Jil Sander Sun

Legend Jil Sander Sun is an eau de toilette for women from the family of oriental floral fragrances. It is a perfume that evokes the scent of summer, heat and the beach to perfection. We have recommendations, bestsellers and current offers on the site.

Jil Sander Sun 75 ml a warm fragrance for women – the sweet beautiful smell of summer

Jil Sander Sun 75 ml is an oriental floral fragrance introduced in 1989 by the German brand Jil Sander.

For example, the attraction created by Pierre Bourdon carries warm and sweet elements, muted by the iris and also a subtle patchouli. Together, these elements with jasmine, carnation, rose and an almost childlike vanilla form the true soul of this perfume, which is defined after the fleeting and barely perceptible lemon.

With Sun, we can feel the sun’s rays landing on our skin as well as the contact of warm sand under our bare feet.

Sun is another classic, it evokes many fantastic associations. Sun is a rich and intense fragrance, stuffy, but in the good sense of the word. Therefore, it is worth listening to stories about it to see what the fragrance has to offer.

Designed by Pierre Bourdon to bring the touch of the sun’s rays to the skin, Sun is a floral oriental with a texture typical of the late 80s:
Special moments lying in the sun?

In other words, a beautiful floral bouquet dominated by orange blossom alongside yang ylang, iris and carnation, wrapped in a strong oriental accord of vanilla, benzoin, tonka bean, cedar and that special costus note that gives it an almost masculine dimension.

Sun is a summer perfume, but on the condition that the user wants to stand out from the rest of the beach and vacationers.

The final tone becomes increasingly musky and powdery, with traces of white musk and Le Male. 
In addition: this unforgettable work of art promises an unforgettable heated season.

The first whiff at the beginning and beyond a beautiful citrus scent invite us to dive deeper into this sunny story.

However, these citrus fruits are not very sour, no they have a crisp, sweet color – the orange blossom has bounced back and softened its roughness – so the orange power is softened after just a few seconds.

Notes of bergamot, black currant, rosewood, jasmine, lily, orange blossom and violet. From this moment Sun begins to smell even stronger with its rays and composition.

From now on, until the end of the smell, it will envelop us with its balsamic overtones, as well as its amber bedding. Thanks to benzoin, ylang-ylang, heliotrope and sandalwood, Sun has obtained a bright, fascinating, slightly anointed base, around which the rest of the notes will play unobtrusively.

It is this base note that is responsible for the specific warmth that this fragrance brings.

Bouquet of Jil Sander Sun 200ml will immediately take you to the sea. That, on the other hand, is not surprising.

Sun warms your body, fresh air plays with your hair and the waves of the sea rock your senses. 
However, under all these strong notes hides another layer of the sun – its somewhat old-fashioned climate.

It is an attractive smell, experienced not so much with the nose, but more with the mind.

Fragrance Description:

Sun is properly composed of a mixture of oriental flowers with refined classic aromas.

Its fragrance pyramid includes an infinite number of floral and sweet aromas. But above all, of course, vanilla, probably the most remarkable component.

At first Sun smells like sunscreen. The creamy, cosmetic and very floral feature captivates with the aroma of dried fruit, lemon and bergamot.

But everything revolves around the heliotrope – very sweet and greasy, spread on cloves (flowers), ylang-ylang and orris root.

The masterpiece opens with a citrusy breeze that leads us on a summer adventure, combining with joyful floral scents in the heart to unfold on a warm and smooth base.

And this is where the old school shows up. It’s so ‚compact‘ and concrete that it’s not just about carefree and bikini.

And for many people it will be the smell of a matron sitting on the beach with dark scarves and glasses under an umbrella, casting disdainful glances at young, beautiful women and men with impeccable figures. Sun is joy and spontaneity.

Carefree without borders. The sound of the sea, vacation and true freedom.

In a nutshell: Jil Sander Sun Eau de Toilette opens with fresh citrus notes, rosewood and sweet African orange blossom. 
Then it evolves through this to a floral combination of roses, lily of the valley and ylang ylang.

The whole composition is then topped with sweet vanilla and tonka bean, complemented by warm woody chords. 
Sun is a noisy, opulent, yet fluid and harmonious fragrance. 
The flush of glowing skin rubbed with olive or sunscreen is the most beautiful summer memory.

In short She has a rash of freckles on her face. And the hair caressed a sea breeze.

It is the aroma of a body animated by warmth, which now sparkles golden brown, better said a smell with a character that even men can not miss.

With a round and enveloping softness, which with its powdery, sun-white flowers seems to symbolically close the 80s, but nevertheless already heralds the great vanilla wave of the following decade, which will evolve with more or less luck, in beauty as in excesses, until today…

Back to the days of our youth, when we made a simple trip to the lake and beyond, sleeping under a tent, sometimes even under the open sky.

You do not want or can not go to the lake, but may enjoy the days and nights in the big city. 
First, this tribute to femininity is perfect for ladies who love summer but can not enjoy the beach.

Secondly, with just one spray on the skin, our skin is immersed in a sensual journey to a heavenly beach that exceeds all our expectations.

The scent of the Orient for women

The product was developed in 1989 specifically for use in the sun and is still one of the most appreciated by modern women eau de toilette. And this is not surprising. At least no other eau de toilette has such power to remind you of the summer vacations!

It’s that special time of the year when you put on denim shorts with tassels, sneakers and a regular shoulder top. You turn off your mind, relax, and the heat charges you with positive energy.

In short, Sun is not a watered down, colorless, passionless, aromatic cloud. It is a „greasy“, oily composition, with very good durability. The masterpiece stays on the skin for about 5 hours, giving us warm, sweet and sunny company.

Remember the last adventures of July and August with Jil Sander Sun perfume. Finally, inhale and suddenly find yourself on an exotic beach where the sea, sand, sunshine and well-being come first.


The fragrance, hidden in a minimalist bottle, typical of designs of the label, is full of energy, sea and exoticism. The flacon makes curious by the fascinating simplicity.

In other words with the flacon you do not have to travel far to feel the atmosphere of a sunbathed beach.

The initial citrus traces are fresh and full of energy, just like the sunshine. They continue to be countered by a beautiful floral heart and a sweet, warm base.

Gift idea Jil Sander Sun Set

Jil Sander Sun 30ml was launched in 1989 and still enchants with its successful combination of energy and orientation. This combination makes a pleasant summer fragrance.

With the infinite good sensations it gives us, this perfume will be a wonderful gift idea with which you will surely surprise and delight.

For example, look for the Jil Sander Sun Set – a fragrance set with eau de toilette and eg a delicately scented shower gel for free.

With Sun you can start summer immediately and at any time. A warm, welcome, floral aroma for women with green and fruity notes, as well as bergamot and rosewood.

Be surprised and fully embrace your femininity using this exclusive perfume for women with a unique and personal fragrance.

Feel the touch of the warm rays of the sun on your hot skin and move to the hot beach with the aroma of Sun.

 Can you hear the sound of the cold sea waves crashing against the cliffs and the soft murmur of the sea? Open yourself to the experience of the hot dog days full of sunshine that the fragrance will bring you.

The creation for the beach, suntan oil, plastic bag with Barbie dolls and vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries.

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Fragrance family: Oriental floral detailed info.
Top notes: African orange blossom, fruity notes, bergamot, Amalfi lemon, black currant and rosewood.
Heart notes: carnation, ylang-ylang, heliotrope, lily of the valley, rose and lily of the valley.
Base notes: Musk, sandalwood, patchouli, amber, styrax, benzoin, tonka bean, vanilla and tobacco leaves.

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3 thoughts on „Jil Sander Sun“


It is now certainly 15 years ago when Sun and I met. 
At that time already extremely interested in scenting and cosmetics. My girlfriend and I felt really great when we finally got to go out on our own (without parents) to the big city. 
If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed that I love being surrounded by perfume that premiered in the 80s and 90s.

Yes, for the children from the countryside, this is already an event. What happened? Of course, all stores boarded, which were in sight, including a certain turquoise perfumery. 
There, of course, was tried everything you could get your hands on (somehow I never got rid of this behavior …). 
I tried all the scents several times, and the saleswoman, who undoubtedly sensed a sure sale of two odor-obsessed women, even perfumed me very generously.

We must have really stunk. I can’t think of another expression right now. 
But there was a scent that crept into my heart. I had never smelled anything like it before. 
It is more than just a perfume, it is a sensation, a feeling of warming and envelopment. A true fragrance (if you like this kind of notes), powdery, cosmetic but not soapy, sensual and comforting.

At that age, I couldn’t really say what it all smelled like. There was only hmmmmm or bäh. And that one was just hmmmmm.

Sun is another classic that I must say a few words about – being in its presence not only inspires me to write about it, but also evokes many fantastic associations. 
I then had him in hand, a very plain white bottle with yellow print. What came out was not so plain.

It is a reminder of sunscreen on slightly salty skin, because of the sea with little sweat, after a few hours of sol – lie, a rich and intense fragrance, stuffy, but in the good sense of the word.

It was quite loud and heavy, somehow also summery, but to the winter it also fits. 
Kind of like sunscreen, but somehow not. Vanilla with orange. 
In any case, it was the hammer for me.

That’s why it’s worth listening to stories about it to see what this masterpiece has to offer. 
Of course, it had to go with me immediately and from then on began a love that went through my complete youth. 
Yes, this is a mainstream fragrance. Yes, it smells like suntan lotion. Yes, even the packaging reminds of the corresponding tube. And yet, for the beach, the park, sun loungers by the sea or in Mallorca, there is only this „one“ for me. 
Sun accompanied me in school, summer and winter, even to Austria in the ski camp was allowed the little white with. 
I think this composition I already use, with phases of abstinence in between, for over 20 years. 
Without it simply nothing went. I don’t even want to know how many people I bothered with it, because dosage was a foreign word. Well, I know the word today now and then also not 
Today, it is definitely not a fragrance that I can and want to smell every day and all year round. 
And breaks need this relationship, so that it can flare up again afterwards. 
At some point I’m „full“ and then I need a break again, until I long again for his sultry-sunny-sweet and heavy sunscreen aura.

The first whiff and a nice citrus accord invite us to dive deeper into this sunny story. The tangy freshness of the citrus at the beginning quickly fades. 
I smell most the sweetness of heliotrope out and in the base the heaviness of amber, musk, woods and vanilla.

From this moment, the heat with its rays begins to smell the composition even stronger, while the sweetness always remains.

With this piece of art, it’s either hate him or love him. There’s nothing in between, but he’s definitely a classic that will probably never go completely out of style.

In the meantime, I have outgrown puberty and my taste has also changed quite a bit. 
But today… something was like back then. So a hmmmm hung in the air today. 
The smell reminds me of summer, heat of the night and beach, for me it smells like cream. It has a strong vanilla note and is overall a very sweet scent. 
You know the one, I thought to myself, and wandered like a crazy woman through the department to find the „culprit“. 
And then the magic happened: finally I could enjoy again this beautiful, soft and penetrating epic, very present, reminiscent of sun-warmed skin.

Once succumbed to its charm, it is difficult to do without it, even if you do not wear it often, reassured to have it at hand. Extend the beautiful days to comfort in the middle of winter. 
Funnily enough, it’s not one of the sexy scents my partner likes to sniff, but this one. After all, it reminds us of the beach, our vacations, suntan lotion. 
Jil Sander Sun 30 ml is the ambassador of the summer concept: energy and relaxation, warmth and freshness, an opulent and complex, yet subtle touch. 
This perfume is dedicated to a woman as multifaceted as this creation.

Absolute caution is required in the dosage, a splash too much and you cause yourself or others a headache. The scent is then very intense and extremely long lasting. 
It has a nice hold, but the trace is relatively discreet, which has ensured its success since its release.

A cream fragrance, but definitely not one of the clean-cream fragrances, but rather one that I associate with sultry dog days and nights. 
Especially in this time can happen a lot, whether you should really wear it on such, or it is then simply „too much“, remains to be seen.

It is one of the first and most successful in its kind. 
A miracle that gave me many amazed compliments on this beautiful gem I find aldehydic and I love aldehydic flowers.

For me, it is, in short, a mixture of sunscreen and the incense sticks that my yoga teacher always lights at the end of class. So both heat in India and summer freshness on Sylt.

Well, thanks to my colleague I’m already wallowing in memories all morning. I think soon a little bit of hmmmm will move in with me again….


I love Sun. My biggest love affair in a bottle. 
It really is summer in a bottle and attracts many compliments.

You will get a lot of kisses when you wear this beauty. Sun puts us in a romantic mood much faster than any other fragrance I own and I own over 100 different flacons. 
Many years ago, it will have been 1991 or 1992, a friend of mine at the time gave me a miniature of Casmir. 
She herself was quite enraptured by this masterpiece. I myself could not quite understand her enthusiasm at the time, since I was still a declared friend of floral fragrances in my early 20s. 
Too much of everything, too woolly, austere, headache-inducing, I must admit, I used to dislike the flowery elixirs. 
On this occasion, the friend also told me that she was looking for a very specific „fresh“ perfume, which she often noticed on particularly chic, fashionably dressed but unknown to her women. 
Then, in the early 90s, I followed an older, inconspicuously dressed lady in the supermarket because she smelled so exceedingly lovely. A delicate, seductive vanilla scent kept penetrating my nose. 
Not a product for hot summer days, but warm, beautiful days with lots of warm wind, when the sun shines with an orange tone rather than a bright yellow.

Finally, I asked her about her perfume. It was Sun and she was surprised that I had noticed it at all, because she wore it extremely discreetly.

My girlfriend, on the other hand, was still looking for a very specific „fresh“ scent.

She had also obtained an odeur that seemed similar to her: „Joop Femme“, which was only similar to the one she was looking for. Fresh????

With the description „fresh“, however, she will probably have received rather other suggestions for testing in the perfumery… Whether she eventually came across Sun after all, I unfortunately do not know, because our contact broke off some time after. 
When wearing it, a beautiful sunny day on the beach comes to mind, a woman wearing a long, white, laced bohemian dress, walking barefoot in the sand, the wind playing with her long, blonde hair – that’s this showpiece in a nutshell.

In retrospect, I am nevertheless quite sure that the girlfriend had meant „Sun“. The was then still quite new and quite popular. 
The perfume of Jil Sander there is now already since the year 1989, which means that it soon celebrates another round birthday. Although I am not an outspoken fan, I am very pleased.

I myself didn’t get Sun until a few years later, but I certainly had it in 1998. 
I like consistency. I also like versatility u. Variety. 
So my bottle is no longer the youngest and I’m afraid the contents are not up to snuff, even if no tipping notes are apparent.

But I can’t stand it when a product that I’ve just grown to love disappears from the market in no time at all. I feel really abused as a consumer. 
A warm, quite sweet, creamy aroma, with a slight spiciness, probably from the clove. 
When I wear this memorial, my husband can’t help burying his head in my hair when we cuddle.

It remains a classic with recognition value for me. 
I like products that hold their own on the market, despite scorn. They have my respect. 
As an aside, this odeur was composed by Pierre Bourdon, a successful perfumer.

After spraying it on, I smell the clove and bitter orange on me very dominantly at first. 
It is a fragrance that expresses fun, sea noise and happiness with its citrus top notes, set on a warm base with vanilla scents.

However, this fades after a few minutes and what remains in the end on my skin is vanilla paired with benzoin and some floral-fruity hints.

It smells soft and invites you to sniff. In my association, neither suntan lotion nor any other cream occurs, rather powder. 
The floral heart evokes the intense moments of the year in July and August.

For me, this is also not necessarily a summer fragrance. From the elements, it could really pass more as an autumn or winter perfume.
It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m actually quite comfortable with the sillage surrounding me. 
Jil Sander Sun 75 ml is an attraction that expresses joy and freshness with its citrusy top notes and a floral heart that is ultimately, nevertheless, particularly reminiscent of the vibrant times of summer. 
However, I have actually always used it in high summer, but only in the evening. 
The shelf life is now seven hours, I think it could be loose nine.

One can be of different opinions about this classic fragrance, but in this fast-moving time, in which fragrances come u. go, as it pleases the perfume companies just, I feel 25 years as absolutely remarkable and cult. 
It has always been for me a special creation, just very different from what was then otherwise in my collection.

He has managed to hold his own in such a way. 
Sure, he polarizes – and I confess to the side of the friends! 
Today my taste has become much broader…just in the oriental direction.

A great perfume for the month of August and the first days of September.

As much as people rant about this „cheap scent“ in the ugly white bottle, it would be unfortunate for its loyal followers if this odeuvre were no longer produced. I have enough spare bottles of Sun to last me for a long, long time, because if I ever stop wearing this beauty and have no way to repurchase it, I will be tearing my hair out in misery. 
That would be as unimaginable as if there was no more Nivea cream tomorrow. 
If I were stranded on an island and allowed to have only one fragrance with me, it would be this cult item. 
To me, it just embodies the feeling that it classically suits a long-haired blonde. 
Maybe I’m also too influenced by the corresponding advertising. 
And my hair isn’t that long either. It’s just a visual perception that comes to mind when I smell that lovely summer scent. 
I’m sure it looks just as beautiful and unique on brunettes, redheads or short haired women. 
It would be nice if the label would 
once again offer for a birthday, a special bottle for purchase. A pure bottle for a complex oriental item.

Purely for a change, of course. 
The bottle should reflect the freshness and warmth of this fragrance in its white or orange color.

But I am biased. Jil Sander and Guerlain are my favorite houses, and Sun is my favorite Jil Sander perfume and also my number 1 in general.

I’m pretty sure that if this specialty were packaged differently and offered at a higher price, it would definitely get even better reviews.

Sunset at the sea, I ride along the beach wrapped in a beautifully beaded scarf that I bought at the bazaar. The scarf still smells of all kinds of spices. 
Not a crisp or fresh summer scent, but a romantic, nostalgic fragrance.

Vanilla and tonka bean, cloves and resin and orange peel were sold at the stand. 
I revel in dreams and memories. I could go on and on raving about this beauty.

All the colors and smells, wonderful! That’s what this gift idea smells like to me. 
She is so me, so feminine and so comforting. She is my absolute favorite.

I get off my horse and watch the sun turn the sea and the beach red. Me and Sun will be a love affair without end.

A timeless feeling of sunshine. 
I wish this masterpiece that it can hold its own for many more wonderful years and continue to delight its loyal users.

The fragrances just mentioned are for me yes the opposite of fresh! Sweet and intense! But the perception is just individual!


The Take That – Song under the fragrancesSo
, I really do not want to offend a die-hard fan with this title or open pigeonholes (although – but! Pigeonholes are sometimes great) or anything like that, that right away! 
Summer 1990, Germany finally became world champion again and I had the dream vacation par excellence. 
Not that I had lodged somewhere in the 5 star bunker, no, we were camping and I had sun, beach, sea and the most romantic vacation flirt of my life.

What I’m aiming at is: there are things that are totally cool but somehow also embarrassing. There are some Take That songs that I think are awesome. Relight my fire, Back for good or Never Forget for example. And others too, for example by Robbie Williams. 
The boy groups, like Take That or the Backstreet Boys, dominated the charts in the 90s, almost everyone had an opinion about it. Either hop or top.

For my taste, however, they unfortunately had too many cuddly numbers, that’s not my thing at all. That’s why it’s always a bit uncomfortable for me to admit that I listen to them from time to time. Then I always have to say: „But only the groovy numbers!

It’s like with fragrances. I do not expect everyone to be unique or gigantic. 
Each has its moment and I think that it was precisely these rich components that provided that certain portion of „bliss“ at the time.

I feel the same way about 90s – Eurodance – music, the dancefloorkloppers like Rhythm of the Night or Rhythm is a Dancer or Open Sesame… Also such a chapter. 
All this makes me sometimes sooo much fun, I flip through the apartment and play air guitar… And yet: somehow this is just sometimes embarrassing.

I admit it ! I was quite fond of Jil Sanders Sun 200 ml ! 
This is the first one I got as a gift from my first boyfriend and he loved it. 
I really have a lot of memories associated with him.

Sun was then always there and smelled in the form of shampoo, shower gel and eau de toilette on every millimeter of my tanned body. 
Fits by the way also fully in this time, so what of 90s! A bit too much of everything, but with a penetrating power that is unparalleled.

In conjunction with the events of this summer and the lightheartedness of that time, this tour de force has become unforgettable for me. 
A hurricane of vanilla, heliotrope, woods and more flowers, I still find Sun totally great! 
At the time I was 25 years old, loved this smell and have had it for several years as a faithful companion in my bath bag.

There are some fragrances that I rarely wear today, but that doesn’t mean they have to disappear from the scene. 
Too sporty, too straightforward, too straightforward was suddenly the bottle for me. And that’s exactly how I imagined it. Sporty, dusty, with tennis court aroma. So nothing for me. Yes, the dear prejudices. 
But even that changed with me again abruptly.

When the coincidence then one day this aroma but wafted into my nose, I was quite amazed. Because light he comes along with me, sunny and cheerful. 
Today, only one thing came into question: Jil Sander Sun. But I had just made a big bow around him for many years. 
And what can I say: I was just thinking, if my old stocks are soon all I have to buy him again maybe.

It smells strange, somehow artificial, but definitely unique. 
So I really can’t say that this homage to femininity is light or completely refreshing, but despite its force and sweetness, it actually smells like vacation, sun, carefree time and a damn good mood. 
It smells like vacation, Italy and the beach. It is wonderfully was and creamy.

I also always have sea, sun, Mallorca, balmy summer nights on vacation, tanned skin and lazy-relaxed feel-good in my nose when I smell it. 
I always associate it with flowers and sunscreen oil. 
Is it the name and the advertising? Sophisticated marketing? I honestly don’t know. 
It’s that smell, that feeling after a long day at the beach, after x times applying sunscreen and x times jumping into the sea and letting the warmth dry it over and over again and then I walk home in the evening sun on the warm sandy beach. 
I read now for the first time the notes, and so a few sun milk candidates are already there.

The fragrance concept is simple: a sweet, heavy candidate with the aroma of concentrated suntan lotion and fruity creamy ice cream. 
In addition, this perception of creaminess that the make conveys. 
There I smell a lot of vanilla with tonka and orange blossom and wonderful heliotrope.

Such a relaxed combo of orangy, floral and creamy-vanilla. I find the combination quite beautiful! 
That Sun should be a winter fragrance, I must deny here once quite large, because it was created at that time due to a far-reaching basic idea: He was the innovation par excellence! 
However, he is for me only a vacation and free time fragrance – completely unsuitable for the office.

It was the first offer that users could wear without hesitation in the blazing heat due to its composition, without getting pigment spots or other skin irritations. Hence the name: „Sun „
When I smell it I immediately get a good mood, all the memories are present again and although it is so well known, I always get compliments. 
This is definitely a sun fragrance! 
Many are no longer aware that perfumes should not be worn in the sun because it is so harmful to the skin and besides irritation also increases the risk of skin cancer!

So slowly the days are getting cooler and shorter again. Unfortunately. 
Sunbed instead of tennis court. Swimming pool atmosphere. The smell of vanilla ice cream. Raspberry cake. Tangerine juice. And yes, I admit it: suntan lotion, 
So I was all the more pleased today that the sky here was bright blue and the temperatures climbed back above the 20-degree mark. A beautiful day for a summer perfume so. 
But what would a summer be without Sol milk, without ice cream and raspberry tarts? Nothing!

In winter, it is a real ray of sunshine on the skin, warms the skin, creates summer head cinema. For some users, it is a warming „relax“ perfume in the dreary cold season. Fruity, powdery and balsamic with sweetish notes simply comforting warm.

But still: Like the suntan lotion, my flacon will disappear again in a dark corner in a few days, when the autumn rains begin. Christmas I will certainly not apply him, he must be patient a few months. 
Until next year. Because it is simply timelessly good. And good things you do not give up.

The masterpiece does not knock me for a long time as some other perfume, but should I deny him therefore the young girls? No!

When now and then I still get a breeze „Sun“ in the nose, I smile, because it awakens every time anew the memory of a dreamlike vacation and a small portion of wanderlust in me. This feeling should not be denied to the young women of today, at least they should have the opportunity. 
If they swing themselves on the Radel and jet into the swimming pool, the girls do not need nevertheless necessarily an exclusive smell behind the ears, there this breath is just correct. 
He smells very intense and the durability is top.

Every fragrance has its time and also its followers. 
This one belongs in the summer and to a young lively crowd, but even we older ones should still wear it sometimes. 
Like ice in the sun-shine, like ice in the sun-shine. I am melting away, on this sunny-day.


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