Calvin Klein Eternity

Calvin Klein Eternity 50ml is a perfume full of romance and poetry. A feminine fragrance like a sensual romantic flower meadow in summer. More info, tips, bestsellers and current offers here:

Eternity 100ml Calvin Klein’s love story

In fact, Calvin Klein Eternity 50ml is inspired by two love stories. In 1986, the master married the photographer Kelly Rector. The Duke of Windsor once gave his wife a wedding ring, purchased at auction, with the word „Eternity“ engraved between diamonds.

 She was to become his wife at that time against all odds. The symbol of eternal love was born.   Following this, Calvin Klein offered his wife the same ring, a kind of love pledge „for Eternity“. 
Calvin Klein then wanted Sophia Grojsman to design a perfume to match this beautiful story. 
For this work of art is thus not only the precursor of a revolutionary CK One, but a powerful, contrasting fragrance, the composition of which was then worked on for months by the then specialist in timeless fragrances, Sophia Grojsman, who created Trésor and Paris, among others.

In 1994 and then again in 1999, she received the Cosmetic Executive Women’s Achiever Award for her work in perfumery. She also received the Living Legend Award from the American Society of Perfumers in 1996.

In 1985, designer Sophia Grojsman explored the sensual and fiery universe of a woman given to passion.

She created for consequently this epic to receive a fresh, herbal opening with notes of mandarin, bergamot and clary sage with a heart of flowers of majestic roses, jasmine, lily of the valley and lilac.

 The result was a glowing blend of floral notes and warm, amber spices. It is noteworthy that Sophia Grojsman for the first time in this heart note used a reconstitution of freesia, a very graceful and colorful flower that beguiles especially with its sweet touch.

In other words, a real opulent fragrance that rises to citrus jellies. With it, Calvin Klein expands its search for the feminine ideal. A woman dreaming of the romantic attachment tastes of sensuality, romance and at the same time leaves a taste of lust.

This composition is built on a huge bouquet of white flowers, symbol of purity. It consists of lily of the valley, white lily, freesia and the most feminine of all flowers, the rose! This delicate fragrance is refined by spices such as cloves and woody notes such as sandalwood. The later longer lasting base note is warm and sensual thanks to patchouli and musk.

Thus, the rose-loving perfumer used her talents to create a composition based on the alchemy of opposites. 
A smelling water, then, full of sincerity, a timeless gem that will make every woman who wears it a vow of eternal partnership. 
As was only learned later, Calvin Klein rejected the first proposal as being out of character.

The teams had to go back to work to translate the impressions of the creator, whose feeling, accurate and precise, has always paved the way to success. 
He then finally accepted the second, which would become Eternity Eau de Parfum, the real symbol of love and rebellion.

It took as long as a pregnancy, nine months and more than a hundred attempts, for Eternity to see the light of day.

He did not want simple handles on the flacon. He wanted to offer women, without bowing to consensus, a real olfactory commitment. A new kind of fragrance – with a personality that is unmistakable through this! The recipe for a smell that is sincere and therefore timeless.

The Chronicle of Perfume

After the success of his ready-to-wear collections, Calvin Klein triumphantly entered the arena of aroma manufacturing. In 1988, he presented the brand „Eternity“.

The masterpiece is rich in symbols and tokens of affection. 
It embodies the first sensations of love, happiness and an open and sincere smile.

 Its notes are as contrasting as its bottle, and its duality is its strength. His fragrance is pure and keeps constant like constant desire. One of the great successes of Calvin Klein.

This showpiece resonates in perfumery with its timeless global success, CK One of course! But the perfume house had already developed some great fragrances before his bestseller, including Obsession, the very first, and Calvin Klein Eternity 100m in 1988.

The very name of this offer for ladies „Eternity“ seems to sum up what passion is. It is very simple and yet evokes a whole range of emotions and conjures up the ideal idea of timeless, the romantic, heartfelt and sincere love. This is what many women and men still dream of today.

It already had the beauty of new chords in her bottle, and this gorgeous feminine tones with its explosive contrasts also seems to have a taste… Infinity!

Calvin Klein Eternity Woman equally bridges the gap between the wise floral scents – designs of the 80s (Paris) and those of the 90s (Trésor, Pleasures), which are already considered classics, while their construction and style are decidedly modern and timeless.

So many flowers to evoke tenderness and feminine softness! But the carnation will prick this precious heart with its lively and spicy scents to add a touch of boldness.
It looks opulent to finally take us in a mysterious and sensual wind of sandalwood, amber and white musk.

A fragrance of scandal, an eau de romane, a vow of undying devotion, this creation has marked the world of perfumery thanks to all its symbols.

In this sense, it is a symbol of timelessness and universality. Since its debut in 1988, the magnificence has maintained the notions of romance, temperament, intimacy and commitment also through its advertising images. (We have included an old promotional video at the bottom of the page).

In fact, women and men in all times and countries have always made love the strongest feeling there is.  These values are still strongly aligned with today’s life.

Calvin Klein has therefore made his perfume a kind of magic potion for all lovers of the earth. Also, the message seems to please the ladies, thinking about the exemplary longevity of this extraordinary attraction.

Description of fragrance Calvin Klein Eternity : A sweet floral fragrance for dreamy and romantic women

It is a sensual, modern, romantic fragrance of intense femininity. This refined work of art, bursting with beauty, opens to the generous sensuality of beguiling flowers, powdery woods and gourmet fruits.  

Calvin Klein Eternity 30ml is an odeuvre that is discovered over time like a beautiful love story, as written created by the famous perfumer Sofia Grosjman. It is an exclusive composition that invites intimacy thanks to a tonic freshness combined with a deep sensuality.

It looks like a huge bouquet of white flowers, the very symbol of purity. This delicate blend is composed of lily of the valley, white lily, freesia and the most feminine flower there is: the rose. 
Its structure combines, first, a fresh opening with a warm heart and base built around an original accord of velvety musk, a peace agreement. 
The heart is mainly rose and lily of the valley, the base is wood, sandalwood and amber.

However, this very rosy floral fragrance is secondly enhanced by some spices and woody notes. The clove gives it more character. Likewise, sandalwood makes it more enveloping.

A romantic floral fragrance inspired by the idea of lasting appreciation and intimacy.
 As for tangerine, it refreshes the whole. Finally, thirdly, patchouli sublimates its beguiling effect, while amber warms the whole with a caress of sunshine. 
This harmonious blend of classic and modern is the perfect combination of timelessness and modern elegance. 
It is a fragrance as unique as the man or woman who wears it.

It embodies the contrast between pink-violet and sandalwood-amber chords.

So it’s not the wise sparkle we think it is, quite the opposite. On the contrary, it symbolizes the break between the floral and open fragrances of the 90s (Trésor…) and the opulent fragrances of the 80s (Opium, Poison…).

Eternity is at a crossroads and does not hesitate to play with its floral splendor to better enchant us with its spicy and woody depths.


Accordingly, if this top performance is particularly poetic, so are the aesthetics. The bottle is very elegant and shows pure lines. 
The glass display case is topped with a rectangle resting on a silver ring. This showcase promises to be slim, with a silver ring above….

Of course, this cabochon is a reference to the wedding ring that Calvin Klein gave his future wife. In fact, in this respect, it is a reference to the story of the famous alliance of the Duke of Windsor with his wife.

But only informed consumers will have discovered this secret.

Calvin Klein here signs a perfume full of sincerity, a timeless epic that will make every woman who wears it a vow of eternal love.

It is firstly a bright floral bouquet, which is secondly delicately enhanced by spicy, woody and green notes. A romantic fragrance that embodies the values of boundless affection.

Eternity Perfume – Harmonious – Eternal – Soulful – Luxurious

Eternity Calvin Klein 100 ml evokes the ideal of romantic, true and sincere energy. This is what many men and women dream of today.

The first notes are those of a juicy cocktail of raspberries, lychee, melon and guava.

Combine the sensations aroused by pure happiness and transparent love.

The top note is then completed by a very elegant floral heart in which you can detect water lily, sweet peony, sensual jasmine and passion flower.

 This composition is underlined by woody chords, while the musk present in the base notes has the power to make you extremely sensual.

In other words, this symbol of eternal tenderness, this timeless image of reliability, Calvin Klein wanted to offer to every woman who wears this perfume.

It awaits a white floral bouquet delicately refined with spicy, woody and green notes. 
And accompanies you at every turn and in every situation. Its floral fragrance composition guarantees that you will always feel extremely feminine and attractive.

If Eternity were a woman, she would be a tall, dark-haired, straight-eyed girl, a student of literature, romantic, wise, but a bit mysterious and intriguing.

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Fragrance family: floral
Top notes: Citrus, green notes, mandarin, freesia and sage.
Heart notes: lily, carnation, violet, jasmine, marigold, lily of the valley, rose and narcissus.
Base notes: Sandalwood, amber, patchouli, musk and heliotrope.

What is the price? What sizes are available?

Eternity is available in the following sizes:
30 ml & 50 ml & 100ml & as a fragrance set.

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2 thoughts on „Calvin Klein Eternity“


The curse of abstemious desire 
„Eternity“ 200ml is indeed eternal. Created in the late eighties, it was one of the fragrances of the nineties- cool, straight, spicy, yet somehow authoritative. 
It has always been my secret love and has been re-bought again and again. 
Bought the perfume in the 90s, and have it in my collection since then. 
I think I have now already the 13th bottle with me stand and I always come back to you.

Carved for all time in the minds of the public by the unfussy beautiful Christy Turlington as the face of a campaign that for once did not focus on seduction, but on permanence. 
The masterpiece is meant to symbolize eternity. A constant passion? An endless fragrance that you never forget?! 
It was my first aroma and my only one that I always repurchase. And where I also times 100 ml leerbekam.

At the latest from the two-thousands, the work of art then got the status of a modern evergreen. 
Because this smelling water is really the hammer… Freesia and lily of the valley, two fragrances that I like very much, are definitely the main players here in this romantic telenovela á la Grey’s Anatomy. 
It’s a modern classic that flooded the market and was an instant success.

Even today it is still fashionable and repurchased by many wearers for the tenth, fifteenth, twentieth time. 
Eternity simply fits always and everywhere. This is what every woman dreams of today. This symbol of eternal love, this timeless image of infinity, the label CK wanted to give every woman who wears this creation, „diamond perfume“ I find a successful expression!

He has that certain something, there is nothing comparable. 
Rightly so! Because despite all straightforwardness and frills, this top performance manages to exist calmly in a conspicuous mass of ever faster and more numerous subsequent fragrance launches and to say with all clarity: „Here I am and I stay, because only I am so“. 
Nowadays, this monument is not as unique as it used to be, but he is still a very recognizable odeuvre and I still get into perfect moods regardless of where I perceive him.

For me personally, it was the first and in the form also the only gush that did not let me go from the first encounter. 
I applaud Calvin Klein for creating such a doozy that easily redefined fragrances in the 80s.

Discovered by chance as a fragrance page in an issue of „Elle“, since then full of awe and admiration sniffed the greatest women I knew: The favorite teacher, the much older sister of a friend, finally my mom.
Compared to the other items of this decade, Eternity 30ml would have been a breath of fresh air. 
I couldn’t believe how sweet this offering was when I first applied it to my skin. 
Romantic, eternal, luxurious and infinite evokes the ideal of romantic, true and sincere love. 
It’s a sweet powdery perfume, what smells like carnation powdery from the beginning to the end. 
I was expecting something crisp and fresh, but what I got was something very different, very floral and green. 
I still notice other floral notes of lily of the valley, intensely fragrant white lily, some narcissus, sage and jasmine! 
Everything starts with an explosion of freshness thanks to juicy mandarin, juicy citrus and freesia with sage that envelop the skin in light fruity nuances. 
I would describe the top notes as fruity and fresh.

I especially like the hint of dryness, which is a soft, floral, clean skin scent that really complements my skin chemistry. 
These powdery notes dominate for me all the time.

The heart is a floral bouquet of peony, lily of the valley, lily, violet and narcissus, supported by the sensual amber, sandalwood and precious musk as base notes, bringing to life the attraction and power of a beautiful love story. 
In the base still unite at the end heliotrope, which gives powderiness to this tour de force, a hint of white musk and a touch of sandalwood.

For me, it’s the perfect lily of the valley and carnation notes mixed with a tangy citrus note and a bright and addictive floral. 
And that’s no small thing, knowing that jasmine and carnation can easily ruin a perfume for me individually… no matter what other lovely notes may be present, but in Eternity 50 ml both live in wonderful harmony among the other notes. 
It’s rather soft and musky, yet quite classic and somewhat formal. Rather, it is pleasantly soapy, powdery. Throughout the day, it doesn’t really change but remains constantly harmonious. 
This epic evolves on my skin floral-spicy with powdery-sensual finish.

It’s all a sparkling fresh green with freesia and dries down on a heliotrope base. 
Like a small fruit basket, which is then displaced by a whole range of powdery notes. 
One thing definitely stays with this romantic perfume forever, the aromatic sage and the beautifully powdery smelling carnation with heliotrope!

The fragrance notes create a coherent overall picture for me right from the start.

In my personal opinion, I would find this aroma a bit too strong for casual wear. 
This olfactory secret weapon should be used judiciously. 
Overdosed, it can quickly lead to headaches and nasal muffle in some, in particularly difficult cases even to nausea. 
Used purposefully, it makes especially male admirers stiff necks and creates female envious eyes that almost fall out.

I find it feminine, elegant and timeless. It is not too heavy, yet sweet, but still has a certain „clarity“, lightness.

A wonderful choice if you want a fresh flower with great sillage and longevity, and these days it’s not as ubiquitous as it used to be. 
But by the way, I also think it comes close to resembling Sun, Moon and Stars, which I don’t like at all. 
It smells so similar to Sun Moon Stars by Lagerfeld – Eternity 100 ml I find clearer though, Sun Moon Stars is sweeter, spicier, a hint oriental. 
For me as a little sow bear, it is a real must on the shelf. It is absolutely timeless, as is the flacon. Straightforward and simple, just as I prefer.

I love this fragrance. When I wear this showpiece, I always get compliments. It is not at all intrusive, you can use it at work and also in your free time. 
I prefer to have it on my body in the fall, but think you can definitely get comfortable with it all year round. 
The sillage is a fresh and elegant floral. What about the durability? Hello, I am a child of the 80s! Smell me all the time and all day long! Enjoy me. 
Eternity has risen to classic for me, and fits (almost) every occasion!

In this epic captures the deep and exhilarating feeling of a new relationship, when two people realize that boundlessness begins now. They come together in a moment of profound clarity, with emotion transcending the physical and raw power of their unexpected and undeniable connection.

A bouquet of white flowers, delicately underlaid with spicy, woody and green notes, a masterpiece for eternity. 
So please morning, noon and evening one spray each on the neck and wrists!


My first great love…

Eternity is a big, bold, inexhaustible, super-sleek, *very* floral perfume by Sophia Grojsman. 
I will never forget that moment when my virgin teenage nose was captivated by this fragrance in 1993.

It was not my first product, that was Oilily, but I was just 16 years old when I wore it. 
I was instantly enchanted and almost speechless.

It is such an aroma that you like and immediately…or not, which I can not understand now…
When soon after, humbled and overjoyed, a Douglas sample in my hands, everything began to make sense. On the booklet of the sample was a spoken declaration of love from Calvin Klein to his wife. Pure. Clear. Radiant. Absolutely timeless. 
The words love and eternity have been associated with this gem for me ever since.

Today I can not even say whether I got it as a gift, because I wanted it, whether I just got it or even bought myself. 
It was the very first odeur of Calvin Klein, which I have smelled.

I associate it with a scene from Robin Hood – King of Thieves: Kevin Costner washes himself in a lake under a waterfall and Maid Marian watches him blushing. I find this scene very romantic and I love nature.

It smells clear to me in the first place and then clear again.

Anyway, this top performance was in my bathroom, yes I had my own one bedroom apartment at 16, and was on the top shelf. 
In a light, upbeat way that doesn’t let up in the complete course. 
Yes what can I say, I loved it. 
I would have loved to crawl under my own skin, that’s how fascinating I found it. For many years. 
Eternity was my second perfume to my number one at the time „Tresor“ by Lancome. Only I loved that one more, I wore it on dates, to go out,…
For me this masterpiece was something very special. Fresh, feminine, well-groomed, sexy – I felt desirable.

It was my fragrance for daily and if I take it seriously, I have much more everyday situations. 
I find it feminine, elegant and timeless. It is not too heavy, yet sweet, but still has a certain „clarity“, lightness.

Anyway, I always felt good with it, whether to work or sports. 
A diamond perfume I find a successful expression! 
The aroma presents itself ceaselessly and persistently to the mind of the wearer (and all those in the immediate vicinity).

It is the only fragrance in my life on which I was once approached. 
The smell is suitable for everyday use and yet seductive. It is pure clear and green.

I honestly can not even describe how the composition smells, because you just have to have smelled him once yourself. 
I have great difficulty classifying this creation in the known categories. For this, a new category should be invented: that, as already written above, the „diamond“ fragrances!

Like YSL PARIS, also a Grojsman creation, Eternity is a true floral icon, a name that would best fit one of these two, among others, launched around the same time. 
I can not smell out all the ingredients, it’s just wonderful.

It unfolds on the floral heritage of the brand, with a touch of freshness from juicy mandarin, freesia and lemon that envelops the skin in light fruity nuances and exudes a characteristic youthful energy. 
Yes, that’s how I want to smell. 
A spicy clove in a bouquet of beautiful flowers, a splash of citrus that refreshes the green notes.

The heart notes bloom with a floral bouquet of violet, jasmine, carnation and rose. 
But here the rose doesn’t dominate and is even downplayed, alongside an assortment of other multi-colored flowers that really drown out most of the non-floral elements from start to finish. 
Lily of the valley is bright and clean, and is a great complement to the soft and creamy carnation.

I perceive these wonderful floral notes of the heart note, but only subliminally. Very pleasant.

It is a strong floral motif invading your face, which can not really be underestimated , to pass into a soft veil of cashmere and traces of sensual patchouli, sandalwood and precious musk that express the attraction and power of a beautiful love story that is being born.

I find jasmine always takes up a lot of space in a perfume, but in this one, the florals stay subtly in the background and I like that. It is as if the flowers float in clear air….

It smells so similar to Sun Moon Stars by Lagerfeld. However, I find it clearer, Sun Moon Stars is sweeter, spicier, a touch oriental.

Calvin Klein’s artwork with the iconic designs of the bottle, based on the classic shape and interpreting it in a fresh and contemporary way. 
A long time ago I also had it in miniature.

The transparent glass bottles are wider on the sides and have a heavier base, creating a more luxurious feel. 
The smelling water is bottled in an unassuming, timeless but elegant bottle. And I love the simple yet mundane.

The links between a man and a woman are expressed through the harmonious silhouettes of the bottles with their subtle references to the classic shapes. 
Even today I love this smell.

The romantic tones add warmth and energy to the design.

Then at some point came the day when my big bottle was empty and I have not bought it again because I wanted to try so many other fragrances. 
Since then, many years have passed and quite a few bottles have accompanied my way. 
Then, after all these years, I totally forgot about the specialty. 
Over time, many variations: Moment, Love, Purple Orchid, Rose Blush, Summer … have been added. But none of these variations live up to the claim of the original!

But the other day again all my samples fell into my hands, including Eternity. Somewhere out of nowhere this sample comes along and like, like, like, it’s bad. 
I sprayed it on and felt directly back in time.

This tribute to femininity has risen to classic status for me, and fits almost any occasion! 
It is so delicate and light, yet has such an insane statement. I love it natural, fresh and slightly floral. 
I think you can also wear it always, whether winter whether summer, whether at home in bed or at a big event.

It elates me, it feels delicate and light and like you can do anything with it, an all-rounder, wonderful!

After testing again, I then decided to add the gift idea back to my collection. Especially since it is an odeuvre that fits my personality.
Rightly, this perfume was once advertised with the image of a couple in love. This is how „Being in love“ smells: longing, magic, happiness, beauty, bliss, joy and security underlie this masterpiece.

When I wear this attraction changes my charisma and I feel like carried on clouds. 
And impression can be made with him also, he smells actually very noble and maturely considered, although unfortunately no great sillage is present, but the durability is really good. 
It lasts a long time, so you only have to spray very little.

It is still so beautiful, not at all stale – it really is destined for eternity. This was probably obviously already agreed in 1988 when the name was given. 
Anyway, I smell it immediately when a woman uses this epic and I still think it’s great. 
A woman who wears this gush needs neither jewelry nor makeup, because she enchants her surroundings with the unique aura of „being in love“.

Creation has always reminded me of something a girl next door would wear. 
I was on the hunt again the other day for the scent for me. I didn’t find one. The reason is probably that I have already found it in Eternity.

I am happy to have found him again.

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