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The legend Fahrenheit Dior! Are you looking for a fragrance for men? Then you are in the right place with the classic Fahrenheit Dior. 
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Dior Fahrenheit Perfume 200 ml – An expressive, revolutionary, modern fragrance.

In the late 1980s, the masterpiece Dior Fahrenheit entered the history of perfumery, especially for men. It remains today one of the best-selling fragrances in France and around the world.

The House of Dior had already continued to signal its strong desire for change with the introduction of the fabulous but controversial Poison in the 1980s. A few years later, in 1988, the venerable house of couture and design offered men a fragrance as original and innovative as Poison had been for women a few years earlier.

If Dior Fahrenheit 100ml was able to seduce men, this very message that the house associates with him is also not innocent of its success. With him, Dior had the ambition to paint the image of a man in search of the essential values of life with full awareness. 
Having dared to release the delicious but so divine Poison, the director of perfumes of Dior, Maurice Roger, did not hesitate to offer to gentlemen, as described, the handsome and original tribute to masculinity, masterfully composed by perfumer Jean-Louis Sieuzac. 
In short, the composition had the ambition to present us the new image of a man. 
Here it offers us the vision of a man in search of greater inner harmony. So, in this case, he is everything at once. He draws his strength from the past and the future, hot and cold, light and darkness, material and spiritual.

With the eau de toilette Fahrenheit, Dior unveils an elegant fragrance for men based on a skillful combination of extremes that attract each other irresistibly: hot and cold, finesse and robustness.

 The artistic and olfactory universe is new, complete and above all truly original. The man as a user acquires a complex personality in which opposites seem to attract irrevocably.

Full of contradictions – between cold and hot.

The work of art is a modern and distinguished scent, composed of the original notes of mandarin, violet, cedar and patchouli with accents of Russian leather. 
It is dedicated to men who burn with freedom and want to follow their dreams.

Its originality: an overdose of violet leaves, or rather, methyl octyl carbonate, a chemical molecule designed to reproduce the fragrance. This ultra-present violet note is paired with jasmine and honeysuckle, over a woody, powdery base of patchouli, vetiver and leather.

Virile, irresistible and subtle, Fahrenheit de Dior is an elegant eau de toilette, a men’s fragrance with an original signature, full of strength and probity that brings contrasts to the fore.

In short, a symbol of Dior’s olfactory creativity.

Furthermore, he seems particularly imaginative, warm, charming and distinguished. Nevertheless, behind his refinement actually hides the image of an authentic man in love with deep freedom. 
Creativity, distinction and character for an inimitable signature and trace.

A unique signature, full of contrasts, power and trace.

An odeur that likes to play with contrasts and paradoxes. It is halfway between the past and the future. It also wonderfully combines energy, freedom and sensuality. The After Shave: an elegant aftershave whose composition reveals a virile and sensual woody-leathery touch.

High quality notes and a contrasting arrangement.

Moreover, its powerful tonalities are particularly impressive. Just smell his scent and close your eyes, and the images will burst forth.

The composition of Fahrenheit Eau de Toilette is the result of an elegant union of contrasting and so compatible ingredients: some fresh notes of Sicilian mandarin meet the more masculine notes of wood and leather, with a novel violet accord.

It is simultaneously hot and cold, light and dark, real and spiritual, past and future… In short, it is universal and timeless.

Any man can identify through it, regardless of his origin, culture or temperament. The essence goes to extremes, as if to better seduce all men who cross his path. In other words, An iconic fragrance characterized by the reckless union of extremes that attract irresistibly: Warmth and freshness, subtlety and power.

Description of fragrance – The contrasting aroma imagined by Dior.

You will have understood, the creation is a unique and paradoxical, combining light and dark, woody and floral tones. Accordingly, it shows a powerful and passionate route.

It belongs to the family of woody fragrances.

Its top notes are particularly sparkling. They combine tangerine, honeysuckle and hawthorn. His heart, on the other hand, releases violet flowers that reveal a matte and powdery personality.

Sicilian Mandarin: The best quality of mandarin is produced in Sicily. There are several types of mandarin: yellow, green and red. The mandarin essence is part of the citrus notes and brings a fruity and fresh note.

Dior Fahrenheit 200ml surprisingly combines the freshness of some notes of Sicilian mandarin with the virile notes of wood and leather, adding a unique accord of violet, for an eau de toilette of timeless elegance.

Violet : The leaves of violet give a strong and very particular fragrance with green, vegetal and very light floral notes. The violet makes part of the surprising heart notes, sensual.

 Nevertheless, this doozy develops more woody, in that cedar and sandalwood dominate.

Leather: Originally, the leather note comes from an interpretation of the smell of Russian leather used to make hussar boots.

Their soft leather continued to be tanned with birch bark.

Powerful, as intoxicating as ever with its amazing violet wood accord, the precious feudal elixir has been enriched with some raw masculinities and some sensual pleasures as well….

A masculinity with an inimitable signature, the fruit of contrasts, full of power and strength.

It embodies the soul of a new and free man, interested in wide spaces and adventure.

Perfumers have recreated these burnt, smoky, birch, styrax and cade notes, which are found in the base notes as an invitation to travel and dream. Some fresh notes of Sicilian tangerine and finally the surprising combination of masculine notes, wood and leather, with an original violet accord.

As for the structure, it gives off a warmth typical of the Mediterranean scrub. Finally, Sytrax and leather are refined to sublimate the trace of this very special juice. 
The result: a monument that symbolizes the complexity of man in all its different facets. Which is at the same time virile and sensual, wild and sweet, warm and cold, powerful and refined… this unmistakable olfactory signature is fast becoming one of the great classics of the House of Dior and of all men’s perfumery.

Flacon – contradictory, hot and cold, very unusual.

Although the content alone has become a brand, you should also know that the product is immediately recognizable by its bottle.

The bottle with the essence is to affirm a primary return to the roots of creation.  And it should symbolize life and strength.

The bottle is both authentic and modern, painted with a red that melts like magma. Likewise, the base of the whole gradually evolves into a bright yellow that symbolizes solar energy.

Through this, the bottle emphasizes this image: its conical shape, its light golden-red color… so many signs of the fullness of a mature and stable person. 
It is built on the skillful combination of extremes that attract in an almost magnetic way: hot and cold, subtle and powerful.

On the screen, on the other hand, it has benefited from the expertise of renowned directors. Ridley Scott, David Lynch, Daniel Askill and Michael Janssen took turns illustrating the spirit and history of this emblematic Dior work.

Dior Fahrenheit 50ml appeared in 1988, thus distancing itself significantly from all its predecessors.

 It is a composition of clarity and strength, flowers and wood.

Conclusion: A fragrance for men who love freedom and pursue their dreams.

In any case, even in the form of shower gel, it offers the trace of a new man who plays with nature to sow fire and ice, freshness and glow.

It begins first with a bright and green flight of light based on mandarin, honeysuckle and hawthorn. In addition to this delicate violet with a thousand and one surprises, deodorant does not hesitate to throw us into a bath of fresh lemon and lavender.

Then, secondly, a more sacred and flowery heart takes over. Like a pretty bouquet consisting of a delicate hawthorn, but of course violets. This continues to combine a huge bouquet with a more powdery, vegetal aspect that comes from the purple leaves.

The whole, on the other hand, gives the perfume a real personality, while thirdly, gradually slides towards a darker, woody base. This contains cedar wood and sandalwood. As for the structure, it gives the perfume a Mediterranean warmth & fragrance and makes it smell as good as the garrigue ( a Mediterranean shrub heath ).

And finally, for more animalism, the fragrance closes with the sensual warmth of styrax and leather. This wood leather effect from the depths throws us into a sensual fire, as if to surprise us better between styrax, vetiver and patchouli. 
In other words, it is to offer a new vision of masculinity and remind us of a seductive man who loves wide spaces.

In short, the House of Dior dedicates its attractive charming attraction to freedom-loving men who pursue their dreams to the end.

Besides, the Dior man is simply fascinated by the meeting of extremes, and so he wears an elixir according to his own specifications.

A surprise that has become a great classic. So even today it is one of the ten best-selling perfumes in the world and among the thirty best in France. 
It has the ambition and ability to present us the new image of a man described above. Follow the sillage.

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Fragrance family: woody-floral
Top notes: lavender, mandarin, hawthorn flower, nutmeg flower, cedar, bergamot, chamomile and lemon.
Heart notes: nutmeg, honeysuckle, clove, sandalwood, violet leaves, jasmine, lily of the valley and cedar wood
Base notes: Leather, tonka bean, amber, patchouli, musk and vetiver.

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2 thoughts on „Dior Fahrenheit“


Dior’s timeless masterpiece for eternityFahrenheit 
I know from the name very very long. 
With the droughts for men I knew myself long but so not at all. 
In the past, however, I had never dealt more closely with this fragrance, because it was too expensive for me on the one hand and on the other hand I always brought him somehow in connection with older gentlemen. 
Until I met my current best friend, whose signature scent to this day is this elixir. 
So the vulture knows why I never took a closer look at this extraordinary milestone from Dior – what a mistake!

In 1988, the label decided to go out of the box in men’s fragrances and decided to go in a different direction, turning the established system on its head. 
What they succeeded in doing was something completely unique, even today. 
When two years ago I approached the subject of perfumes more and more and now – addicted – already have quite a large collection together, I do not even know when and how I will ever consume them, I also never considered the creation.

To this day, I associate this masterpiece with the type of man that my best friend also embodies. Basically, every woman’s dream. 
Before I actually wore it on my skin, I tried the luxurious „soap“ for years and never wore the fragrance itself until now.

Only about three quarters of a year ago I tested it for the first time in a store and immediately recoiled from it because it reminded me so much of gasoline. Yes really – I smell gasoline when I spray this juice on. 
It seems that the famous Dior nose has won its daring adventure with this homage to masculinity. 
I will say that this smells just as modern as it did over 30 years ago, and it could easily hit the market today and become a number one hit. 
It’s unique, nothing out there smells like it. It’s not like Cool Water, which was also released in 1988, which brought out the aquatic craze of the 1990s, so it’s starting to smell a little dated by today’s standards.

They managed to create a truly remarkable and very masculine floral bouquet, using violet, nutmeg, clove and lots of leather. 
Somehow, despite the somehow unusual note, this composition has captivated me more and more. 
The sun has an appointment with the moon for this fragrance. 
As soon as I went into a perfumery, I just tested it over and over again – yes had to test!

More than ever, the showpiece is built on an architecture that is in complete contrast between flowers and masculine forces, between the strength of wood and the fragile softness of violet. 
The result? Something that still smells wonderfully modern today. In a word – timeless.

An oriental floral woody essence sublimated by Jacques Demachy. 
I recall that years later, Dior turned the world of men’s perfumes upside down a second time with their metrosexual floral leather release Dior Homme. 
But for many people, this is considered their best masculine item. 
It seems to offer the modern adventurer an aroma with virile and sensual notes that are no longer afraid to highlight a sweetness once reserved exclusively for women’s fragrances.

This specialty hardly needs a muse, as the sun and moon seek and find each other to better separate and then „disappear,“ so well illustrating the concept of opposites translated into scent by Demachy.

And I think it’s one of the most unique male designer fragrances ever created.

It needs no introduction, it is what it is, original, unique and distinctively beautiful, even in our time. 
If I had been asked a few years ago, I would not have been able to decipher any of the elements right away. What is certain, however, is that this warm and spicy masculine note is not close to anything else I could immediately name.

This perfect gift idea has now opened up to me more and more over time. I don’t just smell gasoline, I smell the big whole masterpiece. 
Instead of the leather and iris combination used in Dior Homme, here it’s leather and violet, a pairing that exudes what many people call „sweet motor oil“. 
The creator, was not concerned with creating a flagship fragrance with Fahrenheit, but making it intense.

This tour de force is so complex – and not at all old school, even though it is so old. Its complexity makes it very difficult for me to describe it in any way. 
For me, this cannot be categorized by a „gasoline“ smell alone, and I happen to like the smell of gasoline. 
You just have to test it yourself – and not just once, but again and again. Then you realize whether you love it or hate it. There is obviously nothing in between.

To me, it smells like an incredibly clean version of petroleum. 
So the top notes still distill the subtle freshness of elderberry with Sicilian mandarin, lemon and lavender, underscored by the subtly spicy note of pink berries.

Imagine a mechanic who worked with the car grease and engine oil after a long day and then decided to take a really good bath or shower with luxurious, high quality soap. 
In the heart note, we have the pleasure of discovering 
the precious violet wood accord, combined with a smoky leather and balsamic accord that is more mystical than the opening accord. 
I could say now that I also detect violets and lily of the valley, but I would have to lie: I can’t say here what exactly it smells like at this stage, just that „petrol-y“ thing is in it. 
But then it clearly continues. 
The deep trail leaves no doubt about the powerful, woody virility that exudes a cocktail of gaiac, birch, vetiver, patchouli and the mightiest cedar. 
After it’s done, it smells clean and fragrant, but underneath all that soap is the original petrol note, and that’s why it’s starting to smell „clean“ now. 
But this herbal power, supported by the sensuality of amber, will not hesitate to wrap itself in the softness of vanilla and benzoin. 
There is no odeuvre that smells nearly as unique as this one. At least, I don’t know of any. 
The combination of violet leaf, leather, nutmeg, musk, geranium, lavender and clove makes it extremely masculine. 
My wife says funnily enough, he would smell like cucumber salad – I can not understand at all, but noses are just different.

Speaking of woman, however, he could also be worn very well by a lady, because he is also sweet at the same time. 
He is addictive as a dream guy for any lady! 
Tall, muscular, with dark hair and eyes. A picture of man, just like the after shave. 
Masculine and dominant, yet with a soft side that you can’t help but love. 
I smell this surge often. You can wear it at any time of day or night, and also for any occasion.

During my frequent forays through perfumeries, I stop almost every time in front of this sensational bottle to spray the juice inside on one of my two wrists. Simply indescribable! 
Inspired by James Rosenquist’s paintings „Fahrenheit 1982“ and „Brighter than the Sun“, the legendary bottle was conceived as a smoky mysterious artwork illustrating the fusion of materials.

Of course, it’s also perfectly blended, and you’ll have a hard time putting your finger on exactly why this smells as good as it does.
In comparison, you can almost forget about all the new releases these days. 
The Epic is not only a total cult of the 80s, it is also representative of a new conception of essence making, that of the cult of personality, strong and pronounced if possible, but above all free. 
If this fragrance were relaunched today, it would be totally modern. You don’t notice its age at all.

So the advertising campaigns and all their variations, with grandiose directors and magnificent landscapes filmed with panoramic angles that make humans seem so tiny in the face of the immensity of nature, play an important role. 
I think the marketing concept was a fragrance of contrasts. In particular, hot and cold, or „fire and ice.“ 
Like such a beautiful harmony of contrasts, it still seduces us today through the diversity of its facets, leaving the mark of a mysterious and elegant man who is still as independent as ever. 
Fahrenheit is a measure of temperature and consequently applies to burning, boiling heat and also to icy cold.

As an olfactory sensation, the Odeur is on the border between these two extremes, and wonderfully so. 
Ordered last week and finally arrived today! 
It has lost none of its originality. Its reputation is worth it.

Will test it tomorrow right at work, as it is received by others so. Am quite excited about it. 
I think it can be worn by almost anyone and at any time of year.

Sillage and longevity are well above average. 
So what is it that makes the appeal of this from Fahrenheit? A timeless classic, a creation that for several decades can be found the front shelves of the universally known temples of purchase. Forever and ever the No. 1!
Which, although controversial, still has a large loyal following even in this day and age.


I discovered this incredible fragrance when I was only 14 years old and my cousin’s friend usually adores this perfume: when I decided to ask him the name, he said: „It’s Fahrenheit by Dior! 
Originally, the word perfume comes from the Latin „per fumum“, which literally means „through smoke“. In that sense, it was a means of communicating with the gods from the earth through smells. So it is exactly this image that this masterpiece reflects. 
It came in the 80s, to the dreamlike and timeless aesthetics sublimely illustrated by Ridley Scott’s advertising film and Pat Metheny’s music, a unique and revolutionary creation responded with an echo. 
The epic thus places man at the center of the universe when he wears it, making him an almost divine messenger. 
But this has nothing to do with the German physicist and inventor of measuring instruments Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, born in Gdansk on May 24, 1686 and died in The Hague on September 16, 1736. Or does it ? After all, the temperature unit „degrees Fahrenheit“ °F was named after him.

To solve this little mystery we look at the bottle of this gem. 
Even a cursory glance at this bottle in different shades of red is enough to guess that our dear Mr. Physicist did not give us this fragrance, but was the namesake for this.

It is a true UFO of perfumery, the kind of composition that was born completely against all trends and yet has survived the decades without ever falling out of the top 30 best-selling items. 
Immediately I searched for this specialty because I smelled in it something unusual, a masculinity, although I did not know what it could be and I felt too attracted. 
You put it on and you are a different person. You certainly forget about everyday life, you are at the top, at the peak.

What a surprise when I discovered that my cousin had given me a bottle of this perfume for my birthday! 
Fahrenheit is very versatile for me, both in terms of climate and occasion. It can be used any time of year as long as you play with the dosage, just maybe not at 30° on up.

Just when the day comes to an end, then the time has come for one of the most wonderful fragrances in the world.

A fragrance like thunder – then even more than today, he competed against Joop! Homme, the crybaby, and Cool Water, the lifeguard, back then – many years ago. 
Exciting, dazzling and unusual, those were my impressions when I smelled it for the first time. 
He, the lion, the predator. One that you recognize immediately, one that wants to be recognized, that wants to be remembered! 
Rich, complex, almost comical, but irresistible: this is for me this after shave by Dior, a typical son of the late eighties. 
Commanding it is from the first moment – a hotspur, herbaceous and wild like a robber chief, blazing like dragon fire. 
His name is the same of the inventor of the famous thermal balance, and the warm colors of the bottle suggest something burning. 
Perfume alone, then, embodies all the elements of our planet, be it earth, water or air. 
It invites man to refocus on himself, as he is almost at the center of our world.

Supposedly inspired by a work by pop artist James Rosenquist, reminiscent of molten glass and metal, Odeur uses the territory of imagination and dreams, rather against the materialism of the 80s, positioning itself as a true precursor of the 90s. 
Actually, when my nose perceived the surge, this is what always happened:
It behaved like a sniffer dog at the airport, howling and whining, running back and forth between many pieces of luggage, unable to make up its mind. 
I always wanted more of this flavor, but was unable to identify a single one of its ingredients. What an exotic combination this must be. 
After many years, when I started to get interested in perfumes, essences and pyramids, I finally discovered what was the „secret ingredient“ of this odeuvre that turned my head: the violet leaf note. 
Moments of perfection, the world belongs to you for a moment all alone, you are overcome by a dreamlike mood full of warmth and well-being.

The designer takes the idea of gray flannel with its green and musky violet leaf and upsets men’s perfumery thanks to an overdose of a synthetic material used to recreate the smell of violets: methyl octyl carbonate.

To start, first a dash of citrus, most likely a dense tangerine, plus more balsamic chamomile and lavender that soften the whole.

Then it’s on with chamomile in the top note, strong, bitter chamomile – does anyone else have chamomile, then, now, sometime? 
Today I smell this composition in my favorite drugstore the same good vibes on the mouillette and also on my skin: first I smelled the citrusy aromatic opening chord, then came cedar and nutmeg – right at the beginning, that’s unheard of! 
In the heart, when the citrus note has dissipated, you find the famous petroleum/motor oil accord. 
It is my favorite note to arrive on the nose. I guess it is composed of the chamomile of the top note, the very present violet and a pinch of cedar.

Gentle, lively, accompanied by a chorus of floral notes and spices. 
The flowers, lily of the valley and carnations, and the greenery, edgy-struppy like a thorn hedge, remain reasonably shy – if anything can be shy in this fragrance. 
Floral and herbaceous and at the same time urban modern, green and civilization gray in one.

And finally, vetiver and musk, leather and patchouli roar in like thunderbirds, like a thunderstorm, and then everything is still and beautiful. 
Unmistakable, masculine, warm and cool at the same time. 
I think that the peculiarity is its quite „feminine“ heart, which harmonizes well with the other traditional and more masculine notes.

Towards the base, the workshop scent fades and gives way to a warm, oiled leather. 
A wonderful and warm leather note, made even more interesting by the amber touch. 
And then, warm, cuddly as a good glove, a well balanced patchouli note, not too earthy.
Slightly sweet through spicy staged tonka bean and still with a green/earthy touch of vetiver.

Finally, the leather, with a slight shimmer of amber, unfolds musty with me. It smells a bit like stale leather jacket, but that fascinates you at the same time.

Combining it with a green floral accord of jasmine and honeysuckle, subtly balanced by a woody, patchouli, powdery, leathery and musky base, the result is quite simply a perfect, original and sublime accord. 
As if this scent came from a biker who once rode Route 66, leaving the jacket in the closet as a souvenir and helping himself to the others. Man is, of course, himself extraordinary and wants to convey it and especially to bring the womankind closer.

The scent lasts a long time and I am surrounded by a light layer of this extraordinary good composition.

Nothing can be more beautiful. You think, so it must be meant, so it should always be. 
This contrast of impressions is what makes this work of art so unique and attractive. 
You feel noble, and ready for anything. This moment should never pass. 
So many extreme contrasts in one product is something unique.

I must say: I love him. Durability and sillage are top. This sillage…Dreamlike. Locker 10-12 hours durable with me and strong sillage for a large part of the wearing time.

For almost any occasion wearable as long as you do not exaggerate. I wear the eau de toilette only in late autumn and winter. For hot days it does the aqua variant quite well. 
Ideal with leather jacket and jeans, but also good with a suit if you are more urban and out the door. Maybe not for church, but very versatile.

The scent is deeply masculine…but smells pretty good on women too!

The most important aspect of a fragrance that I wear myself is not its effect on my environment and how other people like it about me. 
Rather, what is important to me is what it does to me, how it influences me and affects me.

It’s a character head with edges. Not for everyone, but a brilliant classic that doesn’t exist twice. 
It can rightly call itself a classic. After all, this magnificent specimen has been around for a few years now and is a kind of milestone for the house of Dior. 
Long before Dior Homme and its powdery iris, this attraction was one of the first floral fragrances for men, whose success is due to both its olfactory creativity and a truly artistic, powerful, evocative and coherent universe.

I still hope, after Dior Homme, that there will be something great for us men from this house.

Back to Fahrenheit, it is for me the most unusual of all men’s perfumes I know; completely different, a brilliant exotic in an orange, red mottled bottle that immediately makes you think of a sunset. 
It is a top dog, a daring free spirit and edgy guide. 
Equally fresh and tart, a combination that I actually almost always like to perceive in this composition on me and I never get tired of it.

Fahrenheit (EdT) from 1988 is a masterpiece: to my knowledge, no other fragrance manages the seemingly impossible balancing act between cool leather tank attendant and warm floral.

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