Dolce Gabbana The One

Seductive Dolce Gabbana The One highlights the distinctive qualities of a woman. You are looking for an irresistible perfume, a masterpiece, in short a fragrance that is always there, but never intrusive. 
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The One Dolce and Gabbana 50ml – A feel-good fragrance in a vanilla bed.

With Dolce Gabbana The One pour femme 50ml you break down all barriers and you instantly become different, irresistible and sensual.

In this sense, it is first and foremost the story of a wonderful artistic and human encounter. Founded in 1985, „Dolce et Gabbana“ was initially created by two Italians, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. 
Since the 1980s, the brand offers both sensual elegant haute couture collections in the style of the Italian woman, modern as well as deliciously sophisticated, and a floral feminine fragrance collection.

The same goes for the fragrances of the label, which glorify the dream of the two men Italy in every way.

From the beginning, D & G stated that their credentials were „Armani for discipline, Alaïa for madness, Chanel for their sewing concept and Jean-Paul Gaultier for creativity.“

The first perfume of the brand „D and G for women“ was created in 1992, it was called „Dolce et Gabbana Parfum“, then two years later followed in 1994 the first D&G odeuvre for men: „Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme“.

It is, in short, a composition for women, launched in 2006, marks a real turning point in the perfume series from the label.

The story of one of the most refined and famous compositions of the label began in 2006, and today this fragrance is known to everyone and is called „The One“.

Dolce Gabanna The One Eau de Parfum edp is for women who feel like a diva. It is made to encourage and live out the determined, forward-looking personalities that provoke events instead of passively waiting for them.

Perfumer of this tour de force or „the fragrance of a unique woman“, was Christine Nagel. 
The One, released in 2006, would be like the culmination of this love for women, the work of art in which each, on the other hand, can feel and live their own stories according to their desires. Who could better express this fragrant tribute to the many fragrant faces in this sense than the talented and so creative Christine Nagel?

It was also one of Christine Nagel’s first major successes, and numerous other masterpieces followed.

2006, still in its infancy, offered the chance to discover the incredible technique and ingenuity of the German perfumer, and finally won the incredible challenge that the Italians put to perfumers to compose the D&G olfactory water. 
She later succeeded the great Jean-Claude Ellena, the „official nose“ of the House of D&G.

However, the two founders of the Italian brand D&G have always praised this seductive and charming, sparkling and cheerful, elegant and modern Italian, who inspired them both for their haute couture models and for their multiple fragrances.

Dolce & Gabbana The One – A touch of provocative femininity.

It is a very chic and luxurious fragrance, wrapped in a sober and elegant bottle and a good long-lasting durability. It is, in other words, the touch of a charismatic woman. In fact, it claims to be „the only one“. Daring is portrayed as striking as luxury. The new interpretation of an iconic flower.

It is an odeur designed for the glamorous, yet so playful, spontaneous and charismatic woman who embraces her femininity and emotions.

For over a decade, D&G perfume has embodied the image of a femme fatale.

The fragrance begins firstly with a fresh and juicy fruit cocktail of bergamot, tangerine, lychee and peach. Gentle but demanding, the „One“ woman is determined. The fragrance essence opens with bright and lively notes thanks to the presence of lychee, peach, tangerine and bergamot peel.

 Then secondly in the heart, the white lily becomes lush and enveloping, powdering the fruit of the heads with its unique and so elegant floral sweetness.  It then evolves into a very floral bouquet of lily of the valley, lily of the valley and jasmine.

This oriental floral creation from D&G is intoxicating, modern yet sensual.

Finally, thirdly, vanilla and amber notes with the heart flower form a sensual and luxurious musk ensemble. Here, the sweetness of plum is added to the florals. Then the final note is charged with woody notes with vetiver and sensuality with amber and vanilla.

As divinely feminine as the original fragrance, the eau de toilette accordingly delivers a fresher interpretation of the iconic flower: the elegant Madonna lily. Dolce & Gabbana The One 100 ml Eau de Toilette has already been described as a fresh and luminous fragrance of well-being.

The strength and uniqueness of the gift idea and the woman who wears it come from this contrast.

Whether it is sprayed on sensitive areas or sprayed in the air to cover the wearer with a fragrant aura, it is a „floral“ elixir that combines modern fruity beautiful ingredients with the classic palette of white flowers.  According to Stefano Gabbana motto: „Every woman is The One! “

The One Eau de Toilette, like the aroma, is a woman’s trademark that everyone looks at and also notices very quickly due to the sillage. 
In other words a modern floral-oriental fragrance for all women who dream of change. A gift idea both for cooler days or as well as for special evenings.

In fact, its creators say that they were inspired by the spirit of Naples. And it’s true: the directors of the brand, Domenico D. and Stefano G., are both Italian.

Their origins are felt in each of their creations, and the eau de toilette but also the perfume are no exception to the rule. They are essences designed for a graceful, casual and striking woman.

Description of fragrance Eau de Parfüm – The embodiment of a diva with a true sea of flowers.

Sometimes fruity and tangy, sometimes floral and sensual, on the other hand, it never ceases to amaze us and impressively creates a feminine aura in an instant.

Dolce and Gabanna The One Eau de Parfum, from the family of floral-oriental fragrances, confirms its strong personality during the opening. A figure illuminated by mandarin but also warmed by lychee and peach.

This gem opens first with a bright and modern interpretation of notes of bergamot, tangerine, juicy lychee and peach. Its heart then gives way, secondly, to the sensual intensity of the timeless aroma of white lily. Thirdly, the final notes are characterized by essences of vanilla, musk and amber.

From the screen we already know that the image of this new fragrance is played by Emilia Clarke, a British actress known for her role as Daenerys Targaryen in the television series Game of Thrones. 
A true diva, a beautiful and accomplished star.

She also embodies an unwavering femininity. Rebellious, liberated and passionate, but always wearing a spectacular look. A charming chameleon with a big heart.

In short, the odeur and its magnificent bouquet of flowers wrapped in Italian sweets. A true hymn to the beauty of the Mediterranean, composed by Christine Nagel in the colors of the house DG.

Dolce and Gabbana The One 75 ml combines fruity notes with a classic palette of white flowers. And from this contrast finally arise the strength and exception of this work of art.

It was a great success that it was so then continued with magnificent variations. Released in 2017, this time the eau de toilette offers us a composition more airy than the original juice, without losing the beauty of its Latin sensuality.

Fragrance description of The One Eau de Toilette – the floral freshness – a symphony of fragrance.

As for the fragrance, The One Eau de Toilette 100ml has managed to preserve the spirit of individuality but at the same time bring a dose of freshness and luminosity.

 Its main note is first the white lily. It reveals a powdery, floral and heady smell. It is then associated with other flowers such as ylang-ylang, jasmine or orange blossom.  Jasmine, lily of the valley and lily of the valley continue to blend in the heart to highlight an ardent femininity enlivened by an unexpected plum note.

 The trace of vetiver yet indicates a special feature, which is accompanied by musky amber. Daring and luxury are strikingly presented.

White petals sprinkled with golden pollen bloom under the radiant light of Italian mandarin and bergamot essences softened with velvety lychee and juicy White Peach.

As a result, the fragrance gains exoticism and its sun aspect is omnipresent. As for the top note, it is more fruity and fresh.

The exclusive essence of Moheli Ylang-Ylang was specially distilled to reveal the rightly luminous facets of the lily. Accordingly, it is sublimated by absolutes of delicate orange blossom and broom with honey accents.

In the dry phase, the sensuality of vanilla, vetiver and musk envelops this opulent bouquet with a lush base.

It contains Italian bergamot, tangerine, lychee and white peach. Finally, it ends with a syrupy and enveloping base.

The fragrance reveals its woody breath in a duo of moss and vetiver. Amber and vanilla enhance its sensuality, while musk floats here a final touch of animalism. A smelling water for every occasion, a tribute to femininity.

The bottle magically attracts. The return of the golden bottle.

Powerful and luxurious, the composition of The One should receive a suitable flacon. For this, the bottle was properly created in gold with a sleek, contemporary design. 
This fragrance essence, adorned in gold, was created to be seen, equally celebrated and revered.

The flacon has the task to effectively represent a floral eau de parfum that combines modern fruity ingredients with the perfumer’s classic palette of white flowers. Better said for the label, each product has its muse.

The golden bottle is represented by a heavy glass block with a solid golden cap. It does not miss its effect in this sense. The bottle is the perfect scheme of a magnificent style combined with classic shapes.

For the two designers, each bottle as well as each woman must be unique, „The One“?

As for the bottle of the eau de toilette, it picks up the aesthetics of the perfume and stretches it upwards.  The idea that guided the designer of the bottle from D&G Eau de Parfum was to always be visible.

Moreover, the flacon and the juice it contains with its fragrance should be celebrated and admired. This bottle embodies luxury and honors the tradition of perfumery.

Its case is luxuriously designed. It is still a thick glass block with an imposing stature.  The nectar is contained in a thick, transparent glass bottle.

Its square shapes, squat for this reason, reveal a golden hue that is surprisingly soft for such a bold fragrance. 
The shade of the cap, also square, is reminiscent.

 This transparent bottle suggests the golden color of an amber juice, which is in perfect harmony with its metal cap. 
The whole shines in a thousand lights and is available in three different formats, the familiar 30ml, 50ml, 75ml (EdP) and 100ml (EdT).

Conclusion – Exciting, glamorous and incredibly sensual.

All the beauty of Dolce & Gabbana The One 50 ml comes in two magical formulas. On the one hand, the exceptional quality of the fragrance raw materials selected by Catherine Nagel, and on the other hand, continues its composition that plays with contrasts and light without losing its balance.

Like the style of D&G, the fragrances of the brand are a blend of different Mediterranean sources and reflect the creative inspiration of the two founders.

The first product „Dolce & Gabbana for women“, continues to be one of the best-selling items of the house.

Dolce „The One“ is a daring composition with high-quality ingredients such as lily, jasmine and amber. In short, a hymn to luxury and feminine sensuality, which is able to exude eroticism.

It is the essence for all women, and yet it takes on a unique character for each of them.

It is better formulated a floral epic that combines contemporary fruity ingredients with the delicacy of white flowers… just for you.

After all, a simple movement of the head is enough to conquer the hearts of men. The smelling water only makes the woman who applied this top performance even more luminous and radiant than before.

Her glamor seems timeless and her performance is that of a determined and captivating diva.

 Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of this monument and, moreover, express your femininity and feminine aura.

This exceptional feminine sillage highlights your sensuality and sex appeal to transform you into an emancipated, strong woman.

You will overcome life’s obstacles with joy, always with grace and a smile on your face.

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What fragrances are included?

Fragrance family: oriental-floral
Top notes: peach, lychee, mandarin, bergamot
Heart notes: lily of the valley, jasmine, lily of the valley
Base notes: Vetiver, amber, plum, vanilla, musk

What is the price? What sizes are available?

The product is available in the following sizes:
As Eau de Parfum 30ml & 50ml & 75ml and as a fragrance set. 
As Eau de Toilette 30ml & 50ml &100ml and as a gift set

Where can I buy the code?

Online Shops:

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2 thoughts on „Dolce Gabbana The One“


I always have great pleasure in choosing, smelling, testing and telling about fragrancesToday 
I’m talking about one of the most famous perfumes of the present „The One“ by Dolce & Gabbana, this luxury brand, like Chanel and Gucci, is known for its strong and heavy fragrances.

It is a world famous perfume that has made the house of Dolce & Gabbana famous since 2006. 
This attraction made its way into my collection, because at the time I was not so fit with the names and manufacturers. I just knew I liked something with „One“ (it was CK One, I know by now) and asked in the perfumery for corresponding fragrances. 
The fragrance smells exactly like the bottle looks: Elegant. 
He has something, but what exactly I do not know myself. 
I first had to sniff twice, then add a few drops, sniff again … then wait and sniff again and again and again.

After extensive testing, I liked this masterpiece the best, although the mixture at the time actually did not correspond to my booty scheme, which was rather androgynous and fresh oriented.

She is the incarnation of a diva, a true object of desire interpreted for over a decade by Brazilian supermodel Gisèle Bündchen. 
In her image, her fragrance is luxurious, powerful and sensual. 
The One by Dolce & Gabbana is a sweet-smelling fragrance. My nose does not find it particularly heavy, nor oriental.

A somewhat predictable but very pleasant floral fragrance sweetened by fresh doses of fruit and vanilla. 
However, it is not „edible“ sweet, but rather warm sweet. Pleasant and flattering. 
The start sequence begins fruity as described in the pyramid, and I inhale this blend delightedly . 
Fruity is always dear and welcome to me. 
The scent, with rich floral oriental notes, opens with a tangy, modern interpretation of the freshness of the top notes of bergamot zest and tangerine, combined with the juicy sweetness of lychee and peach. 
But the fragrance transforms very quickly, the fruity notes were only the welcoming committee – Well , then let’s see who else is here ….

The journey to the heart of the fragrance continues with the timeless scent of white lily with its lush intensity and enveloping femininity. 
Soon, lily of the valley, Madonna lily and jasmine complete the heart notes. 
To me, the scent smells thoroughly pleasant. Nor do I know of anything that smells similar or even the same. It gets a bit powdery and woody after the base notes slowly come through, but overall the scent doesn’t change much.

Jasmine and lily of the valley accompany me from now and until the end, but they also quickly move to the second row and make way for the main actor – musk.

The fragrance eventually unfolds into a deep and sensual base of rich vanilla and resinous amber notes, which combine with soft musk notes to create a harmonious presence. 
The base is also already noticeable, after quite a short time you are embraced by the vanilla, as I said. Amber, musk, plum and somewhat weaker vetiver join in.

Now it seems quite spicy , warm , soft and restrained sexy , especially as the vanilla and amber join with the musk to form a menage at trois .

For me, the fragrance is really successful at the beginning and end – the floral heart note sequence might sometimes like to stay away .

The power and individuality of the fragrance Dolce&Gabbana The One and the user who applies it arise from the spirit. Whether sprayed on certain soft areas or nebulized into the air to cover the wearer with a fragrant aura. 
A wonderful honey scent wafts towards me. He has found the healthy middle ground and shows that a sweet scent does not have to be edible.

Something irritated I was first about the angular bottle, which is a bit unwieldy, but I’ve gotten used to it. I find it noble, simple in gold and reflects the image of the brand. 
Elegant, but unfortunately also a bit impractical. I have small hands, so the handling is a bit difficult. 
For this, the bottle stands very tip-proof. 
The simple, golden presentation fits well with the glamorous perfume. 
Something sweet and very stylish, strong and heavy! The shelf life is sufficient, really long-lasting. 
When spraying on, I really like the fresh opening of bergamot, lychee, tangerine and peach.

After the first application it is imposing and very present, during the day it develops well and smells good and very elegant. 
On my skin it easily lasts a working day, on clothes and hair even longer, especially good on the clothes, even after it has been washed, the perfume remains present. 
I sprayed 
the fragrance this morning shortly after 7 am and it is now still perceptible after more than 13 hours, with musk now dominating with a powdery impact.

The scent does not seem intrusive to me, you can use several sprays – it envelops you with a creamy aura. 
Still nicely snuggled .

Right now I feel a little lulled by The One. The top note is fruity to perceive. Plum and vanilla I can just smell out well.

The longer he rises in my nose, the better I find him even in retrospect. 
I find it most beautiful in the colder season, as he has a slight heaviness. He has the necessary simplicity and yet is not an 0815 fragrance.

I find „The One“ in its own way sweetish, „relatively“ delicate and absolutely suitable for everyday use,
very very pleasant, not intrusive and yet relatively well adherent. 
For those who like him is also suitable as a beautiful cuddly scent . In the evening when it rains outside. 
You can always wear it, it is always appropriate and never seems to me overloaded or intrusive, but caresses you with a comforting warmth.

You sit on the sofa, in the warmth, a woolen blanket over your legs. A cup of tea is on the table and indirect lighting wraps the room in a golden glow.

But what can I say, „The One“ has become one of my favorite brands, although not for every day, it should remain special. Honestly, I love this perfume, I feel so feminine with its ultra feminine scents. 
If you are looking for a perfume that makes femme fatale in all elegance, this is the one.


Melanie extends the clawsBlack 
kohl, black blazer, skinny jeans, beauty spot in the right place, wide eyes, long lashes, a gold ring with LOVE or HATE…
The One, a warm, cozy, harmless, floral-fruity-oriental eau de parfum that I think is suitable for every woman and every occasion.

I throw myself into the fray – today I want to stand out, extend my claws and take what I want or who I want. 
A fruity perfume for those who do not like fruity scents. 
Sweet, but not a day in the candy store. Woody, without being masculine. Powdery without being youthful. Fun yet mature.

I know no false shyness, look deep into everyone’s eyes and let the beat take me – a woosh in my head, a woosh on my neck – tonight I’m a VAMP, whoever doesn’t like it, get out of my sight and crawl into some dark corner and wait until the party is over. 
Smell, this is a masterpiece, spicy, dark, fruity, woody.

Today I am the star, and I stand out because I want to stand out – my companion, well who, this masterpiece just – yes and no one else. 
In the opening still well fruity, but then softer and more floral: with soft cuddly jasmine and unaggressive cuddly lily of the valley. 
I can already hear it murmuring in the club: „vulgar, arrogant, what does she think she’s doing!“ – what the heck, I’m The One (and only) today.

Heavy, slutty-puffy and yet so good, because I am not satisfied with less than the main act. Musk, vanilla and plum are my trio infernal, everything else not worth mentioning, is not even asked at this point, because I want it heavy, doing justice to my performance. 
The Flacon Glanzstück lies well in the hand. This would actually be a flacon for my Beuteschema. Angular, angular a bit chunky.

The sounds penetrate to my ear, repulsive and fascinated you face me – I have the charm of a car accident, which you do not want to see, where you (s) nevertheless look. 
Yet you are a really fragrant cuddly plum, from top to bottom. Your smoothe base immediately dashes forward and makes itself wide right after application. 
I divide the dancing people, who succumbs to me, it does completely, who goes out of my way, he will have his reasons, but misses something, clearly. 
In the finale you have already spent yourself with love: only slightly plumed musk is left. Doesn’t matter – you’ve given your best long enough.

This homage to femininity is my companion when I want to step out of line, when I’m self-conscious and when I love the grand entrance. 
Sweet plum with cotton soft musk, spicy vanilla, the whole sunny ambered.

Haters can stay away from me – what counts is me. The One and only.

A floral perfume for those who do not like floral fragrances. An oriental eau de parfum for those who are new to this enchanting world.

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