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Calvin Klein Ck One 200ml – Simple and elegant the fruity unisex fragrance for all day.

Just try CK One 200ml. This fragrance is a classic in elegant packaging.

 It is considered by many as a kind of modern eau de cologne. Thus, this first product establishes a link between the beginnings of our current perfumery and our contemporary conception of all essences. The result is that this odeur is multi-talented and inspires every day.

In other words, probably the most famous unisex perfume in the world.

Haute couture house Calvin Klein made its first steps in aroma design with the sultry and very sensual Obsession, but it was with the very fresh new product that fame would come a few years later.

The 80s and their powerful, opulent fragrances, characterized by either a sensual femininity or a heightened masculinity, are gradually disappearing from the shelves, giving way to the 90s and their beautiful iodized or floral freshness.

New fragrances are created that become classics.

L’Eau d’Issey, for example, will open this very natural interlude, or Calvin Klein’s Eternity is also heading towards it, and CK One 100ml will not only continue on this path, but also add the androgynous and innovative touch of the moment that will make it a cult perfume.

If Calvin Klein One has been so successful in its release, it is because it has chosen a bold and avant-garde approach. In fact, through him Calvin Klein decided to appeal to a female and male audience alike.

Thus, both women and men feel comfortable and recognized here. This is the gush that ladies and gentlemen women find irresistibly attractive and recognize themselves exactly here.

In this sense, it can be said that this fragrance really had everything to succeed, a very „trendy“ communication campaign, a unisex image just at the right time, but above all an original and purely perfumed composition.

Perfumers Alberto Morillas and Harry Frémont, a nose drawn to constant innovation, have combined their talents to create a Ck 1 that is as fresh as it is sensual, as floral as it is masculine or feminine. Americans and Europeans alike are won over. Ultimately, the whole world has fallen in love with this multi-faceted scent.

This masterpiece is an offering that surfs the unisex wave and is a somewhat bland aesthetic emblem of the 90s. It was an instant success in France as well as in the rest of Europe and the United States. Just a few months after its launch, the product was already leading sales of unisex fragrances.

The fragrance enchants the wearer with the finest notes, making the best possible appearance in public. You will be remembered by this sillage for a long time.

 That is why CK One 200 ml is a very invigorating and particularly stimulating essence.  In this case, it even looks like a modern eau de cologne. Its freshness comes directly from a green tea accord, which is first combined with the bite of bergamot and the exoticism of pineapple.

Further, this develops into a floral and transparent heart.

Rose, violet and hedion are associated with the lightness of jasmine.

However, for more olfactory vitality, this enormous floral bouquet is combined with a touch of spices, especially nutmeg. Cardamom, for its part, only enhances the lingering freshness of the whole.

Ck One 300 ml or the art of reconciling innovation and return to the roots of perfume art.

Finally, it ends with a sunny association of amber and musk. The base of this composition is a sensual combination of animalic musk, cedar and amber. Under its airy, breezy air, this offering here is a very sensual scent, with very beguiling base, middle and top notes!

Description of fragrance Calvin Klein CK One 100 ml – The fragrance of the 90s.

But beyond its mixture, it remains a fairly simple spray fragrance. This one plays mainly with citrus aromas. Thus, it plays with a lemon and bergamot accord, which is complemented by green tea and a few aromatic aromas.

It starts firstly with top notes of bergamot, lemon and tangerine, which are very characteristic of cologne for men.  

The perfume shows a light summer day. Floral, fruity, hearty, lively and light, it shows, in short, the joy of life that comes from these components.

This eau de toilette opens with original notes of juicy tangerine, papaya, light bergamot and lemon. The rather floral heart then develops secondly an aromatic harmony of violet, jasmine, lily of the valley and rose, to which nutmeg brings a spicy note.

At first glance, it gives a rather masculine identity. However, some floral notes complement the beginning. Especially jasmine makes it more elegant. With this classic fragrance, gentlemen and ladies of today show that it is close to nature and modern attitude, but still can rely on classics.

Finally, thirdly, Ck One 75ml even takes on a very American facet in its base, even somewhat aseptic. The base note mixes musk, woody aromas and amber notes.

To preserve this idea of freshness and offer an elixir suitable for both men and women, it belongs to the family of citrus aromas.

However, the heart, composed of jasmine, rose, lily of the valley and iris, brings a certain touch of femininity and delicacy. The base, very aromatic, is articulated around creations of cedar, sandalwood and oak moss.

The application of this special smelling water is uniquely beautiful and very pleasant to wear.

This tour de force is, in other words, the fragrance par excellence of the 90s and can already boast of having shaped an entire generation of consumers.

Calvin Klein, American designer and stylist, a pioneer in the world of simple and elegant ready-to-wear, diversified his activity by introducing the brand’s first women’s perfume in 1978. 

With the creation of the perfume Calvin Klein also wanted to awaken the desire for an intense life. The perfume was launched in 1994 and brought a real revolution in the world of perfumery: fragrances are no longer divided between sweet, feminine aromas and strong, masculine sensations.

Flacon A very sensual unisex fragrance

The design of the bottle is reminiscent of a kind of glass pumpkin, inspired by a bottle of Jamaican rum.

Its minimalist and modern bottle is clad in polished transparent glass, with an aluminum cap reminiscent of an elegant, provocative bottle. No one can say whether its slim silhouette is more masculine or feminine.

As for the sandblasted glass, it is always particularly fashionable. Finally, the whole thing is topped with a screw cap similar to that of a water bottle. 
Unisex fragrances are perfect for anyone who wants to define their own identity.

Since its inception, it has become mainstream for both men and women, with communication very much focused on gender equality.

And last but not least, the most important detail: it is in an ecological case made of recycled cardboard and assembled without glue stitches.

Here, too, Calvin Klein proved its very avant-garde spirit back in 1995 by addressing a topic that is now at the heart of current events: respect for the environment. 
This is how women feel comfortable and recognized here. This is the fragrance that men and women find irresistibly attractive and recognize themselves exactly here.

Conclusion : CK One fresh slightly bluish – the symbol of the 90s.

The first and most famous unisex perfume in the world. Described as pure, fresh and airy, the composition was entrusted to the great Spanish perfumer Alberto Morillas, who is the origin of the greatest successes in the creation of scents. The epic is suitable for both women and men who are in harmony with themselves and with others.

Among the many successes of the brand Calvin Klein, CK 1 is undeniably one of the bestsellers. This extraordinary juice was born in the mid-90s, amid a wave of transparent fragrances. It is a kind of breeze by the sea that flies towards you when you take in this smell.

Moreover, it is more than an essence, it is considered a „social“ fragrance. In fact, Calvin Klein clearly wanted to surf the androgynous trend of the time with the attraction. In short, a unique experience for the senses that never fails to delight.

The olfactory water is fresh, it reveals after a while a hidden sensuality with notes of musk, amber and sandalwood. Creating a freshness that lasts is one of the keys to its success,“ says perfumer Harry Frémont about his Odeur.

In fact, the artists not only had the idea to use innovative ingredients such as Hedione for this work of art, but they also had the good idea to compose the fragrance along three complementary but different lines: Freshness, Floral and Sensuality.

Calvin Klein creations are painstakingly handcrafted by Calvin Klein perfumers and contain exclusive ingredients.

It leads us into a world of authenticity. With him, people who are very different seem to be able to find themselves in one and the same attitude.

A true symbol of the 90s, CK one perfume is characterized by an alluring and authentically sexy simplicity that is part of a symbolic and timeless trend.

Bergamot, lemon and tangerine are thus magnified by the famous Hedione note. But the floral heart gives this unisex fragrance an extremely delicate feminine aspect, exuding jasmine, rose, lily of the valley and iris.

Finally, the woody depths of Ck One 50 ml bring a touch of sensual mystery, a touch that definitely modernizes this citrus floral base. Thus, the creation becomes not an eau de cologne, but a bestseller of the highest class, the sillage is impressive.

Moreover, Calvin Klein got the idea for his creation while watching his teenage children with their friends. They all seemed very different and yet so close to each other….

It advocates values such as honesty and open-mindedness. The perfume is synonymous with freedom and is for all people who want to live the way they want. In this case, Calvin Klein One is a perfume for women and men. 
Let yourself be convinced by this offer.

What is the cost of the offer?

You can find the current prices above:

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What fragrances are included?

Fragrance family: fruity-floral
Top notes: Neroli, Amalfi lemon and raspberry.
Heart notes: jasmine, African orange blossom and gardenia.
Base notes: Patchouli, white honey and amber.

What is the price? What sizes are available?

The icon of the 90s is available in the following sizes:
50 ml & 100 ml & 200ml & as a fragrance set.

Where can I buy the fragrance?

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2 thoughts on „CK ONE“


CK One is such a fragrance that has been with me for almost half my life and I never tire of it. Why is that? 
Much more than a simple perfume, it conveys a universal message. It is a social elixir aimed at all authentic individuals, cultivating open-mindedness and honesty. 
I’ve been wearing it for so long perhaps because it’s just such a fundamentally honest product that combines a few different notes but never loses its main character.

He is a real star in the cosmetics or beauty department, and he is on everyone’s lips, transparent androgynous fragrance. 
The aroma of our teenage years, the cult brand in turn celebrates its xt anniversary and youth every now and then. 
This has almost changed my attitude towards Calvin Klein, as I never considered the label a truly memorable perfume house, producing fragrances that could become legendary over time. Who knows, probably CK was never meant to create sublime, heavy fragrances, but rather sanguine and happy, carefree tramps.

An opportunity to breathe a touch of nostalgia in the minds of some. In Berlin, Natasha remembers her lemony tail, a hint of childishness, with a more masculine touch, thinking of her first boyfriend. An aroma that Sarah describes as her „first student love.“

It has exceptional longevity and has literally won over a whole generation of young people. 
The first unisex fragrance has left a lasting impression, especially on those who once appreciated it and still do!

Created in 1994, it is one of the first major androgynous perfumes in history. 
When it came out, it helped redefine the lines of modern odeuvres because it blurred social and gender boundaries and offered a liberation from conventions and the status quo by breaking the rules. 
Its freshness makes it one of the most appreciated juices in the world. 
It is an eau de toilette for men and women, with a unique sillage that is suitable for both women and men

The article is a mixture that arrived in the midst of the transparent wave of the 1990s to reach the sales peak of that era. 
This brand, synonymous with freedom, was designed in the image of all those who live their lives as they wish. It dares a disturbing anti-conformism and is characterized by an aromatic and citrusy breath. 
I really like this eau de toilette because it is a fresh, modern and discreet fragrance.

For me, it’s all about citrus and how it’s been modified to last incredibly long. 
It belongs to the citrus family, the fragrances that contain citrus notes. 
Citrus, and lemon in particular, evoke warmth, Mediterranean mountainsides, and so on. 
In CK One, the top notes are a fresh blend of bergamot, lemon, tangerine and green tea. It opens with herbs & citrus, very fresh with sharpness underneath.

The lemon is not the warm smell of Italy or a similar place, but has a stark, crisp severity. 
I just love it. Sweet, refreshing, lovely. 
As an essential oil, it might last an hour at most, but here it lasts half a day.
In the heart, floral accords of jasmine, violet, nutmeg and rose dissolve. 
Soon the flower comes over – just lovely. I can not distinguish between the individual flowers, I leave that to the trained noses.

I also have a hard time naming the other notes, but there is a leafy green, and it could be a green tea note, or maybe it’s the combination of light floral notes and green notes.

It is not intoxicating, it is simple and you just feel good. 
And its base is a combination of cedar, musk and amber.

Everyone knows this green, slightly floral freshness, behind which a few more green, spicy notes slip and yet leave room for musk and amber to spread a warm blanket around it.

At the end of the time it becomes fantastically caramel and rich.

It reminds me a bit of Dunhill Fresh, and perhaps it is the muted violet note that I detect. 
Nevertheless, the freshness remains the all-encompassing theme, clear and natural, yet present throughout the day. 
I would definitely wear it during the coldest, snowiest, most miserable winter to remind me of the warm, bright sunny days to come. 
A safe and faithful companion throughout the day, without sparseness or loss, in all circumstances, in the office, at the party or during leisure time. 
It is more for young people up to 35 years, but wearable on almost all occasions, whether at school, university or work, shopping or in the evening on a date.

All this packed in a timelessly simple bottle, which includes as a gag a unscrewable sprayer. So that you can drink it, as evil tongues claim. Which is probably what some have done, so the item was popular and loved for a long time. 
As for the packaging, it is simple and clear. Its bottle, silhouetted in a frosted glass vial, simply displays its name and reveals its transparent juice. 
Oh, and its bottle is an excellent atypical and crazy cover for a flask when empty.
I like that as well as its simplicity and the minimalism of its recycled cardboard packaging.

It is often described as a kind of modern eau de cologne, as invigorating and striking as seawater. It envelops the skin in a fresh sensuality and releases an energy that does not do things by halves in everyday life. 
The image of the advertisement with male and female models in white jeans and t-shirts really struck me in this sense. I associate this perfume with my youthful appearance.

There’s nothing this gem can’t handle. Even getting the „poet“ out of me. 
Very little more to say about this product. 
I really appreciate it for what it is: a pleasant, subtle fragrance with sometimes remarkable longevity. 
It is simply The classic brand that fits everything and everyone. 
It has always been a faithful and reliable companion for me, so I remain faithful to it as well.

A lemony fragrance that also reminds of jasmine and contains the smell of not exactly definable woods – delicious! It is very fresh, classic and pure. CK One should not be missing in any good perfume collection, I think.


It’s been a long time since I’ve had a bottle of CK One, but since I was currently trapped by work on a tropical island and had run out of the daytime scent, I asked a friend to bring me a bottle from Duty Free on the way over. 
Since my nose has become a bit more sophisticated since my original CK One days, I find that how I’ve been wearing it the past few days certainly brings back memories of the past…but I’m also looking at this classic from a new perspective. 
Yes, it’s a great composition and changed the game forever in the 90s. 
I confess that once again I am quite enchanted!

Calvin Klein is a brand that has always demonstrated a deep boldness combined with an almost innate sense of business development strategy. 
This masterpiece is an androgynous couture fragrance and was launched in the mid-90s, more precisely in 1995.

With its release in the mid-90s, the landscape of designer fragrances changed from one that promoted exclusivity to one that inspired accessibility for all…a sort of ‚revolution for the people‘. 
CK One cultivates open-mindedness and honesty.

The release was accompanied by a colossal advertising campaign! 
It is an iconic eau de toilette from the 90s to 2000.

The success of this campaign exceeded all the brand’s hopes, earning it the Grand Prix des Trophées Stratégie du Marketing the following year. 
This masterpiece seduced millions of men and women. 
Nevertheless, this success would be nothing without a product that delivers on all its promises.

I was one of those drawn into this vision and admit that I wear this perfume regularly and in large quantities! 
CK realized that over time, fashions were moving more and more towards androgyny. 
I’ve never been one to ascribe a gender to fragrances, the hullabaloo about it being unisex or not never meant much to me. 
It was more a situation of wanting to feel part of society…I had just moved halfway around the world on my own and felt a desperate need to fit in with my new surroundings. 
This monument was created with the approach to please both men and women. This eau de toilette can be shared with your better half, your sister or whoever you want. 
And rightly so, it is a unisex juice that is shared with your partner without moderation. 
In fact, men who take care of themselves through cosmetic care, for example, are particularly numerous today. 
Women, on the other hand, no longer want to take off their pants! To fit this mix of genres, Calvin Klein thought a fragrance with this image was needed. 
Added fragrances like Acqua di Gio, Cool Water and Issey Miyake made this possible, as most social situations, events, friends or acquaintances were permeated by the fresh, clean ozonic smells of bergamot, calone and the like. 
Then he turns to all those who live their lives as they see fit and who dare to be nonconformist.

It was time for something new. In fact, Calvin Klein observed the youth to create this „new“. 
It was born from an observation: young people change! He noticed it by observing his own children, teenagers at the time of the release of the artwork. 
This is how he came to create CK One. 
This observation makes him think of a certain androgenization of society. 
This essence is considered a „social perfume“. It is aimed at all people who are looking for authenticity and exchange. 
The message immediately appealed to young people, and sales took off as soon as it was released. 
Perfumer Alberto Morillas is the creator of this olfactory creation. 
Then he decided to create a kind of modern eau de cologne. 
It opens with fresh and tart citrus notes and is essentially based on freshness. 
He decided to start his fragrance with a refreshing green tea accord of bergamot. 
This work is actually based on citrus, green and oral notes. 
Likewise, this odeuvre has a slightly exotic facet thanks to the tangy and juicy presence of pineapple.

As for its heart, it is more elegant and floral, it shows more aromatic and oral. The base provides musky notes. 
As ingredients I take from various sources lemon, bergamot, tangerine, pineapple, papaya, cardamom, lily of the valley, cedar, oakmoss, sandalwood, green tea, amber and musk. 
Then the spices come in and shake things up. These are dominated by cardamom and nutmeg.

And curiously, one source even lists Hedione, a Firmenich molecule that recently celebrated its anniversary in use in perfumes. 
Its transparency comes from a blend of rose, violet and Hedione. 
I have Hedione in a collection of aroma chemicals and I definitely 
smell it in this product. 
Chemically called methyl dihydrojasmonate, it brings a nice non-indolic jasmine note to the composition, complemented by large amounts of hesperides on top.

In this sense, it is a slightly powdery juice with an effect reminiscent of jasmine. 
These sweet aromas make it a good partner for both men and women. The gracious woman already desires to bite and seduce the man. 
The base here is powdery and woody, which reminds me a lot of a sandalwood blend I was lucky enough to try recently. 
Finally, this gift idea gradually warms up and ends with a more sensual trail of amber and musk.

Today it is considered one of the greatest successes of Calvin Klein. 
The odeur has managed to seduce a young audience, which today has grown up and may still wear it. 
Focus on this juice, which is considered an icon of a whole generation.

25 years after its release, it still manages to seduce new users. Few fragrances can boast of such success. 
This essence can boast of having created a wave of transparency in the heart of the 90s.

The bottle is also a classic like the creation itself and has become particularly famous. The sandblasted glass is very pleasant to the touch, and the whole thing has a screw cap that resembles that of a simple water bottle.

CK does not hold on to its shape to this day for nothing. The silhouette is completely androgynous. 
It was made of frosted glass, which was very fashionable at the time, and has the curves of a pumpkin. The design of a bottle very much like a Jamaican rum bottle. 
However, it is extremely versatile and can be worn in all seasons or occasions. Excellent for spring / summer, clean and fresh….

Well-made unisex fragrances of course have the largest buying audience there is in the market – but it’s all the more difficult to meet the tastes of both camps!

It became the cult fragrance of an entire generation and revolutionized the sense of smell of thousands of young people. 
I find CK One just as valid and unique today as it was in 1994.
Sure, it may be the ‚one‘ fragrance smell that 90% of the people in the world who wear perfume have come into contact with in one way or another, giving that particular product a special personal status . I got it as a gift when it was first released, and I loved it. And now at the moment, I’m enjoying it again. Call me sentimental.

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