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Paco Rabanne 1 One Million “ The art of being striking.

The master, the nose of Paco Rabanne 1 One Million, established himself in the 1960s as a free and visionary designer with an iconoclastic and mythical fashion and perfume signature, unmistakable and unclassifiable.

He decided to turn gold into an eau de toilette spray and a men’s perfume, a pleasant fragrance without a pop. This is then called One 1 Million and can boast of having already turned the heads of many ladies. 
This tireless artist, constantly experimenting with new ideas and also new materials to dress women, has always been the architect of fashion.

Man has always been fascinated by gold. This material seems to be the mirror of our ego. So, in turn, it was transformed into nuggets, coins, jewels, ingots… Well, it seems that today man has gone even further.

Much more than a make, this fragrance from P.R. is a true legend in perfumery, a colossal success. This was born in 2008 and has made a real achievement.

In fact, One 1 Million has been the best-selling men’s fragrance in France for many years in a row.

Say goodbye to monotony: the 1 One Million Eau de Toilette for men, which is hiding a good dose of luxury, harmony and active lifestyle.

This masterpiece seems to have been created for ambitious men who know exactly what they want and are not afraid to do it.

It initially brought the brand the coquettish sum of several million euros. No one seems to be able to resist its charm, and any seducer can get his hands on it.

You never know if it’s because of its strong visual identity or its fruity, oriental scent.

A charismatic fragrance that will always lead you to a better future, affectionately known as Paco Million.

Either way, it’s a must-have in your bathroom.

Paco Rabanne One 1 MILLION 100ml, the fragrant gold bar

The luxurious world of glitter, silver and gold.

In each of his olfactory creations, he is always careful to take his customers into a world of their own. So, to put it better, this time One Million Men plunges us into a world of wealth and opulence.

The eau de toilette for men Paco Rabanne One 1 Million 100ml was launched in 2008. Today it has become a true icon and is undoubtedly the most famous creation of the brand.

And the message, on the other hand, could not be clearer from the moment the bar-shaped flacon appears. Gold has never ceased to seduce man.

So he decided to create a fragrance as intense as it is captivating. He seems to have captured the unchanging beauty of this precious metal, because he bottled it in flacons. 
So this composition represents the way of the ambitious man who knows what he wants, what he expects from life and does everything to achieve his goals.

Then it gives the man who wears it an almost mystical power that projects him to the highest peak, capable of arousing all desires.

A true conqueror and designer, accordingly, is not content to simply prevail in the world of haute couture. In fact, in 1969, the famous Spanish designer also brought his brand to the forefront of perfumery!

He seems to want to reconnect with his fantasies more than ever. Consequently, his spray scent is as charming as a shiny car, a treasure or a luxurious watch.

But rest assured, the man is no less humorless, and his sophisticated and cheeky finger snapping is to be considered with a good dose of second degree! 
Thus, the master has taken up the challenge to create essences that are symbols of identity, prestige, elegance and sometimes even extravagance! This is especially the case with One 1 Million Eau de Parfum .

In 1964 Francisco Rabaneda Y Cuervo founded his haute couture house and from then on became known as a creator of art. An extroverted artist, even a little arrogant in his work, he has shaped public opinion with his absolutely crazy collections and creations.

One Million Man: First, the notes of juicy tangerine and refreshing mint enter the dance. Then second, your senses are quickly enchanted by the warm cinnamon and enchanting floral rose accords.

And finally, thirdly, the sensory experience is total thanks to the sensual base notes of amber and masculine leather.

Today it is considered one of the best sellers from this label, the seductive and fruity odeur of a very much money.  The essence should then allow the Paco Rabanne man to hypnotize his prey with a simple snap of the fingers! 

Thus, a man enjoys his attraction and women want more accordingly. The wearer of this bouquet, he is irresistible and he knows it. An arsenal of seduction, which therefore has its price… A million!

Paco Rabanne One Million 50ml perfumers – absolute masters of men’s fragrances.

So this extraordinary creation we owe to three talented perfumers. In particular, it was created and signed by Christophe Raynaud, Olivier Pescheux and Michel Girard. All three have accordingly developed a fragrance as luminous and sparkling as gold.

In fact, a mythical essence was born, loaded with all the eccentricity of its creator. Its name? In short, One 1 Million, the eau de toilette for which all modern people fight.

The men are jealous of this perfume, while the women admire his power and charisma. With his buddy, the beautiful Lady Million, they are committed to success and set out to conquer the world at a gallop!

Description of fragrance

Everything starts first with a fresh and invigorating feeling that combines grapefruit, mint and blood tangerine.

In other words, this tribute to masculinity immediately shows a freshness that will surely appeal to many men. Then continues to become full-bodied his heart and then bursting with intensity. It contains rose absolute, neroli and cinnamon.

Why is it called the extravagant name? Because it is extravagant! Each spray now charges the male with an excessive seductive power. His pretentiousness makes him sexy, his arrogance annoys, and yet he is irresistible!

A million dollar smell, of course, has no room for error. In fact, between balance, power and sillage, its composition must be perfect!

Thus, the elegant notes blend with a touch of the most stimulating spices and fragrances.

This monument begins with a sweet and aromatic nectar of mandarin orange and peppermint. Accompanied by the floral notes of Rose Absolut, the essence takes a deeper turn. Finally, it ends with more masculinity.

Then the heart finally lets its feelings break open and reveals the attraction of One 1 Million 50ml.

The base of this masterpiece exudes a smell of leather, white wood, amber and Indonesian patchouli. A beautiful, spicy leather with a sassy charm that consequently knows how to bring happiness. 
Beautiful leather. Spicy, fresh. Imposes itself from the first notes to become noticeable at any time.

A (very) sanguine tangerine and peppermint. At times a fascinating freshness… An absolute rose with hints of cinnamon.

The whole is then in an absolutely irresistible flacon in the shape of a gold bar.

In fact, it is carved from a brown glass block, which is completely covered with a metal frame. Properly, a gold bar worked to the smallest detail.

Solid, precious, perfectly smooth, so that as a whole it shows us a representation that combines strength and brilliance. 
The „amber leather“ signature traces a warm, almost animal. White wood, matte blond leather, plus amber and some sexy patchouli. A confusing grandiose finish. Spicy. Fresh. Captivating at first, then slowly conquering.

The famous bottle of One Million 200ml

Since it is impossible to talk about the offer Paco Rabanne One 1 Million 200ml without mentioning its flacon, let’s start by talking about it: opulence in a flacon.

First of all, he chose gold as the central element of this fragrance. Indeed, is there a better symbol of wealth than a flashy bar?

Although it is often said that the strength of an idea lies in its simplicity, the 1 million spray bottle is a perfect example of this. Without superfluous details, this makes it instantly recognizable and has a very symbolic ambiguity.

After all, how could man better embody opulence first and sensuality second than through gold in the form of a bar? Moreover, even athletes compete in contests for the gold medal: the winner then logically receives the ultimate reward! So here is a million the holy grail of success for all daring men.

The creator here delivers an eau de parfum of shiny metal in a timeless and glittering designer case. So, encapsulated in its (make your eyes) bling bling case, the glowing juice bubbles all the more with impatience! Its destination? To suddenly gush forth 
like a golden spring and eventually spread its hypnotic power across the planet.

In addition, its typography evokes the Far West, an effect that can only please most men. 
The seal of Paco Rabanne ultimately and the serial number engraved on the front also mark with the utmost elegance all the authenticity of this passionate gem.

Ambiguous and stylish.  The men’s perfume One 1 Million by Paco Rabbanne

By adopting its blingy, pretentious appeal, Paco Rabanne pour Homme 1 Million has turned the men’s fragrance market on its head since 2008. Special features: extravagant minimalism. Timeless. Cult. 
With a rare intensity, this fragrance has hereby become a real object of desire in a short time! Obey no one. Except for their fantasies.

Questions and more info

How much is One Million ?

You can find the current prices above:

Prices & Bestsellers

What fragrances are included?

Fragrance family: sweet-spicy
Top notes: grapefruit, mint and blood tangerine.
Heart notes: rose, cinnamon and spice notes.
Base notes: Leather, woody notes, amber and patchouli.

What is the price? What sizes are available?

The product is available in the following sizes:
50 ml & 100 ml & 200ml & as a fragrance set.

Where can I buy the fragrance?

Online Shops:
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Douglas – Beauty, cosmetics mail order & large online perfumery – and also with very many offline stores – Paco Rabanne One 1 Million Douglas
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Uwe :

One Million is certainly one of the most worn fragrances of the decade.

I approached this concentrate very skeptical.

With this eau de toilette Paco Rabanne shares society like Moses once shared the sea.

The ad is pure bragging – though that applies to more than one perfume ad.

Paco Rabanne’s sweet fragrance, which has made a sensational entry into the men’s fragrance market, has a look that is both pretentious and irresistible.

It was launched in 2008 and quickly became a must-have in men’s perfumery.

The breath is at number 1 on various Internet sites. One thing to bear in mind here is that this is not necessarily a sign of quality either, when I look at the bestseller lists for films or books, for example.

 It regularly makes it into the top 10 best-selling products.

These are exactly the reasons why I wanted to test it. Are the sales figures justified?

How I came up with this masterpiece at the time is still a mystery to me, after all, I had never consciously perceived the smell until then.

Is he as brilliant as many think? Or is it all just empty haze?

Anyway, but it was fiercely praised by the consultants at Douglas and I must confess that it smells extraordinary.

With her name alone, she touches the hearts of civilized men who are concerned about their appearance.

I took a splash – and was surprised.

Well, often „unusual“ perfumes make you turn up your nose; but in this case I found it quite pleasant what was presented to me on the test strip.

 Completely unobtrusively, 1 Million introduces itself.

So it was sprayed on the arm before I continued my shopping downtown. The next few hours accompanied me this top performance in an intensity that I had not previously known from my yet very inexpensive eau de toilettes.

To anticipate one thing, this fragrance wants to be treated carefully, it does not forgive waste, no superfluous drop, no overdose.

And I liked it better by the minute. Many people think that this little water is overrated. I am not one of those people.

So of course it was clear that another visit to the turquoise friends at the end of the day was not left out, whereby I did not let myself down and treated myself to the golden 100ml plastic bar.

But its aromatic essences amaze the sense of smell even more.

It must be used wisely, otherwise it is useless, almost penetrating.

The composition is sexy, but irresistible becomes the surprising complexity and elegance.

After spraying, the top note spreads around the „crime scene“ at a great distance.

The magic begins with a tangy, spicy blend of blood mandarin and peppermint.

You can immediately smell the grapefruit, it smells like citrus, but not lemon. It is sweeter.

From the start, which was nevertheless very sweet, it evolved n an oriental direction without completely losing the initial sweetness.

A pleasantly sweet and fruity start, although the fruity note fades after a short time.

The distinctive duo of mandarin and peppermint gives it its spicy seduction.

Radiant aldehydes and lovely orange blossom form the opening, followed by warm spicy notes of cinnamon, vanilla and tonka, of amber and sandalwood and, most importantly, a heavenly overdose of warm patchouli and lime, which gives the fragrance its true richness!

Then, after the lime settles, the fruity note comes on even stronger, slowly but surely subjugating the grapefruit over the next five minutes.

Then comes the fusion of the invigorating heart notes of rose absolute and cinnamon.

The tangerine comes more and more for it and becomes spicier with time. Now you can also recognize the base notes Storax and Patchouli.

Finally, the perfumers, guided by their faithful instinct, added to the mixture a woody trace of ketal amber and a leather accord.

What remains is a sweetish, very slightly leathery aroma.

I think the leather is adulterated by the fruit complex, but still identifiable.

But I do like this heavy bubblegum-like sweetness.

 As I said, the tangerine now becomes spicier and after about seven to ten minutes you have reached the heart note.

 I have not smelled anything like this before and the sillage clearly stands out.

The spices and the cinnamon complement super with the fruity and fresh of the fruits.

The result is a new weapon of extreme seduction that awakens fantasies and leads to ecstasy.

That makes in my opinion then also the special „kick“ of this work of art. Just like a cocktail!

Its ingot-shaped flacon embodies his fantasies of wealth, opulence, etc… And who has never dreamed of having a gold ingot in his possession?

The house of Paco Rabanne has made a big hit by dressing its 1 Million perfume in a gold bottle that looks like a gold bar.

Paco Rabanne was the first designer to introduce metal into his creations. Among his most famous creations is a dress for Françoise Hardy, which he called „the most expensive dress in the world.

Why gold? Simply because this material is the symbol of wealth, of heavenly light, but also of immortality.

The dress described was used for the inauguration of the International Diamond Exhibition in May 1968. It consisted of 1000 9 kg gold plates, 300 carats of diamonds, 5000 gold rings and 22 monumental diamonds on his neck.

The brand is aware of these values and has brilliantly redefined them through this epic.

„Whatever civilizations and religions, gold has never ceased to seduce people. “ Following this inexorable logic, he decided to use this material once again in the form of a perfume.

The name of the essence is engraved in the foreground in the manner of an arabesque, with the number „1“ dominating.

This is how the milestone appeared.

If there is a precursor, it is not Joop! Homme or Gaultier Le Mâle, but the commercially far less successful oriental-spicy Escada pour Homme, which at the time came in a similarly opulent presentation, there was even once an Eau de Parfum entirely in gold.

Not everyone likes a sweet perfume, however, the creation is far less penetrating than many others I have smelled.

It is the gush of a man who is convinced that he has achieved everything in life, both professionally and emotionally.

It accompanies you for a long time through the day and so far I have not seen anyone in my presence who has wrinkled their nose.

Something like Escada, with its sophisticated aura – but this gift idea is even the better balanced odeur.

However, I am also rather sparing in the use of fragrances, because especially in winter the escape or ventilation options are sometimes severely limited.

Perfume helps me every day to relax, to show the smiles of other people, in short, to create a good atmosphere around me.

1 million is a very pleasant contemporary for me personally, without a bang.

Paco Rabanne did not miss the opportunity to offer mature men a fragrance full of contrasts and liveliness.


In 2010, I finally got tired of always „spoiling“ my nose with cheap deodorant, but it was still a little too early for an aftershave, as I knew it from the other male members of my family as a fragrance.

Paco Rabanne’s One Million fragrance is a must-have in the perfume industry. It is a real triumph in marketing, which is the pride of the Catalan family group Puig, owner of the brand Paco Rabanne.

The artwork was launched in July 2008 and quickly became the world’s best-selling eau de toilette for men. 
Every generation has the idols it deserves – and apparently also the fragrances! 
Whereas you have to be pretty ashamed as a young bastard for the role models a la Paris Hilton of my generation and look enviously at a Marylin Monroe or Audrey Hepburn, I do not have to be ashamed for „One Million“…

Barely two years after its release, 20 million bottles of this offer had already been sold. 
It must be said that this golden bar of perfumery proves to be absolutely captivating and wonderfully anchored in the line of Paco Rabanne creations.

There is a reason why it made such an impact and is now on a par with Cool Water, Joop Homme or Le Male – clever marketing and a good scent that attracts the masses – whether man or woman!

During a visit to the duty free store at Frankfurt airport, however, I quickly realized that there were fragrances for men not only in the aftershave version to buy, but as for the ladies also in EdT or EdP form. 
No sooner was I back in Germany after the vacation trip, I set out to explore the local supplier. 
I was not a little surprised when the saleswoman asked me whether I was looking for something fresh or fruity, I associated at least the latter term but rather with women’s fragrances, while I would have described the men with the words tart and woody. 
It is extremely sweet, pleases almost every woman very much, some even wear it themselves, it looks chic & stand out, is more than 8-10 hours durable and seat neighbors, dates or dance partners take him clearly.

To develop his perfume, Paco Rabanne turned to three perfumers, namely Christophe Raynaud, Olivier Pescheux and Michel Girard. 
All three considered it an oriental, seductive and fruity olfactory. 
When I first smelled One Million, never having sniffed it on anyone before or even seen the commercial, I thought of an elegant but still quite young suit wearer, on his way to a date. 
I wore it almost 1 year and was thrilled the complete year, but actually it is more for the special evenings. 
Now to the most difficult part of a comment for me to date in relation to an eau de toilette, the analysis, because I am not the most practiced what the herauslesen of individual fragrance notes.

This masterpiece is endowed with a carnal freshness combined with a refined sensuality. 
First of all, I can’t detect anything bubblegum-like, as I’ve read from others. 
Virility is omnipresent without lacking tenderness.

The top note is very sweet and heavy, even if you only spray once. 
I find them simply delightful. By the way, I must mention that I love sweets in any form. The fruity notes, especially the blood tangerine, is very intense.

The top note reminds me of fruity in sugar-soaked gum. 
Once it has settled, I perceive only a minimal, for me as an amateur reviewer indescribable change.

The note also remains for a while. After about an hour, it becomes calmer, more sensual. 
This creation changes slightly but always remains sweet and sticky. 
Only when I smell again after an hour or two on the wrist I notice that the sweetness is no longer so concise, but now a rose note dominates.

Spices and cinnamon spread and you can guess what awaits you in the base: WOW, 10/10, impressive. 
Individual fruits or spices I can not recognize, so I can only say it smells spicy, oriental and gives an intense feeling of warmth. 
Intrusive yet pleasant, very classy, very heavy and – dosed correctly – very masculine, yet sweet in an interesting way. 
One of the reasons why the fragrance is far more suitable for the cold season than for the summer. 
When the smell has reached its half-life, and that can easily take a few hours, it loses slightly in intensity and you smell leather and a bissl spicy, but still prevails the sweetness.

The durability is top, applied in the morning I can still smell it reasonably well in the evening when I bring my wrist to my nose. 
I love its warmth, soft sweetness and comforting nature. I really enjoy wearing it, especially on a nice crisp fall day. In the cooler months, this gem really shines.

In addition, I have not yet received as many compliments for any of my after shaves as for this one. 
I know little comparable, the only thing that goes in my opinion a little bit in the direction is La Nuit De L’homme by YSL.

So the offer projects very strongly from the start, which is why One Million can not be worn every day, because sometimes this strong prelude gives you a headache, despite the pleasant smell for me. 
The most important thing is, as mentioned at the beginning, the dosage, you should be very careful, less is more is the motto here, quite clear! Two squirts or a few half, it should not be more.
But I was open to something new, besides, my deodorants were also always quite sweet, so I was not particularly surprised when I met with almost every scent presented to me a sometimes more sometimes less strongly sweet note.

Everything is aimed at seducing men, taking over their fantasies and asserting their masculinity by force.

The whole thing is then enclosed in a bottle recognizable to all. 
I was lucky enough to get hold of a 100 ml bottle of this in a sale for 25 euros, only because the corner of the box was broken.

As for the bottle, I actually find it very appealing. 
The bottle inside is perfect, and I was thrilled to buy it at such a great price. 
It was designed by young designer Noé Suchaufour-Lawrance and is shaped like a gold bar. I think this bottle deliberately plays with the aesthetic device of exaggeration. Undoubtedly, the gold bar – bottle is directly inspired by the architectural and metallic world of Paco Rabanne. 
Of course, everyone knows that by purchasing this gold bar, he will not become a millionaire or smell so that all women will think he is one; the one who will make a lot of money with this will be Paco Rabanne.

The logo applied to its surface is also directly inspired by a Far Eastern typography. In fact, this is a subtle tribute to the pioneers of the gold rush, quite a symbol! 
For me, this product is a modern version of „Breakfast at Tiffany’s“ – a little dream of wealth and luxury, of glitz and glamor, which will embellish the lives of many ordinary people like you and me, like a stroll along the Kurfürstendamm or the Düsseldorf Kö in the full knowledge that I will never be able to afford the expensive clothes in the shop windows.

This top performance seems to be able to stir up all kinds of desire on its own.

Sure, it’s eye-catching and may remind some of the bling-bling from the modern hip hop scene, but gold appeals to people from all walks of life, from the chavs to the other extreme, the snobs.
It’s a concentrate of desire, pleasure and giddiness… Unstoppable ingredients to make the recipe for such success.

How was it when I got this epic for the first time in presented at Douglas? I had tested about 5 little satisfying, to me very arbitrary fragrances, then the saleswoman grabbed the gold bar, sprayed the contents on the paper strip and held it under my nose. 
She said it was one of the best men’s fragrances there is.

It was the first scent that day that really convinced me I could imagine wearing it regularly. 
Better than most other designer fare offered for men these days. It’s popular for a reason!

It was followed by 2-3 more strips, of which I can only remember Boss Bottled Night, but none I liked as much as this composition, so I made the decision to buy it.

All in all, even after many years I am still a big fan of this unique perfume, which has become so successful and popular certainly not only because of its pretty presentation. 
For me, a classic for which one can hope that the hype slowly dies down and you can wear One Million in 15 years, perhaps nostalgically looking back again more often, well-dosed and successful.

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