Joop Homme

Sweet oriental Wolfgang Joop Homme was created for open and experimental men. The designer is famous for his excellent perfumes, and this is one of them in my opinion. 
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Joop Homme 200ml – A man who wears Joop seduces, he never allows himself to be seduced.

Seduce with Joop Homme 200 ml. Find out what excites you the most with this classic.

Launched in the late 80s, more precisely in 1989, this masterpiece has in its essence the identity of the strong perfumes of the time.

Although the fragrance dates back to the early 90s, it is still successful today and was one of the best-selling in recent years. 
The perfumer of this creation is Mr. Michel Almairac, who even to this day makes excellent creations.

For the time (80s / 90s) it was even avant-garde, and rumor has it that this was the favorite perfume of the legendary „Billie Jean“ Michel Jackson.

It has something invasive, indomitable, but it was really made like the brand: eccentric. But well dosed it looks more like a tame thoroughbred horse.

This is the kind of flavor for all ages, from the youngest to the oldest, who knows how to use it at the right moment and without restrictions.

For seductive and authentic men who love freshness, elegance and cheerfulness, this monument is special and necessary.

W. J. has a passion for young and modern elixirs. The brand has been present on the market since 1978, with the aim of offering its users sophistication, sensuality and modernity. 
Joop Homme perfume is the oriental man introduced in ’89 and created by Michel Almairac. Its power comes incidentally from orange blossom, mandarin, bergamot, lemon, among other flowers, faventonka, vanilla and many other ingredients

Under the slogan „The real man wears pink“, W. J. relaunches its classic Joop Homme 125ml. Homme, with a strong advertising campaign that leaves aside the classicism of the brand to enter a world where seduction, mischief and sensuality come first. 
The brand is one of the most famous on the market. 
This ommage to masculinity is considered sensual, expressive, sexy, provocative, for men with strong personality and identity.

Joop Homme Eau de Toilette comes from an oriental family, for men who are mysterious, seductive and authentic. In addition, its woody features make it a particularly masculine juice.

The most curious thing is that, yes, a floral product is more suitable for women, since the floral gives a hint of femininity.

But it includes a mixture of tart masculine notes along with the floral notes that have made this perfume an entirely masculine odeur.

Whether you have something feminine – intentionally – we do not know. But the proposal of the brand is to „break the rules“, „be different“.

Joop Homme 75ml is something for men. 
Top notes captivate orange blossom, mandarin, bergamot and lemon from Amalfi. The heart notes smells of jasmine, heliotrope, lily of the valley, cardamom and cinnamon. In addition, the base notes contain sandalwood, tonka bean, patchouli and vanilla.

This floral and oriental touch evokes sensuality, charm and seduction. 
After all, the legend of aphrodisiac perfumes triggers decades of debate.

This epic can even be aphrodisiac:  Grace Jones once said that when she felt such a pithy scent on someone’s neck and throat, she „wanted to attack quickly.“

Homme is a contrasting scent that combines the freshness of a citrusy beginning with the warm and sensual chords of the heart and base notes that evoke exoticism and greed. 
A masculine odeuvre that has its own contemporary and striking attitude. 
If you like floral, this is undoubtedly one of the best male floral fragrances.

It looks very active, for young people who want to enjoy their electrifying moments and make the most of their youth. If you are a man who expects this, here you will meet the appropriate artwork that has conquered the male audience. 
It is the odeuvre of a man who feels confident, secure and unprejudiced. It is a gem that you will have by your side as if it were someone very important that drives you.

In short, do you want to be expressive and remarkable? Then this is your product.

Description of fragrance: Can male perfume be sweet? It can!

It is a woody floral that many people fall in love with. 
The olfactory pyramid consists of differentiated ingredients. 
In the first spray, we notice the first note, which we perceive as cinnamon and orange leaf, a floral blend with a lot of intensity.

After a few minutes, this strong aroma starts to diminish and gives way to the heart, a sweet element with a woody background. 
It is the kind of fragrance that will attract the attention of women. 
You can bet on it!

First, as described, it brings an elegant and striking freshness, with top notes of orange blossom, mandarin, bergamot and lemon.

The explosion of citrus freshness contrasts mainly with the warm chords of cinnamon and cardamom. In addition, secondly, its sweet and young brand comes through the heart notes of jasmine, heliotrópio, cardamomo and the special note of cinnamon.  These then give way to a more exotic heart of silky jasmine, lily of the valley and heliotrope.

Thirdly, during its long duration, its background notes bring the personality and sensuality of sandalwood, fava tonka with its oriental touch, patchouli and vanilla, intensifying its sweet freshness. 
Further: the woody end notes then finally have a very masculine effect with sweet vanilla, patchouli, tonka bean and sandalwood. In addition to the personality of the tobacco notes, man can also feel musk notes with a touch of elegance and glamor.

His particular track uses terms and aromas closely associated with femininity to emphasize the viral attraction.

A masculinity expressed on the basis of sweet, sweet and floral aromas and sparks of aphrodisiac character such as cinnamon and patchouli.

The men’s fragrance combines jasmine and honeysuckle, which it mixes with cinnamon and vetiver to spice it up. Since men’s skin absorbs intoxicating scents, the designer has introduced musk and vanilla, amber and patchouli to create an oriental fragrance that will please brunettes and blondes.

This sensual elixir is enriched with vanilla. Very masculine for a man who wants to be remembered with floral notes.

It is good for both day and night, and its warm notes go well with a slightly cooler season, when the air temperature can be cold and the weather rough. Of course, you can also score with this in the summer.

This masterpiece is really strong in the true sense of the word, they will cough when you first feel the power.

First, it is a rich and spicy fragrance with a floral sillage that gradually unfolds and lingers all day, which says a lot about its durability. Further, it is refreshing and very fresh, with a great sillage….

The flacon – It represents adventurousness, extravagance, elegance, love of life, the elegance and seduction.

From the first day Joop Homme 30ml has not changed the bottle. 
In the small bottle, which can be easily carried in a sports bag, you can find rare fragrances, sweet and sour, sensual and deep.

Classic and simple style that adopts one of the most common silhouettes from the years of its creation. Its internal fluidity acquires an intense pink color, a real challenge to the rules of masculinity, affirming that „the real man is the one who is able to wear pink“ without fear or shame.

Unleash the sensual masculinity with this gift idea, an intoxicating after shave that captures the essence of modernity. 
At the flacon and color dkann man see that it awakens energy, power and strength.

Eau de Toilette, available in 30ml, 75ml, 125ml flacons, is the essence of male charisma. Its original note is recognizable among thousands, it will be deeply embedded in the memory.

Starting with fresh, citrusy top notes of orange blossom and mandarin, the eau de toilette plunges into a heart of heady cinnamon and floral jasmine before settling on a base of sandalwood and tonka bean.

This masculine specialty is an oriental men’s fragrance, a pure daring and contains unique ingredients for modern, seductive, cool and urban men.

In short it is legitimately masculine, strongly provocative, seductive and viral. It blends a sweet aroma delivered by the vanilla of the background notes and at the same time a very strong woody element.

With just one spray from the legendary flacon, you’ll be on the go all day with this incredible buzz.

When you feel the heart, you start to feel a sweet aroma of vanilla, but right there next to that sweet sensation you feel the woody part, the musk and the amber… very masculine. 
It polarizes because real men use pink!

Conclusion: The masculinity is very obvious

It is the perfect kind of smell for a date with a cat, for a night out with a girlfriend, here a Tinder date becomes a ballad.

Despite all its qualities of a strong and woody perfume, the durability on the skin is also very good, about 7 hours. After that, it begins to reduce its strength and power, but it is still present with an average intensity. 
After this time, it will still be possible to feel the silage when they approach you.

The aftershave, housed in a bold, jewel-like bottle, evokes a sense of boldness and spontaneity for a distinctive, unique day. 
The aftershave in particular is also popular with many men, as it contains a unique blend of notes that are neither too strong nor too weak, and is perfect for use at work and in everyday life.

It is available as a whole line, so further as a deodorant, aftershave and shower gel. 

The masculine perfume is full of contrasts, it radiates sex appeal and is also irresistible. It is both fresh and spicy, warm and sexy. It goes beyond the limits of the ordinary to achieve a fascinating originality.

Love it or hate it for the rest of your life. 
This attraction is fascinating is and immediately arouses the interest of the female public in this elixir and the man who uses it. 
Treat yourself to a breeze of this eau de toilette and be bold, daring and beyond always firm, the rock!

How much does this gem cost?

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What fragrances are included?

Fragrance family: Oriental – Fougère (lavender, bergamot and geranium).
Top Notes: Orange blossom, orange, mandarin, bergamot and Amalfi lemon.
Heart notes: jasmine, heliotrope, lily of the valley, cardamom and cinnamon.
Base notes:  Sandalwood, tonka bean, vanilla and patchouli.

What is the price? What sizes are available?

The article is available in the following sizes:
30 ml & 75 ml & 125l & as a fragrance set.

Where can I buy the fragrance?

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2 thoughts on „Joop Homme“


The red classic! 
Every era has its fragrances – and in the best case, they reflect the spirit of the times and the respective culture of life. Then they are more than fashion. 
In the world of cologne, sometimes you choose a wild new fragrance… and sometimes it chooses you.

The 80s – at the end of which Joop Homme 30ml came out – was a highly political decade. More and more people recognized the arms race as a threat to their lives. 
The fear led to two things: on the one hand, many hundreds of thousands took to the streets against missile deployments and nuclear power – on the other hand, conservative or wild youth cultures were formed (poppers, wavers, synths, teddies). 
These were wild years, they ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

Escape from reality or rather rebellion? – this contradiction pervaded every individual, and it led to some rather curious twists in everyday culture.
Of course, the perfume industry was just as ponderous back then as it is today. 
Why? Let’s look at the year of publication: 1989! I was just a few years old. I smelled older brands of Dior, Yves Saint Laurent or Chanel, Versace at perfumeries from time to time. 
I mean the 80s, even 70s series.

As always in times of recognized crises, people reacted with the desire for safety and security. 
All fragrances at the time seemed somehow the same. Very tart, strong, somehow intrusive, very distinctive. And a mhmmmmm ahaaa effect is missing. Rather a ui effect. At least with me.

It was not until the end of the decade that some men’s products appeared on the market. 
These „red“ men’s compositions were: Exception by Gainsboro, Jil Sanders Feeling Man and of course Joop Homme 75ml. 
Where Chanel Egoiste is again well done but also very distinctive and tart.

Let’s get to Homme, it’s the kind of cologne that chooses you. 
It is incredibly intense and has a powerful projection. One spritz and you’re standing in a cloud! It features bright, delicious citrus notes in the top, smoldering spices in the middle, and a base of lush patchouli. 
Although the opening of this tribute to masculinity is a bit scintillating, with its almost candy-like sweetness, many cologne connoisseurs will tell you:

It is dominated by a candy-like, sweet and heavy aroma that I associate with wild cherry – enriched with woody accents that identify the smelling water as a men’s fragrance. 
Beneath the surface of this fragrance lies great complexity. Like a smoothly played poker hand, surprises are bound to happen.

I think I’m not going out on a limb when I call this After Shave by Wolfgang J. a revolutionary in the perfume world, because it really has earned that reputation. 
This means that after the „dry down“ – that is, when the initial top notes fade away – you will find a spicy, virile hint that arouses curiosity. If you can keep a secret, creation will keep it with you.

It is seductive. It is sexy. 
The perfume is an intense oriental, and with orange blossom, tonka bean and vanilla, the same opulent notes that characterize Gaultier’s Le Mâle, released six years later, are found here. 
The base notes of this odeuvre are rich and woody – think sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli and tonka bean. 
It’s fearless. It’s ready when you are. 
Personally, I like it best in the winter. Or even in autumn, in any case it should be a little cool outside.

But are you ready for such a sensual and masculine odeuvre? 
The first thing you notice about him is his decidedly modern take on masculinity.

Let’s get to the unique story behind the fragrance.

The odeuvre was designed and developed by world-class perfumer Michel Almairac and first released in 1989. 
In his amazing career, Mr. Almairac has created dozens of iconic fragrances and collaborated with fashion groups and designers such as Jimmy Choo, Burberry, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Mercedes-Benz and others.

He had this willingness to mix the old and the new, the tried and true and the wildly experimental. And nowhere is that more evident than in Joop Homme 125ml. 
It is the first of a series of successes: Homme, Le Mâle, Body Kouros, Fleur du Mâle and One Million. They all had their time, were bought like crazy, only to be increasingly reviled as „cheap“.

The cologne is a men’s fragrance that isn’t afraid to be tart, sweet and even juicy. And if that sounds like a bold new foray into men’s fragrances, you’ll be surprised to know that this essence has actually been around for decades. 
The Lord often takes strange paths. In my case, He introduced me to the original of this fragrance through the detour of the adorably delicate Sexy in Pink. Only now have I realized that it is more than sticky-sweet candy water.

Even before you open the bottle, the bright pink liquid or purple, depending on the light, makes a bright, bold statement.
If you’re intimidated, you might want to turn back now. But if that incredibly vibrant color is calling your name, that’s a good sign. 
And if you own a pink tie or purple blazer, that’s an even better sign.

Young men in particular have always liked to use this type of perfume, as long as it was current – simply to stand out. 
Although it looks strong, but under the surface is a lot of complexity. 
We say that this epic – like pink and purple – attracts attention. If that excites you, open the glass bottle and see what awaits you. 
Wow, what a sugar bomb…the sweetest perfume I know, an old school party & night out hit that smells so much like the 80’s, you could make mine grow shoulder pads…The 
ladies will be surprised a time or two to see what the man in front of them is wearing.

This makes sense: Both from Le Mâle, and already from One Million many have had enough – in contrast, Joop Homme 200ml is now rather unknown, so that the wearer can again hope for friendly attention and comments. 
And so often I do not smell him on the street, Le Male is there much more present in public.

Homme is still readily available, and perhaps on the rise again.

When you spray it on, you’ll first be struck by the sweet, vibrant top notes of tangerine, lemon, bergamot and orange blossom. It’s a tantalizing blend that’s perfectly at home in a professional workplace – and can seamlessly transition into a crowded, breathy nightclub. 
Yes, I like to come across this scent occasionally – but please – extreme restraint when spraying! 
It has an almost unbelievable longevity. Just one or two sprays, and you’ll still notice its heady aroma 12 or 15 hours later. 
So when I put on my leather jacket and spray the eau de parfum on it makes an unbeatable combo. The smell of leather rounds off this sweetness perfectly.

Does that describe you too? 
When you’re living life to the fullest, you don’t always have time to slow down. 
If you’re the kind of work-hard/play-hard professional who slips effortlessly between worlds, this odeuvre is a perfect co-pilot. 
If that sounds like you, for example, the Eau de Toilette – with its shimmering heart notes of cinnamon, heliotrope and jasmine – might be just the thing on her body.

It’s just totally different and pleasant, very erotic and sexy. And it lasts a long time, the sillage can not be topped, as only Le Male and One Million play in the same league. 
Also recommended is the after shave and the shower gel.

As often read here, do not apply too much, otherwise it becomes intrusive. 
Joop Homme is one of the items that I would never want to miss in life. Whether many daredevils wear it does not matter much, I wear it with style.


What to make of Joop! Homme? . . . let’s see. 
First of all, I have no prejudices, and everyone has the right and freedom to live his life, no matter what other people think or say. 
This is a mega hit from the 80s. Along with Cool Water, Drakkar Noir and Obsession, it is one of the ultimate men’s fragrances of the last 30 years. 
Since the whole fragrance world was focused on aquatic scents like Kenzo Homme and Issey Miyake l’Eau, this piece of art reviewed here was a kind of different and spicy oriental cologne. 
It is bold, aggressive and a little obscene. It’s an oriental whiff wrapped in Ranier maraschino cherry sauce. 
I love it for all the fantastic clubhouse and disco memories of that time when most kids wore this juice. I consider it a masterpiece, yet it’s my ‚guilty pleasure‘ when I go out and it makes me feel like I’m 20 again… I’m kidding, of course. 
Joop! has a decadent quality that goes beyond the oriental genre of the 80s and into its own territory.
Joop Homme, along with Gaultier 2, is the sweetest odeuvre I’ve smelled. A classic and the pioneer of sweet men’s fragrances. 
I got to know this tour de force when it was released in 1989. I was waiting at the Munich airport for my flight back to Milan and came across it while visiting the duty-free store. 
If you tend to be one of the more introverted personalities in a society full of hustle and bustle, superficiality and self-promotion, this after shave is the fragrance that flatters that trait. 
At first I was intrigued by the purple juice and the brand, Joop was not that famous in my country, so I tried it on a paper strip. 
It is a quiet, unobtrusive, thoughtful waber that invites you to pause.

A bomb of sweet-spicy aroma suddenly reached my nostrils, orange blossom and cinnamon undoubtedly contributed to this initial blast! 
There is no redneck at work here, addicted to pleasure and the temptations and sins of the night. 
Right off the bat, I thought it was too strong for me, not in my comfort zone, so I gave up on it and didn’t buy it. Nevertheless, I kept the strip in the pocket of my jacket, and throughout the flight and even the day after, the pleasant bittersweet smell reached my nose.

The opulence à la 1001 Nights, as found in Lagerfeld Classic or Shalimar, contrasts in an almost breakneck way with a cool floral note, indeed reminiscent of delicate Japanese cherry blossom, in perfect harmony with Mediterranean Hesperides flowers. 
I didn’t care about it anymore until one night I was in a club with some friends, and on the dance floor I was overwhelmed by a fascinating and mysterious aura, so bitter and dark, floral. It wasn’t a provocative buzz that ticked off, but a classic seducer for the confident gentleman. 
I asked my buddy, „Dude, can you smell that aroma in the air? Oh man, I’m afraid I can’t describe this wonderful and fantastic composition I smelled.

Men in their early 50s remember when it was new, and cling to it; hip-hoppers going to a club at 12 a.m. so it sticks out for miles, rubbing against underwear and car seats. 
But you know what? This grace was part of my wardrobe the next time I traveled to Munich!

The first thing I want to say about the Odeur is that it is not a girly or even unisex fragrance, although many women wear it. This masterpiece is very masculine and sexually charged. 
This stuff is a territory marker. 
In short, it’s the kind of perfume you want to wear in a bar or club, not because it’s over the top, but because it attracts attention and compliments.

The fragrance practically implodes on the skin in a heavy thunder of sweetness, weighed into the pores by an amplified combination of blood orange, bergamot, cinnamon, heliotrope and orange blossom. 
The masculine bouquet comes from the tremendous spicy and woody notes, while it has a sweet undertone thanks to the heliotrope, jasmine and honeysuckle notes. 
These combined notes create an olfactory illusion of candied cherries, enhanced by an underlying eruption of indolic jasmine, patchouli, sandalwood and surprisingly inedible vanilla. 
Over time, however, the sweet notes begin to come to the fore and the aroma becomes softer, bitter and clean. 
As the minutes pass, it becomes more floral, with the candied cinnamon left over from the heliotrope cherry sauce still lifting the rich bloom of two white flowers. 
Anything with dense flowers, heavy spices and precious woods is more reminiscent of the darker side of the moon. Joop Homme, on the other hand, does not.

Gradually, the sandalwood, flavored with musk and patchouli, becomes the central chord. It burns slowly, is very dense, dizzyingly sweet and unforgettable for anyone who is not used to sweet oriental fragrances. 
The perfume should definitely be worn with extreme caution during the summer months, although it could bloom beautifully with a little external heat.

It’s also available as a long-lasting cologne, so they don’t have to worry about it stopping after an hour of wear. 
Unlike most contemporary EDTs, this gift idea is something that requires light application. 
For everyday wear, one spritz is enough, but if you’re going out on the town, two will suffice. 
Creation works very well with one or two sprays. If you wear three, four and five sprays before work, ask for a pink note to match your pink perfume. 
It’s a strong cologne, so you don’t need too much for the desired effect. 
In my opinion, it is more suitable for cool late autumn afternoons and cold winter days. Depending on how much you rely on your senses to wake you up, it may or may not be too sweet in the morning.

Especially well his flower comes to the fore at vernissages in underground garages or exhibitions of video installations of art students in the 20th semester and provides enormous contrary conversation. 
I repeat: Joop Homme is strong. Be careful. It is possibly the strongest masculine fragrance ever produced.

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