Versace Eros

Versace Eros behaves like a Greek god, passionate, powerful and heroic. A myth of pure desire. 
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Versace Eros Perfume 200ml – The art of seduction.

Try Versace Eros 200ml, the minty sensuality of desire. Looking for a fragrance bursting with virility to seduce passionately?

First, discover one of the most appreciated fragrances that has the power to seduce the hearts of women around the world. And this is not surprising in this case.

Versace Eros pour Homme is a complex and absolutely fascinating perfume for men. It seems to take us directly into a mythological universe and, moreover, puts ancient Greece in the foreground.

The pleasant olfactory composition of fruit and flower really has the gift to caress your senses. It is very feminine with tart woody nuances, but also very sensual and is especially suitable for the summer months.

Versace continues to be known as a stylist and designer whose collections can be seen on the catwalks at fashion shows. The logo of Versace is recognizable among a thousand: it refers to Greek mythology. It is, after all, very reminiscent of the Medusa, a mythological creature with a rather peculiar hair of snakes, designed by Versace in 1978.

Her ambiguous attraction, on the other hand, is fatal. She turned all who looked over her eyes into stone.

The master Versace also created eau de toilettes for both men and women.  In addition, this assortment includes Eros Versace, a men’s fragrance, which is one of the most seductive fragrances of him with its temptations.

In fact, the masterpiece is nothing other than the name of the god of love. Nevertheless, the Lord also seems to have restrained himself somewhat of the romances for this occasion.

However, its floral odeur is also very pleasant all year round and has the gift of reminding you of your romantic summer evenings.

In short, beauty, romance, passion, security and desire are the key concepts of the new fragrance for men. The male body, for example, is seen as a series of perfect forms. The world of Versace again alludes to mythology and classical Greek sculpture: Eros, the god of attachment, who leads with an arrow to make people fall in love.

Eros by Versace, perfumer Aurélien Guichard created a true Greek god.

To create this atypical offer, Versace chose Aurélien Guichard as perfumer. Born in Grasse, Aurélien Guichard represents the 7th generation of perfumers, so much so that the attachment to the art of creating essences is passed down through the genes. 
He is a master perfumer who incorporated into his creation all the important elements of Greek mythology, a world very dear to Versace.

 Aurélien Guichard is a sensitive, generous and contemporary perfumer.

A world full of imagination and beauty, full of strength and surpassing yourself, a seductive world; its composition is an essence dedicated to the determined man who is ready to overcome all obstacles that stand in his way to achieve his goals as quickly. Versace Eros perfume for men is in this respect the fragrance for the strong, passionate and confident man.

We owe Aurélien Guichard great successes such as „For Her, l’Eau“ by Narciso Rodriguez, „Ricci Ricci“ by Nina Ricci and „Pleats Please“ by Issey Miyake.

With his new fragrance for men, the mythology and classical Greek sculpture, but very close to Versace’s heart, are once again in the foreground. Mystery, power, desire are at the heart of Versace’s image of man. The god of love is accordingly depicted here in the form of a strong and powerful man, a symbol of power and beauty in its purest form.

The tenderness of his feelings seems to have mutated into a strong and powerful virility. Imagine the setting: We are in the heart of ancient Rome, majestic and imperial. The god of affection and male power, is the perfect interpretation of this masculinity, which is better said to be pure power and invincible passion.

This landscape is initially littered with Greek statues. There, in the midst of this spectacle, the divine being strides majestically forward, indifferent to the forces and elements raging around him. Now, correctly, this is exactly the image about which we are to connect with this showpiece.

Eros, the hero of Versace creates a stunning masculine aura.

Versace paints the picture of a strong, proud and almost insolent man. This is the man Eros, the creator of his own world. Yet this remains no less mysterious.

A man who does not allow himself to be humiliated or to subjugate anyone, for this reason endowed with great self-confidence and confronted with a constant self-overcoming.

He seems to be willing to push his limits and overcome all obstacles to achieve his goals.

 It is the odeur of a man who is both ambitious and loves challenges.

An enigmatic and attractive man, intimidating and seductive, a true object of desire whose only weapon is his presence.

 The work of art is much more than a simple essence, he is a true philosophy.

This tour de force is a perfume water that sublimates men’s fragrances firstly with an opening of intense, quivering and tremendous freshness created by the combination of mint leaves with the rind of Italian lemon peel.

Already this shows quite beside that the historical Eros is nothing else than the name of the god of love. In other words, this monument is full of feelings.  

In the heart, secondly, the odeur develops into the unsettling sensuality of the fascinating and caressing oriental notes of vanilla, amber and tonka bean essences. 
In short, mystery, longing, pure power – these attributes are just the heart of the Versace man.

Thirdly, the base notes elevate the composition of this after shave with their chords of Atlas and Virginia cedarwood, vetiver and musk, which give intensity and strength and celebrate an elegant virility.

In fact, the Versace man, on the other hand, constantly pushes his limits, crossing all obstacles to reach his goal and bring light. Versace Eros 100ml will seduce all ambitious & powerful men in search of new intense challenges.

Description of fragrance Versace Eros 100ml Eau de Toilette – A composition of mint, lemon and apple for strong men.

Versace Eros pour homme is an oriental, woody and yet very fresh fragrance. Its opening is also particularly stimulating, making the aroma a particularly pleasant essence for everyday use.

Dynamic and invigorating, the start combines a green apple, lemon and also mint for maximum freshness.

Its vitality comes mainly from the Calabrian lemon and mint.

Originating from Asia, mint is known for its strong and very pleasant smell. In short, it is one of the most famous and popular herbs.

The Greeks used mint to embalm temples.

The Hebrews, on the other hand, spread it around their houses for protection. 
It tastes very delicious and smells refreshing. 
There are both tart spicy and mentholated types and varieties, but also fruity fresh. The use in this case is very different.

 Gradually, mint was used for its many medicinal properties, mainly against coughs and colds. You can also enrich with mint, for example, cold drinks or season salads. 
In perfumery, mint essence is obtained by steam distillation of fresh flowers.

Mint gives off strong, mentholated, but also herbaceous and sweet tones. It is one of the most popular herbs.

Then Versache Eros turns to a softer heart.

The heart note develops into a perfect smoothness thanks to the combination of tonka bean and geranium. In this respect, the fragrance essence juxtaposes the delicacy of amber, the smoothness of tonka bean and the sweet exoticism of vanilla.

The tonka bean is a black seed obtained from Brazilian teak, a tree that can grow up to 30m high. Native mainly to Venezuela, the tonka bean was considered a good luck charm by the Amazon Indians. 
The beguiling legume from South America is accordingly known for its unique incomparable aroma. 
In the production, the tonka bean offers smoky, almond, coumarin and also delicate scents.

Finally, the base of is as masculine as it is sensual, combining vanilla, vetiver, cedar and oakmoss. Here masculinity is rethought with sensuality.

However, his masculinity is restored along the way. It combines cedar wood, vetiver and musk.

The divine essence comes in a blue bottle. It is the interpretation of Greek beauty par excellence. Square and very refined, the bottle has an intense blue color and shows in the center the famous jellyfish, which is very dear to the house of Versace.

Published in 2012, the monument immerses us in ancient Greece and mythology. The historical Eros is nothing other than the name of the god of love. In other words, this smelling water is full of feelings.

Immersed in a classical decor, punctuated by Greek capitals and statues, he moves forward majestically, indifferent to all the impressions that are unleashed around him.

If he represents the image of a man in love, he is nevertheless a strong, powerful and virile man, in the image of the Greek gods. Mysterious, in this sense a man who shows his desires and his character, nothing seems to frighten him.

And while rain, thunder and lightning rage, he raises his bow to the stormy sky to shoot an arrow. And Versace created this epic, the new fragrance for men, which pours its shower of energy on the world. Here beauty meets sensuality as well as power, offering an essence of the extraordinary. 
Eros de Versace is an eau de toilette for men with aromatic fougère notes. It inspires from ancient Greece and the strong sex of that time, strong, proud and yet boundless, ready to face all opponents to achieve their goals.

The Eros bottle – A deep blue gemstone in the face of Medusa.

The juice is then contained in a highly processed bottle. 
It has a square shape and is decorated with the head of the jellyfish and completely finished in blue. The whole forms a heavy and massive glass cube. Its motifs are equally reminiscent of the Greek columns. Its walls are decorated with geometric shapes similar to those found on the columns of ancient Greece.

An elegant blue glass bottle with straight lines, decorated with a Greek border and a jellyfish head in relief, the official symbol of the brand.

The play of turquoise and gold tones, on the other hand, particularly stands out. Of course, the famous emblematic jellyfish of Versace in properly present in the center. His name is also placed on the front in gold letters, like him.

The metal plug has the same color code, on it is the head of the jellyfish.

In addition, this golden color also surpasses the cabochon, a very ancient cut, for an extremely luxurious sight. 
Sensual on the skin and soothing virile, Versace Eros Eau de Parfum has a unique aura and is better said the key to the anthem of love that proclaims the triumphant and extravagant seducer.

Versace Eros 30ml is a make that for this reason is steeped in mythological history and looks to the future.

Love, passion, beauty, but also desire and lust: these are the key concepts of the new fragrance for men by Versace. In this sense, it is an absolutely timeless essence.

Conclusion: A fragrance adventure of extravagance

In short, beauty, aesthetics and masculinity merge into one. This extraordinary composition bears precisely this sensual name.

A rare aura, the sensuality of the skin, a reassuring masculinity, these are the keys to this love hymn of Eros, the triumphant and extravagant seducer.

For example, this fragrance composition begins with icy chords and juicy notes of pomegranate and yuzu.

Your senses are then caressed by softer notes of peony and magnolia. The sweetness of the whole in this respect finds a nice balance thanks to the lotus flower in the base notes, along with warm wood, amber and musk.

A product that sublimates the masculine through the sensuality of its amazing and enveloping oriental notes.

Intense, lively, this odeur releases a surprising energy and an addictive sensuality, combining fresh notes with deep, woody ones.

The powerful masculinity full of strength, which is accordingly symbolized by woody notes. And further by a luminous aura of intense, lively and sparkling freshness, achieved thanks to the cocktail of mint leaves and Italian lemon peel.

An aroma for the strong, passionate, completely authentic man, who must also be a triumphant and extravagant seducer times.

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What fragrances are included?

Fragrance family: Aromatic Fougère
Top notes: Mint, green apple and lemon
Heart notes: tonka bean, geranium and ambroxan.
Base notes: Madagascar vanilla, vetiver, oakmoss, Virginia cedar and Atlas cedar.

What is the price? What sizes are available?

The fragrance is available in the following sizes:
As Eau de Toilette 30 ml & 50 ml & 100 ml & 200ml and as a gift set.

Where can I buy the Versace Eros perfume?

Online Shops:

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Stores with branches. These often offer online shipping in addition to store sales.

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1 thought on „Versace Eros“


Versace is probably my favorite mainstream perfume brand with Dior. 
First of all, the name „Eros“ rather put me off trying this new perfume. It’s a bit like „Égoiste.“ One doesn’t like to make a fool of oneself.

Versace is a high-end design house that has the audacity not to surf on current trends to make a name for itself. 
The label much prefers to let us travel in time and take us to very unusual horizons. 
And therefore I was really hot on the new men’s fragrance Eros 30ml , even more so after the first images of the kitschy, but for me beautiful bottle reminiscent of ancient Roman swimming pools.

In fact, this is exactly the concept behind the Eros pour Homme eau de toilette. 
I bought it sometime around the end of the 2010s. This Greek epic was my first smelling water from this label, and it used to be my signature scent, and I picked it up again.

Inspired by the god of love and male power, this fragrance is a mixture of mystery, power and desire. 
In the words of the House of Versace, this masterpiece is the perfect interpretation of this masculinity of pure power and invincible passion.

And then there is also this seal with a broad chest on the shelf, angular, striking, with a lot of raised ornament and the beloved Medusa relief. Feels good and heavy, you do not like to let go of the bottle.

To accompany men in their daily lives, the brand has decided to focus on freshness.

It is a brilliant performance bursting with freshness. Why I love the fragrance because of my nose, you can still recognize the sweet vanilla and tonka bean with the fresh mint and with the touch of apple, inasmuch as a very energizing juice, with a strong woody masculinity in its wake. 
Its pride is so great that the masculinity becomes almost impertinent. 
It opens with a fresh and minty accord (apple, mint, citrus) surrounded by the usual metallic-ozone notes. 
The top note starts with a pungent green apple, but a few minutes later turns into Snow White’s red apple and begins its seductive game of woody, masculine notes.

Its vitality comes from a powerful blend of Calabrian lemon and mint. 
This is supported by a pleasant and somewhat less predictable base of warm, rich, aromatic, spicy-woody notes, especially tonka and cedarThen 
this sparkling, citrusy aspect is prolonged by a softer, enveloping heart that are sweet and quite „round“, perhaps due to tobacco and/or patchouli dusted with vanilla. 
I smell a few „niche“ nuances here, for example the ambroxan note that gives a „modern“ feeling of dusty grayness (quite amplified by aldehydes) – not far from some niche products of recent years. 
It combines the exoticism of vanilla with the syrupy aspect of London and the smoothness of tonka juice. 
Candied apple, full of sugar so that you fear for your teeth when you bite into it.

From then on, the forest takes over and powerfully reveals all the masculinity of the erotic man. 
Another „niche“ factor for me are some of the contrasts on which this fragrance is built – the tart minty head opening and the almost gourmand base, which is quite sweet, warm and resinous and also smoky.

Unusually, these notes actually smell good and firm, more than the average mainstream fragrances. 
I like how the vanilla and tonka bean are mixed well, they are sweet but not cloying or overly sweet is just right, the mint and apple can tone down the sweetness. 
Cedarwood blends with vetiver for an insanely textured effect. 
The after shave stays at this level for a long time and builds progressively,until it falls into a serotonin slumber after the peak after about 7 hours and gently leaves on the chest. Supported by a bit of mint, the indefinable, body-flattering, supposedly sexymaking ambroxan and lots of citrus splash, Eros 50ml is already composed ready. 
Well, vanilla, tonka bean and mint are many of my favorite notes in fragrances.

As for the musk, it adds a more animalic note to the bouquet and brilliantly enhances its sensuality. 
On the whole, it smells safe and pleasant, but if you wait and smell more closely, it is not as revelatory as it may seem. 
In addition, Eros 100ml also takes an unexpectedly beautiful development: Instead of remaining or identical and only becoming drier and lighter, it becomes softer, warmer, more resinous, even more pleasant as more hours pass, once the sharp, metallic-scented opening fades. 
And it’s definitely decent, an honest offering.

The whole is presented in a very elaborate bottle, equipped with protruding edges, flaunting an intense masculinity.

In addition, an intense aquamarine turquoise, not often seen in men. Fully chiseled, it recalls the mythological world and the chiselings found on the columns of ancient Greece. 
There is nothing biting about it, which gives it a noble aura that definitely matches the bottle. 
Its blue color reflects a certain universality.

A solid stopper in royal blue and gold with a fine emblem perfectly completes the look. 
Versace is a mark that seems to have a special love for Greek mythology. This is also evidenced by their logo in the form of a jellyfish head.

Everything is solidly manufactured, feels good in the hand and immediately suggests that you can confidently spend a few euros more for it.

The price is rather in the upper range for an item of this kind. 
But if you want to impress the ladies with a melting cream candy à la Ramazotti, you might want to give it a try. That’s what Versace stands for, and that’s what you usually get. 
In any case, it offers more variety than the hundredth „Le Male“ flanker.

So this time Versace takes us to a world directly inspired by that of ancient Greece. For the record, Eros is the name given to the god of love. 
Characteristic is a lovely caramel vanilla note that runs with beguiling intensity throughout the make – without the tart accent of, say, „Joop! Homme Wild.“ 
Amazing as it may seem, the god of love seems to have transformed his emotional side into a strong and very assertive masculinity. 
Accented with florality and musk, the overall impression is oriental. 
In addition to the provocative advertising and the standout bottle, the eau de toilette in this sense causes a stir with a top note that could certainly encourage many of the younger generation to buy immediately. If enough pocket money is left of course

But this creation is ultimately a fragrance for a strong and confident man.

Sprayed on the wrist, I could not let my nose of it the rest of the day.

I’ve been wearing it for a few hours, and now it’s remarkably better than before.

My girlfriend was also that day more affectionate than she already is and found this perfume erotic. But so it should be for a love god, even if she thought that „Eros“ would be very dominant. 
He is actually but a spontaneous all-rounder which you could wear from now on, until deep into September, both in the pool and in the disco.

The projection and durability are very good and you are noticed very well in the first hours.

But the magnificence also has a mysterious figure. His fascinating aspect only increases our fascination for him. 
What I like about him: He seems quite round, as if from one cast.

It is a perfume seemingly designed to give you the power to achieve all your ambitions. The mythological spirit of Versace.
A great dominant but also mystical odeur that may be too trendy for some, but definitely lives up to its name and attracts attention from women!

He is the ideal ally to accompany you in your daily challenges. Eros 200 ml is more than just a fragrance, it embodies a real lifestyle and its own philosophy.

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