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Lady Million 80ml the Paco Rabanne Gold Nugget for women

Maestro Paco Rabanne is the designer of Lady Million 80ml. He has always liked to work with materials when creating his beauty products. So it was not really a surprise when he created this perfume for women in 2010. 
Before that, on the other hand, in 2008 he launched his men’s fragrance One Million.

A collector’s edition contained in a gold bar, which immediately had an immense success and captivated hearts from the beginning.

So beyond that, it wasn’t long before Paco Rabanne decided to offer his fragrance in a women’s version. And so this gem was born two years later, in 2010.

Together with the products of Yves Saint Laurent and Guerlain, the perfume has already become a new classic.

This spray is logically the feminine counterpart of 1 Million, Paco Rabanne’s famous women’s fragrance in bar form, which appeared two years earlier.

One Million embodied a typical young man in a suit who gets everything he wants with a snap of his fingers. So all he has to do is „snap,“ and two years later he finds himself with the woman of his life. 
Paco Robanne transferred this concept two years later with great success.  The eyes of the lady must make hereafter only Bling Bling and with the suitable fragrance to it is consequently „everything forgotten“.  He gave the corresponding fragrance the name Lady Million.

No one here expected a miracle, after the jammy Oriental inflated with male hormones, we couldn’t really expect a subtle floral watercolor à la Ellena or a dark leathery velvet à la Lutens. It did not come unexpectedly the million lady.

Play with fire and do not obey anyone. Except for his fantasies. Dazzling, looking like nothing, this is the appropriate motto. And bring good luck to it.

Fresh carnal flowers on sexy patchouli. You disarm her opposite and can decide for themselves whether to seduce!

Lady Million 30ml – A lady with charm

Nevertheless, the love of gold is not new to the master. It all began in 1968, when he had the idea to create a dress entirely from 9 kg of fine gold plates. Accordingly, it charmed the fashion world.

And if that wasn’t enough to make it prestigious, he further embellished it with 300 carats of diamonds around the neckline. 
Playing with the blazing fire and obeying no one. Except for his fantasies and hers.

This pure clothing craze was intended for singer Françoise Hardy at the time and marked the beginning of the couturier’s passion for this prestigious material. In fact, he saw his clothes as a symbol of power, royalty and fantasy. Better said excellent and interesting, looking like nothing. And bring profit and fulfillment of dreams to others.

All these qualities he has now implemented and managed to highlight it, for example, through the Lady Million gift set. The latter combines provocation with a strong dose of humor for a representation of ultimate and unchanging beauty. 
Consequently, it has a penchant for vertigo. Shameless beauty. And bright shiny spotlights….

Furthermore, it seems simply impossible to resist the charms of this lady, a creature with a determined and terribly audacious temperament. 
Further: white floral nectar on sexy patchouli. Carnal, but of course immediately addictive.

Paco Rabanne Women, moreover, takes us on a glamorous burst of glamor, a dazzling explosion of fragrance. From haute couture to perfume sales, the couturier is successful in all areas!

The golden noses of the three perfumers

So three renowned perfumers joined forces to create the olfactory alter ego for the very famous 1 Million. This eau de parfum for strong, bold, daring women was composed by Anne Flipo, Béatrice Piquet and Dominique Ropion, who were personally commissioned for this by the master of gold.

This tour de force is an exceptionally seductive and enchanting fragrance.

It is described as a lively and sensual breeze, which correctly consists of lush flowers.

The nectar aroma of white flowers, dominated by Arabian jasmine, permeates the entire composition.

Everything starts first with a fruity and airy flight of fancy based on raspberry and bitter orange, a fruit also known as bitter orange. Then, secondly, the whole is charged with sunshine and illuminated with musk, neroli and orange blossom.

In the top notes it is accompanied by raspberry, while at the end appears the essence of white honey. The pure notes of patchouli and amber close the dance.

The sambac jasmine adds an opulent richness accentuated by the presence of gardenia.

Fresh, opulent white flowers. Glamorous.

 Eventually, Lady Million’s scent trail gradually intensifies, moving slowly but firmly toward a patchouli note. 
Add to this a straightforward nectar floral with a dash of honey and sexy patchouli, and the sillage thanks them.

And for even more addiction, the artists have underscored its nectar with a touch of exactly the tastiest honey.  It is suitably addictive to the point of obsession.

The whole is then in a diamond-shaped spray bottle. This hereby expresses its ultra femininity without any detour.

In other words, the elixir is a concentrate of lust and desire.

But the bottom line is that the base and middle notes of this new masterpiece are compatible with its visual appearance? And finally, how do you interpret gold in its fragrant form? The resolution comes in the fragrance description and in the description of the flacon.

Description of fragrance Lady Million 50ml – The sensual white flowers of Lady.

Paco Rabbanne decided to create a sensual essence based on lush flowers. 
The odeur is a woody-floral, fresh as a nectar of lush flowers with a delicate but very present base.

The bouquet of flowers is thus a concentrate of seduction and boldness. His recipe begins first with bigarade orange alongside combined with raspberry. Then it gradually becomes more radiant, as if reproducing the feeling of gold.

Highly seductive, the sparkle of neroli with a hint of raspberry betrays the first breath.

Lady Million 50ml is gradually ravishing with neroli and orange blossom.

The special effect is produced secondly then intoxicating with the orange blossom. Its narcotic sweetness enchants and captures all the attention when in complicity with the sambac jasmine absolutely accented with gardenia, the escape becomes carnal with subtlety.

 Sambac jasmine and gardenia highlight the opulent femininity of the ensemble.

The insistent patchouli impulses then enter the stage to calm an addictive and terribly tempting sweetness, honey.

Thirdly, finally, the sensuality of this tribute to feminist femininity is brought to its peak at the base. The base features haunting pulses of patchouli coated in honey.

The amber trace has an enveloping effect. It forms around the beauty, swirling and varying with each movement of the air, offering its most beautiful facets like a play of light on a diamond.

One of the best new fragrances!

The game with fire begins and you can be there.  Let yourself be seduced by this bold call of Paco Rabanne Lady Million Eau de Parfum for women. One of the best fragrances for women!

So what do we have in the end? Well, a good big bouquet of white flowers, quite heavy, with an orange and raspberry opening, a heart of orange blossom and very sweet jasmine that gently evolves into a rather present vanilla-honey note, and good old patchouli that can make anyone its little friends.

This seductive, sensual and highly addictive fragrance encourages all young, slightly naughty ladies to listen only to their imagination.

It reminds, in short, as much of Armani Code Woman and Pure Poison with the sweet, citrus orange blossom, Flower Bomb, as Amor Amor with the raspberry orange with praline patchouli .

The fragrance has a penchant for flights of fancy. Breathtaking beauty and bright lights that shine like spotlights. 
Brilliant, glamorous, in short a femme fatale, excessive, the Lady Million Woman creates an extravagant pair with the One Million Man!

The jewel-like flacon

First, we would like to highlight the extraordinary work done by the label for the bottle for this creation. Indeed, there is nothing conventional about it, and it takes the form of a diamond.

A glass diamond on a facet. Pure, architectural, natural iridescence. Special features: perfect cut, beautiful roundness, gold cabochon. Inspiration: „the Regent“, a famous diamond kept in the Louvre Museum.

It must be said that P. R. is a master of minimalismua and simplicity. This time, on the contrary, he wanted to introduce his perfume for women into the world of luxury, femininity and ultimate attractiveness.

Lady Million, presented in a golden diamond-shaped bottle, is lively and sensual. It has fresh top notes of bitter orange, fleshy raspberry and neroli, followed by floral notes of orange blossom and Arabian jasmine and base notes of patchouli, honey and amber.

It is a daring fragrance for seductive women, which can awaken any kind of desire and unleash passions.

The artwork comes in a multi-faceted bottle. The obvious choice of shape is a diamond. And the final touch of originality is that the opening is not placed on top, but on one of its sides, at an angle. A nice detail, it gives a little pleasure to see every time the gush escapes from the diamond.

Eternal, expressive, sparkling, ultra-feminine and stunningly beautiful, it has always been synonymous with desire and passion.

All this is finally delivered in an absolutely irresistible golden metal, gold and Paco Rabanne, this is known to be a long love story. 
An inexhaustible source of inspiration are his famous metal dresses, timeless and built around several cuts of light-reflecting metal.

After all, it was clear, only the diamond could take on the gold of the male bar… Only Lady Million 30ml could hold a candle to One Million and seduce. Like the corresponding men’s perfume, it is the concentrate of all fantasies for ladies. They are in fact two fragrances that complement each other beautifully.

For women of strong character and temperament

The „elegant and trendy lady“ joins the „million“ to express extravagant and self-confident femininity through this. Also perfect for slightly cooler days or for special occasions.  A dazzling fragrance family, hyper-feminine and lush, right with fresh woody florals.

A sparkling and extravagant head. An opulent and carnal heart. A haunting and sensual base.

She is groundbreaking… So Lady Million is the one that every woman dreams of and every man would love to seduce… Whether for the hair or the body, the essence accompanies you everywhere! It is excessive but with sympathy, nothing is ever good enough you…

Freely following Paco Rabanne’s motto „A perfume must be as heavy as it is light to wear“, discover the spray fragrance (30ml, 50ml and 80ml)

This epic, consequently leads you to the edge of addiction. A touch of raspberry velvet. Sambac jasmine and orange blossom in full. Fresh, opulent. Vibrant patchouli with a honey patina. This works at all times.

An opulent white floral with an extravagant and fresh appearance. Neroli, raspberry, bitter orange. Blanc nectar: sambac jasmine and orange blossom absolute. Carnival, brilliant. The patchouli honey signature to it, to follow the trail. They even seem like vibrant, powerful meadows and forests. A hint of flavor. A haunting finish.

Ultra-feminine, glamorous and excessive… The Lady Million woman embodies the ideal woman. In short, no man can resist her and the best will never be enough for her!

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How much is Lady Million?

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What fragrances are included?

Fragrance family: fruity-floral
Top notes: Neroli, Amalfi lemon and raspberry.
Heart notes: jasmine, African orange blossom and gardenia.
Base notes: Patchouli, white honey and amber.

What is the price? What sizes are available?

The article is available in the following sizes:
30 ml & 50 ml & 80ml & as a fragrance set.

Where can I buy the fragrance?

Online Shops:
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1 thought on „Lady Million Paco Rabanne“


Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million is what you could call a success story. 
It adds a new element to his saga, combines all the ingredients that made the success of One Million, and is now available in a women’s version.

It is always complicated to conduct a perfume review. There are too many parameters to consider. 
Is the user more the floral type or more the tart spicy one. 
Some people like fruity notes, others like aquatic or green notes. 
Many are looking for a stunning fragrance, hyperfeminine and sensual, floral-woody-fresh.

From then on, how can you put aside your taste for an objective opinion? 
For me, this masterpiece points the way. Lady Million is the one every woman dreams of and every man would love to seduce. 
It is a feminist elixir, a fragrance for women who take their destiny in their own hands and make a mark in their environment. A work that hits you like a hammer. 
Yesterday I was finally lucky and a bottle was ready for testing. 
Because I was interested in the smelling water, I was sprayed a paper stick with it, after 2 breaths I had a slight hazy state and packed it in the door with the other fragrances. The next day it still smelled from the bag. 
So yes, I encourage you to try it. Just to get an idea of what works in perfumery. 
To see what a perfume looks like that should seduce any woman.

Yes, this masterpiece is certainly designed to please the masses. But what’s the argument against it? 
So what should we expect when the women’s version hits the market? 
A drawn composition like Dior’s or a work of art after Guerlain?

No, he must be the 1 million bearer for us chicas.

This attraction is excessive, but with sympathy… nothing is ever enough for Lady Million. 
I can’t fault it for being a reserved non-bumpy scent, no this essence says „here I am, I’m bling bling, I’m here and I’m filling the whole room whether you like it or not“. 
That will probably also be the reason why I then directly grabbed.

Such an odeur must be Blink Blink and not a shy summer variant of Davidoff. Wems not fits… Nose closed and through… 
It knocks you off your feet, so intense is this perfume!

It also has to be sweet and intense that it blows your mind, because that’s exactly what the wearers also exude for whom it was made.

Fruity and fresh, this is how this odeuvre enters the world. 
The attack is, as described, discreetly fruity, the raspberries are clearly present, but remain considerately in the background.

The first scents reveal notes of purple berries and raspberries, juicy and sweet, softened by a light mist of orange fruit. 
It smells very white gardenia with its intense sweet bouquet, rather lightly lemon, right after application, and then a sweep of neroli comes in with its delicate floral sweet-lovely sillage. 
As if the berries were coated with delicate droplets of orange juice. A shimmering head t extravagant.

Over time, the fruity dew of Neroli Bigarade fades to reveal candied notes in a perfect olfactory balance. 
Jasmine, and orange blossom blend here with the two ingredients to a pleasant mix of honey, and subtly earthy scented patchouli.

The scents intensify in the heart, where a dizzying swirl of white flowers joins the fruit in an opulent composition of sambac jasmine, an opulent, carnal heart.

As it progresses, the sweetheart develops a subtle dry woody note not unlike Fendi’s Palazzo, a haunting and sensual background.

This tropical floral note highlights the main features of each accord, intensifying them and deliciously melding the bright berries into a much darker, syrupy accord. 
Even in the base note, the floral notes from the top and heart notes are still quite noticeable, it even hints at a mini raspberry.

The composition is sober (bigarade, raspberry, neroli, orange blossom, gardenia, patchouli and honey), but terribly effective. 
The sweetness of the honey is very well mixed with the African orange flower, while the patchouli and woody notes are soft and aromatic.

It is a lively and dynamic composition that offers depth and contrast to create a sassy and challenging touch without frivolity. It reminds me very much of honey for the summer.

Here, too, this perfume is all about excess, outrageousness and bling-bling. The bottle is quite unusual, but I do not like him particularly. He comes in ner golden plastic packaging.

A luxurious and opulent fragrance, served with a pinch of fun and modern glamor. 
Finally, it is very long lasting and it makes me happy and optimistic.

On the skin, this composition is not outstandingly original and does not rock the perfumery world. 
Overall, it is a pretty work of art and like all fragrances from Paco, it is very high quality and sexy.

Will it end up in a museum? No. Will it be an example of big noses? No.

On the other hand, it’s a big commercial success, that’s for sure. 
Its male counterpart, 1 Million, has already conquered the charts with the same recipes.

Of course, a chart product will not be an artistically high-quality composition, but this is also the case in other genres, I remind you of Modern Talking, boy groups, casting shows, DJ Ötzi or Lady Gaga.

Here comes a sweet floral bomb, not a little nub in a gust a la Flowebomb, here comes a tour de force for us chicas. Like Million Dollar Man, it is the concentrate of all fantasies!

If you find Lolita Lempicka „L“, the Poisons or Amour too sweet and heavy, and 
La Perla’sJ’aimes too floral, don’t even venture near this brash offering? 
In all too much, too sweet and too intense. Just the way we ladies like it.

This is an artificial sweet flower bomb and if you get into her, you will still be surrounded by her tomorrow. 
The elegant and trendy lady joins the „Mio“ to express an extravagant and confident femininity. 
Users can say a lot of things about this creation, but not that it is surprising or even disappointing that the fragrance is the way it is.

Except it should be renamed „I find this perfume extremely delicious and made for my skin“.

Intensity, impact and durability result in my very subjective rating of 80 points.

I invite you to browse the aisles of Penhaligon’s, a perfume house in old venerable London or KaDeWe to find a truly unique and high quality fragrance. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford it. So why not fall in love with Lady Million after all? 
No one will blame you. It is an extravagant, daring perfume, but remember that in a few weeks we will smell it on many ladies.

Also and especially because it is a change from the lukewarm breezes that have been forced on us over the years by the usual big manufacturers.

This is a very nice sweet perfume and especially suitable for summer and spring.

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