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Hugo Boss Bottled 200ml. The fragrance for the man of today.

When Hugo Boss Bottled Men 200ml was launched in 1998, quickly became one of the best-selling perfumes of the brand. It is aimed at active men of all ages and is considered the hallmark of the brand.

He is first and foremost the embodiment of class, masculinity and masculine spirit. With Hugo Boss Bottled, this man is dynamic. His success is based on his elegance and sobriety that make him a luxury item, like his suits.  He has a timeless elegance that seems to pave the way to success. His confidence is communicative and the fragrance he conveys must match his temperament.

Indeed, the man of today has several facets and the smell is in his image by having a complex but no less efficient structure.  Its woody and sensual base notes make it a timeless classic and it has already been an indispensable part of online perfumery for 15 years.

In the 1990s, men’s fragrances had to be, above all, very fresh. The concern was that they all smelled the same. The master wanted to change that.

Already avant-garde at the time, the house of Boss did everything to stand out from the crowd. He decided to come up with something really innovative.

Therefore, even with his very first fragrance, perfumer Annick Manado put great emphasis on the development and production.

The ideal choice for men who take responsibility.

The originality of the fragrance also lies in the use of vanilla as a base element. Such a component had already been presented in women’s perfumery, but for men this attempt was a first that surprised many. It is masculine, passionate, sincere, powerful and delicate.

However, this revolution was a great success from the beginning. The challenge was not to discontinue the perfume and its idea at the end of the first year after its release. However, this happens very often with the strong competition of fragrances.

Hugo Boss Bottled 200 ml has survived, in fact, he became a classic men’s fragrances.

Hugo Boss is not only a luxury label, but also a communication brand. Indeed, the owner embodies the spirit of today.

The „man of today“ is all about embracing the idea that actions speak louder than words – a principle that many men try to embody and live their lives by.

He is the kind of man who takes responsibility for his feelings, lives life to the fullest, and cares about others. He is the ideal man that every woman is looking for and every mother-in-law dreams of having as her son-in-law.

A rascal he must be.
Besides, he is very noble, refined, but also a bit of a rascal, and he wears a fragrance that resembles him.

Eau de Toilette, which has become a classic of the brand, can only please with the richness of the notes hidden behind its extraordinary simplicity. The freshness of apple and grapefruit, enriched with the sensuality of clove and the exoticism of patchouli, is expressed so subtly that it seems to us a natural fragrance.

The elegant, woody accords of the classic fragrance reflect a complex structure as versatile and contrasting as the man who wears it.

Hour after hour, the fragrance unfolds and takes on a different quality and fragrance that inspires the man and accompanies him throughout the day.

Description of fragrance Hugo Boss Bottled 100ml

Hugo Boss Bottled 100ml is a sensual and warm perfume.  A woody and spicy aroma full of freshness for modern men who know what they want.

The fragrance composition was created by Annick Manado, who created a woody yet spicy fragrance. The creation opens with sweet and citrus top notes of plum, oakmoss, apple, lemon and bergamot.

And the good news is that it’s surprisingly sweet and greedy, which women love!

The refreshing plum, apple and citrus essences in the top note perfectly emphasize the uniqueness of each man.  It opens first with a very fruity note of sweet orange.  This seems almost candied.

It even has the smell of jam.  Then comes, secondly, a very juicy red apple, combined with a black plum.  Hence its greedy, sweet and dark side.

The heart presents woody notes of mahogany, complemented by clove and cinnamon spice.
The power of seduction is then enhanced by the presence of clove and cinnamon chords hidden in the heart of this item with clove and mahogany. Cedar and sandalwood combined with vanilla, vetiver and the traditional olive tree form the third base notes of this magnificent composition.

Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette in bottles is an ideal choice for men of the 21st century.

Then the cinnamon takes its place and brings back the warmth, as well as powdered and amber vanilla, which is almost overdosed with it. The odeur has a chocolate effect, and that’s probably where its addictive side comes from.

However, its woody trace is fresher.  At this moment, the scents of its green, citrus-scented bouquet are undeniably pronounced.

The fragrance Boss Bottled ends with a base of sandalwood and olive, vanilla, vetiver and cedar, creating a sensual and elegant base, just like the man who wears it.

This subtle and timeless touch will not surprise us with its ability to delight both the sporty and the classic man.

The oriental fragrance for men for the Boss man.

Boss bottled eau de toilette for men is elegant.  It embodies the class of the businessman who climbs the stairs one by one until he reaches the highest level.  It is the brand for the man of today, a man who is committed and successful in both his personal and professional life.

He is dynamic and of a new kind and can also be the ideal son-in-law.  Very fruity and gourmand for a men’s fragrance, it is also very daring.  It is ideal for businessmen who are taking a firm and decisive step forward in their career and life.

Hugo Boss Bottled 100 ml is a sparkling eau de parfum so enchanting that it will make you a seducer that no one can resist.  Its three key words are: Success, Modernity and Elegance.  Boss man moves forward with confidence and knows how to stay true to himself in all circumstances.

So, put all the odds on your side; take the stance of the world’s greats; be sure of yourself, represent the man of the situation… Just be the stronger sex. When the content and the container are limited to the essentials.

The house of the brand is a true embodiment of success for men and always surprises us with fragrances that smell of masculinity, strength, authority and importance.

The eau de toilette was launched in 1998 and offers a particularly fresh and unusual fragrance.

 With Hugo Boss Bottled Eau de Toilette for Men, the brand once again succeeds in spreading these mythical fragrances through refined and beguiling notes that electrify our senses and transport us to a world full of character!


Hugo Boss Bottled 75 ml in the legendary simple flacon.

Commitment, achievement, self-esteem and self-respect: with the perfume today’s man climbs the steps of Maslow’s pyramid to move forward cheerfully in life and stay true to his values. Try this timeless elegant fragrance that has already delighted millions of men around the world!

With its simple look that imitates a bottle, the bottle plays the card of simplicity and clarity without violating the brand image that we love. After all, getting to the heart of the matter can be the key to success.

Dynamic and timeless, this new style men’s fragrance accompanies men on the road to success and meets all requirements.

Three words seem to have been the main ingredients of this aftershave: success, modernity and sophistication.  Ideal for businessmen who take a firm and decisive step forward in their professional lives, Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette Spray in bottles emphasizes its oriental fragrance with rich and sweet notes wrapped in notes of geranium, cinnamon and clove.
It became an instant bestseller and its popularity continues to this day. The very charismatic actor Chris Hemsworth has been its ambassador since 2017.

Almost irresistible, this fragrance of Boss Bottled will turn us into a great seducer, assertive and confident.  Furthermore, it is mainly its top notes such as apple and citrus that give its owner a charming look!
His slogans: white shirt and black tie, a style that is simply elegant, for an equally elegant tail.

Conclusion: an elixir for sensual and demanding men

Between crisp aromas of red apples and delicately spicy cinnamon scents, this Boss fragrance from the label underscores its character with a floral note on a background of dew and geranium.  In a woody and amber path, the scents of its bouquet of fresh, citrus-scented green are undeniably pronounced.

The perfume is for men who like to take care of themselves and have a natural elegance. In addition, they have a strong personality, character and assertiveness.

In short, this essence is an elixir of seduction that electrifies our senses and invites itself into our daily lives like a breath of fresh air. Since its inception, the master embodies success for men, especially with this legendary odeur.

The fragrance, embodied by several muses over the years, maintains a communication focused on an urban man who has put on his Hugo Boss suit before leaving for the city.

 With its sensual, warm and sweet scents, this surprisingly exquisite fragrance for men is very pleasant to wear and has all the chances to please the girls and make women return the feminine genius on our way!

The fragrance was launched in 1998 and has evolved over time to become a classic for men of all ages thanks to its refined and beguiling notes of apple, cinnamon and sandalwood.

All this is contained in a very masculine curved perfume bottle.
Boss Bottled is therefore a refined and rich product. Its nectar releases all the sensuality of the man who uses it.

It is a men’s fragrance that has become the most famous of the brand.

All their fragrances were created for modern, sophisticated and sensual men and are expressed in three words: Success, Modernity and Sensuality.

The result is an offering that is as timely and relevant today as it was when it was first introduced over 20 years ago, a symbol of masculinity that has been effortlessly integrated into the daily lives of men around the world.

Questions and more info

How much is Boss Bottled perfume ?

You can find the current prices here:

Prices & Bestsellers

What fragrances are included?

Fragrance family: fruity-floral
Top notes:  Apple and citrus
Heart notes: geranium, cinnamon, cloves
Base notes:  Sandalwood, vetiver, cedarwood, olive wood, amber notes, musk-like notes.

What is the price? What sizes are available?

The product is available in the following sizes:
50ml & 100ml & 200ml & as a fragrance set.

Where can I buy the fragrance?

Online Shops:
Amazon – extensive selection – Perfume Hugo Boss Bottled gift sets – affordable – fast delivery. – affordable fragrances – extensive article assortment – more than 10000 products in the range of beauty and cosmetics – fast shipping – inexpensive – Perfumes at Notino Online – new fragrances & perfume classics – Hugo Boss Bottled 75 ml Flaconi – also on sale: Eau de P., Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne – buy online – men & for ladies branded goods – Perfumes, Cosmetics, Accessories at affordable prices – Perfumery Online – Hugo Boss Bottled Set as a gift idea for men – in addition Eau de Parfüm, Eau de Toilette, Kosmetik & Eau de Cologne – installment purchase & purchase on account – Beauty products online – Exclusive women & men brand fragrances

Stores with branches. These often offer online shipping in addition to store sales.

Karstadt – prominent department store with a wide range of products – currently Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof
Galeria – extensive range of affordable men’s brand perfumes & women’s fragrances
Douglas – Hugo Boss Bottled Douglas 200ml- famous perfumery with a lot of offline stores – beauty products as well as cosmetics in online shipping
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dm – Bottled dm – Eau de Parfüm order directly online or buy at Dm in the market immediately

Where is the fragrance cheapest – price comparison?

Here you can compare prices: – Check the prices of fragrances and compare, e.g. for Hugo Boss Bottled edp – Hugo Boss Bottled price comparison – Quickly compare prices of brand fragrances here.

1 thought on „Hugo Boss Bottled“


When a man walks past a woman wearing this fragrance, it’s like a bright flashing neon sign: Boss Bottled.

Yesterday it was once again so far, I have once again made a bottle empty. Hmmm, for 15 years this aroma has been around and I’ve had it since the beginning.
This invigorating new breath will give us an instant lift and crown our efforts like an absolute reward with a breath of fresh air.

I count, it should be by now my third bottle of this item. And I’m sure I’ll buy it again at the next favorable opportunity, maybe exchange it for my depot bottle in the cellar – let’s see if I still have an older outer packaging in the cellar.

This is a truly reliable fragrance. Its versatility turns it into a must-have for any perfume user.
With some essences, the appeal is lost on me over the years, and some I really get sick of smelling.
Well, at least it is a must for those who praise versatility or like to travel lite.
All the more I try to fathom what I like so much about Boss Bottled that I no longer want to give it away.

I don’t smell apples out of it… the only thing I smell is seduction.
Fragrance notes Top notes: sex appeal Heart notes: passion Base notes: attraction.
It doesn’t smell cheap, it’s not cloying, you can use it at the gym, and it’s even good for dating if you or your date is a conservative person.
All I can say about this is Boss bottled – a naughty person.

Probably it is the great and balanced coordination between fruity-fresh and woody-spicy.
The eau de toilette starts with a great and in the combination really special fruity note, which contains as a „trademark“ a stimulating apple note, which in turn is dressed in citrus notes.
There is this citrus-green freshness, a good balance of natural citrus components and the bergamot, combined still with a green apple.

The citrus notes I can not further differentiate, the geranium in turn I can at least understand, something like that is certainly in there, also the plum becomes clearer after a few minutes.
In addition, a very dominant and long-lasting plum, which I love very much in this after shave.
After that, the fruitiness is somewhat packed by more down-to-earth woody notes especially but also cinnamon. In addition, just these green-spicy notes of clove, also very expressive and demanding attention. Its fresh opening (citrus and apple) combines well with a dominant cinnamon in the heart notes and the vanilla that spreads in the lower notes.

Cinnamon lightly tickles the nose, but no trace of Christmas baking.

Closing does the article, for example, as a lotion or shower gel, then with a gentle and sweet and only quite distantly reminiscent of apple or other fruits, clearly there are also really gentle woody notes and vanilla.
Different, velvety soft and sometimes a bit scratchy woods form a solid and consistent foundation, on which the head and heart notes also keep their justification for a long time.
Somewhat gourmand, but masculine, as the aforementioned sweet notes are always paired with very nice, high-quality woody notes – mainly mahogany, sandalwood and cedar.

Bottled holds with me in this sequence then already a confessed office day.
Don’t count on expressive longevity or sillage, because you just won’t get it.
If sillage and projection were even better, this fragrance would be a hit. That’s probably why Hugo Boss released an Intense EDT and an EDP version. Intense is just more intense and a bit more expensive.
The Boss Bottle flankers that have made a shift in a more promising direction are Oud and Unlimited.
Still, it gets confusing for buyers because the three bottles are identical and all the juices are almost the same color.

Since I personally spend a lot of time in the office, there often wear this scent, he comes on other occasions but also rarely used, unless a new date awaits me.
For me, the office fragrance at all, very pleasant, refreshing and just the right intensity to be perceived without becoming slightly intrusive.

I just love this fragrance and also do not find it worn or on every other. I have not yet had enough.

Add to this the fact that so many people find it both generally pleasing and attractive, even having a distinctly eroticizing effect on some women, as mentioned.

I for one did not pay attention to Hugo Boss fragrances before, but now I must say that the marketing plan worked for me, and when I opened the bottle, I was not disappointed, but on the contrary pleasantly surprised! The bottle also always amazes me.

Actually, yes he is kind of boring. A simple bottle, but very elegant and effective.
Over the years, it has acquired a high recognition value that I would almost like to compare it with a classic Coca-Cola bottle.

Because of its unpretentiousness and simplicity. But the solid column shape with the sturdy base, the raised font tilted at 90 degrees, the plain silver-gray stopper and the pale yellow liquid is also just timelessly beautiful with a good atomizer.
It will not disappoint you in any way. Well, as people are wont to say: If you’re good at everything, you can’t be the best at anything.

Some other shapes you see modified again and again, but not this one. A successful mission for the brand that has led us to look at this offer from Boss in a different light!
The product for me the „Minute Man“ among perfumes, planned through and trimmed for success and thus an elixir with which successful or those who want to be guys adorn themselves.

The packaging remains unchanged, they have just opted for a white color to emphasize the freshness and the sporty side with the grass green inscription reminiscent of the field…

He has quickly become for me a companion that I want to use always and at any time.
You will never be let down by this trustworthy buddy, in any kind of situation. He is a king of versatility, some say Hugo Boss knows how to design fragrances with better performance and more appealing combination of notes but probably with fewer sales due to less versatility.
Sometimes somewhat criticized, it is a cleaner, fresher and pleasant smelling water, but not enough to convince the people around you to follow you with their eyes or greet you.

He will not attract the attention of other people in this sense, but probably with a versatile king you just want to smell clean and fresh in many situations such as in the office, on the plane, in the theater, watching a soccer game, entertaining your mother-in-law and so on. They will not bother anyone.
Am I once not clear, which after shave it should be today, whether for job, leisure, family, going out, the „embarrassment grip“ to this fragrance is never the wrong, but always the right one.
I think the secret lies in the conspicuous inconspicuous. Then he is perfectly balanced.

You can also use it in any kind of weather, because it is a shining star in terms of performance.
In addition, it is a fragrance that you can wear all day without hesitation due to its very good durability, always having a clear but never penetrating sillage.

That is simply not over-smellable and immediately recognizable. And I find that very good!

Not because it is so inconspicuous and arbitrary, but because it is generally so pleasing and recognizable.

Because it still makes a scent mark and other people like to smell it, perceive it and experience it.
Blind purchase worthy? Yes, if the price is okay and you want versatility out of the product.

Once again to his Women fascinated seduction qualities:
It is said, “ go to a bar with it and you can clear one.
Ms. Ménardo, there you have composed a uniquely delicious tow water.“

This is an erotic gush that passes through the nose directly into the pleasure center.
Go to a wedding or a disco with it and you can pick up a lady.

All in all, a perfect generalist, for every day and every occasion, which still flashes me.
If you are sure you like Boss Bottled, but you don’t want to use it only in the office and / or attract people’s attention, then you better buy the Intense EDP version.

Age faithful, versatile partner, any season, any age, day and night, perfect for the office, but also very good for attraction anywhere.

I like it even though it’s not front row in my closet.

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