Lancôme La Vie Est Belle

Lancôme La Vie est Belle perfume is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic fragrances of contemporary perfumery. Info, tips, bestsellers and current offers are coming soon:

La Vie est Belle 100ml – The iconic women’s fragrance.

Here is La Vie est Belle 100ml – you want a new fragrance? Enjoy the happiness that brings new perspectives.

Embodied by Julia Roberts, it is a universal ode to the beauty of life and feminine elegance. Its blend of the finest ingredients has made it one of the most famous fragrances in the world.

The eau de toilette La Vie Est Belle pour femme Lancôme opens a new chapter of fragrance. Perfume La Vie Est Belle Lancôme is considered a devotion to beauty and happiness, especially to the beauty of life, just La Vie Est Belle German .

La Vie est Belle 100 ml is more than just a fragrance, it is a true olfactory statement.

It encourages us to look at the world through rose-colored glasses and see the happiness and all the positive aspects of life that surround us every day.

Lancôme’s first peony: three of France’s leading perfumers created exclusively for Lancôme a fresh, floral, generous and luminous heart of optimism, composed of a peony and a rose heart.

La Vie est Belle 50ml is not the work of only one, but, as written, three perfumers.

It was created and signed by the noses of perfumers Olivier Polge, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion.

They created a culinary, floral and seductive essence. 
A breathtaking fragrance. It is halfway between light and shadow, following a simple recipe, but with an absolutely sublime harmony.

Further fresher and lighter than the original eau de parfum, the eau de toilette version of Lancôme La Vie Belle 100 ml revolves around the gourmet magnolia, a flower native to the Far East, a symbol of nobility and purity.

This edition is more spring-like, but no less effective. It’s a little like another facet of happiness.

The Lancôme perfume described draws this nobility at the beginning from the iris pallida, one of the most expensive ingredients used in perfumery, and thus appears noble.

It is then paired with a patchouli base from Indonesia. 
La Vie e Belle logically symbolizes this resulting new philosophy of life for women, they strive for happiness.

Likewise, its feminine aura emanates directly from a blend of Sambac jasmine and Tunisian orange blossom. Fruits also enhance the impertinence of the whole while giving it a juicier facet.

Here we suddenly find mainly pear and black currant at the end. And finally, it is a delicacy, even an art, not to upset women. For this case, La Vie est Belle contains both praline, vanilla, and the tonka bean.

Pour Femme – La Vie Est Belle 30ml – Achieve personal fulfillment.

Women may have everything, but they are still searching. Without really being aware of it, they sometimes clung to norms and dictates, as if they were hindered by attachments from which they now want to free themselves in order to achieve a universal and personal femininity.

To make the choice to be themselves, to find their way, their happiness, their light.

Embodied on screen by the seductive actress Julia Roberts, this juice is still one of the most beautiful references of Lancôme.

The fragrance is designed for today’s women who want to achieve personal fulfillment and take life by storm.

La vie est belle Eau de Toilette highlights a new modern and sparkling freshness, enhanced by a heart of orange blossom and iris, the iconic floral bouquet of Lancôme La vie est belle 30ml. 
A new era defined by words that are both extremely simple and powerful: „Life is beautiful“. 
It is made for women who know what they want in life. 
Lancôme’s bestseller shines with a thousand lights. It is now considered a great classic of perfumery.

Fragrance description of Lancome perfume about happiness :

Perfume Lancome opens with magnolia extracts paired with notes of iris pallida, white flower absolute and patchouli essence.  The explosive opening with tangy notes of mandarin, grapefruit and bergamot, combined with a concise and elegant pink pepper essence and a novel tea accord, awakens the senses and additionally brings a new freshness to the floral heart.

The top notes of this fragrance composition are the fruity notes of bergamot and red fruits. 

 The fragrance is gourmand and they will easily detect hints of vanilla, praline and tonka bean. 
Later, the floral heart enchants with the presence of peony and rose, which gives this eau de toilette a great appeal and fragrance.

In the heart, the original bouquet, composed of iris, jasmine and orange blossom, is then sublimated 
by the sparkling, sunny and delicate neroli oil – essence. A delicious and retrograde orange blossom cream surrounded by pleasant vanilla and sandalwood notes.

A perfect balance between both the rare nobility of iris, the unsettling depth of patchouli, and the delicious regression of a gourmet accord.

Finally, the base notes are characterized by the warm chords of musk and sandalwood.

At the end, patchouli notes are further illuminated by a new amber woody addiction, wrapped in comfortable, enveloping musk.

A floral bouquet that mixes fresh and sparkling notes of bergamot and mandarin with floral notes of iris pallida, jasmine sambac and petal freesia, enhanced by orange blossom absolute. 
Moreover, the orange blossom, the Mediterranean flower par excellence, it reveals its sunny and addictive facets. Moreover, a new gourmet fragrance smile with hazelnuts and tonka beans.

A huge bouquet of white flowers, from which emerges the sunny Mediterranean scent of orange blossoms.

Finally, for those who want to prolong the pleasure, Lancôme also had the brilliant idea to offer a body lotion. Here too they notice him: a fragrance that, like happiness, illuminates everything in its wake.

So it will not only intoxicate you with the sweetest of scents, but also sublimate your skin, leaving a fine veil of velvet on it. 
Discover a new, luminous and sensual olfactory statement, a true ode to radiant femininity. Known as the „crystal smile“, this fragrance is an ode to happiness. 
La Vie es Belle woman is more than just a fragrance, it is a statement that Lancôme makes to all women. It is an ode to life, joy and happiness!

Spray La Vie est belle Eau de Toilette directly on the skin, focusing on the special places of your body: inside the wrists, on the neck, under the earlobe and rightly, of course, behind the knees.

The famous Lancôme La Vie est Belle Eau de Parfum is reinterpreted with a fresh, floral, generous and luminous signature of a peony and rose heart.

We can recommend it to both young and older women, the fragrance is ageless and represents sensuality, they give their consent.

A happiness and a profit captured in a unique bottle that represents the grace of a smile as engraved in crystal, enhanced by an organza ribbon tied like two wings of freedom, the ultimate touch of sophistication. 
It is the perfect fragrance for the transition between summer and autumn is. The fragrance is at the same time gourmand, powerful and concentrated.

Flacon – La Vie Est Belle 50ml – the real surprise of this perfume – a real jewel

The bottle of Lancome La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum is an adaptation of the design of a bottle originally designed by Lancome in 1949 under the name „le sourire de cristal“.

It is characterized by a thick glass base, which occupies almost half the volume of the bottle and creates a curved smile effect where the perfume goes.

The curved style of the flacon symbolizes a new philosophy of life. 
Far from constraints, far from dictates, every woman wants to choose her own path to happiness & her satisfaction.

The unique bottle of „La vi est belle“ symbolizes the quintessence of happiness: the grace of a smile, as inscribed in crystal. It is decorated with a ribbon of gray organza pearl, which is attached to the neck.

Then the ultimate touch of sophistication is revealed: A ribbon of gray organza wraps around his neck like two wings of freedom.

The crystal smile reinvented. A slimmer bottle, incidentally, adorned with wings of freedom in a new iridescent white. 
It spurs its user to choose to be herself, to find her own way to live a free femininity.

Magnolia, the first white flower to bloom in spring, is illuminated by a gourmet facet of vanilla and tonka bean. La Vie est Belle Perfume hereby offers you a new perspective of happiness and well-being, inviting you to look at life through a filter of optimism.

For this occasion, the bottle La vie est belle 50ml has been transformed into a jewel and adorned with a thousand facets. Much like a positive prism through which we can see life, it captures and spreads the light.

The jewel-like bottle reinvents the fragrance in this sense through a new silhouette of lightness and elegance. 
Lancome La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum is available in packs of 30 ml, 50 ml, 75 ml and 100 ml.

Conclusion: A universal explanation of the beauty of life.

Today, moreover, this perfume is considered the bestseller of the house Lancôme. It conveys the values of the brand as well as its image throughout the world.

The Lancôme perfume is now sold in more than 140 countries. It has thereby made Lancôme currently one of the leading brands in selective fragrances for women. Its success seems to be lasting.

La Vie a Belle invites you to look at things differently, to look at life through the power of positive emotions.

Like a filter of optimism about life, an invitation to always see the brighter side of life, its pink side, and to cultivate joy in all its forms.

By the way, on Mother’s Day for example, it could be a good gift idea for all mothers who are fans of floral and sweet fragrances! La Vie Est Belle 75ml is a concentrate of raw happiness, pleasure and opportunity.

And indeed, far from the dictates of fashion and society, she invites women to remain natural, to listen correctly to their instincts and their deepest desires.

He is loaded with optimism, he is simply about listening to each other to find the path to your own happiness & passion.

La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum femme is the bottom line fragrance of hope, joy, smiles and freedom, the fragrance that beautifies life! Never before has a perfume seemed to live up to its name so well!

Choose to be yourself, to live a consensual femininity.

Questions and more info

How much is La Vie Est Belle perfume ?

Prices & Bestsellers

What fragrances are included?

Fragrance family: fruity-floral
Top notes:  pear, black currant, aldehyde notes
Heart notes: orange blossom, jasmine, iris
Base notes:  Vanilla, praline, patchouli, tonka bean

What is the price? What sizes are available?

The fragrance is available in the following sizes:
30ml & 50ml & 75ml & 100ml & as a fragrance set.

Where can I buy the fragrance?

Online Shops:

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Where is the fragrance cheapest – price comparison?

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2 thoughts on „Lancôme La Vie Est Belle“


Life is beautiful – A big thank you for this new beautiful olfactory discovery. 
Fall in love with the latest perfume from the famous house of Lancôme.

La Vie est Belle Eau de Parfum is presented in a beautiful box. It has a shiny gold-pink color and is all embossed and glittery on the front, interspersed with silver and gold-pink threads. 
The Lancôme brand delights me once again with this gorgeous perfume.

I think the packaging alone looks very successful and makes you want to discover its contents. 
For the first time, Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo, three of the greatest perfumers in France, have combined their talents to compose the first Gourmand Iris for women. 
From start to finish, this essence is soft, never in your face, never too sweet. The chocolates lie deep and everything is so well blended that it becomes almost difficult to identify any notes or evoke specific images.

To return to the original art of perfume, they have chosen the power of simplicity, choosing only pure, not compounded ingredients. 
This new fragrance story brings to bloom the noblest flowers and is aimed at women in search of meaning, who want to free themselves from dictates to choose their own path to happiness.

The result: a luminous and „quintessential“ fragrance that combines the richness of contrasts. 
The odeuvre holds well, but it is surprisingly light!

But what about his juice? He initially smelled like my favorite perfume „Heat“ plus a special ingredient. Meanwhile, I know what it is: the currant.

It is described as a floral, fruity and gourmand fragrance and contains blackcurrant and pear in the top notes, orange blossom, jasmine and iris in the heart notes and vanilla, tonka bean, patchouli and praline in the base notes. 
This fragrance starts out wonderfully sweet and fruity, almost smelling like raspberry. 
I personally smell the patchouli first, it’s sweet and soft, not overpowering at all. It’s a beginner patchouli mixed with a candy-like flair. 
Praline I smell very lightly, tonka bean clearly and currant most distinctly.

In the top note, I perceive in this sense the black currant, a sugar-covered currant. yes it reminds you strongly of delicious cotton candy. 
So first of all, it’s the blackcurrant and pear that immediately grab your attention. The scent is immediately present and incredibly sweet.
However, I do not find this sweetness cheap, no. 
After a while, the floral nuances make themselves known, but remain in the background. 
These are fruity and gourmand accords that immediately awaken the senses. Then this composition becomes more feminine due to the presence of extraordinary flowers: jasmine, iris and orange blossom. These very noble flowers bring a lot of elegance to the whole. After that, patchouli gives more depth to this composition. 
In fact, its delicate scents make it a bit chewy without being too intrusive. Its fruity, floral and gourmand notes completely won me over.

And finally it ends with very warm, gourmand and sweet notes of tonka bean, praline and vanilla.

In the base note, the vanilla comes out well and so I have often heard that the fragrance is associated with fairground, cotton candy and popcorn. 
I’ve noticed that I particularly like scents with tonka bean! And with the added presence of praline and vanilla, I am not disappointed! 
For me, this is more of an elegant perfume, one to wear to dinner, the theater, but definitely not shopping, camping, hanging out or working.

An ode to freedom and femininity.

bottleInside I find a magnificent bottle. With its square shape made of solid glass, it immediately stands out. In 1949, Armand Petitjean, the founder of Lancôme, asked the artistic director Georges Delhomme to create a bottle that symbolizes the aura of women and has that certain something that gives them such charisma.

I really like this presentation, which I find very elegant and refined. 
After many sketches, he finally drew the quintessence of happiness: the grace of a smile as inscribed in crystal… 63 years old, „the smile of crystal“ finds its full meaning with „life is beautiful“. 
And on each side you will find the name of the perfume La Vie est Belle. 
On his neck we see this small silver ring from which hangs, as if floating, a small organza scarf, both white and shiny. This little detail is very feminine and distinguished. It reminds us of two wings that represent freedom and flight.

Through the transparency, you can see the pretty pink color of his juice. The line that the fragrance draws in its base represents a smile and the happiness that Lancôme wants to provoke when every woman wears this creation.

A refined and feminine bottle with delicate curves sublimated by a pearl gray organza ribbon tied around the neck. 
The juice inside, which is pink, probably appeals to a younger set, but do not let a color stop you from trying a perfume.

The whole is topped by a small transparent cap with silver base. It also reveals the name of the perfume La Vie est Belle on its silver spray. 
The bottle is very feminine, very feminine, matching the pink inside… pretty for a very quiet perfume if you prefer.

I am completely convinced by this beautiful bottle that reflects all the refinement and elegance of Lancôme and Atelier Paulin.

I have received many compliments, even „Sexy, cute and more sexy“. It’s what I get from this sweet, sweet gourmand! Nothing subtle here in my words or this fragrance. 
It is quite heavy and in my opinion fits more in the cold season,
in the summer I would slay those around me with this scent. 
It sits closer to the skin and lasts for a few hours. 
The perfume is really long lasting, one – two spritzes and you are out all day with a pleasant scent cloud. 
It seems more suited for dressy occasions, linen, silk and lighter fabrics. By no means a heavyweight, as the tonka beans add to its vanilla presence, this Lancome addition is better suited for those who prefer quieter perfumes with patchouli leaves, a sweeter vanilla with a powdery undertone.

Of course, it is suitable for seduction. If head spinning is acceptable in your world, this candy vanilla praline fragrance will literally break necks! 
Its symbolism and its feminine and gourmand fragrance make it absolutely irresistible! 
With this sooo seductive belle, there are no fancy words or plain pictures, just „love!“. 
Moreover, the brand could not have found a better muse with 
Julia Roberts, who is a remarkable symbol of the elegance and beauty of this perfume.

Overall, it is nevertheless a fragrance that I no longer want to miss, especially when just a gentle breeze from my hand to the nose, that smells really very nice, vanilla sweet, praline. 
La Vie est Belle by Lancôme is a new and beautiful coup de coeur for me! And I think Lancôme fragrances I will test in the future quite a few!


And suddenly there it is! 
Well oops! This sample wandered recently at the Alsterhaus shopping in my shopping bag. 
Between gluttony and seduction, this perfume for women must catch the eye.

In passing, a spray was also distributed on my arm. Everything in finesse and elegance.

A perfume is a universal declaration of the right to happiness.

When I first sprayed this, it immediately reminded me of something between Coco Mademoiselle and Noir’s opening dna. 
It does perhaps have a bit more of Coco Mademoiselle, but is still a bit sweeter.

A true compliment to which it can certainly be compared.

Because it touches the most personal and intimate things, perfume is not just a smell, but a part of you, an intimate part that you reveal through notes that transport you. 
I dance ballet and this elixir reminds me immensely of all that my sport embodies; elegant, subtle, yet confident and determined. 
I think I have found my individuality that will stay with me for a long time.

Lancôme reveals through this eau de parfum the aroma that is La Vie est Belle!
It brings grace and light. A free and beautiful woman. 
Not intrusive but still not to be ignored.

To write a new story and sublimate the ingredients, the House of Lancôme commissioned three perfumers to create this magical formula: Olivier Polge, who created Viktor & Rolf’s Spicebomb, Anne Flipo, who created Mademoiselle Rochas de Rochas, and Dominique Ropion, the creator of Lancôme’s Trésor in Love. 
What I just want to say that this is exactly the perfume and notes that I have always wanted.

It took 3 years of work to give birth to this juice with the nobility of iris and the unsettling depth of patchouli. 
For me, this masterpiece is quite wonderful and round and makes me happy! When I wear the fragrance, I want to inhale tiiieef all day. 
Honestly, no exaggeration!

The composition, launched in 2012, consists of various chords of iris, especially Iris de Dalmatie, combined with more than 63 different ingredients. 
And it is a great success! 
Life is Beautiful is a perfect balance between aesthetics, power and endurance, blending the rare nobility of iris, the unsettling depth of patchouli and the delicious regression of a gourmet accord. 
Now for this tribute to femininity. It is very sweet ,which I love, and similar to Prada Candy.

The top note first forced me to frown: a sugary sweet currant, carried by a tart pear, which, however, remains discreetly in the background and on the whole is not uninteresting. 
This delicate and feminine work of art mixes sweet and juicy notes of blackberry and pear in the attack.

However, of „subtle“ on the whole here can hardly be said, because this fragrance has a sillage that is truly not from bad parents! „Hello Munich, can you smell me already? „
I smell fruity sweetness at first, then flowers and finally something rough, which I first thought was cinnamon.
The vanilla I smell at the beginning not so much out and although I love vanilla, I do not mind here at all.

Then the „aha effect“: After about half an hour, the yet somewhat cheeky overture is gone and a sour (pear?) powderiness (iris? jasmine?) sets in. 
Then comes a floral and charming heart enriched by notes of jasmine sambac, Tunisian orange blossom and iris.

This is where the beauty begins ! From the theatrical powder scent in the heart to the slightly woody-sweet base pass about 2 to 3 hours and therefore unfortunately does not stay long enough… *sigh*Finally 
reveals the sweet facet with notes of vanilla, tonka bean, praline, blackcurrant and pear that envelop the refined fragrances.

And then patchouli brings strength, power and depth to this composition. 
The essence of Indonesian patchouli glorifies all its strength or depth.

From the first note to the last, iris blooms, illuminated by notes of sambac jasmine and Tunisian orange blossom. 
It is quite fluffy sweet, I feel cozy warm and softly wrapped. 
Placed appropriately, it looks majestic, elegant and sleek.

Despite the somewhat overly breathtaking opening brings us one or two surprises and is worth a sample. The odeur unfolds – give it some time! 
The bottle that houses this excellent mix has a unique shape. It’s a promising design for a free and happy woman, meant to represent the feminine aura. 
For me, the bottle with this content is like a proof and perfectly symbolizes softness, femininity and elegance.

A universal ode to the beauty of life. The form is rather singular, raw and baroque. 
Powerful, graceful and timeless beauty. In profile, the perfect curves of a woman’s body can be seen. 
It is the meeting of French savoir-faire and design art that came together to create a magnificent jewel.

A pearl gray organza ribbon adds the finishing touch to the square cap in the image of the two wings of freedom.

I think this epic is absolutely great and I love him more than anything. 
Designed in 1949, the bottle was created 63 years later to represent the grace of a „crystal smile“. 
It lasts meeega long. Unbelievable! 
Until the evening. 
That’s times the first thing that’s very important to me, when it’s quite high-priced, at least by my standards. 
He wraps me, plays around me and says outwardly what I want to say wordlessly.

Happiness is sometimes found in unexpected ways, far from constraints and dictates. 
My daughters told me that this masterpiece represented me: it „smelled like me“. 
I was always looking for such a fragrance and never really found it. Sweet, powdery, feminine , simply delicious.

Every woman wants to choose her own path to happiness, choosing to be herself and live her femininity to the fullest. 
The feel-good fragrance is so sweet and lovely, simply Great.

With Lancôme La Vie est Belle begins a new era. 
Try it out, it smells different on every skin anyway. Have fun

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