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DKNY Be Delicious will delight you. If you’re a big fan of eye-catching fragrances, whether in the form of perfumes, deodorant rollers, shampoos, lotions, or any other form, you’ll love Donna Karan’s Be Delicious. 
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DKNY Be Delicious perfume for women

The designer of DKNY Be Delicious 100ml is one of the most intellectual fashion designers. She was born on October 2, 1948 in Forest Hills, New York, and grew up in Hewlett, Long Island, with her stepfather, who was a tailor, and her mother, who worked as a model.

The famous brand today stands for luxury ready-to-wear clothing, among other things, was founded initially in 1985 in New York City by the charismatic lady. Her goal was to combine comfort and luxury in women’s fashion.

It thus includes several collections such as DKNY fashion, jeans, a line of accessories, bedding, shoes and handbags.

 The stylist is known for the dresses she designed in her early days, which she then turned into her own brand. Later the company was bought by Louis-Vuitton.

This mini fashion empire that artist D.K. created, she owes to her talent and perseverance. The designer has always tried to combine comfort and luxury in all her creations, because fashion must be accessible to all and not „complicated“.

It is a modern brand that stands for both love and joy. Whether for clothing, her accessories line or fragrances, the products conceived by the designer are a statement, a creed

The influence of Karan’s family was evident in her early life. At 14, she dropped out of school and began selling clothes at a local boutique.

Rather, she believes in each of the pieces she creates, adding a contemporary and glamorous touch to each season. In 1968, Karan was accepted into the highly prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York City.

The image of the luxury brand remains pure New York with its trendy, very urban style.

Gift ideas of this brand have a very fresh scent, like a summer breeze. 
The attraction is an energetic eau de parfum inspired by the New York lifestyle. 
It smells so good! It is a kind of mixture of apples, of exotic flowers and sensual woods.

It proposes a combination of ingredients that initially give a sense of innocence, irresistibility and ultimately mystery. 
A tasty blend of just-picked apples, crisp cucumbers and sparkling grapefruit to delight your senses. The swing of this monument is particularly sensual and irresistible, she makes you want to live life to the fullest.

First the sweet magnolia and a heart of violet and finally rose mingle with creamy sandalwood and white amber to create a sillage that celebrates all that is delicious to be. 
Created by the famous D.K., this fragrance is able to evoke the atmosphere of New York nightlife, full of energy, enthusiasm and lightness. Especially lovers of the city of New York will find themselves in this palette of aromas with sweet and sensual or fresh and modern notes.

 With a greater concentration of different extracts, the eau de parfum is perfect for all year round.

The dynamic notes of this women’s fragrance unagitatedly tell the story of a moment of joy that awakens the optimism of women who take life with momentum.

Be Delicious Perfume : An invigorating and refreshing fragrance

Very delicious and addictive feminine odeuvre. Be Delicious perfume has an apple infusion that celebrates New York City, the perfect backdrop for modern seduction. 
A provocative and seductive touch that invites you to taste the best of life.  

It is a feminine, fruity floral introduced in 2004 and signed by Maurício Roucel.

Do you know why it is the favorite of many people? Well, because the perfume with its fragrance is distinctive, fresh… deliciously pleasant on the skin and also does not smell of lemon, which can be new in perfumes of this type.

According to the press description of the launch, DKNY 100ml is like „an explosion of energy for people who do not like fragrances“, the smell is absolutely unchanging and is the same at the end of the day is like after 3 minutes, right after the first spray.

The first impression is extremely metallic, cold and hard, consisting of an aldehyde accord and grapefruit, orange and tangerine peel, which give a bitter, spicy effect, enhanced by a vodka and tomato leaf note and supported by a musky base, like a white T-shirt straight from the washing machine.

Be Delicious for Women is a feast for the modern senses. This elixir in an apple-shaped bottle combines the elements of apple with a sophisticated blend of exotic florals and sensual woods.

The (second) most famous apple in the world!

The universal symbol of seduction and the icon of New York City. What makes Be Delicious Femme so irresistibly attractive is the appeal to the concept of living life to the fullest.

Take advantage of this opportunity, because in New York anything can happen at any time.

Description of fragrance DKNY Be Delicious 100ml perfume.

This is a bright, comforting and energetic fragrance that combines with the image of a bold but charming woman. First, the eau de parfum opens essentially with fresh notes of cucumber and grapefruit, which are still paired with sweet magnolia.

The top notes consist of green, violet, apple, grapefruit and magnolia notes. 
The heart, secondly, is essentially dedicated to the very pronounced apple notes. These are enveloped in a beautiful floral aroma.

The heart brings tuber, lily of the valley, rose and violet, while the background contains sandalwood, amber and musk. 
Woody base notes of the masterpiece is complemented by amber chords third.

You will smell the Donna Karan New York perfume soft and clean. That is, the swallow is delicious and fresh and soft at the same time, with sandalwood and moss adding just a hint of creaminess to the juicy apple and flowers.

The cucumber can be detected on the first spritz, but quickly turns into water flowers with a pinch of apple, which is ultimately very noticeable.

This takes a reasonable amount of time, the shelf life is good if you consider that it is a light aroma, and hours later it turns mainly into green apple and wood.

It contains cucumber, which might displease some people. But even people who don’t like cucumber will have an easy time changing their minds with this poetry.

It is more than a Donna Karan Women perfume, it is an attitude. Fruity and irresistible, Be Delicious 30ml is a fresh, floral work of art that is bursting with charm and spontaneity. 
It hides the New York emotions within, it is full of love, life and adventure.

New York through the eyes of a real New Yorker, the designer D.K. . DKNY fragrance was created for those who want to enjoy every moment.

A deliciously sexy and fun elixir that represents the apple, the icon of the most modern and stylish city in the world.  

A real temptation in the form of a flacon! Surrender to its charm…

Flacon DKNY Be Delicious 50ml – Bite the apple

The bottle of D. K.’s first signature perfume was designed by her husband, sculptor Stephan Weiss, to mimic the curve of a woman’s back. Donna wanted „a fragrance that would seduce the senses,“ and named it Cashmere with that in mind.

This tour de force contains the adventurous spirit of New York City in its flacon. Moreover, its whimsical shape, green glass and shiny silver cap evoke the Big Apple.

The outer box suggests a brown shopping bag and is decorated with the logo, the label apple. The bottle of this perfume is designed in the form of a ball, which has two meanings.

Indeed, the brand is based in New York. So the bottle looks like an apple, because New York is often called the Big Apple, a „bite into life“.

Thus, the flacon perfectly represents the modernity, but also the freshness and joie de vivre.

This eau de parfum comes in three different sizes. You can choose between the 30ml, 50ml or 100ml spray bottle.

The aroma is divine, irresistible. The durability? Great! There are reports that it has a good eight hour shelf life. And you can use it wherever you want, because it will not bother anyone.

An aroma in a flacon that comes in the form of an apple, sweet fruit of sinful seduction and innocence. A fruit for the sexy, naive, simple, sophisticated woman who is not afraid to take a juicy bite…

It should smell like „Casablanca lilies, red suede – and the neck of a man …

Women everywhere wanted to be taken in by this pure and sensual flower that captured the sensuality of the cashmere touch in a single bottle.  
In short, perfume is one of the most famous tools of seduction. Moreover, it helps to strengthen the character of a person and awaken the senses.

Conclusion – Donna Karan Perfume

A modern feast for the senses, this juicy masterpiece combines the fragrance of apple with a sophisticated blend of exotic flowers and sensual woods.

It is more perfect for the spring…

Imagine dancing in flower gardens and throwing coins into a fountain. It is so light and clean, an easily satisfying and everyday odeur. Also, this smell is not particularly associated with any season, consequently it can be worn all year round.

Being an apple note, it can be used as a summer fragrance, but also throughout the year, even in a country like ours, where unfortunately it is only 50% summer and warm. 
This composition is fruity, woody and floral at the same time. A very spring and also summer blend that gives it all its sparkling side.

At the top are apple, cucumber, grapefruit and magnolia. The heart consists of tuberose, white lily of the valley, rose and violet. Finally, the base is woody, which highlights the sweet floral side.

For Donna Karan, the modern, chic and relaxed woman can go from day to night with a snap of her fingers, and for that she must remain elegant and relaxed.

A floral and fruity tribute to femininity, very fresh, for strong and charming women of all ages, especially suitable for spring and summer.

The perfect combination to enjoy life!

An eau de toilette that combines the forbidden fruit with a seductive freshness and sexy essence.

For women with an urban soul and fun, an energetic floral fragrance for everyday life.

DKNY Woman, a New York story. A modern love story, a moment of joy.

Live with optimism and enthusiasm, at the same time bite into the juicy life to the fullest! The apple, the symbol of New York, the openness to knowledge and sensuality, innocence, the first love story… you will notice: everything starts here…

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How much is Donna Karan Be Delicious ?

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What fragrances are included?

Fragrance family: Woody-spicyTop notes:
Orange, grapefruit, pepper and fresh spices. 
Heart notes: vetiver and cedar. 
Base notes: resin and benzoin.

What is the price? What sizes are available?

The offer is available in the following sizes:
30 ml & 50 ml & 100ml & as a fragrance set.

Where can I buy the fragrance?

Online Shops:
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1 thought on „DKNY Parfüm Be Delicious“


An apple flacon or something like that. I was very curious what awaits me there. And I was pleasantly surprised. A very clean little paradise fruit jumped at me.

In 2004 Donna Karan launched an apple in a greenish bottle on the fragrance market, it is called Be Delicious. The design of the bottle remains in that beautiful contemporary style that combines metal and glass in round shapes, similar to the fruit itself. 
In this perfume it openly refers to New York, the Big Apple, with its shiny glass and metal case in the shape of the fruit.

The reflected image of the Big Apple in the bottle of DKNY implies the possible meaning of the bottle. 
The idea of Ms. Karan: New York, Big Apple, fruit box, apple bottle and fragrance, name „Be Delicious“, as a reference to „Golden Delicious“, implement already has its charm. 
In the art of fragrance creation, the spirit of the designer is also found in Donna Karan’s women’s perfume DKNY Be Delicious. 
Apple fragrances came up big in the ’80s. Back then, I probably fell in love with these synthetic aromas for all time.

Why women love the delicious perfume? I love this smelling water. It is subtle, but also energetic. I find this elixir very comfortable to wear, especially in the summer. It is not overbearing or overpowering. 
Since it is very musky and mostly clean, it can be used by anyone. 
I love the fresh, light fragrance that stays well for the first four hours. 
It’s a masterpiece! It can be used by teenagers just as well as any woman. 
This is definitely a scent for every day or night. Its smell is unique and you can recognize the scents especially well.

Or rather, it is an odeur for all ages, moods and weather. 
At the very beginning, the user hears a very delicate note of apple, but only as if I sniff this fresh fruit, which is not of the Granny Smith variety. 
The masterpiece is not sharp or sour as I expected, the elements are fresh, juicy and pretty. 
More like the variety that grows first in grandma’s garden in the summer. For the fruit and vegetable growers here, the variety is called „Jacob Fisher“ and is the earliest apple in season. 
was inspired by this fruit to convey the purest contemporary femininity

Freshly sprayed, it smells strangely like vodka melon. Sweet, tart and fresh.

This composition starts fresh and lively with a cucumber freshness. Then comes the tree fruit and stays.

Cucumber and grapefruit are not to be sniffed at the beginning with me, instead, the user notices besides the delicate fruit still the magnolia. 
Slowly, however, the true representatives of the „vodka-melon scent“ reveal themselves and give him the above-mentioned attributes: Magnolia, grapefruit and cucumber.

But also not too violent, but the whole prelude is nice and light and fragrant. 
In addition, the fruit note appears quickly and then also stubbornly stays in the foreground, with the three top notes still relatively long. First and foremost is the cucumber. 
After that, the lily of the valley comes into play, the only lily of the valley as a perfume that doesn’t smell foul on me. A delicate as well as feminine flower with a hint of freshness. 
At the same time, I love lily of the valley scents, but have not been able to wear it. 
The flowers round out the whole very nicely, they do not play a big role.

This would be the perfect summer scent. The additions of cucumber, magnolia and lily of the valley make it so very soft, feminine and crisp.

In addition to the lily of the valley, I smell a few other flowers, but they are well-behaved subordinate. So to speak, a pretty, coherent, short-bound bouquet with many lilies of the valley in it. 
Pressing the nose almost to the skin, I sniff most strongly the violets as an additional note.

The woody undertones in the base of this fragrance are fantastic and very different. 
Then come the roses and in third place the lily of the valley just described. 
The apple note continues and remains quite calm.

The rest of the florals and the thin wooden branches are very restrained. 
I would say the rest „hides“, respectively helps it from the background to its teasing, confident, provocative but always pure aroma. 
At the very end, about 5 hours later, woody notes with a fruity background linger. 
A definite highlight for me and a great tribute to Maurice Roucel, who created this very popular perfume.

If I had gotten married in May, this is exactly what my bridal bouquet would have looked like. 
A cheerful and seductive touch, with the freshness and energy of spring.

The whole thing lasts for a few hours, after which it finishes warm and somewhat powdery with cedar. There is an element of watery freshness that makes this creation ideal for really hot days. 
Offerings with cedar always become pleasantly powdery with me, I already know this from the „Naturelle“.

For me, quite a wonderful piece of art that I can well imagine for the whole year. 
It’s not as sweet as some of the other DKNY fragrances, and that’s wonderful for me. 
I usually use Be Delicious when I’m too busy choosing the perfume of the day, when I don’t want to think too much about what to use, I don’t want to feel/express anything, but I still want an aroma that expresses kindness and beauty.

It is the perfect manifestation of love and happiness with a touch of innocence. 
It is an item that enhances the shower feeling even if you do not have lemon. You can still feel the white woods in the background. 
No, this DKNY doesn’t smell a bit synthetic on me and there’s no headache here either. Provided they do not overdo it. 1 x spray for the neck and 1 x on the wrist is quite enough. 
„Be Delicious“ is also the perfect fragrance for the kind of career woman we always see in Hollywood movies. 
Long legs, skirts that are barely noticeably shorter than ordinary business skirts, shiny heeled shoes, a swinging gait, a winking smile and yet not easy to get laid. 
It’s not expensive but is fresh, delicious and worth a lot and it lasts long on my skin and its projection or sillage is very high and wide, where they run they leave a flush. 
Remarkable thanks to the cucumber – although there is some prejudice against this vegetable scent among many people. 
I rate Be Delicious as a safe, uplifting, fruity, happy and generic gem, sillage and longevity are just right for me.

You never imagined receiving so many compliments with a sugary blend of fresh apples and cucumbers! 
Shiny green, like the bottle, it could be worn in autumn for a change.

The bottle, by the way, I find successful, this green color is pleasant to look at. However, the lid must be down here so that they can get to the spray button. A typical gimmick to increase the attractiveness. But it’s very easy, they just have to turn it a little back and forth.

So when opening, proceed with some feeling, otherwise it really holds bombproof and I’ve heard that many probably get it off badly too. 
Remember that each eau de parfum in your wardrobe should have its own purpose. 
If you like sweeter and more sensual essences, you may be disappointed, especially with the fresh notes as they can vary depending on your skin type. 
Bottom line: if you’re looking for a product that doesn’t come across as sweet or synthetic, you should get „Be Delicious“! Confident, relaxed and sexy.

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