Terre D’Hermès

Hermès Terre d’Hermès perfume was launched in the early 2000s. 
Lying on your back, feel the power of the earth and contemplate the sky. 
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Hermès Terre d’Hermès 100ml, a fragrance conceived as a concentrate of authenticity. The story

The manufacturer of Terre D’Hermès 100ml, the Hermès company is a prestigious French company based in Paris, dedicated to the production of accessories, watches, clothing and fragrances, which consequently are always synonymous with luxury.

This woody-herbal fragrance comes from the hand (and nose) of Jean-Claude Ellen – currently considered one of the most outstanding living perfumers. 
He is the father of Sisley’s Eau de Campagne, Cartier Déclaration, and Rose Poivrée by The Different Company. However, by far the greatest publicity brought him this masterpiece.

The Hermès brand is synonymous with authenticity among celebrities and powerful people around the world, and is nonetheless known for its practically handcrafted and exclusive manufacturing process that makes its items controversial all over the world.

As one of the most valuable brands in the world, the company stands for the translation of dreams in the form of varied products.

This creation was initially awarded the FiFI Award Fragrance Of The Year Men’s Luxe 2007 – the history of this event dates back to 1973 and is called the „Oscar in the perfume industry“.

But the Hermes brand offers more than that:
The handkerchiefs and purses of the French brand are coveted throughout the decades and years and never go out of fashion, having been part of the costumes of names like Grace Kelly, Catherine Deneuve, Jacqueline Kennedy, Jane Birkin, Madonna and Audrey Hepburn.

However, the successes are not limited to the female universe and offer elegance and exclusivity also for men, as in this case.

Terre d’Hermès 75 ml – Unique and special for modern men who love nature.

Terre d’Hermès 100ml tells the story of man’s relationship with the earth, his humble and harmonious dialogue with nature and the elements. It is the epic that connects man with his origins, but also with the sources of his creative power. 
But with the right dosage, it acts more like a tame thoroughbred horse. 
It is a perfume for men.

It’s a dense, enveloping gem with a strong combination of groundedness first and permanence second, balanced by the sweetness and youthfulness of citrus, not least because perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena described the scent as „feeling the earth, lying on the ground, looking up at the sky.“

So when creating the perfume Earth Hermes wanted his to achieve a universal ambiguity. This ambition was already evident in the first vision of the name of the aftershave. The word chosen is strong, but also powerful and effective. From the beginning we imagined wide spaces.

The smell is fantastic. It’s dense and enveloping, it’s strong enough for women and men to feel it and it doesn’t seem like men are spraying themselves with thermal water.

This essence seems to be further designed to encourage men to refocus on themselves and where they come from. Terre de Hermes 50ml is thus a fragrance for men that is halfway between earth and heaven.

It immediately triggers many positive reactions in others. Let’s face it, when we put on perfume, we want other people to smell it too and thus perceive us at the same time, right? 

It is important for a man that women love him too! And you know how nice it is to hear from a lady: „Hmm, you smell good“. 
It immediately makes you feel desirable and powerful, how nice for the ego!

Be sure, you will receive very nice comments from friends and from some strangers regarding your aroma and fragrance.

This jewel exudes a „complete“ masculine smell. It is both somewhatl woody, which gives masculinity and character, but also fresh and invigorating for more freedom.

The result will delight you, it is an extraordinary and sublime whirlwind. The make is both powerful and refined and is one of the fragrances that have really impressed many men and immediately put on the lists of favorite fragrances for men.

Hermes Terre d Hermes 200ml fragrance description of the woody and spicy fragrance.

Created in 2006, this tribute to masculinity reflects the power of the earth and our roots. Top notes initially bring grapefruit and orange, heart notes then warm up with pelargonium and pepper, and finally base notes reinforce the style of the fragrance with benzoin, vetiver, cedar and patchouli.

In harmony with its characteristic mat of lively natural notes, a strange feeling of vitality is first perceived, thanks to its subtle citrus notes of grapefruit and orange.

In turn, after a few minutes, this fragrance in harmony with the skin reveals its heart of vetiver and cedar notes, in harmony with the woody aromas of nature.

Terre d’Hermès 200ml is an odeur that does not lack temperament and in this sense takes us on a fascinating journey to the heart of the elements.

The beginning or top note is mainly grapefruit, accompanied by both oranges and manadrines and lemons.

So its uniqueness kit opens with a bitter and invigorating touch of grapefruit and orange. The heart accord is a combination of geranium and pepper. Finally, in the base note you can feel green vetiver, cedar and benzoin.

Then a rather mineral surge appears. This is immediately associated with pepper and pink berries. So the Hermes man seems to have a strong powerful temperament through this.

The background notes are resins and benzoin. 
The salient resins give these elements a sugary nimbus in the interplay with benzoin, a prestigious aromatic resin from Indonesia, directly from the island of Sumatra, which has been used for several thousand years for its medicinal properties and is currently still very popular in aromatic healing, which thereby gives it a touch of grace, splendor and elegance.

It is the atmosphere of the woods, the aroma of naturalness.

Then geranium and patchouli bring a herbal and elegant aroma as the final detail of the fragrance water. Anyway, this masterpiece ends with a woody base of cedar, vetiver and benzoin.

It is an „Eau de Toilette“ that offers a very similar aroma to the „Terre D’Hermès 75 ml Eau de Parfum“ – a bit more earthy, mineral, dark and intense.

In contrast, the Eau de Cologne offers a lighter and more subtle, non-mineral aroma for everyday wear.

The H flacon of Terre d Hermes edt

Like the perfume it contains, the bottle clearly shows its imposing stature. It rests on an H-shaped base, which reflects the name of the brand. 
It supports this fragrance composition, enveloping you with woody and spicy notes that will not leave your senses indifferent.

The bottle reflects light transparently, relying on orange reflections. Thus, it takes on the ocher color of the earth, while it is embellished with a metal cap for more modernity. It looks sober, stylish and effective.

In addition, the cap is based on a flexible opening mechanism, which consists of sliding the cabochon to release the spray.

The cap to lower and release the spray must be unscrewed. An original and beautiful detail!

What does this bottle release: the cult scent of the icon of world perfumery.

The top notes of this essence are lulled in the rhythm of grapefruit and orange. Then spicy pepper and geranium appear in the middle notes. The base notes are warm cedar, patchouli, vetiver and benzoin.

How does it feel when man opens the black cork of a transparent bottle of this doozy?

A specialty with its own stamp, for men looking for a personal and distinctive aroma. This is a creation of perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, one of the top five designers in the world.

It shows through this a perfect harmony between the robust look and the fragrance it contains.

Terre d’Hermès 50ml Eau de Toilette unique and special

The brilliant performance is a symbolic narrative about matter and its transformation. 
A brilliant creation of notes of nature, vital and woody, in harmony with every season. Available in different sizes, perfect for travel.

A novel that expresses the alchemical power of the elements. Water between earth and sky. A journey full of power and poetry. Vegetable, mineral & a little spicy at the same time.

This offer is a great gift idea for modern men! The gift set of with After Shave Emulsion . 
The success of this creation lies in the minimal number of elements that initially together form an aromatic, herbal and woody ensemble, concluding with a great masculine silhouette.

It is a warm, aromatic breath. The composition was created for men who love nature.

They can see the beauty of the gray everyday life. They are dreamers, but do not lose their sense of realism.

Hermes Terre de Hermes is a combination of all the riches of the earth. The soothing properties of trees inspired the creation of him.

The intensity of citrus and peppers combined with a flinty note testifies to the traces of the earth.

It tells about man’s relationship with the earth, his humble and harmonious dialogue with nature and the elements. This product connects man with his origins, with the beginnings of his creative power.

It is therefore perfect for men with a strong and imposing personality, who know how to assert themselves through details and fascinate those around them. You can find this fragrance at 50 ml and 100 ml packs.

Even if the elixir does not last all day on their skin it will always be present in their bathroom shelf and all because of an aftershave that suits them and that is felt in the nostrils in an incredibly pleasant way!

Draw the pure power and energy that the men’s perfume from the natural elements, and become irresistible… Discover for yourself the aroma of luxury.

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How much is Terre d’Hermès ?

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What fragrances are included?

Fragrance family: Woody-spicy
Top notes: Orange, grapefruit, pepper and fresh spices.
Heart notes: vetiver and cedar.
Base notes: resin and benzoin.

What is the price? What sizes are available?

The item is available in the following sizes:

Eau de Toilette: 50ml & 100ml & 200ml & as a fragrance set Eau de Parfum: 75ml & 200ml & as a set.

Where can I buy the fragrance?
Online Shops:

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Stores with branches. These often offer online shipping in addition to store sales.

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2 thoughts on „Terre D’Hermès“


Thanks to my job in the perfume department of a very large department store, I’ve had the opportunity to test tons of fragrances, but I have to admit that I didn’t know the Terre d’Hermès scent yet. 
Between heaven and earth, this men’s fragrance is both powerful and sophisticated. 
I might as well tell you now, I made a wonderful discovery! 
It is a very refined, masterful combination of citrus and woods by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, originally intended as a masculine counterpart to Eau des Merveilles, the orange and amber fragrance for women released two years earlier. 
It is a pleasure to perfume every morning and be intoxicated. And women love it!

As the first men’s model launched after Rocabar in 1998, Terre d’Hermès had to embody the new masculinity image of the famous leather goods brand. 
I think if you are a man looking for something different to stand out, this would be a good choice.

It was quite successful both creatively and commercially, right from the first sales as soon as it was launched. 
As I told you, I didn’t know this work of art, but I saw it regularly in the tops of the best men’s fragrances. 
Terre d’Hermès – a name that reads like a declaration of love, a poem. 
A name that sounds so promising, as well as mysterious. 
It is considered an insider’s tip, and yet the odeuvre has a polarizing aroma that divides the fragrance nation. 
So it took me a while to discover this famous perfume, and I immediately regretted not doing it sooner!

You either love it or hate it. 
I would also say that this tribute to the stronger sex seems to me like a serious composition.

Similar to Dior Fahrenheit, there is hardly any air in between and in my eyes TDH is a „complex“, even difficult mix, which is not easily accessible, at least it opened up to me only after 5 years. 
It is not one that is meant to impress or please people. It has a „serious“ tone that is very distant. 
But it is certainly unique, certainly one of a kind. Very unique.

With the earth all life begins and with the earth this one ends. 
This monument is one of those high creations that no one would deny.

From dust to dust, from ashes to ashes. Almost theatrical and religious. 
It gives off a „complete“ masculine smell. 
It definitely gives the impression of being connected to the earth, hence the name „Earth of Hermès“.

By that I mean it is both woody, which adds masculinity and character, but also fresh and invigorating for more refinement. 
For some reason, I think this masterpiece fits someone like a cowboy or a man who lives in nature. 
Is it the magic, the myth or simply the elegant bottle?!

Replicated several times by several houses from niche to designers. 
And with Encre Noir and Guerlain Homme L’Eau Boisée known imitators. 
Terre d’Hermès – a brand within the brand, a revelation, a manifesto. The epitome of desires, longings, wanderlust, dreams, attitude to life and closeness to nature. 
The result is an extraordinary and sublime whirlwind. 
I only get such emotions from two other perfumes – Fahrenheit and Dior Homme…
Really! This top performance is both powerful and sophisticated and is one of those products that really impressed me and immediately put it on my list of favorite fragrances for men.

True to the motto „Nature, Travel, Discover“, it perfectly joins the Hermès family of fragrances, offering its wearer familiar nuances and openly exposing the family resemblance. Each aftershave created by the house perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena always reveals the DNA of the brand.

This tour de force has an illusion that is enhanced by the title: Terre. In fact, it does not feel a hint of earth or dust, and everything is brought out by grapefruit, geranium and vetiver. 
With this, Ellena has created something for men that smells different from the usual aquatic citrus combinations that exist on the market.

TdH starts with a sparkling, yet tart orange grapefruit note. 
The grapefruit here is very nice, surrounded by pink pepper and gives the top and middle an almost „sparkling“ effect.

It is invigorating, but not citrusy or even particularly fresh. 
The new fragrance for men from Hermès takes the form of a woody, citrusy opening with bergamot, a slightly bitter grapefruit note and a green and fruity accord with a rhubarb effect that maintains its freshness for a long time. 
Also worth mentioning are the orange and grapefruit. 
This fresh surprisingly simple yet harmonious structure at first sight seems shy and not very powerful, but it is this discretion and consistency that gives it as much elegance and sobriety.

The orange note here is not reminiscent of the pulp, but of the peel as you just tore it with your fingers and the oily peel covered it, the strong pungent smell of fresh orange peel.

An acidic base note bathes this epic in a serene dress, accompanied with a certain edginess. 
Yes, it’s a combination of citrus and woods, but there’s something so raw yet smooth, earthy yet clean… that it’s very hard to put your finger on it.

The pepper note underpins this opening and becomes broader as it progresses. 
The body is woody, cedar, vetiver and patchouli, with a smoky, peppery and leathery effect. 
Cedar and geranium leaves give it a rosy, lovely aura and settle on the skin like a warm blanket. 
What designer Ellena has done is introduce a „mineral“ note that represents flint, a sharp, cool rock, which he has combined with vetiver, cedarwood, pelargonium , which is a cold and metallic-smelling variety of geranium, and earthy patchouli. 
Vetiver in this version seems quite spicy, almost sharp and tart.

It is also not a vetiver-oriented composition. It is apparently geranium without camphor effect. The same geranium in Chanel Platinum Égoïste. 
Its trademark is the recreation of peppery wood,similar to cedarwood, which combines with vetiver, pepper and cedar and contributes to this „mineral“ effect. 
Fresh, misty, sweet, spicy, masculine and minimalist. 
It is a very cleverly composed creation, but one that is not easy to understand at first. 
A woody citrus scent pleasant for the crowd, a production of Éllena.

Despite vital sounds, for me TdH is not a „green“ fragrance…
This is something very special and not easy for most people to understand at first. 
In the overall package, a very masculine, extravagant offer, which is to my mind to remind after damp, kneaded clay.

His outfit is also extraordinary and freedom-loving. 
The bottle, whose glass architecture stands out classic and timeless, is one of the most beautiful on the market. 
The bottle does not look like bling-bling, and that’s a good thing.

It was designed by Frenchman Philippe Mouquet, who is also responsible for other Hermes bottles and accessories. 
It is sober, stylish and effective, that’s all I ask from a bottle.

At the bottom of the bottle is anchored wide „H“, which symbolizes the connection with the earth. 
Note that the cap is screwed on to lower and release the spray. 
The saddler’s nail, typical of Hermès, adorns the atomizer button, which, thanks to a flexible closure mechanism, slides back with a twist to reveal the spray. 
An original and beautiful detail!

So much technical sophistication they rarely find in this class. 
In this sense, the box set of Terre d’Hermès is a great gift idea for modern men! The gift set of contains the eau de toilette (100ml), a 12.5ml miniature and a 40ml aftershave emulsion. 
The aftershave emulsion smells good, but I must admit that I have not tested it yet. 
I searched a little on the Internet and found a lot of customer reviews that unanimously agree that this lotion is very moisturizing, smells good and is expensive… Then a correspondingly cheaper set comes just right.

All these qualities can be found in the practical miniatures that you can carry in a weekend bag, a sports bag or even in your pocket. 
It is a wonderfully rounded, very wearable, casual, formal fragrance that gives you a sense of confidence and is great to apply after sports, for example. 
I for one now always leave it in my gym bag so I can spray myself after a sports shower without having to remember to put my perfume in my bag. Convenient!

Since 2007, the „Flacon H“ has been released annually as a limited edition, reflecting the brand’s signature „H“ in a variety of abstract, graphic forms.

For all skeptics and indecisive, which can not choose between EDT and EDP…the Eau de Parfum has its own charm, evolves more refined, flattering and sensual. 
Confident and distant. But if you want to wear something that you appreciate, not for others, and you have this kind of personality, then do it.

Since the Edt acts more pithy and fruity. The shelf life is with 12-15 hours a lot better! The 2 morning splashes follow you all night without problems, it is always pleasant.

The Eau de Toilette creates at me but also already extremely acceptable 10 hours!

The important thing is that women also love this masterpiece! 
And you know how nice it is to hear a lady say: „Hmm, you smell good“. It makes you feel desirable and powerful, how nice for the ego!

In summary, an all-round package with profound aspect and perfection. A timeless gem, suitable for everyday use, any season and now already a modern classic. 
Sometimes it is available in a beautiful box for the holidays. An idea for a gift that could be useful for Christmas. 
Sometimes Terre d’Hermès is the best mainstream men’s fragrance, next to Dior Homme, in recent years.


A powerful and innovative fragrance for men. 
Well, when I smelled Terre d’hermes Eau de Toilette, my only regret was that its name was too long and a little too forceful, which is in radical contrast to the juice, but perhaps it is aware of this fact. 
A concentrate that claims its ‚earthly‘ roots and rises like a fragrant tree in fresh, spicy, floral and sensual chords.

When I apply it, I always think of a dessert with an orange tree, cracked earth, warm breeze, orange sky and vetiver plants around the tree. I love the feeling of being connected to nature and the elements. I stand next to this tree as a ripe orange falls to the ground and bursts open, letting its orange juice pour into the cracks of the soil to mingle with the vetiver roots.
It comes across as slightly dirty and earthy. It is a wonderfully balanced composition.

In fact, I really felt like I could smell these components that are simple and good for morale, these olfactory comforters that calm us down and put us in a good mood because you can feel the naked soul of the perfumer, a bit like Mugler’s Eau de Cologne.

The famous Jean-Claude Ellena was asked to create a delicate and innovative perfume to replace „Rocabar“. 
With the arrival of Jean-Claude Ellena in 2004, the house can already boast of offering some of the great classics of perfumery, but the men’s line will offer much more, including this fabulous men’s product in 2006.

And so, inspired by his Irish wife’s homeland, Jean-Claude Ellena set out to compose a powerful and rock-solid memorial.

In 2006, „Terre d’Hermès“ creates wild and elegant worlds and delicately spicy and citrus woody fragrances that become a big bestseller. 
One thing about Ellena, he is not interested in trends. The company has proven that they had the right nose to hire him. 
The choice of this designer was hardly a coincidence: he is known for his invigorating woody accords, and the clients wanted exactly this kind of accords, which are both very natural and elegant. 
I love the way he conveys his passion for beautiful perfumes and good ingredients, but also their simplicity, which you can feel in their olfactory creations. 
I really like this blend because it smells very expressive and distinctive. I know few after shaves that smell earthy and pleasant. 
With it, the label wants to offer a pure and masculine fragrance, a mysterious and raw masculine image, but at the same time elegant and sober. 
Hermès offerings have always known how to present themselves, like the leather goods lines, as noble and elegant fragrances with their own timeless originality.

Perhaps that is why this masterpiece is very popular around the world. Today I can understand its success.
It is quite raw and strong in the first seconds, caused by bitter orange and grapefruit, to later move to soft, leathery, spicy notes, which are also complemented by vetiver. Women love this!

The concept of thus highlights both the image of the man and the values of excellence, prestige and respect for the traditions of the house, as indicated by the name of this elegant perfume. 
Although the brand is traditional and strongly rooted in its prestigious past, it has always sought to combine the know-how of its ancestors with an unprecedented modernity. Really great buzz. Very masculine. 
In keeping with its concept of connecting heaven with earth, this epic seeks the extraordinary in the ordinary. 
This is where Ellena’s signature is most evident. Everything listed in the fragrance pyramid can be sniffed.

The creation starts in the top note quite tangy-fresh. It is built in quite puristic simplicity, but sets with the help of the few well-dosed aromas so appropriate accents that it hardly ever seems out of place.

As for this beautiful woody work of art, top notes offer fresh and sparkling aromas of citrus and fine spices of pink berries, surrounded by a touch of minerality thanks to flint. 
Fruity oranges and grapefruit combine nicely. 
In the heart, notes of geranium, hidion and black pepper spread their spicy and delicate scents, of which Ellena is certainly one of the greatest specialists.

This fruity freshness definitely remains in the heart notes, but spicy pepper notes as well as powdery earthy nuances from the flint come along. 
It is tart, mineral, earthy, but not dark or dank. 
This earthy nuance smells warm, slightly dusty with minerals. I like it extremely well. 
Then comes vetiver, used with its grapefruit facet, benzoin and cedar to lead our senses to exotic and spicy woods while offering freshness. 
It is warm, gentle, flattering, but not viscous, while still being airy and fresh enough to fit in any office.

The vetiver and cedar from the base note make it strikingly woodier as well as even more spicy-earthy. 
At the same time, again, its character is strong enough to convince all around, even at a candlelit dinner. 
What I find characteristic of this composition is the orange, which is totally distorted by its co-players like grapefruit, patchouli, pink pepper and vetiver. Vetiver finds here a kind of bucolic and shadowy resonance through the oakmoss, a precious ally that rarely leaves me indifferent.

Towards the end, it becomes quieter and the perfume finishes rather woodier, but typically earthy and spicy.

And quickly I am carried away by the attraction of the woods of this very cool earth: the majestic cedar, a beauty both cold and soothing, but also and especially the vetiver, which I appreciate more and more. 
In short, it smells like ripe oranges pressed to vetiver and pepper. Warm spices with the coolness of orange make a nice contrast.

He is just masculine, confident and uncompromising. Whoever chooses him, knows his taste.

Monsieur Ellena has quite amazingly managed to square the circle here, as he combines opposites like no other. 
I like the fact that this homage to masculinity doesn’t go through any major changes.

Not too little and not too much, striking but not arbitrary, striking yet elegant, warm yet fresh.

It reminds me of a hot desert, as if from an advertisement. Earthy, woody, spicy scents come to me. 
They offer a sober and elegant touch for savvy and assertive men, in tune with their nature and essence. 
The sillage and durability are, unsurprisingly, very appropriately chosen. 
It lasts really well (8h) and its sillage is satisfying, especially on warmer days. 
It is strong, but not too intrusive. Again and again I sniff a warm mineral touch. This almost throughout the day, 8 hours are easily in it for him, keeping his presence, rather than to creep up to skin level within 2 hours. 
The staying power is really great. I really notice it on myself for more than 7 hours, although people have said I smell good even 7 hours.

The noble little water should not be wasted.

Who does not know him yet, please urgently let a breath in the nose. 
For the price, this is to be expected. The fragrance smells very masculine and also slightly sweet, otherwise it would be too bitter. 
So really you can’t get past this masterpiece, and even those looking for a new signature scent should risk a sniff in any case. 
„Destined“ probably most suitable for a summer in the South of France, it can also be worn under the Christmas tree. 
In my opinion, it suits all seasons as it is very balanced. 
He fits to the wedding and other celebrations, to the office, to the party, good for going out or for evenings and to bed…

I do not know of any other men’s item in this class that is not wrong on any man, at any time of the day or year, on any occasion or event, and at the same time smells so good. 
Elegant and sober, the attraction comes in an elegant transparent bottle. 
It is simple, but noble – matching the contents.

Without pomp and circumstance, designer Philippe Mousquet proposes a smooth and thoughtful container in „H“ shape, like the parent company, modeled to fit a wonderfully masculine hand. 
The bottle is simply a pure masterpiece for this elegant and distinguished woody aroma. 
There is no other way I can describe this bottle. The characteristic orange „H“ on the bottom… simply ingenious.

Thanks to its orange base note, which highlights the pretty yellow color of the perfume, „Terre d’Hermès“ proves once again that elegance needs little embellishment.

A great fragrance that convinces as a total work of art and is more than the sum of its parts. Goal set, goal achieved. Chapeau, Monsieur Ellena!

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