lady’s fashion with a woman’s scent.“ 
Legend has it that he offered the young woman two series of samples, numbered 1 to 5 and 20 to 24, and that she chose number five. 
For the creation Ernest Beaux was inspired by the one he created in 1913 on the occasion of the tercentenary of the Romanov dynasty: Catherine’s bouquet in honor of the empress of the same name.

But the myth does not stop there! When asked the name of her first perfume, she replies: „I launch my collection on May 5, the fifth month of the year, give her the number he wears and this number 5 will bring her luck. 
Chanel No.5 marked the beginning of a union between the world of couture and the world of perfume.

My mother always wore this fragrance and even as a small child I loved it. In this comment I am unfortunately unable to describe him because I lack the words. 
This smells so that I can imagine Marilyn Monroe dabbed herself with it – please never spray – before going to bed. Alone? We don’t know. This secret is all hers. 
In fact, in 2013, the French fashion house decided to pay tribute to her in an archival ad.

Unlike the trendy products of the time, this creation did not give the smell of a flower. 
The masterpiece certainly has something pungent at first, bergamot and lemon are responsible. 
But this passes, very quickly in fact. 
This is followed by a floral bouquet based on jasmine and rose, to which is added an orange-based aldehyde.

Then it develops, and of course the rose, lily of the valley and jasmine give it something aged. 
Completely artificial and tailored, like a dress, as Coco wanted: „An artificial smell, I say artificial like a dress, so tailored. I’m a craftsman in the sewing business. I don’t want a rose, I don’t want a lily of the valley, I want a perfume that is invented“. 
Heart and top notes that will remain the olfactory signature of the brand and will change little, if at all. 
Of course, there is something old-fashioned about this aroma. After all, he is not new.

However, then the base note with the sandalwood is very modern after all. 
There are people who complain about a urine note, which they find too intense and dislike. This can only be the glandular fragrance civet of the civet cat. 
It is a true classic beauty, rich and fresh at the same time, infinitely stylish and the epitome of feminine elegance, at least by my definition.

I suppose this also depends on each person’s skin chemistry, which can either bring out or downplay the animalic civet note. 
While this gloss is very heavy and intense, it does not smell unpleasant at all, giving you a headache after half an hour. 
That’s probably why it’s been said that Chanel No.5 chooses its wearers and not the other way around. 
A plush, irresistible old-school charmer with an aristocratic, sophisticated je ne sais quoi that will always be a part of my collection.

For those who can not tolerate the civet, a good alternative is the Eau Premiere, a masterful modernization based on the same idea, without civet and with emphasis on citrus to make it fresher and cleaner. 
I love No. 5. not so much the EdT, the EdP more so and very much the pure essence. 
But as beautiful as the Eau Premiere is, and it is, I find it pales before the complexity and sophistication of the EdP.

But be on your guard: EdT, EdP and the perfume all smell quite different. 
Since its birth, it has been followed by several derivative fragrances: an eau de toilette, an eau de parfum, an eau première and a L’eau No. 5, created in 2016 and worn by Lily-Rose Depp.

And the spirit – that which makes the greatness of this work of art, that which people mean when she speaks of No. 5, in my opinion, most closely captures the perfume. 
I can only advise anyone who does not know Chanel Number Five to go as soon as possible to a perfumery and test or buy the homage to femininity, because especially every woman simply must own this showpiece!

Fortunately, I dared to test it on my skin about a year ago and it was love and ecstasy at first smell. 
The holy grail of all fragrances, an addictive surge of aldehydes adds the powdery element, the mixture of neroli – citrus and jasmine, finally dried to refined woods.

It goes fantastically with my chemistry, all soft, powdery, sweet florals on a bed of creamy sandalwood vanilla and best of all – a sheer veil of cold, frozen air surrounding it. 
Furthermore, I can say that the scent lasts a very long time and even the clothes smell divinely beautiful at the end of the day. 
The smell and the durability are just fantastic. 
The bottle is elegant, simple but exclusive. 
In terms of dosage, 2 to 3 spritzes are quite enough and the touch can be smelled even after days on the clothes.
I use it for exceptional occasions, absolute femininity, beautiful dress, chic evenings. 
A mythical sillage that should be worn precious reserved. 
This masterpiece of Coco is a classic and one of the best fragrances for me!!!

And it’s true that the pleasures I indulge in and like to vary. 
I also have different desires depending on the moments, my desires, my outfits and the seasons.

Just as an aside, it has also been proven that several women have found the man of their dreams while wearing this attraction.

In addition, it is one of the few elixirs that had unofficial ambassadors as famous as the legendary Marilyn Monroe. 
Marilyn Monroe was known for wearing Number Five. No wonder men just followed her around.

While the actress was never officially asked to represent the fragrance at the time, her famous response to the question „What do you wear to bed?“ „Chanel N°5, of course“ contributed significantly to its popularity.

There are also some men who use the fragrance, because the perfume does not have a typical female aroma and they just feel comfortable smelling rich and elegant. 
I love it and this is really the only fragrance I get over and over again! Dare men ! Chanel No 5 is an absolute must have!!!

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