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Perfumes are unique products that represent the personality and style of each. 
Suitable for day and night with floral, fresh and extravagant aromas. Here is an overview of the history, dilution classes, brands, best sellers, offers and new releases:

Perfume – Discover the exciting world of luxury fragrances.

You need a quick perfume overview ?

Perfume intoxicates our senses, it should make the heart of the object of desire beat faster. 
In conjunction with our natural own smell it is most individual accessory, which we can wear.

You can use the effect of certain fragrances for yourself – because perfume influences both ourselves and the people around us.

The magic of the invisible.

The selection of high-quality fragrances for men and women, as well as corresponding gift sets is huge. Every major fashion brand creates and sells its own creations.

Lancôme, Dior, Paco Rabanne, Armani or Chanel with the best ingredients to seduce. 
But before buying, the question arises: Which fragrance suits me? Fruity, floral, woody, leather, citrus or oriental.

Smells often evoke strong memories because they are linked to them in the brain in a special way – perhaps you have a favorite scent that you associate with a particularly fond memory?

In drugstores and perfumeries can be tested both eau de toilette, eau de parfum and eau de cologne, which differ in the strength of concentrations.

Our lightning summary about perfumes will help them further.

The story begins many years ago.

Smelling waters have always been present in the population.

In ancient Egypt

Already in ancient Egypt and India, they were used by the nobles and highborn. So the story has a very long and ancient tradition. 
People used plants and natural materials such as flowers and aromatic plants to compose their scents. 
In Egypt and India, by the 14th century, craftsmanship, medicine and spirituality were already developed to the point where it was possible to process fragrances.

The showpieces continued to take the form of oils, balsams or liqueurs. Aromatic substances also found a variety of applications and were used for inspiration,. In history, inspiration, the inhalation of pleasant fragrances, played a major role. 
For a long time, substances were used only to offer them to the gods and to give them to the dead to take with them on their journeys. Some were burned in honor of deities, especially by the Egyptians and Greeks. 
With the pharaoh Hatshepsut came the turning point and it was considered to apply the creations on the living body. 
Perfumes were worn by people regardless of their social rank. 
The production of the smells was incumbent on priests, who were specialized in the production of ointments and Balsams,. Due to the possibility of producing ointments and balms from high quality materials, it was also possible for the priests to process elements and prepare them for use on the living body. 
Thereby it was approx. 1490-1469 B.C. still an inspiration for the Egyptians, who could process various notes early. At that time the scents served the medicine and established themselves only to the golden age of the Egyptians to the value of the physical radiation. Thereby you considered to create an inner and outer harmony. 
The effort in trading the raw materials, on the other hand, was immense and very expensive.

Thanks to Cleopatra, these attractions became associated with femininity. 
First reserved for the divine, it was the impetuous Cleopatra who changed the use and brought it in this sense to the era of femininity! She used to take baths in donkey milk with flowers and almonds. 
In other words, a real revolution for the time.

In ancient Egypt and the traditional history of perfume, it was used in ancient times mainly by the high-born ladies of society, and applied. 
A lady distinguished herself insofar with the use of a perfume, from the lower society and presented through fragrant aromas and fragrances, their status in society.

It was not until the 8th century, through the Crusades, that fragrances came to other cultures.

In the Middle Ages – 14th century

The Middle Ages, especially the 14th century is the cornerstone of today’s production and thus plays a concise role in history.

In the Middle Ages, the bottles became scarce. It is still present, but its use is limited and its composition is reduced to aromatic plants. Thanks to the discovery of new lands, spices will enter both perfumes and cuisine. The use of distillation will mark a turning point in history.

In other countries around this time the perfume was still unknown, only through crusades it was brought from travels and thus known in other countries. To produce the masterpieces, it took some travel to transport the precious contents and oils, long distances and import them to Egypt. 
Once a mystical object that allowed communication with the divine, these olfactory products had fallen into oblivion and its use was banned because it was considered impure. Its reputation became difficult. It was associated with seduction, that is, with evil, with pagan beliefs and even with witchcraft. 
This changed when alchemists invented the distillation of alcohol and paved the way for modern techniques!

At first, diseases were still associated with smell: What smells bad makes you sick, and a sick person smells bad. Then a new idea emerged: What smells good would help fight disease! Aromatherapy, or care through smells and essential oils, was „invented“ at that time. People took care of themselves by washing their bodies with aromatic water or rubbing themselves with aromatic essences made from herbs.

On the other hand, a milestone on the path of production is the Kama Sutra. Known not only for a fulfilling love life, but also for the handling of the substances. 
The seduction, desire, lust and passion was increasingly associated with the monumentsParticularly 
educated people used the handling of fragrances and applied perfumed substances, such as creams, smelling wax for the lips and for cleaning teeth, as well as for putting flowers and blossoms as hair ornaments. However, a great advance in history was accompanied by the possibility of producing perfume. 
The profession of perfumer later enjoyed great popularity, and he was a rich man, to whom dealing in this field also brought a high standard of living.

In the 15th century

In the 15th century, perfume was already known in large parts of the world, because through some crusades perfume found its way to other countries,.

The Renaissance is a key period in the history of France and perfume, because it marks the arrival of notes such as amber, jasmine, vanilla, cocoa, pepper and musk. People, especially rich people, loved strong fragrances that marked their social rank. The closer we get to the Age of Enlightenment, the more subtle the scents. 
The court of Versailles consumed a lot, and more and more perfumes! Faced with this growing demand, France began to produce the essences needed to create them themselves.
Designers enter the market and offer their own creations, but also items made to measure.

In 1580, an alchemist and pharmacist named Tombarelli opened a laboratory in Grasse, which served to produce odeuvres and perfumes. 
In France, one region stood out in this segment, Provence. 
Grasse has even become the capital of perfume. 
The city in France thus became the founding center of perfume production and Tombarelli, at the time a rich man. The Grasse region has an ideal climate for growing flowers, especially roses and jasmine. 
Floral fragrances were very popular among women, and the very first eau de cologne was marketed.

Then, finally, in the 15th century, it could go into trade, when Venice was destined to be the trading center of Europe and technical and craft knowledge had been acquired to be able to produce distillates of high concentrations. Later, these elements were also seen as a weapon against the plague and as a sign of strength and health. 
At that time, the masterpieces already had a high value and has gained even more value, until today.

In the 17th century

The 17th century was concise for the division of perfume into fragrances for royal society and fragrances for the bourgeois, the common man. 
Around the same time, the division into men’s and women’s perfume began. Depending on the type, it was used as a men’s or women’s variant. Still the perfume was reserved for the upper class, it represented wealth and prosperity. 
Meanwhile, the gentlemen of the upper class were just as enthusiastic about the smells as the ladies and used them to represent their status in society. 
There was a wide range of varieties that were used to produce them. Even in the infancy of manufacturing was known that the different flavors, achieved different effects. 
Gentlemen and ladies used them to represent themselves and distinguish themselves from the lower society.

In the 19th century

The 19th century also marked an important turning point in history. New extraction and manufacturing techniques are introduced. Small stores multiply and find a real audience. According to perfumers, perfume was said to have therapeutic and equally invigorating effects. The use of these messengers was supposed to invigorate the body and mind and was considered an important weapon in the fight against disease.

The 19th century marked a real turning point in this field. The invention of new techniques of natural extraction and the invention of the evaporator will significantly expand the field of possibilities.

At the same time appear different ranges. Some are produced on a large scale and have affordable prices, others are luxury products. Perfumery is more and more considered an art, and the compositions have a special place in everyday life. 
At that time, some designers made a name for themselves by marketing their creations on a large scale. This was the case, for example, of Paul Parquet with „Fougère Royale“ and Aimé Guerlain with „Jicky“, then Jacques Guerlain with „L’Heure bleue“. 
At the same time, the rise of chemistry allows the development of synthetic molecules, making the waters more widely available. From now on, everything can be sprayed: Clothes and closets, etc.- Or they began to mist their homes and put corresponding sachets in their closets.

In the 20th century

It was in the 20th century when everything took on the face we know today. 
As a product of daily life, after shave has also become a must. More and more men wear it, and almost every man has his favorite smell. It is the century in which the great names of designers were born and flourished. The 20th century was the birth of great creators, but also of iconic fragrances. Chanel created his famous Chanel N°5 in 1921; shortly after, it was Guerlain and his Shalimar that left a lasting impression. World War II slowed production, but new fragrances came out shortly after the end. These are still around: they are Miss Dior, L’Air du Temps by Nina Ricci, and so on. 
In the past, odeurs were still used to spread pleasant smells in the environment, or to make them seem more pleasant on one’s own body.

In the 21st century

The industrialization continues in the 21st century and leads to the fact that the brilliant achievements become a kind of everyday luxury.

Today, concentrates serve not only as a sweetener of odors. About 80% of the acquaintances we make as humans are decided by the smells. 
All varieties are on our home shelves and perfect our individual style.

What is the difference between Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toillette & Eau de Cologne

What are the different concentrations dilution classes of essences? 
When we commonly speak of „perfume“ to refer to the odeuvre with which we scald ourselves daily, there are several categories that differ by their concentration.

In reality, the dilution classes used are more of a tacit agreement based on a tradition, a consensus between the different brands. The best known concentrations are Eau de Parfüm, Eau de Toillette & Eau de Cologne.

The dilution class of a composition refers to the percentage of ingredients, also called „concentrate“, contained in the water. And also ethyl alcohol, a neutral substance that has no effect on the concentrate, which is the carrier of a fragrance.

The pure concentrate is a fat, an oil, which is then diluted in alcohol. It evaporates only when mixed with alcohol! It is the percentage of this concentrate used which, diluted with alcohol, determines its „category“, its „family“. In simple terms, the various concentrations can be divided into four major „families“.

This formula is by far the most widely used in modern times, while for centuries solid essences were made with oily carriers.

Perfume extract

When more than 20% of the concentrate is used, it is generally referred to as perfume (simple) or extract.

At the beginning of the 20th century it was often conceived in the form of extracts, which is its true soul, it is the richest and most concentrated product. The raw materials are orchestrated to obtain intense heart and base notes. The essential oils are weighed and combined into a concentrate and then diluted in alcohol.

Eau de Parfum

Between 13 and 20% of the concentrate used is called eau de parfum (edp).

How to apply eau de parfum? How long does it last?

The extract has volume and presence. A few drops are enough to create a perfect, persistent and stable „fragrance“. It is often applied directly to the skin.

As a rule, 1-2 spritzes are enough when applying the EdP, it is much more intense than eau de toilette. Finally, it lasts longer, the shelf life is about 5-8 hours, depending on the product.

The most expensive version of a line is usually also the most beautiful, it is known as Parfum Pure, Extract or Extrait, here the entire symphony is released from the top note to the base notes over a long even period of time.

Most extracts contain 20 to 40% concentrate, in 98° alcohol by volume, but there are no regulations, and any brand can call a product an „extract“ if it feels like it, as long as it has strength and tenacity.

This is caused by the high concentration of essences (up to 40% by volume.). Eau de Parfum contains for this reason the highest of all categories, on average, the concentration of a perfume is about 25%. Thus, only a small amount of perfume is needed when applied. It tends to be sold in smaller units / bottles.

Eau de toilette

An eau de toilette is a scented water with a low concentration of essential oils. The higher the concentration of the eau de toilette, the longer it lasts.

What is the difference between Eau de Toilette and Eau der Parfüm? 
Eau de Toilette vs Eau de Parfum

Eau de Toilette is not quite as highly concentrated as perfume, it tends to average 7 to 10 percent aromatic essences. Moreover, the first surge released by an essence, the top note, is very dominant in eau de toilette.

Between 5 and 12% of the concentrate used designates the famous Eau de Toilette (Edt).
Eau de Toilette is fresher and richer in top notes than EdP. This type of content is quickly diffused and can be applied to clothing.

How to apply eau de toilette? How long does it last?

The odeuvre can be applied to clothing and must be sprayed in a certain way to ensure perfect diffusion.

However, due to its low concentration, it contains 3 to 20% concentrate in an alcohol of 80° vol, the eau de toilette has a limited shelf life. Depending on the quality, product and manufacturer, an eau de toilette lasts about three to four hours, beyond that there are also individual fragrances that last longer…

It looks extremely fresh when used, then evaporates after some time. 
You should apply a maximum of 2-3 spritzes.

It can therefore be used to complement extract or EdP, depending on taste.

Eau de Cologne

Originally used for hygiene and toiletries, Eau de Cologne is a product that represents freshness and cleanliness. It invigorates and refreshes, making washing a moment of pleasure and well-being.

What is the difference between Eau de Cologne and Eau der Toilette or Eau de Parfum? 
Eau de Colgne vs Eau de Parfum

Eau de Cologne contains on average about 3-7 percent concentration of essences, which are dissolved in alcohol. Thus, the concentration is much lower than eau de parfum and still somewhat lower than eau de toilette, it also smells less intense. Especially in hot weather, it has an exceptionally refreshing effect.

From about 3% of the concentrate used, we generally speak of an eau de cologne (Edc).

After sports or exertion, a splash of eau de cologne restores energy and vitality. This product can be used generously. It lasts for about three hours.

It does not last too long, so it is best to keep applying the cologne directly to the skin.

Term „Cologne

There is much confusion surrounding the term „cologne,“ which has three meanings. The first and oldest definition refers to a family of fresh, citrus-based fragrances distilled from extracts of citrus, flowers and woody ingredients. These were probably developed in Cologne in the early 18th century, hence the name. They were developed in Cologne in the early 18th century, hence the name. This type of „classic cologne“ describes unisex compositions „consisting essentially of citrus blends and lacking a perfume stem.“[22] Examples include 4711 by Mäurer & Wirtz (created 1799) and Eau de Cologne impériale by Guerlain (1853).

In the 20th century, the term took on a second meaning. Perfume manufacturers began to offer lighter, less concentrated interpretations of their existing perfumes to make their products accessible to a wider range of customers. Guerlain, for example, offered an eau de cologne version of its flagship perfume Shalimar. Unlike classic colognes, this type of modern cologne is a lighter, diluted, less concentrated interpretation of a more concentrated product, typically a pure perfume. The cologne version is often the lightest concentration out of a range of fragrance products.

Eventually, the term „cologne“ entered the English language as a general, overarching term to describe a fragrance worn by a man, regardless of his concentration. The actual product a man wears (cologne men’s) may technically be an eau de toilette, but he may still say he wears „cologne.“ A similar problem surrounds the term „perfume,“ which can be used in a generic sense to refer to fragrances marketed to women (cologne women’s), whether or not the fragrance is actually an extract.

Classic eau de colognes first appeared in Europe in the 17th century. The first perfume called „parfum“ with a high concentration of aromatic compounds was Jicky by Guerlain in 1889. Eau de Toilette appeared alongside Parfum at the turn of the century
. EdP concentration and terminology is the most recent. Parfum de Toilette and EdP appeared in the 1970s and became popular in the 1980s.

Info from The Fragrance Foundation


But be careful and remember! 
You should not rely on concentration alone to determine the potential of a good odeuvre. There are many other factors at play:

The alchemy of the essences, the quality of the raw materials used, the imagination of the designer and, of course, the way, the intensity in which you apply your little water.

Brands | Manufacturer | Classic

Acqua di Parma Perfume

Aqua di ParmaCarlo 
Magnani created in 1916 in the city of Parma his first unusual breath, a particularly fresh and elegant. From this was born the first, timeless and absolutely successful Italian „Colonia“, Aqua di Parma.

Parma is a medium-sized city in the heart of Italy, a city that lives and symbolizes art, theater, music and opera. „Made in Italy“ and loyalty to himself and his label were considered in this sense as an international recipe for success for Magnani. Di Parma’s fragrances stand for pure elegance, beauty and harmony.


The label Annayake is to embody a touch of Asia, especially Japan. Culture and tradition are considered the label’s flagship and trademark. Annayake’s typical note is neither too floral nor too tart. The perfumes are mainly inspired and determined by their will to individuality, each one is considered varied- and extensive.

What is special is that the fragrances are composed exclusively of completely natural ingredients and are therefore very well received. In addition to many care products, but especially the best-selling fragrances under the name „Matsuri“ shine.


Giorgio ArmaniIn 1980, 
the Italian designer began to produce his first collection. No idea is started without his explicit approval. 
His perfumes are among the classics, they are made with the claims that Armani also makes for his fashion collections. Their nature is subtle yet catchy, as they are meant to highlight the wearer’s characteristics. Some are based on natural characteristics, while others aim to seduce and exude pure perfection, such as Armani Code.

One of the successful fragrances is the famous Sì, which is intended to bring the femininity of its wearer to the fore. Of course, he does not create his fragrances alone, but gets advice from experts and creates his perfumes from few, but qualitative ingredients.

More information:


Bruno Banani

Bruno Banani is a fashion company founded in 1993 with several fashion designers from Germany, in Chemnitz. The founder of the successful label is Wolfgang Jassner, a graduate in business administration. Through extravagant advertisements, the label was able to gain a foothold primarily in Germany and later likewise in 17 other nations. The company started with the design of underwear.

From the company, which had to start small, became an international label with an annual turnover of 96.5 million euros. In addition to fashion for men and women, Bruno Banani was also able to make a big name for itself in the perfume world. Bruno Banani’s fragrances are considered seductive and fascinating, both in women’s perfumes and men’s fragrances.


Burberry was founded in 1856 by the British Thomas Burberry. The former textile merchant started small, with his own textile business, where he first dealt with curtains and became a master in this field. He also became very successful with his first self-designed clothes. Burberry’s trademark is the „check check pattern“, which is trademarked and internationally known. Today, Burberry is a fashion brand that is priced in the higher class. In addition to fashion, Burberry is also successful with other creations, such as jewelry and watches, but also fragrances. Burberry’s fragrances are considered sensual, as well as glamorous-elegant.


Founded in 1884, the family business is now part of the Moët Hennessy Louis group. The company operates successfully worldwide. In addition to perfume, it produces and markets luxury leather goods, watches, jewelry and a luxury hotel brand. The name comes from the family name of the founder, the silver and goldsmith Sotirios Voulgaris.

Perfumes are created and manufactured by the family empire since the year 1992. The brand cooperates with renowned perfumeries. The collection of exclusive fragrances is complemented by candles and bath products, enticing you to immerse yourself in an elegant and refined wellness oasis. Women’s fragrances by Bvlgari inspire with exquisite ingredients and noble compositions with sensual-exotic, woody or floral notes.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

The foundation for the company was laid in 1968 by fashion designer Calvin Richard Klein in New York. In addition to fashion, accessories, shoes, home goods, cosmetics, jewelry and watches, the company produces and sells perfumes in the upper price segment.

Just as in fashion, the designer demonstrates a masterful sense of future trends. He is a master at combining casual sex appeal with luxury. Then as now, his unisex perfume classic CK One is unforgotten. This contributed decisively to breaking down existing barriers and breaking rules.

Fragrances of the Calvin Klein brand appeal to people who love a fresh, sparkling purism and a lifestyle without compromise.


The Cartier jewelry empire was founded in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier for customers who were willing to pay astronomical prices for exclusive products. In addition to jewelry and watches, the company also manufactures and markets cosmetics and perfumes. The company is one of the few that have employed their own perfumer.

The internationally famous perfumer Mathilde Laurent systematically selects the highest quality and noblest ingredients for the creations to compose exquisite works of art. On commission, the perfumer also creates fragrances according to individual wishes.

Sweet or spicy, Cartier fragrances are passionate and the right choice for everyone.

Cerruti 1881

The company Cerruti was founded in 1881 by fashion designer Nino Cerrutti as a boutique in Paris. After the start, the young company in the French capital developed into one of the world’s leading brands in the fashion industry. In addition, the label markets exclusive writing sets and fashion accessories.

His secret of success from the fashion sector, the combination of unmistakable seduction, Italian elegance and innovative ideas, the designer has also transferred to his productions.

In the field of fragrances, the Cerruti label focuses on quality rather than quantity. The women’s and men’s fragrances are based on single notes and therefore develop the very special, unique charm of simplicity.


Gabriele „Coco“ Chanel made a name for herself in the fashion industry early on. After her first successes with casually elegant women’s fashion at the beginning of the 20th century, the French company developed into one of the most important fashion groups in the world.

To this day, the name Chanel also stands for outstanding designer art of the extra class. As early as the 1920s, Coco launched the world-famous women’s classic „Chanel No. 5“, which is still in the top ten of the world’s most sold fragrances. Chanel No. 5 is like the fashion of the French company both timeless and fancy and elegant.


The world-renowned French women’s fashion company was founded jointly by an entrepreneur and a dressmaker in Paris in 1952. Today the company belongs to the Richemont group, which markets luxury goods worldwide.

In perfumes, the label focuses on timeless creations. The fragrances emphasize as well the personality and as the femininity of the wearer. The feminine, fresh women’s fragrances also emphasize the sense of independent modern women for natural elegance and beauty.

The glass bottle, decorated with a hand-tied ribbon and silver-plated metal plate combines modern elements and a touch of vintage. However, such a masterful work of craftsmanship is rarely found in perfumes. It represents the true signature of the Chloé brand.

Chopard Wish

Originally, the company Chopard, founded in Switzerland, was known for the distribution of high-quality watches from the luxury segment. The history of the company, which was founded by the Swiss farmer’s son Louis-Ulysse Chopard in 1860, already exported particularly luxurious timepieces at the beginning of the 20th century, which still stand for reliable timekeeping and high-quality workmanship.

Chopard has long since come to stand not only for high-end watches, but also for a wide range of premium quality products for discerning customers. The fragrances of the Swiss luxury goods manufacturer stand for timeless elegance full of esprit.

Christina Aguilera

After the attractive American gained her first TV experience alongside Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears at an early age, she began to introduce herself to the major US record companies in the mid-1990s. At the end of the 1990s, the blonde was able to celebrate her first musical successes in the United States, before she also achieved her breakthrough in Europe at the turn of the millennium.

Aguilera later established herself from teen idol to professional artist, among other things in the film as well as distributes exclusive fragrances under her name. The Aguilera brand stands for a self-confident and feminine personality.


Which perfume smells like Creed? Creed is a company in the luxury segment that has been internationally active and known for over 250 years. After the founder James Creed already started the tailor dynasty in London in 1760, the focus of the company, which today already operates in the seventh generation, changed from the production of exclusive fashion to the production of high-quality and noble fragrances.

After Creed already advanced to the court supplier at the British royal house, it was easy for the following generations to further establish themselves in the European high nobility. Not only kings and princes still love the noble odeuvres from the house of Creed.


The Davidoff family ran a tobacco store in Kiev at the beginning of the 20th century before they had to leave the country because of hostility towards Jews. With son Zino, they moved to Switzerland, where he learned to blend tobacco according to family tradition in Geneva.

In his younger years, Zino Davidoff visited the famous tobacco plantations in South America and, following his travels, settled in Cuba. There he succeeded in establishing exclusive smoking products under his name and appealing to a discerning clientele. For more than 30 years, Davidoff has also been selling tart fragrances in addition to smoking products.


Originally founded as a textile company Moltex, the successful brand received its current name in 1979, when the fuel of the same name had just been established as an alternative to gasoline and continued to be a symbol of innovation and progress. The namesake Renzo Rosso, who until then had only owned shares in the company, took over the brand in 1985 and added the first women’s collection four years later.

Diesel is known for eye-catching, different looks and unusual brand strategies, which accordingly always have something special, rebellious about them. This also applies to the many successful perfumes, which already stand out visually from other flacons. Since 2002, Diesel has been a subsidiary of the family holding company Only the Brave.

– label)


The Christian Dior company, founded in 1946 by the eponymous fashion designer, is one of the oldest and most successful fashion labels in the world. A conscious departure from the fashion of the war years, on the other hand, helped the brand to achieve immediate great success. Not only the brand itself benefited from the playful and elegant cuts and the fresh colors of the collections.

The whole of Paris, which still serves as the company’s headquarters today, finally advanced to become the fashion capital par excellence as a result of its success. 
The first perfume „Miss Dior“ launched in 1947 is still considered an inimitable classic.



DKNY Donna Karan New York

Immediately after founding the label, US fashion designer Donna Karan was voted „Designer of the Year“ for her first collection. The special feature of her fashion line were the „Seven Easy Pieces“, which form a smooth transition from day to evening wear.

Originally, however, Donna Karan designed fashion for self-confident career women with normal to pronounced curves – a second circumstance that made the label abruptly successful.

With the acronym DKNY, the label became interesting for a younger, less elegant target group for this reason. Since 1992, the company has launched numerous women’s and men’s fragrances. 
After the death of her husband, Donna Karan withdrew from active business in 2001 and has since devoted herself to her charitable work.


Dolce & Gabbana

The two fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana founded the successful Italian fashion company in 1985 and have been running it together from their headquarters in Milan ever since. In addition to the long and close collaboration with stars such as Madonna, Beyoncé and Kylie Minogue, the designers themselves as well as their collections have received numerous prizes and awards.

The first women’s perfume „Dolce & Gabbana Parfum“ was awarded by the Perfume Academy in 1993. The award for „Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme“ followed promptly in 1995.

In addition to various fashion lines, which are constantly expanding, and a wide range of products such as leather goods, shoes and accessories, the brand is often involved in the design of special models in the automotive and mobile phone industries.




The German luxury goods company based in Aschheim was founded in 1976 by Swedish model Margaretha Ley and her husband Wolfgang Ley under the name „Escada – sporty elegance“. After the death of the founder in 1992, the company expanded rapidly and brought itself into a crisis that lasted for decades due to constant changes in management, violent stock market fluctuations and a correspondingly significant decline in its image.

After several unsuccessful attempts to restore the brand to its original glory, Escada passed into the private ownership of billionaire daughter Megha Mittal in 2009. Despite the company’s ongoing critical situation, it is still regarded as „Germany’s most international fashion company.

In addition to various fashion lines, jewelry and bag collections, and cosmetics, Escada has been creating highly successful women’s fragrances every year since 1990.



Estée Lauder Youth

The right brand for the seductive woman. 
The American Estée Lauder first founded her own company back in 1946. She focused on various types of creams, which in the early days were sold mainly at housewives‘ parties. Quality already played a decisive role at that time. Her breakthrough also came with the Youth Dew bath oil, which embodied the never-ending youth.

In the meantime, the company has grown into a group that sells high-quality beauty products in over 100 countries and still represents the characteristics of its founder. Because the combination of nature with the latest scientific knowledge was one of the secrets of success of Estée Lauder. The attention to detail of the founder can still be found in the products of the brand.


Makes the difference 
perfectlyFrenchman Hubert de Givenchy created the Givenchy brand in 1952. In addition to high-priced fashion, accessories, perfume and cosmetic items are also sold. In the beginning, the count relied on cheaper materials, but gradually replaced them with noble products.

The Parisian fashion world adored him for his choice of magnificent colors, motifs or even the production of enormous hats. The founder of the company developed the individual style of his brand together with Audrey Hepburn. After the takeover by LVMH Givenchy was continued without the founder from 1995.

Givenchy embodies desirable beauty, affordable luxury and boundless freedom.


Experience mysteryGuerlain 
is one of the oldest perfume houses in the world. Since its founding in 1828, the company was run by 
the eponymous family until 1994. The era ended as Jean-Pauls Guerlain retired at the age of 65 and the family business lacked heirs.

The group LVMH bought the perfume brand. Since then, the range has also been expanded to include other cosmetic products. The brand stands for mysterious compositions, which already enriched the market with over 300 successful perfumes.

Hugo Boss

Decent luxury

Hugo Boss is a German company, with its headquarters in Baden-Württemberg. It was founded in 1924 by Hugo Ferdinand Boss It is one of the most successful companies in its industry, offering fashion, accessories and perfume, as well as items such as bed linen.

The following brands are distinguished: BOSS, BOSS Orange, BOSS Green and Hugo. BOSS and HUGO are the two core brands. The products can already be purchased in 127 countries. The company stands for modernity, elegance and understated luxury.

Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake grew up in Hiroshima and lost many family members at the age of seven when the atomic bomb was dropped. Issey Miyake wanted something modern and optimistic in his life, and so he gravitated to fashion design. After graduating from Tama Art College, he left Japan. There followed stations in Paris and New York.

In 1970 he returned home and founded his fashion label Miyake Design Studio in Tokyo. In 1992, together with Beauté Prestige International, the first perfume for women was launched. A perfume for men followed in 1994. Since then, new fragrances have been added regularly.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier never attended college or did any comparable training as a designer. He sent his designs to various fashion designers at a young age. He eventually found a job at Pierre Cardin as an assistant. After presenting his first collection as early as 1976, he founded his own fashion label just two years later.

In 1993, the first perfume he created for women appeared. Two years later followed the first for men, which is now an absolute classic. In the meantime, there are many different fragrances for men and women.

Jil Sander

After studying textile engineering in Krefeld, Jil Sander went to Los Angeles as an exchange student. There she attended University College and worked for the women’s magazine McCall’s after her visit there. In 1963 she returned to her hometown of Heide in Holstein and worked as a fashion editor for various women’s magazines.

In 1967 she opened a black lacquered fashion boutique in her hometown and founded Jil Sander GmbH a year later. From 1974, she first sold her own collections. She made her international breakthrough with the so-called onion look in 1976. In collaboration with the cosmetics manufacturer Lancaster, she expanded her product range to include beauty and care series.


As founder of the Joop! fashion label, Wolfgang Joop is one of the most successful German fashion designers. Internationally, he is best known for his elegant yet affordable haute couture fashion. After graduating from high school, he began studying advertising psychology, but dropped out to work as a restorer in the art scene.

He lived out his interest in fashion, which was already great at the time, primarily in his private life. In 1970 he took part in a fashion competition organized by the women’s magazine „Constanze“ and won all three first prizes. 2 years after presenting his first own women’s collection, he also made his international breakthrough in 1984 with his first perfume collection.


The fashion company Kenzo was founded in 1970 by fashion designer and namesake Kenzo Takada. Through floral patterns and unusual modern cuts, the company quickly became known.

After gradually expanding the range, the first women’s perfume appeared as early as 1988, with the closure in the form of a rose blossom, again picked up the flowers. Since 1991, fragrances for men have also been designed. Meanwhile, there are so many fragrances that even a skin care series was founded.


Rene Lacoste was a tennis player and designed the first Lacoste polo shirt as early as 1927, which he produced only for his own use. After his tennis career, he began to mass produce his polo shirts in 1933. Now world famous for the famous crocodile logo, he was able to quickly expand his business and distributed from then on clothing for men and women, shoes and already since 1968 his own perfume.

Since then, the company brought countless fragrances on the market over the many years, both for women and men. Often with a sporty touch in relation to the origin of the founder.


Lancome was founded in 1935 by Armand Petitjean in Paris. The name goes back to a château south of Paris. Already in the first year 5 perfumes were brought to market. Since then, there are regularly a variety of new fragrances, both for women and men.

After the company continued to expand its range and focus on other cosmetic products, it was taken over by the French cosmetics group L’Oréal in 1964. Today, the Lancome brand is the flagship of L’Oréal and the market leader in the field of high-priced cosmetic products. The countless perfumes are now advertised by actors and celebrities.

Laura Biagiotti

Laura Biagiotti, born in 1943, was initially passionate about archaeology at the University of Rome until she helped out her mother in his fashion studio. Her own brand, named after her, celebrated its international breakthrough in 1970, with its feminine cashmere collection.

Later she launched her own fragrances on the market. These are still considered elegant, sensual and fresh at the same time. Biagiotti passed away at the age of 73, but her classic fragrances will live on for a long time.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is an internationally known American fashion designer who has been designing fashion since the mid-1980s. After graduating from Parsons The New School of Design, he gained the attention of fashion entrepreneur Perry Ellis. Just 2 years later he launched his first own collection with his business partner Robert Duffy and in 1987 he became the youngest designer to win the Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent.

In 2001, own women’s and men’s fragrances were added to the fashion collections for women, men and children. They are combined with collections of light fragrances in a simple 300 ml bottle, which are presented once or twice a year.

Michael Kors

The career of American fashion designer Michael Kors began as a child with commercials on American television. Even before beginning his studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology, he founded his own label „Michael Kors LLC“.

In addition to his studies, he worked in an upscale boutique as a sales manager, where he also distributed his own collection. Already in 1984 he showed his first fashion show and made a name for himself with his sportswear. Since 2000, his own perfumes complement the collections. Michael Kors knows that today everyone uses different fragrances to reflect different moods. Under this motto, he designs insofar unique perfumes for personal business cards.


perfume brand „Miro“, which has been on the market since 1997 with the classic „femme“, belongs to Berlin Cosmetics GmbH, which was founded in 1954 under the name VEB Berlin Kosmetik-Kombinat.

The Miro fragrances are developed in collaboration with the experienced perfumer Jacques Chabert, who has already created fragrances for Chanel, for Guerlain and for Molton Brown. Today, the Miro perfumes offer imaginative eau de parfums and eau de toilettes as imaginative creations with an independent visual language, which underlines the character of the wearer, with a high quality and a nose for special trends.

Miro Cosmetics

Mont Blanc

Montblanc is considered an unprecedented success story that originated in 1906. The brand once became big with the production of fountain pens, which knew no bounds in exclusivity. But iAs the market expanded, the noble brand completed its portfolio with classic and particularly noble perfumes. The house created the house memorable and particularly floral olfactory compositions.

With the perfume Femme Individuelle, the traditional company succeeded in an exemplary manner in 2007 in entering the market in a benevolent perfume environment. Numerous perfumes have since been introduced to the market and delight the stylish public. Among the most famous women’s fragrances are Femme de Montblanc or Legend pour Femme. Among the most famous fragrances for men are Starwalker and Individuel pour Homme.


Mischino is an avant-garde empire of a special kind. Already in 1987 ladies could buy the first women’s perfume, which bore the classic name Moschino. The noble supplier, after the first version of the perfume, which was sold under the name „Moschino“, already a year later in 1988 came up with the second line of perfumes. Moschino Cheap and Chic convinced all along the line.

Initially, the perfume series for women was launched on the market, only to conquer the perfume world a little later for men. Quickly launched the perfumes to true classics. The cheerful sex appeal and natural elegance, which were emitted especially in the women’s perfumes, are considered almost unprecedented to this day.

https://www.moschino.com brand)

Naomi Campbell

The TOP model Naomi Campbell, that in earlier times always attracted attention with her dramatic stagings and conspicuousness in public, developed in recent years into a true highlight of the industry. In 1999 she discovered her passion for extraordinary fragrances. Since then, many different series have been launched. Her name and her perfumes stand for delicate elegance and a sublime beauty.

The bravura pieces emphasize the woman’s touch. For all perfumes, she worked closely with the most famous perfumers in the world and brought her own ideas into the creative process. In this way, true masterpieces of perfume art were created. Campbell has created many masterpieces with the fragrances Exult, Cat Deluxe or Mystery.


Nikos – Sculpture pour Homme

Nikos Sculpture

Nikos Sculpture has an exceedingly fresh effect. Already its bottle promises a new experience and the eau de toilette can keep this promise. Thanks to a top note of orange blossom, lemon and bergamot, it is extremely fresh, but without losing a masculine note. This is especially ensured by the base note of benzoin and tonka bean.

Otto core

Otto Kern, now deceased, became famous and popular in the 1970s with his fashion empire. He managed within a few years to push his fashion house into the luxury label brand and thereby cover a wide portfolio of needs of his demanding customers. He himself made his own dream come true with the launch of his comprehensive and especially popular fragrances.

The perfume business was very close to my heart. After the launch of the first perfumes, the Otto Kern brand also convinced in this market and created an impressive character. The typical men’s fragrance of Otto Kern convinces here mainly by a tart and masculine undertone. The women’s fragrances, on the other hand, are multi-faceted, playfully sensual and have a sweet tingle.

One of the classics of Otto Kern is undoubtedly the perfume Signature and Change, which he designed for the modern man.

Paco Rabanne

The fragrances of the Paco Rabanne brand are particularly diverse and unique. Customers find the Spanish lifestyle in the articles and are inspired by them. The women’s fragrances are known for their sensual lightness. The men’s fragrances convince with a masculine heaviness.

However, the road of the empire was long and rocky. Paco Rabanne has always been in search of the special and the unique. This characteristic finds customers not only in his fashion but rather in his fragrances. Since 1975, Paco Rabanne is not only an incomparable figure in the fashion business, but also in the world of fragrances.


Back in 1913, this fashion house was founded in Milan by Italian brothers Mario and Martino Prada. Only a few years later, the company, which was famous for its leather goods, was appointed Italian purveyor to the court. But it wasn’t until Miuccia Prada took over the company’s management in 1978 that the label finally achieved global fame. 
The first perfume of the house with the simple name „Prada“, came on the market in 2004. After that it went blow after blow and more women’s and men’s perfumes followed. All the strokes of genius exude the over hundred-year-old values of the Prada brand: quality, tradition, but also modernity. For those who are attracted to simple elegance and innovative quality, Prada is the first choice.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren, who never trained as a fashion designer, first entered the fashion industry by designing his own tie collection in 1967. After this initial success, he soon ventured into the creation of menswear and womenswear. Ralph Lauren’s big breakthrough came in 1972, when he was commissioned to outfit the Hollywood film „The Great Gatsby.“ In the same year he went down in fashion history with the presentation of the Ralph Lauren Polo shirt.

Ralph Lauren began developing and selling perfumes back in 1978. Together with the world-famous cosmetics company L’Oreal, the label creates fragrances that embody the modern „American way of life“.

The simple, timeless nuances appeal particularly to today’s sporty, fashion-conscious customers.

Terre d’Hermès

Hermès: fantasy in every single perfumeThierry Hermès 
founded the Hermès company in Paris in 1837. In its origins, the employees dealt with saddlery and the processing of leather. Nowadays, it mainly offers luxury items in a wide range of industries. Among them are products from stationery, perfume, shoes, watches to interior design. The first perfume „Calèche“ was developed in 1961. Just nine years later, the famous „Équipage“ was created. Unique is the Hermès library, decorated with endless fantasy stories written for each perfume. There are approximately 315 Hermès boutiques worldwide, sixteen of which are located in Germany.

Hermès pour Homme

For the gritty gentleman who does not want to settle for the conventional, this Terre d’Hermès by Hermès comes along. It combines the elements, creating a symbiosis between earthy scents and fresh elements. For the man of the world, who does not want to miss his pithy side, is this fresh fragrance, which is already on the market since 2006 and has established itself as a distinctive favorite for the gentleman.

The popularity of Terre d’Hermès enstand certainly not only by the meeting of fresh oranges and lemons, musk and pepper that combines the fresh with a spice and makes irresistible. Also the particularly long shelf life of the distinctive aftershave make this melange so desirable for the gentleman.

The classic Terre d’Hermès was created by Jean-Claude Ellena, who knows how to create unique melanges with few means. Since 2004 Ellena works for Hermès

Thierry Mugler

His path led from ballet dancer to costume design and the founding of his own fashion empire. In 1974, Mugler founded his company, which soon became known for extravagant and opulent designs. He was influenced in his designs by his time in the theater and his fondness for classical opera.

In 1992, Thierry Mugler launched „Angel“ in cooperation with Clarins. This popular perfume soon sold better than the classic „Chanel No. 5“. The now over 70 different copies of the house of Mugler inspire both men and women who feel a love for luxury and extravagance.


What began as a jewelry store in 1837 is still an international, highly respected company that now also sells perfume. The recognition value of Tiffany’s fragrances comes from their effect on people. It conveys glamor and romance, which gives the wearers an attractive self-confidence.

For example, Tiffany Eau de Parfum is a modern touch that exudes liveliness. The most important ingredient in this perfume is the iris flower. It expresses strength and femininity. This makes this perfume a worthy representative of Tiffany.

The master perfumer of Tiffany is Daniela Andrier, who was guided by her enthusiasm for jewelry and precious stones and took them as a benchmark for the qualitative substances in her perfumes.

Tom Ford

A native Texan, he first studied architecture before moving into the fashion industry. After graduating, he was soon recruited as Gucci’s creative director and helped the dusty Italian brand shine again.

In 2005, after leaving Gucci, he founded his own fashion label „Tom Ford International“, which initially specialized in sunglasses, corrective frames and perfumes. But soon the range also included fine women’s and men’s fashion.

The fragrances of Tom Ford, who was already obsessed with perfume creations as a child, are like his fashion: timeless, extravagant and luxurious. Patchouli always plays a supporting role. So if you love warm, spicy fragrances, you won’t be able to get past Tom Ford. Designer)


Around the mid-1960s, Valentino became known for his fashion collections and began attracting a celebrity clientele. He mainly used a bright red color, which is now also known as Valentino red. On this basis, he expanded his business and began to create his own fragrances.

The most distinctive features of his fragrances are their subtlety, elegance and sportiness. Particularly famous is the Dior Sauvage, of the designer. 
After a holding company took over his business, Valentino left his company, which still exists today and continues to represent eloquence and passion.


Italian designer Gianni Versace founded his label „Versace“ in Milan in 1978. Although his designs were called vulgar by critics and fellow designers, customers loved his unusual and eye-catching fashion. Not without reason, his fans named him the „Master of Neo-Baroque“ and dressed stars like Elton John, Madonna or Princess Diana.

After Gianni’s death in 1997, his sister Donatella took over the management of the company.

Already in 1981 Gianni created his first milestone. The women’s and men’s fragrances of the house of Versace convince not only with luxurious bottles, but also with Mediterranean and floral aromas.

Yves Saint Laurent

In 1977, the successful women’s perfume Opium by Yves Saint Laurent appeared. However, the perfume, by the name, was mistakenly interpreted by some critics as an incitement to drug abuse. To date, many different perfumes have been established by the company. In 1977, Saint Laurent left the Rive Gauche fashion line and has put his focus on haute couture.

His makes are characterized by its passionate, distinctive, but not intrusive smell. 
One of the most famous creations is the fruity and expressive Black Opium.

Buy perfume online – shopping also in stores

Here to relax.

One of the best perfume commercial spots ever:

Armani Acqua di Gioia with Emily Didonato

Perfume advertising

The aim of an advertisement is to awaken dreams in customers. 
In this respect, advertising creates an image in the minds of the viewers, which is supposed to be remembered afterwards. 
Each odeur represents a character trait or a feeling.

Through visualization by means of photos or videos, the individuality of the individual can be presented. 
The right choice of attributes is the foundation for finding new customers. 
Equally important is the choice of the right place of action. For example, if it is a sporty, nature is best suited.

Here is one of the most beautiful commercial spots ever:

Perfume gift sets

Surely you think thoroughly about what clothes you wear for a particular occasion. For this reason, you do not sit in front of the TV in an evening dress or in a baggy sweater at a dinner party.

The situation is very similar with perfume. While light fragrances are more appropriate during the day, you can apply more intense perfume in the evening.

Especially gift sets with several components, cover very well several occasions.

For ladies there are charming perfume gift sets. These contain not only a bottle with the coveted water, but also a shower gel or cream. Women can thus not only spray themselves, but also bathe in it and the surge will accompany them throughout the day. Gift sets are perfect for those who are looking for a special gift.

They are suitable as a gift on Christmas holidays and birthdays. So if you know the favorite scent of your loved ones, you should definitely consider a gift set.

Price comparison

Where to buy cheap perfume? You can find price comparisons here:

Perfume women

Women basically want to smell good. Whether they use it for a gentleman or for themselves – perfume is more popular than ever product comes in numerous nuances. The chosen piece can smell fruity sweet or tart. Of course, there are many nuances and even in terms of color today there are very many variations.

Keeping track of the market will not be so easy for some women. Then there are women who are convinced of one type. These women know exactly what they want and buy their favorite again and again. That is exactly what this summary is for. There are a great many specimens on offer. Of course, many of them are well-known.

Perfume men

Nowadays it is very important for men to convince not only with a well-groomed appearance, but also with a pleasant fragrance. 
The fragrances here range from tart to adventurous and is as unique as the man himself. 
The perfume of a man can say a lot about the personality of the person.

In addition, the occasion is considered when choosing a perfume. 
The variety of men’s items offers a particularly high possibility in the directional choice.

A combination of masculinity, passion and elegance create individual, high-quality fragrances that emphasize the character. 
If you choose a perfume, you can buy it conveniently online.


Those who want to expand their repertoire in addition to the standards, can use their specially created fragrances in local stores.

Best suited for individual consultation with the ownersSimply 
search online first in their area.

Parfü – Buy exclusive perfume & fragrances online –

here is some info from major cities:

Fragrance notes

When composing, many different aspects are taken into account, so not only the effect and change in appearance, but also its weight, that is, how quickly it fades.

Here perfumers distinguish between top, heart and base notes.

Classically, a perfume is described and distinguished by olfactory notes, firstly the top notes. These are those associated with the first olfactory impression and are the most volatile.

  • The top note fades the fastest, however, it leaves the first impression on you. Citrus scents, bergamot, sea water or mint are often used here. 
    Secondly, the middle notes, these are the ones that form the heart of the perfume and remain on the skin for several hours.
  • The heart note smells for several hours after the top note has faded and is usually composed of floral scents such as rose or jasmine and fruit aromas.
  • And thirdly, the base notes, which are those that persist long after the perfume is sprayed and can remain on a garment for months.
    The base note is the foundation, it smells very long but subtle and often consists of earthy or animal-spicy elements such as patchouli, ylang-ylang, amber, musk or sandalwood.

Fragrance effect

You can use the effect of certain fragrances for yourself – because perfume influences both ourselves and the people around us. Thus, they can quickly reap curious glances. Animal scents such as ambergris and musk act as sex attractants in nature and attract the opposite sex.

Powdery and dark floral qualities emphasize your elegance and give you an erotic aura, they can provide an irresistible attraction. Exotic ones, on the other hand, guarantee you admiring glances.

However, this is not always an advantage. Especially in professional life, they should be careful not to apply too thick. Possible would be to resort to an eau de toilette. If they apply too much perfume on the wrong parts of the body, others could quickly get the wrong impression of you. Instead, they prefer to choose a discreet-fresh. So it is possible to integrate his favorite fragrance in everyday life. This underlines your well-groomed and serious appearance.

However, with your personal sillage, they influence not only others, but also themselves. Citrusy scents such as grapefruit or bergamot have a stimulating and vitalizing effect, as they combine freshness and temperament. They can quickly make you look unique and attractive. Mint or seawater elements also have a refreshing effect. They are well suited for a long day at the office, because at the same time they smell only discreetly and quickly evaporate.

Heavy, earthy scents like patchouli or ylang-ylang give you a mystical, mysterious aura. In this sense, the tools of a seducer. Sandalwood, cinnamon or vanilla give the perfume an oriental touch.

Subtle natural scents like moss, fern or woody notes like oak bring you in harmony with nature and yourself and give you solid ground under your feet.

Making perfume yourself – production of fragrances.

Perfumes can be made incredibly inexpensive and without much effort yourself. 
The result is a rare, personal and inexpensive natural product. 
Only two ingredients are needed to make your own perfume. These include alcohol (ethyl alcohol 96%) and natural essential oils. The perfume is bottled in empty flacons.

As an alternative to alcohol, a mild, neutral vegetable oil can also be used. 
When mixing an individual aroma, various essential oils are simply added drop by drop to a flask. Finally, the mixture is filled with alcohol in a ratio of 1:4 (4 parts of alcohol to one part of oil).

The mixture is now shaken vigorously and left to mature for two weeks. 
After the two weeks the perfume can be used.

Perfume samples

When looking for a product that exactly underlines the character, a detailed sample of different fragrances is essential. With the breadth of choice, the choice is often not easy. Therefore, you are welcome to request perfume samples, which we will send you. Let us send you different fragrances from different categories.

So you may fall in love with an after shave that you would otherwise never have tried. If you decide on the right one, you can conveniently order the product online. 
In Communities there are tips on how you can get samples, there are also raffles for samples:

Here is a free sample !!! And samples for payment!

Durability – How long does Eau de Parfum last?

The more special the perfume is, the less often it is used. Most often, the perfume is kept for a special occasion. So a long time can pass before the perfume is used. 
Those who follow this habit may regret this frugality for a few months. Even with high-quality fragrances do not hold indefinitely their contents, but spoil at some point. Due to this, excessive thriftiness should be avoided.

On the perfume bottle can be found – unlike on food – no best before date. However, as a rule, a shelf life of 5 years is assumed. The higher the alcohol content, the longer the product retains its vacancy.

Perfume shelf life and how you can extend it“ – Stylejournal


The bottle is a great way to distribute the contents. In the bottle is sometimes a kind of pipette, with which the water can be taken droplet-exactly. However, many women also use their fingers to spread it all out. It is usually applied to the neck and wrists. But it can also be used on the décolleté.

Perfume is perfect for every woman. She is certainly happy to have a bottle. This comes in many directions, which makes it even easier to quickly find your favorite gush. Who has a particular make in mind, will certainly find it here.

Decant perfume

Transfer with funnel and spray directly into it or with a disposable syringe into the atomizer. There are several variants eg:

Filling perfumes but how?

Perfume easily decant without funnel

Where to apply the perfume correctly? – Man & Woman

Often, as a person who has to play different roles in life, we find ourselves in situations where we need, above all, a consolidated self-perception. We often want to think in advance how we want to appear. Choosing the right odeuvre can help them do this, and different types of elements can emphasize the look you want. Do you just want to feel comfortable in the morning? Do you want to be the sexy seductress? Or would you rather be the successful business woman?

For every role we need to take in our lives, there is a suitable one. 
In many situations in our everyday life, you should make sure to use it properly. It is best to apply it on well perfused areas of the skin, such as the wrists, neck or between the breasts. You are also welcome to apply the odeuvre behind the knee. The under hair is also a very good carrier. Simply shake their hair over the head and spray the contents sparingly on the hairline.

The perfume / eau de toilette is best applied directly behind the ears, on the neck or on the skin on the pulsating areas such as the insides of the wrists.

But you should be especially careful with your clothes. Some experts advise that you should not spray clothes that you wear day after day, because different perfumes quickly form an unpleasant cocktail of odors.

On a special occasion, however, a few splashes on your dress can set very special accents. It has been proven that the delicate molecules are released quite differently on the fabric than on the skin, and they also have a longer-lasting effect here.

In other words, be careful in any case with synthetic fibers, here it can not develop properly and quickly smells bad. Also silk you should never perfume, because the milestones on this delicate fabric can leave stains that are very difficult or impossible to remove. It is as otherwise in life also: if you should be unsure, test the products carefully on a non-visible part of the fabric.

Of course, the most important thing is that you feel good. Like a good make-up, its aroma should not cover your natural body odor, but harmonize with it.

Perfume film

In 2006, the book by Patrick Süsskind was made into a film. „The Perfume“ is also called the story of a murderer and shows how a man is born and passed on. This man is so fond of the Odeurs that he even kills women for it who just smell good. He himself doesn’t have a good story in the film. The cliffhanger is absolutely worth watching.

The film is set in 18th century France. At that time, the waters just conquered the world market and is used by everyone who can afford it. This film was very much modeled on the book and is absolutely worth watching.

Perfume atomizer

Atomizers are a great way to apply your favorite fragrance. Usually, the extract is applied to the neck and wrists. But there are also women who literally bathe in bravura pieces, because they like to smell them so much.

The specialties should be purchased in an atomizer, if it is to be applied quickly. These bottles are available from a wide variety of manufacturers. There will certainly be the favorite. With an atomizer, in other words, every drop of the precious perfume will arrive on the skin. It is a comforting act to cover yourself with the atomizer in the morning before going to work. In this way, every woman is sure to survive the working day well.äuber

Forums & Communities

Even in times of social media there are still many forums, especially in the beauty sector they are very popular. Many questions are answered insofar.

  • What factors determine your decision where to buy?
  • Which perfume do I give to my husband or boyfriend?
  • Which fragrance sparked your passion?
  • What perfume have you ever gotten compliments on?
  • Which one did you wear the most this year?
  • Which ones did you discover for yourself last year?
  • How do you store your treasures?
  • What perfume do you go to bed with?
  • What will be your ultimate summer scent?
  • Which after shave do you find great for men?
  • Which re-release would you be happy about?
  • Which fragrances do those around you like the most?
  • Which perfumes can’t you smell?
  • What perfume makes you weak on men?

In forums you can find more info eg about twins and „copies“ of expensive to cheap, fragrances whose production is discontinued or has been, which have disappeared, a consultation or yet also the fragrance of the day.

Perfume tester

Year after year, more and more fragrances come onto the market. 
In order to foresee the prospects of a product’s success, many companies conduct tests prior to market launch. 
Here, product samples are provided for the target group and suggestions for improvement are solicited. The feedback helps so far in the development of the fragrances and in the decision-making process on the part of the companies.

Nowadays, various companies also offer to hire people from the target group for the product test. Thus, compensation is made for testing different fragrances. 
For testing, the essence is sprayed on the inside of the wrist. 
During the assessment, the intensity, duration and quality are evaluated.


Hopefully, our summary will make their search a little easier.


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