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Davidoff Cool Water Eau de Toilette, launched in 1988, is a concentrate of freshness that seduces with its simplicity and hold. It even quickly became the men’s fragrance of the late 80s. We have recommendations, bestsellers and current offers on the site:

Davidoff’s Cool Water 200ml, the freshness of the oceans revolutionizes men’s perfumery.

Legend Davidoff Cool Water 200ml reflects the story of a man who bravely faces the raging waves of the sea to emerge from the crisis always stronger and full of new energy. The appearance of the blue bottle also combines the power of strength with the elegance of the sea.

Men have always had a special preference for freshness. This is one of the main reasons why they have been using eau de cologne for a very long time. However, the 80s marked a change, and men’s essences became more opulent and tough.

Thus, the brand seems eager to return to its origins and reappropriate with the essence the invigorating freshness of men’s fragrances of yesteryear.

Strong, free, fearless, these are the qualities of men for whom this eau de toilette of the label was tailor-made.

It is difficult to describe this creation without using all the names of the very specific molecules that make it up and characterize it. Accordingly, you can speak of a clean, air-dried linen effect, with aldehydic notes, orange blossom, lavender, juniper and a touch of mint at the top. The final note is woody, amber, musky, extremely clean and, above all, very chewy.

It is a product of this brand: Davidoff

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Di Bruce The Deus – Opera propria, CC BY-SA 3.0, Collegamento

In fact, Cool Water Men 
is inspired by the alchemy between man and the ocean. Just as the name suggests, it offers us a story of water that is intense, extreme and fiery at the same time. Cool water is a concentrate of energy and, like water, seems to be in constant motion. 
The archetype of the man who comes out of the shower, clean showered, clean shaven, used 
after shave and then freshly dressed.

It logically portrays the image of a natural and authentic man while praising the great outdoors. 
Try this refreshing touch of pure intemperance and joie de vivre.

Enjoy the freshness of the ocean with each pour of Cool Water Man Eau de Toilette by Davidoff, an intensely energizing aftershave. 
CW seems to be a concentrate of vitality. Indeed, what other ingredient is there than water as the source of life? However, this fragrance is still very virile and shows its masculinity without any detour.

First, the masterpiece captures the energy of the ocean and seduces with its unique alliance of intense freshness, virility and sensuality. A „New Freshness“ is born. It is a fresh, masculine touch, composed of lavender essence, fresh peppermint and sensual amber.

Secondly, it expresses the quintessence of freshness. Strength, masculinity, sensuality, independence, intense freshness and vital energy are its key values.

The perfume is one of the most popular fragrances for men, a popularity it has maintained since its introduction in 1988.

Cool Water – The invigorating dynamics of cool water

We owe this refreshing essence to the perfumer Pierre Bourdon. The legend is based on a fern accord typical for men’s fragrances. Nevertheless, here it was completely reinterpreted and significantly modernized.

Often imitated, never equaled, in short CW is a unique combination of vitality and extreme sensations that reflects the essence of man in the lap of nature. It is the fragrance of the absolute lifestyle: the essence, the action and the movement are there, in their purest simplicity.

Composition of the fragrance:

The first notes push like waves of refreshing water and greenery, harmoniously complemented by mint, rosemary, elegant lavender and slightly spicy coriander seeds. Then, logically, the floral and spicy heart opens up to you, softening the whole composition and giving it a great charm. 
Irresistibly fresh and aromatic, success lies in the first notes full of vitality, as if a fresh and powerful sea wave deposited its essence on your skin.

An experience that will not leave you indifferent if you are an adventurous, daring, vital and determined man.

CW brings a new dynamic, already familiar to men. The emblematic freshness of clear water proves more persistent this time. Of course, the typical lavender is still present. Man must say that lavender is the epitome of the male fragrance par excellence.

Its characteristic note is the result of an aromatic tandem of marine top notes, a touch of mint and coriander.

After the first few minutes, the odeuvre offers an enveloping heart of sandalwood and jasmine, a pleasant sensation that transforms its aromatic power into a delicious caress, like the foam of the waves that soften the first set of smells.

The chords of jasmine, neroli, geranium and sandalwood elegantly blend together. Finally, the base note reveals sensual musk, amber, cedar and tobacco, which give this attraction a beguiling and unforgettable fragrance.

Davidoff Cool Water 125ml Eau de Toilette, the wave of freshness fills you with strength and energy.

In addition, it recalls the smell of barbershop soaps from times past. Here it is accompanied by the spicy elegance of geranium. Similarly, peppermint brings its outrageous character. It is associated with a marine accord and coriander. 
Fresh, aquatic notes combine to restore the alchemy that binds man to the ocean. So you see a man who is ready to take charge of his destiny and overcome obstacles.

In addition, the latter component ensures the transition to the warmer base of the gloss. Indeed, its trace contains numerous woody notes such as oakmoss, sandalwood and amber. For its part, the musk sublimates all the sensual animality.

Its opening with tonic notes of mint, lavender, coriander and rosemary leads us to the floral heart of jasmine, geranium, sandalwood and neroli to end on a sensual wave of amber and musk.

The final touch of musk continues to make it an ideal everyday fragrance that far exceeds the expectations of a conventional cologne, as it remains intact on the skin throughout the day. 
This is the aroma of the absolute lifestyle: the essence, the action and the movement are there, for all men, whether they are sporty, dynamic or seductive, CW 200ml is the permission for extreme sensations! 
Cool water, the power of cool… The wave of intense freshness that gives you strength, sensuality and energy. It is all the more a fresh composition with excellent hold and is perfect for men in general, whether young, sporty, classic or modern.

Davidoff Cool Water Men Flacon

Finally, when it comes to the bottle, Cool Water for men 75ml is designed in a hypnotic ocean-like shade of blue. The elegant, masculine bottle embodies the essence of freshness, reflecting the blue of the ocean, making it the perfect gift for men.

The whole shows a very elegant, slim silhouette. It is contrasted by a black cap that symbolizes masculinity.

This men’s perfume with its unique flacon and with its explosive finish of peppermint and invigorating lavender continues to unfold powerfully, revealing notes of oak musk, geranium and sandalwood.

It finally ends with a glide into a long lasting warm wave of amber and musk, culminating in a fresh aromatic fragrance that men have been spraying for over 25 years. 
This best-selling elixir, created in 
1988 by the nose of Pierre Bourdon, therefore remains a worldwide reference for its timeless character, especially ideal for the night.

Cool Water Perfect as a gift idea

It was created for men who constantly want to surpass themselves, who are bursting with life, bold and modern.

It is an intense freshness wave that gives you power, strength, masculinity, sensuality and energy. 
This perfume is especially recommended for the night, as well as the hottest spring and summer evenings, for its aquatic character and fresh notes. Look also for the gift set, the Cool Water Men 40 ml set.

Homage to masculinity is a unique combination that combines floral notes with those of fern. A real innovation in the world of men’s fragrances, many will consequently later take up the idea of integrating floral notes previously reserved for women’s fragrances.

It inaugurated a new expression of modernity. Fresh, aquatic notes unite in a scorching sensuality to restore the alchemy of man and the ocean.

This touch was basically the pioneer of fresh eau fraîches when it was introduced in 1988.

It captures the energy of the ocean so that it is able to seduce with its unique combination of intense aroma, power, masculinity and sensuality. In short, a „New Freshness“ is born. 
Icon of masculinity for a manly strong man, this incredibly fresh fragrance for men will lead you to a swim in the sea, even if the beach is only a distant memory.

Anyway, the work of art is a fresh aromatic fragrance composed of lavender essence, fresh peppermint and sensual amber. 
In this sense, a fresh surge that has an excellent hold and is perfect for men in general, whether they are young, sporty, classic or modern…

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Fragrance family: Aromatic Water.
Top notes: mint, sea water, green notes, coriander, lavender, rosemary & calone.
Heart notes: neroli ,sandalwood, geranium and jasmine.
Base notes: Oakmoss, musk, cedarwood, amber and tobacco.

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What do you say about a product about which everything has already been said on its almost golden anniversary? 
Without boasting, I would like to say that through my personal conversations with the creator of ideas of this odeur Mr. Michael Förster, I can add a few things about the history and the specificity of Cool Water 200ml. 
This is a variant that I can wear very easily. It is very relaxed and carefree.

Should we sing arias to fragrances full of character from the „good old days“, when the world was still all right and everything per se was much better than it is today? 
Michael Förster, among other things developer of the great Lancaster classics Joop Le Bain, Joop Femme, Joop Homme, Nikos Sculpture Homme, etc., has in 1987 the vision to create something that is different from the typical woody and spicy fragrances of the 70s and 80s.

Shall we list the influence he has had on countless fragrances from other houses?

Should we venture a view of the future with predictions of how long Cool Water 75ml may be around and when he may have outlived himself? 
His vision is to do something completely different. He knew that an essence can only become a classic if 3 things are taken into account: a new way of advertising, a completely new direction against the current of the 80s and a strong dose of a beguiling substance.

The packaging alone immediately leads us to the thought of water.

A deep turquoise, as you know it from diving, when the sunlight refracts in deeper layers of water, in a metallic tone – something like this was not often seen in 1988. 
The flacon is so minimal and simple, yet it manages to focus on the water theme. 
Still an eye-catcher today, because of the rich color and the varied color play as well as the solid stature.
Do you remember the advertising from the 80s, the naked man lying in the shallow ocean, no then usual large brand lettering on the poster, only the naked man in focus, at that time a faux pas. The advertising should therefore only seduce through the erotic poster to buy, it should be about eroticism and the ocean-fresh feeling to nothing else that distracts. Exactly to this fit the manner of the flacon.

The bottle, simple in itself, slender in the same shade, faceted several times on the sides, so that the light can refract many times. A solid but no frills stopper that does not distract further.

He is still very much a child of the 1980s. Opulent in all facets. Countless ingredients, different notes, long shelf life, very clear projection. 
As I said, it was totally against the flow to create an aroma that deviates completely from the norm of the 80s.

New, on the other hand, was the aquatic accent. A synthetic, but very natural freshness with the touch of water and sea. A note that immediately captivates you. 
The aftershave is also the first scent with aquatic notes, which are of course synthetic, you can not capture the scent of the ocean.

A freshness combined with a delicious mint that is not only pure but also spicy, with a steadiness and presence like very few other fresh citrus notes. 
It’s fresh, timeless, full of wit, familiar and beloved, you want to hug it. I inhale deeply and am at home…safe, sheltered, warm and cordial.

This feeling comes from the many floral notes that never allow even a feminine touch and Mediterranean herbs that make you think of vacation. I think of it not so much the ocean, but a river flowing through the forest. The base has a wide potpourri of rich woods, herbs, tobacco, amber, musk and lots of moss. 
I smell lavender, vetiver and mint, but along with a very „mossy“ vibe.

This base could be very warm, as in many other fragrances, but they can hardly compete against the herbs and aquatic notes in Cool Water 125ml. This new, intriguing accent is too powerful. I also notice ozonic, slightly calonic vibes. It’s so fresh. 
There have been a few scents before that also went in that direction, but here we have the first scent completely inspired by the ocean. Also, this is the first fresh odeur of the modern era to catch on.

It does smell similar to many men’s fragrances out there, but in its own way it does the job really well for the price.

The eau de toilette contains a synthetic substance in a strong dose, namely 1% of the total product, ambroxan! Cool Water 40ml is not only durable and room-filling strong, he is with the sum of its notes and just by this synthetic odeuvre also a very varied and universally applicable breath.

The synthetic substance ambroxan is considered one of the most expensive ingredients. It is largely responsible for the unique aromatic surge of ambergris. When a new aroma technology is introduced with intelligence and artistry, it changes the status quo.

For those for whom this is new, the scent is a component of the sperm whale’s ambergris. This is a gray, waxy resource found in the digestive tract of a sperm whale. It is considered a legendary treasure, for which a long journey must be made until its smell becomes one of the most precious elements for the production of perfumes. 
It smells slightly nutty, sensual, warm, exciting, irresistibly sexy and beguilingly attractive.

So it is now clear why this perfume is so attractive and why he has become such a world classic, after several decades still worldwide in the bestseller lists.
The sillage embraces you immediately, sticks to you well and accompanies you from morning to night, until the next morning the last foothills reach. 
Sure it is largely synthetic but without its very special synthetic content such as the interpretation of ocean freshness and ambroxan it would also not be as it is!

That sets standards for a fresh approach even today. 
Clearly, the aquatic-spicy note is clearly dominant, but you can still and always discover a small world of other notes, depending on the mood of the day.
As soon as I smell it somewhere, I immediately think of the beach. 
So it remains interesting and up-to-date 
even after a quarter of a century. 
I find it a safe bank. 
I’ll say it openly here: I like to wear it, especially the aftershave, and with pride! 
Sure you get recognized with the aroma, but it projects a masculine and sporty appearance to the environment. 
And, is it really bad to wear something that many have? What many have must have something attractive about it…
No one 
has to be 
ashamed to wear it or admit that they own it. 
The compliments that I have received so far for him, I could not list them all here.

It is an elixir for always and everywhere, for every season and every occasion, you can choose it in the morning even flying blind and always made the right decision. 
There’s probably not much more to say about the fragrance itself that hasn’t already been said. 
Overall, it’s something I’d be happy to wear and recommend. For the price, it’s a great value and distinctive. It’s definitely something to try.

Thank you for accompanying me faithfully for so long! You can count on me! Always!


Davidoff Cool Water 125ml : a look at the oceanThe 
eau de toilette for men was launched in 1998. 
He was one of the very great gigolos of his time. Countless broken hearts he left behind.

It belongs to the group of aqua-aromatic plants. 
Designed by the master perfumer Pierre Bourdon. In a virtual thought accompanies him a kind of „song of the sea“, which is one of the most famous and exciting of the brand. 
Cool Water 200ml certainly deserves this title, it is the aquatic smell.
An olfactory talisman that has revealed the finesse of Zino Davidoff’s talent. It has influenced a whole generation of consumers. 
When the specialty was launched in 1988, I thought it was great – until every other man really seemed to be wearing it, and inflationary use drove any positive sentiment out of me.

In 1992, he received the prize for the best men’s oeuvre from the FiFI Award, the foundation that annually honors the best products in the perfumery industry. 
Whether sultry nights in the Caribbean*, a summer night in Rome or village disco Tiffany’s in Pusemuckel. He seduced them all.

The sudden appearance of essences and the variety of aromas make the composition extraordinary and make it a true masterpiece. 
A woman once with a guy who constantly wore this aftershave reported impressed:
Through him wearing this perfume, I realized that some masculine fragrances are specifically designed to attract women. 
The bouquet itself is difficult to describe.

The opening of the Davidoff Cool Water 75ml offer seems to be on the sharp and fresh notes of peppermint and lavender. 
It starts with a light and fresh citrus note that quickly fades. 
The middle section is punctuated by quick cascades of spicy coriander, floral jasmine, oakmoss, geranium and sandalwood. The remaining fresh and spicy elements are the perfect synthesis of a pleasant shower feeling.

The final chord is captivating and ecstatic due to the presence of the wonderful amber and pervasive musk.

The eau de toilette has a very long persistence, it can be felt even after the first application for many hours, without being extremely intense, and its discretion is another strength. 
You can really smell the lavender in it, but it is by no means a women’s perfume.

It allows you to stand out and be remembered for its pleasant and unforgettable way. A hymn to drunkenness and carefree and for men who are always ready for a new adventure.

The masterpiece captures, excites and conquers and is suitable for any occasion, he can be worn during the day, evening and especially for a romantic date. 
This perfume is amazing and the after shave is just as good. I actually have a bottle because I bought it for another friend but decided at the last minute that he did not deserve gifts.

It’s like a haute couture dress that makes you feel comfortable, never goes out of style and emphasizes masculine charm. 
Cool Water 40ml is so masculine and sexy. On a man, this fragrance drives me wild.

It has revolutionized the world of luxury perfumery and is always the breath of the moment because of its particular and celebrated bouquet, recognized for its nobility and the quality of its ingredients. 
It is indeed a strong fragrance, but it is refreshing and quite summery. 
Since its character is a real olfactory security, it is suitable for men of all ages, both the most sporty and the most refined and sophisticated, and if you want to impress your partner, a friend or your father, it is an unforgettable surprise and a fantastic gift idea. 
A man who wears it wants to tease women because he knows the effect he has on them.

Cool Water Davidoff man is able to seduce the senses and is an immersion in the transparent, green and celestial colors of the seas and through its smell seems to hear the sound of waves crashing on the rocks. 
It is a pleasant, optimistic, spicy-fresh odeuvre 
when properly dosed, which may have been the forerunner for countless other eau de toilettes or eau de parfums that were to follow in its footsteps but could hardly overtake it. 
Nevertheless, one or the other user would be advised to be much more careful with the dosage. 
The faceted glass bottle and rectangular box are deep blue with white lettering and are closed by an elegant black cap. 
I can understand that for over twenty years men of all ages, all walks of life 
and all conceivable tastes have found great pleasure in this attraction – it combines nonchalance as well as dynamism, sportiness as well as joie de vivre, it promotes „good vibrations“.

The advertising campaigns that have the intensity of the oceans as a reference point had different actors, including the actor Paul Walker, the model-actor Josh Holloway and the American Scott Eastwood, a passionate surfer and son of the famous Clint Eastwood , who participated in the commercials in support of the Love The Ocean campaign. 
Even Clint Eastwood would have worn it when he made the movies „For a Fistful of Dollars“ and „For a Few Dollars More“ if it had existed then. 
Off and engagingly sexy, the guy, erh the scent of the guy – Another, great heartbreaker.

The Davidoff brand has distinguished itself for the protection and conservation of the oceans in collaboration with the National Geographic Society and is a member of the Pristine Seas program.

Like many other fragrances, it should not be blamed for users dosing it too high that others get annoyed, which should not be too easy given the pleasant character. 
As one of the best-selling in the world, it has registered for the best-selling album. The packs are available in 40 ml, 75 ml, 125 ml, 200 ml. 
From today’s perspective and with the knowledge of the current year, it can be stated for me:

An absolute classic that should not be missing in any collection. I like to wear it whenever I want to smell like freshly showered.


Really COOL
Davidoff Cool Water Men 125 ml is a unique combination of vitality and extreme sensations: the essence of man in nature. 
WOW Wonderful perfume. It gives freshness. Projection: Very good for 5 hrs & longevity, he is the rock in the surf.

The surge of the ocean par excellence, for those who forge their masculinity on the power of the waves, a cold and aromatic creation that innovates in the field of new freshness. 
There are few aquatic fragrances as characteristic and expressive as this eau de toilette.

Davidoff created its own genre through the brilliant use of an aroma chemical.

A passport to masculinity and independence. 
The best odeur for summer, its cool, ideal for a white shirt with blue jeans. 
It embraces the infinite power of the sea with aquatic notes and a burning sensuality. 
The prototype of an aquatic fragrance in the mainstream of the 90s, in the 80s &90s it was definitely everybodys darling. 
With that in mind, it’s time to step into the breach for this legend. 
I can no longer hear all the prejudices, he is worn out, after umpteen changes boring and tame. 
For me, it’s the embodiment of the fresh wave against which, in my opinion, all competitors still have to be measured.

On the subject of sucked out but simply asks the question: Why is Cool Water 40 ml then worn by so many?! 
Because it is simply a stunning cool elixir that still stands out from the crowd. Smelling this odeuvre in 
this context is a great lesson in the history of perfume. 
I love it. I get many compliments whenever I wear 
the after shave.

Who doesn’t know him? 
The prelude is really very successful. An elixir that comes to the surface in puffs of mint and lavender. 
A wonderful cloud of lavender and mint paired with a tart blend. Indicated in the pyramid as „Green Notes“…as I think you can leave it at thatAfter 
about 10 minutes, jasmine and the neroli 
come in, then retreat into a rich heart of coriander, jasmine, oakmoss, geranium and sandalwood. United with the mint and the lavender really succeeded.
This part is the most characteristic of Cool Water 75 ml. 
Because of the citrus-sweet notes, I would say that it would be too playful for anyone over 55.

This light floral accord paired with the fresh mint and lavender. 
It closes with a warm, fiery stream of musk and amber. 
So after a few hours, it then becomes very warm, soft and slightly creamy. The sandalwood blends with the amber and the „green“ oakmoss.

CW 200ml is an aromatic and very fresh masculine essence. 
It looks very casual, perfect for the office or for a lunch date. 
All my life I know this fragrance. It is that composition that you just know.

It’s not sophisticated enough for black tie or dinner events.

It belongs to the group of aquatic aromas, and it’s like jumping into an ocean wave. Therefore, it is perfect for men who love adventure and are determined and vital. 
In this respect, for me, after the morning shower, it has the effect of a kick-starter that immediately prohibits you from any even contemplated use of any relax furniture (sofa, couch, bed, cell phone…), but kicks you in the butt properly. Which is often necessary.

The aroma of the sea. In a first olfactory impression, the odeuvre leaves notes of mint, lavender, rosemary, coriander and canone, in addition to seawater. 
It does not come across as intrusive in any way. 
This composition leads the wearer to immediately remember spring/summer, it is fresh and youthful. 
And in a second step, musk, amber, cedar, oakmoss and tobacco are added.

Let’s move on to the whole presentation. The packaging and the bottle are timeless, no question. 
This perfume was created in 
1988 by the famous perfumer Pierre Bourgon and has since become one of the best-selling fragrances. 
Here, the design has been adapted to the monument. But what I want to emphasize is the beautiful color of the bottle, and the glossy packaging.
The flacon wakes me up, invigorates my senses, I find it quite beautiful. 
In addition, the fragrance has determined the height of the bar in its category, and it is damn high. 
The sprayer is outstanding. That’s the way I want it. It sprays perfectly.

The shelf life is really awesome. 
From 5 to 9 hours I can smell him on me. 
It not only has a pleasant, fresh scent, but also smells all day long on the skin.

However, there is a catch here. Sometimes I notice him very on me, sometimes he disappears without a trace after 5 hours. 
On the skin, unfortunately, he does not hold the whole working day.

The eau de toilette smells pleasantly fresh, sweet and not very penetrating. 
Yesterday I had him on it and perceived him 9 hours – excellent.

In addition, its watery note and freshness makes it a perfect smell for the evening, especially in the hottest season. 
In the evening, or when you go out, however, you might want to look for something extravagant. 
I will wear it at client meetings, coffee breaks and even on my upcoming trip.

Target audience: It is recommended for men of all ages. 
But especially for people between 18 and 40 years, who are looking for a cologne that exceeds the expectations of a normal product and gives them a determined, vital and adventurous flair.

For example, I can not wait to apply it in the hotter months and impress the ladies. In any case, I’ve been buying it for years.

To keep it on the skin longer, it is advisable to apply it both behind the earlobes and on the inside of the wrists. An aroma that you can actually wear 24/7.

It evaporates more slowly in these parts of the body. A super offer for everyday life.
On the other hand, it is not advisable to apply it on your clothes, as it could cause stains and even change their fabrics. 
Finally, do not leave this substance in the container in contact with the sun’s rays, as this can change its composition and ultimately its aroma.

For the few euros they get an excellent essence and a wonderful durability. 
It has set standards in the; after all, he was one of the first aquatic fragrances, that’s a fact; there you can bitch and moan for all I care, just this fact no one overturns. 
There are generations of clones and would-be clones. 
But you know what? This stuff is copied for a reason. It’s really spectacular. 
Nowadays, I hardly notice it anymore than I did, for example, in the 90s, where you smelled it from time to time. 
If you are looking for a really nice all-rounder fragrance but don’t want to spend a lot, this is the one. I would also wear it with shorts, polo and t-shirt. 
Cool Water is and remains masculine.

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