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Let Bleu de Chanel affect you, it is definitely unique. It is a color that is undeniably conducive to the imagination; blue is first and foremost unfathomable, blue is infinite.,
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Chanel Bleu Perfume

But the blue of Bleu de Chanel 100 ml is also deep – cool as night, enchanting as a body of water, from the winter sky to the zenith cobalt, blue is finally very close to the shadow, the last degree before the absolute black.

In 2010, „Bleu de Chanel“ appeared, resembling Mademoiselle, mainly because of its non-conformist side. Whether in her ready-to-wear creations or in her fragrances, Gabrielle Chanel has always managed to impose her taste and vision of fashion, even if it was not what others expected from her.

Gabrielle was particularly fond of this intense blue, as well as white, beige or black. In 2010, Chanel laboratories release a fragrance of freedom: the masterpiece, an eau like an ode to the freedom of improvisation, composed for a male spirit that writes the scenario of his life at every step, in short Blue Chanel.

„Chanel Bleu“, the men’s product by Gabrielle with orange and lemon tree extracts. To create this touch as sober as elegant, the label had commissioned perfumer Jacques Polge to design the essence and director Martin Scorsese to create the advertising. 
Jacques Polge was the in-house designer of the brand since 1978.

At that time he succeeded Henri Robert, the father of Chanel No. 19 . He had the difficult task of innovating while maintaining the elegance of Mademoiselle’s style.  He met this challenge with his special skills. 
Polge created his first perfume: „Coco“ is a tribute to Gabrielle Chanel. With this gem he proved that Chanel was right to trust him with this, it was followed by Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum. 
It is a specialty that wants to be the retelling of elegance, the praise of male freedom.

An unexpected male spirit. Creation embodies the praise of man and his freedom. 
From the beginning, enveloping, even round, this tour de force comforts a man of extreme freedom; a strong and determined man, bursting with confidence, for whom in this sense fragility remains a secret…

Back to Jacques Polge: success will never leave him, because his perfumes are among the best-selling in the world! We owe to Jacques Polge absolutely mythical essences such as „Allure, Égoïste, Coco Noir, Chance and Antaeus“. In 2012, he retires notwithstanding, leaving his place to his son Olivier Polge.

It is a fragrance that man can easily wear every day and that will appeal to most people! 

The master sees life in pink, or rather in blue with his masculine odeuvre „Bleu“. The luxury brand delivers an unexpected and mysterious perfume in a sober and massive navy blue bottle that houses aromatic and woody scents, a delicious blend of citrus essences, peppermint, ginger, jasmine and pink berries.

Announced as „revolutionary,“ this one seems pretty classic at first glance.

The showpiece draws its freshness first from the Mediterranean, from the citrus fields of Calabria, from the foliage of aromatic herbs, from the heart of vetiver roots, from the melting of cedar wood and the smoothness of sandalwood. A spectacular scenario. It is secondly the amber, almost velvety woods that take over the watery and aromatic freshness.

And for good reason, the attraction created by Jacques Polge is composed of rather unoriginal elements: At the beginning, an „aromatic-woody“ accord of „notes of rose berries, then orange and lemon trees and grapefruit peel, ultimately enriched with extracts of peppermint, nutmeg, ginger, jasmine and cedarwood incense.“

The whole seemed fresh, slightly spicy… and very unexciting!

The square, glass-shaped bottle is dressed in a navy blue, almost black shade concluding. Like its contents, it is intended to be sober and elegant. 
For this new fragrance for men, the perfumer initially chose notes of rose berries, orange and lemon trees and grapefruit peel, refined with extracts of peppermint, nutmeg, ginger, jasmine and cedarwood incense

Description of fragrance Bleu de Chanel 100 ml

Composed by Jacques Polge, the creator, the monument unfolds three acts.

This masterpiece is part of the woody aromas. It opens first with fresh citrus notes and a sparkling opening that lasts for fifteen minutes. 
A fiery burst of freshness permeates the skin. A liberating sense of well-being is diffused. Accord citrus, vetiver, pink berries. 
Virile and delicate, Bleu de Chanel 50ml plays with the association of woody, musky notes with peppermint! Bleu Chanel perfume opens with spicy, sparkling notes of Calabrian lemon, orange and grapefruit.

However, these citrusy notes are quickly reinforced by peppermint, rose berries and nutmeg. Then, secondly, the heart evolves into woody notes (cedar), which still retain some freshness (vetiver) and a touch (ginger), before evolving into even more woody base notes (sandalwood and pa, among others), thirdly.

A sharp burst of energy stimulates the senses.  The heart of the edp is both warm and floral.

The taste of action electrifies at all times. A decisive attack on vitality gains the upper hand. Likewise, grapefruit, dry cedar notes and labdanum appear.

In fact, Jacques Polge consequently combines jasmine with cedarwood, combining the main note with a virile rose-like base note. In the base notes, a combination of rock rose labdanum, patchouli, olibanum and sandalwood brings male seduction to its peak.

So many exceptional raw materials for a virile and irresistible sensuality that offers us Jacques Polge, perfumer of this water.

Moreover, they experience seduction instead. Impenetrable. With a touch of incense, ginger and sandalwood.

An unsubdued, sharp and persistent freshness that immediately won over many men. The eau de parfum version remains faithful to the first Opus, it maintains its clear character.

His enigmatic blue accordingly refuses precise definitions. Too blue to be black, too black to be blue. The praise of masculine freedom in a woody odeur with a captivating trail.

A sensual interpretation where dry amber-like cedar notes bring sensuality and voluptuousness. Woody nutmeg notes and New Caledonian sandalwood give it a special elegance and depth in this case.

But this woody-aromatic essence has even more merits. Its ingredients are of far above average quality.

Flacon – Chanel Bleu Eau de Parfum 50ml – A powerful and elegant flacon

The unexpected and mysterious notes of this epic.

Here the master has decided to see life in blue and offer these gentlemen a work of art with irresistible, mysterious and so masculine charm. The bottle in its sleek, dark blue design already announces the elegance that lies within.

This dense and massive flacon imposes a design in which authority and elegance are one.

The bottle has a square shape with a dark blue, almost black hue. The magnetic cap is round and black in color.

A true Frenchman, his name is written in silver gray on the front of the bottle in a very sober way. You thereby see and experience a free and rebellious work of art, rebellious in the execution of the interpretation.

Consequently: a timeless, unconventional fragrance in an enigmatic blue bottle.

Chanel Bleu de Chanel perfume envelops a person with an irresistible aura that takes us to another world, the thrill of the unknown.

Chanel perfume for men promises to be a revolutionary, natural and intense concentrate.

The eau de toilette offers a generous smell at all times and is sprayed directly onto clothing and respective skin.

Turning the opening sounds the echo of the forest in the heart and in the base sounds a dry cedar, which oxygenates and delights the formula. In this note, the sandalwood sounds like a distant music: the freshness melts! 
It easily lasts all day and even several days on clothes.

The bravura piece proclaims a virile sensuality. Irresistible, it makes you want to get closer to the skin, to feel as close as possible to this carnal song.

It is an unmuted freshness, sharp and lingering, a sudden, vivid emotion….

Yet the composition remains a luxurious and very successful fragrance, suitable for men of all ages and can be worn every day and on all occasions!

It has a perfect sillage and very good durability. For some men, it easily lasts all day.

For an intense sillage throughout the day, a full range of shaving and body products is offered. 
And furthermore, for fans of the house’s refreshing, vibrant aroma, Bleu de Chanel Perfume Men is now available as a shower gel, deodorant stick and aftershave balm, all with a divine flair that combines the warmth of cedar with hints of citrus and spice.

This composition is certainly classic, but thereby also very effective. And in this sense suitable for men of all ages. This is an item that is easy to wear every day.

Conclusion: The big blue – A representative of masculine elegance and freedom.

Continue Bleu de Chanel 150ml is a woody, aromatic surge with amber and musk notes for a man who strives for uniqueness, freeing himself and the man from all constraints.

In this respect, its composition reveals a masculine spirit that determines his destiny with independence and determination. A character that asserts itself precisely where man does not expect it.

A sensual and charismatic breeze, where we naturally find the Sicilian mandarin, orange and lemon, as well as the Haitian vetiver that opened the first composition.

Finally, a woody note accompanies this base note that mixes cedar notes, amber vapors with vanilla and Venezuelan tonka bean.

The bottle of Chanel is extremely elegant in its sleek design and reveals itself in short square, respecting herewith the freedom and identity of the man who is the incarnation of a masculine, as well as delicate.

It has a simple and efficient design with a square shape and a dark blue, almost black shade. The black stopper is round and magnetic.

The free and bold composition of Blue Chanel perfume is mainly anti-conformist, as a tribute to Mademoiselle. Since Blu Chanel combines citrus notes with fresh, aromatic and woody notes, it is consequently as virile as it is delicate.

The brand is written in silver-gray on the front of the bottle. The whole thing basically looks very masculine.

Both fresh and very elegant, the eau de toilette is like no other. Awarded the prize for the best fragrance for men in the early 2010s.  This aromatic fresh tribute to masculinity harmoniously blends aromatic, fresh, woody and citrus notes.

Symbol of freshness, freedom and elegance, this gift idea enchants men with its subtle woody accords and reveals a new level of fragrance, more sensual than ever.

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Odor family: woody
Top notes: Nutmeg, Pink Berry, Peppermint, Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit.
Heart notes: jasmine, cedarwood, vetiver, ginger, dry notes
Base notes: Labdanum Cistus, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Olibanum (Frankincense).

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The product is available in the following sizes:
50 ml & 100 ml & 150ml & as a fragrance set.

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2 thoughts on „Bleu de Chanel“


Elegant and SensualI 
was given a bottle of Bleu de Chanel a few days ago and was actually positively surprised from the beginning about this wonderful scent progression of this watery…
A gift from my sister for Christmas was this bottle, which went to Douglas and said there: my brother needs a perfume that is still smellable, even if he has been out of the room for 10 minutes. 
A timeless, non-conformist after shave contained in this pretty, dark and mysterious packaging with a masculine spirit that will surely make him wear this brand more often!

The seller recommended her Le Bleu and was not even wrong! 
On the contrary, I like it, even as a shower gel or deodorant.

I must say, I knew this smelling water for some time and could not yet finally decide for it. 
I was actually one of those people who didn’t like the blue that much from the start when it was released. 
This wasn’t because I thought Chanel was too „mainstream“ or whatever. 
In the world of perfumery, preferences change all the time and are not the same. For its part, the perfume from the house of Chanel, called „Bleu“, was able to stand out for timeless fragrances that appeal to both men and women.

It was because when I first encountered it in the early 2010s, it was worn by an obnoxious person who just ruined the whole scent for me, saying he wore it to „get women“ etc. I don’t like that kind of thing. 
And I remember him over-spraying himself with it from a bottle he carried around in his bag at the club…
Thus, it was not usable for me. I used it up and didn’t want to buy it again.

Suffice it to say, then, that I have avoided this fragrance for a few years… that is, until now. 
Coming straight to the seductive powers of the product, I must say, there convinces this surge.

Gentlemen will appreciate its refined and masculine character, while the ladies will fall under the spell of this almost beguiling perfume, it is mysterious and intense eau de toilette. 
The durability is very decent for an EdT, the sillage is good and I think the bottle with the cool magnetic closure is awesome! The item works best on lukewarm days.

Discover the peculiarities and fragrances of this fragrance, a men’s fragrance that was launched in 2010, but is still on everyone’s lips today.

It all started in 2010 with the eau de toilette Bleu de Chanel, which is characterized by a „spectacular scenario“. Since then, it has become a true symbol of male anti-conformism. 
It is a decidedly majestic offering that exudes powerful and distinctive waves of scent. 
I think this is a very flexible breeze. One that is relaxed and casual, meaning a jeans & t-shirt scent and one that would also go well with a tie and suit.

Initially, many will be somewhat disappointed, because he comes across too bland and conventional. But please do not test on the test strips and throw away after 2 times smell. Absolutely on the skin and wait. The wait will be worth it, it is an offer, a tribute to man and his freedom. 
There we already have the magic word. Wait

This eau de toilette, created by Jacques Polge, is revealed in three acts. 
It begins with a very nice note of grapefruit, which in my opinion gives the composition such vitality and brightness. 
First of all, it brings a fresh breeze accompanied by a sense of well-being and emancipation. 
To this is added ginger, followed by vetiver, resins and amber. 
This effect is provided by a cleverly devised agreement based on citrus, vetiver and pink berries.

The other main player here is incense. The second act stands out for its dynamic side. 
If I could sum it up, it would be grapefruit, ginger, incense and amber. 
The fragrance evolves into energetic scents that stun the senses and spur them into action. At this level, it invigorates with notes of grapefruit, dry cedar and labdanum. 
Add to that: the pharaohs from ancient Egypt had goats herded through fields of cistus. A little history can’t hurt. 
In the process, the flower resin labdanum got caught in the goat’s beard, which was then cut off and tied around the pharaoh as a false beard.
As chance would have it, this labdanum is the ingredient of this odeuvre.

Honestly, I think Jaques Polge has basically managed to hit all the points here. 
Because labdanum is supposed to reduce stress and increase concentration.

The third act ends with an enchantment of the senses and brings a good dose of security. 
At first, the grapefruit note is very clear.

The perfume then ends on a seductive, mysterious and indefinable note. 
This flavor lasts a relatively long time and finally you can smell the sandalwood and incense very well. 
Its base notes are incense, ginger and sandalwood.

But don’t forget: Waiting is the magic word. The aroma must first unfold on the skin, and you must give the poor man the opportunity to do so, otherwise how can he do it? 
Trust the master. I think Jacques Polge is one of the best perfumers ever! 
I also thought at first „What That’s it? That’s all?“. Then came the surprise. 
But after 1-2 hours it becomes really good. Attractive, charismatic, fresh but still warm…yes I know, no idea how to do that, but the Polge did it. 
The bottle of this brand has a sleek square and massive shape, and its color is a mystery that arouses curiosity. 
This black blue color is powerful, virile, elegant and can be interpreted differently by everyone. 
Powerful and elegant bottle, first unveiled in 2010, is still trendy in this time.

And he keeps apparently very long. So I could perceive the fragrance around the 3-4 hours well…after about 6 hours I met with a buddy and no sooner did we meet, he already asked „perfume?“. 
So far I have tested all Chanel men’s fragrances and found not a single one, which did not suit me. So also with this product! It represents the creation that suits everyone, but not for the same reasons.
It’s not the most amazing or complex or earth-shattering creation out there, but it feels good, and it works like a composition for all seasons.

A very important point for me is the uniqueness, which distinguishes certain brands. This uniqueness I found clearly also here…
If you are new to this provider, Bleu de Chanel is worth a try in my opinion.


Here is my full opinion of the famous Bleu de Chanel. The beauty of the simple. 
A men’s fragrance with a deserved success!

A best seller

Recently, I have become increasingly aware of the men’s fragrances of Chanel and have also increasingly tested the same in perfumeries. 
The still relatively young Bleu de Chanel is highly modern and contemporary, undoubtedly designed for the style-conscious men of today.

When the masterpiece came out, I was as excited as anyone. After all, it’s pretty rare for Chanel to release a new men’s creation that isn’t part of the Allure range. 
The whole packaging, bottle & sprayer are all Chanel typical, beautiful and timeless. This magnetic mechanism is really very cool made.

I tested it and was an immediately impressed. 
I sprayed the essence over and over again. For me it was clear: This water you buy yourself. Said…done.

Blue is a bestseller. In fact, since its release in 2010, it is one of the most popular fragrances ever.

My girlfriend gave me two samples. At first I was critical. He does not dance out of line, but among the all-rounders he is the Mercedes. With the name Chanel I always associate stuffy upscale people. However, I was taught better. 
I smell that in this great dark blue flacon quality is in it. The fresh opening with the woody notes are perfectly matched. 
I sprayed it on my arm and was extremely positively surprised.

Concise, spicy and dark cedar wood with a dash of „masculine eroticism“ distinguishes the heart and virtually shapes him into a small masterpiece of modern perfume craftsmanship.

This success is logical, because Chanel has managed to find the perfect balance between an aroma that appeals to everyone and yet has a strong personality. 
As is so often the case, Monsier Polge’s signature is not one of sprawling complexity, but rather one of seductive masculine elegance, which is the focus here on a grand scale.

The idea is simple and effective, but the work of finding this balance must have been a real headache for Chanel, who managed to create this tribute to masculinity! 
Because beauty of a perfume does not always have to be created by the most complicated possible juxtaposition and composition of countless fragrances.

And here, after all, is the crux of the matter: because in Bleu I can bathe and he still smells quiet and unobtrusive. 
Suitable it is actually for all activities. Whether casual or casual.

Balance. This is the most important word that comes to mind when I think of this perfume. 
A well suited everyday fragrance or for a relaxing evening in a bar.

An enigma, not a neutral, boring appearance, but a bold elegance that goes a long way. 
It reminds me a bit of Davidoff’s Cool Water, a less fresh and much darker version of it. 
Its composition is both pure and elegant. 
In fact, this composition is fresh thanks to its accord of citrus and pink berries, virile and mysterious thanks to incense, ginger and sandalwood, and energetic thanks to its notes of grapefruit and dry cedar. 
This breath of freshness doesn’t smell so ordinary to me either. 
It really starts off very nicely. 
It belongs to the category of woody fragrances with an intense, captivating base.

To start, a tame lemon and a touch of vétiver spreads. 
This eau de toilette opens with a touch of freshness and then gains lushness while being magnified by New Caledonian sandalwood.

After a while, a gentle pepper note develops, like the delicate dawn in Bali, warming like the slowly rising morning sun. 
The pink pepper and vetiver go perfectly together, and the citrus notes make the prelude not so aggressive.

The heart note forms a grapefruit, which slowly ripens a little and invites you to bite into it, as well as a hint of a young cedar. The whole thing is supported by the cedar and the grapefruit. 
Then it becomes a bit tart fruity and then goes into the for me totally beautiful warm elements, which I totally love!

Bleu de Chanel is in one word: classic. The way the top note of citrus contrasts with the woodiness as it dries down is commendable. 
Everything seems really nice and simple. That’s where the strength lies. 
To me, it smells nice and fresh but still not too sporty.

Hours later comes the third stage, not too heavy sandalwood with a dash of ginger ale. 
The drydown occurs after a few hours. It joins the ginger and again the sandalwood. Incense I also perceive something.

An enigmatic gem full of mystery, this specialty can be interpreted in a thousand ways, and that explains its deserved success! 
It looks simple, elegant, fresh and masculine woody, is strong, certainly something that will make some heads turn.

This monument has something very special for me. Fresh in a noble way.

It is really very well composed, one of those rare attractions that manage to appeal to the largest number of people, but without forgetting a strong personality. 
It is pleasing, which is not exactly a minus point. 
Once again we find a fragrance that perfectly represents male freedom. 
People will like it on you, because it is not one that stands out negatively, rather the opposite!

Bleu de Chanel confirms its timeless character, but not only that. The bottle also looks very classy. It is indeed an unconventional smelling water, whose blue bottle stands out with its mysterious side. 
The bottle is remarkable. Anyone who has dealt a little with Chanel should know that the brand captivates with timeless, puristic elegance, which was also implemented here in the best possible way. 
Who is looking for an aroma that is uncomplicated, but still high quality, which could have his joy with this perfume.

Hold it against the sunlight and turn it a little, then it shimmers purple, on the shelf it is black and otherwise shines in a blue, so definitely not boring. 
One thing is for sure, it is a very masculine odeuvre that evokes confidence and self-assurance.

The durability is great, it easily cracks the 6 hour mark, really lasts extremely long. The projection is simply very very good.

In any case, it is an ideal perfume for men who want to stand out and do not want to submit to any code. 
It becomes a „multifuntional“ concentrate with very pleasant to wear.

It is for those who want to stand out from the crowd and take their destiny into their own hands with determination and a strong desire for independence. 
This artwork is suitable for every day and is always well received. Its lengthy effect speaks for itself. 
I get when I wear it, the most compliments and it also lasts a very long time with me, 2Spritzer applied in the morning, and in the evening I still notice him.

Bleu de Chanel is for those who want to assert themselves in an unexpected way. 
When to wear the little water? For me also an all-round fragrance. It almost always fits. Recommended for a delicate first date with the dream woman in a dignified restaurant, at lunch with the charming and crisp lawyer colleague, when you surprise your mother with a bouquet of flowers.

Aromatic fresh for every day and every occasion, really neat, chic, masculine, sexy – just wonderfully attractive!!! Is not too penetrating, but still striking. 
But until the sillage unfolds properly it takes about 40min! 
For an elegant event in the evening, this gift idea is a touch too restrained. 
Nevertheless, as a man you will certainly get many compliments.

The bearer of this stroke of genius doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone, he is the proof. He is not a creative mind, but he knows how to do it.

The men who wear it leave a generous and charming trace. 
Yes, Bleu manages to be all these things at once! And that’s how he managed to make so many men love him. Everyone can find in a perfume what he likes.

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