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Finding the best perfume for ladies is never easy when you think about the variety of fragrances offered by the biggest creators. 
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Perfume for women – From Chanel No 5 to Dolce Gabbana.

But if you are looking for a perfume for a woman, you will quickly notice that some of them stand out from the competition for their beguiling base, fruity, floral or oriental fragrance or notes that never go out of fashion with time.

Thus, the optimal fragrance for women is the one that awakens a surprising and at the same time familiar feeling; we like to find ourselves in our aroma while tirelessly falling under the spell of its addictive notes every morning.

The most pleasant perfume for them will probably be found in this selection.

Discover the excellent women’s brands and choose your favorite perfume from the variety of beauty items you can buy online.

There is something for every taste and smell: fruity, woody accents, floral bouquets, oriental juices, vanilla notes…


Here is a compilation of some classics:

We have selected the fragrances that have become classics and have marked their time, taking care not to forget any olfactory family.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive and we leave it to you to search our website to find your rare pearl….

The essences you will find here are not bestsellers by chance! They are compositions skillfully realized by renowned noses such as Francis Kurkdjian, François Demachy (Dior), Mathilde Laurent (Cartier), Sophia Grojsman (Calvin Klein), Christine Nagel (Hermès), Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion, Laurent Bruyère (Alien) and Anne Flipo (founding trio of La Vie est Belle by Lancome).

Perfume for women, like freshly showered.

In addition to cologne and eau de toilette, women who do not want to use their make on a daily basis are also welcome to use other products, such as lotions, deodorants, skincare, body sprays, gift sets for women and so on.

We often wonder why women love smelling water so much. So the real question is rather: how can it be not to like eau de parfum?

In fact, their beauty has made them an indispensable tool in everyday life. Whether you are romantic, sensual, discreet or beguiling, you are sure to find your personal epic.

In addition, the brand water for women can also be a comforting refuge. It calms and soothes us. It becomes a familiar fragrance and has no difficulty awakening our senses.

The rosiest fragrance that suits a woman or you is undoubtedly the one that best suits her personality and skin. To find it, there is no secret: she must test it and try the products every day.

When it comes to choosing between eau de toilette, eau de parfum or eau de cologne, each woman chooses the type of product she wants to use.

Perfume Guide – Eau de Toilette – Eau de Parfum – Eau de Cologne

 A woman’s eau de toilette is ideal for everyday use. To present yourself even more intense, wear the appropriate perfume for more character and intensity.

If you are looking for a feminine touch for everyday use, the Eau de Cologne is ideal for you; if you are looking for a deep feminine scent, the Eau de Parfum is perfect for you and your needs.

In the morning we often use such a product and then smell the whole day „like freshly showered“.

But you can certainly choose certain brands that you already like. Some women prefer the surge of flowers to fruit or musk, and the list is so long that we can not go further.

Nowadays, the female bouquet has become an additional accessory for women, which adds the finishing touch to our style and leaves a pleasant and unique feeling in us.

Aesthetics and seduction in a sensual feminine way.

 Elixirs are able to make a woman feel special and unique, such as the famous Chanel No. 5.

CHANEL No5 parfum.jpg
Von arz – The photo was taken in Vilnius, Lithuania, Gemeinfrei, Link

Bild Chanel No 5 Wikipedia embedded

And yes, gentlemen, you are now warned, we have an unstoppable weapon in our hands that none of you can resist.

The fact is that at least half of all women consider a fragrance as an accessory of seduction.

In fact, you’ve probably noticed the reflex you have to turn around when someone wears a scent that attracts you… No wonder. You don’t even react with your reason, but rather with your instinct. The essence then awakens your whole animal side.

In fact, even though women like to buy odeuvres for their own pleasure, they also wear it a lot for others. So they are for women is a matter of seduction, but also elegance.

Moreover, nothing is rational when they apply the essence they value most.

It gives confidence and a bewitching, almost indefinable charm. It leaves a feeling to which everyone responds with a different sensation. A floral product for women has the gift to evoke memories, conjure up a magical moment or awaken an inevitable fantasy of desire.

You only have to look at the amorous terms used in the names of women’s fragrances to realize this: Stolen Kiss by Cartier, Parlez-moi d’Amour by John Galliano, Trésor by Lancôme…

To go even further, some women say they even feel uncomfortable when they are not wearing their favorite perfume. They have the feeling of being naked or longing for it.

As you must have understood, these compositions are in many ways far from being an ordinary object.

So it’s not far-fetched that Yves Saint Laurent calls one of his most famous gems Opium! Once they get used to a certain smell, it becomes addictive.

Some masterpieces are new creations and are the talk of the town these days. This is the case, for example, with the latest Mademoiselle Rochas or the new Ballet Blanc de Repetto.

Other essences, however, are a few years old, but already world famous. For example, La Vie est Belle by Lancôme, Chanel No 5, Black Opium, Lady Million, Jil Sander Sun, La Petite Robe Noire by Guerlain, Miss Dior and J’adore by Dior and Olympéa by Paco Rabanne have been the talk of the town for several years.

La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme has been flooding the world with its optimism since its release.

We find, for example, the emblematic Shalimar from the house of Guerlain or Chanel N°5 by Coco as the absolute classic on our shelves, Armanis Si it embodies the image of absolute elegance.

As for Guerlain’s Petite Robe Noire (Little Black Dress), it’s still making a name for itself with its small, inked silhouette.

No sooner have some works of art seen the light of day than they seem to be inscribed in a certain timelessness.

 Paco Rabanne is also a designer much appreciated by women. Two of his creations have become an important part of the desire and harmony, as evidenced by the colossal success of Lady Million and Olympéa.

After all, other attractions are true legends because their reputation precedes them and their longevity and aesthetics are exceptional.

About Miss Dior, it can be noted that it strives to keep the emblematic House of Dior at the forefront, while the timeless Amor Amor is all about sensuality.

Applying essences for the first time has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. As Coco Chanel said, „A woman without perfume is a woman without a future“.

Of course, the floral gourmand fragrances are also on the rise, and Lolita Lempicka, Cacharel, Thierry Mugler, Kenzo, Diesel and Givenchy are fully riding the wave. And let’s not forget Flower by Kenzo!

In fact, the masterpieces never cease to sublimate female beauty, enhance femininity and sensuality.

The classics of women perfumes

Today there are so many products that it almost seems that each essence was created for its own personality.  It reaffirms the character of one and thanks the romance of another.

In fact, perfume is something personal and must always fit the character of the person who wears it.

Even today it plays an essential role in the lives of women.

Let yourself be seduced by a women’s brand or an eau de toilette of the best brands.  For women who love to try and discover new offers, but also for those who choose classic items that you will never get enough of!

The immediately listed feminine compositions, all bestsellers in perfumery, have earned a special place in the hearts of women because they subtly address each of their facets and reveal the beauty of their plural and moving personalities.

Giorgio Armani – Sì pour Femme

Women will be delighted with the Giorgio Armani fragrance Si womanbegeistert. It is one of the more intense of the Armani range, naturally characterized by a vanilla aroma and black precious woods, ensuring that the user not only looks sensual, but also seductive. Ladies with a softer side will be thrilled with this masterpiece, wanting to put it on every day and also feeling more daring and delicate than ever.

He got a very good combination of black currant and bergamot as top notes. The heart note the product consists of very delicate facets that make the wearer a woman first. There is a bouquet of flowers included. This is composed of may rose, neroli and jasmine. In addition, there are sweet vanilla and orcanox, as well as noble woods in the base.


Calvin Klein – CK One pour Femme

The perfume CK One by Calvin is trendy and hits the nerve of the young generation with its freshness. It creates a boundlessness. This fragrance opens all boundaries between all genders, ages and all peoples. It is a turn towards all women and men who love to share this buzz. It is a light eau de toilette with a combination of cardamom, fruity pineapple, papaya and the smell of bergamot. Then follow notes of rose, nutmeg and violet. Amber and musk still round out this brilliant performance.

CK One is one of the most famous fragrances in the world and this smell is simply one of the classics since its invention in 1994. It can be called a multi-talent, is suitable for everyday use on any occasion and unfolds a brilliant light elegance. Not without reason, it is popular as an eau de toilette among women and men.



Calvin Klein – Contradiction pour Femme

Calvin Klein Contradiction

Calvin Klein Contradiction is a wonderful odeur for men and women. It is floral and perfect for those who are active and want to live urban. The metallic but also floriental note will intoxicate anyone who puts it on and wears it. It is an essence that will take many hearts by storm.


Calvin Klein – Escape pour Femme

Escape makes the female sex smell even better. It has as a note a floral bouquet and he has as top notes lychee, apple and currant. The fruity fresh and at the same time floral fragrance will make men’s hearts beat faster. Everything is a particularly good composition that will be worthwhile for any user. It will change women and show them from another side.


Calvin Klein – Eternity pour Femme

Calvin Klein Eternity woman impresses with the fine notes and the great aromas that come to bear here. For the user, this beauty fits both a business outfit, as well as a casual leisure style. No matter how you are dressed, it definitely underlines your personality and brings out your appearance even better.

Calvin Klein has come up with something very special here, which will benefit every woman. Because the article is stunningly beautiful and at the same time sensual and timeless. Especially for users who love fragrances with the special touch this perfume is optimal and should be the first choice. Let yourself be spoiled by the sensual notes and pick this essence today. You will love it.


Calvin Klein Eternity

Chanel – „N°5

The classic Chanel N°5, is the epitome of femininity and the essence as an eau de toilette. It is a kind of fragrant inspiration a bouquet of flowers and in 1921 Gabrielle Chanel first issued this monument. This shows how traditional and current he still is and the atmosphere of this fragrance embodies a true diversity

Neroli and ylang-ylang are the prelude in the nuances of Eau de Toilette N°5. The gentle note of vanilla and the connection to the smell of sandalwood with vetiver becomes the base of the elements here.

Chanel No 5 Paris

Bild Chanel No 5 Wikipedia embedded

It is the fragrance of a woman for the woman, because Ernest Beaux was commissioned by Gabrielle Chanel to find this note and it is the vision of a true composition of this pattern. The number 5 is the simple number as the name and already in 1924 Gabrielle Chanel launched this eau de toilette N°5, it is the epitome of this series of Chanel.


Chanel No 5


Chloé Woman

Perfume Chloé Woman is considered a rose with grace and freshness. This centerpiece is the Damask rose and this is the seductive feminine fragrance. These roses are harvested by hand at sunrise and the morning dew is still on the leaves of the flower. This is part of the essence of a sillage that is like powder. This creates the sensuality that is in demand and the timeless limitation. Strictly speaking, this creation reminds us of freedom and youth.

Cedar is down to earth and mysterious as a base. The peony forms the foreground and the heart note is delivered by the magnolia. In addition, the rose forms the warm note of this wonderful scent. Amber, cedar, rose petals and the peony unite to form this combination of nuances of fragrances.

It is the concentration of the jewels of a necklace in the conception of the flacon, which was created in Auvergne in a silversmith of this region. The precious metal forms the head and this closure is plated with silver. It is a classic in elegant packaging. https://www.chloe.com/de/fragrance_cod46479320xr.html

Wish pour Femme

Chopard Wish
Chopard Wish is a feminine fragrance fragile, delicate, irresistible with an oriental note, this aroma emphasizes the feminine sensuality, which is further emphasized by a central vanilla fragrance note. The other impressions of this work by designer Nathalie Lorson, are floral delicate, fruity sweet and exotic. The top note at Chopard Wish is a mix of coconut, fruity orange blossom, rosewood, wild strawberry, black locust, gooseberry and honeysuckle.

The heart note of honey, lily of the valley, violet, orchid and heliotrope beguiles. The crown of the heart note represents the milky character. The base notes are dominated by creamy-sweet oriental elements with vanilla, caramel, incense, patchouli and sandalwood.

J’adore pour femme

Dior – „J’adore“ inspires and seduces at the same time. This great creation from the house of Dior is unique and incomparably beautiful. Customers who wear this perfume are delighted with this unique work of art. It is an expression of femininity and sensuality. In addition, it smells like a flower meadow of the most beautiful and fruity flowers. This has also inspired Dior to this unique gush.

It is very floral and fruity at the same time. The prelude here makes the smell of the tree Ylang-Ylang. The Damask rose is also incorporated here and makes him very special and also smells unique. This rose is very well known and famous for their incomparable fragrance. In addition, the jasmine flower also unfolds its unique bouquet in this mixture. This rounds off this creation perfectly and is pure sensuality in pure form.

Donna Karan New York – Be Delicious pour Femme

Donna Karan New York Be Delicious woman is a real asset for the modern woman of today. The wash goes very well with a casual, chic style and urban flair. The label is very famous for the trendy fragrances that exude modernity and elegance at the same time. The aromas are a combination of different components and thus uniquely beautiful. Especially in the big metropolises, these compositions are particularly suitable for the busy ladies.

Be Delicious brings a special attitude to bear and make the user strong character and self-confidence. Let yourself be inspired and feel the fragrant elixir on your skin yourself. A woman who thinks something of herself should not be shy and grab immediately, because this creation emphasizes above all the charm and charisma that brings wearer. A unique experience with long-term effect.

DKNY Perfume Be Delicious

Dolce & Gabbana – „The One“ pour Femme

Dolce & Gabbana – „The One“ from Hollywood. This unique odeuvre exudes a touch of glamor, and an incomparable charm and character. It has been on the market since 2006 and is a women’s fragrance that has no equal. At the same time, he not only makes the world of ladies crazy. In addition, it has become a real classic of the house of Dolce & Gabbana due to its various characteristics. He is one of the most popular brands ever. This also has its reason.

This incomparable epic lives up to its name. Every woman should be allowed to wear such an odeur. Especially as a gift, this product is ideal and spoils with an unmistakable charm. A great product from the house of Dolce & Gabbana.

It charms the wearer with the finest notes, making the best appearance in public. You will be remembered for a long time with this specialty.


Dolce Gabbana The One

Dolce & Gabbana – Light Blue pour Femme

Perfume Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue woman shows a light summer day. Floral, fruity, lively and light it shows the joy of life that comes from these components. A clear sensuality of women recognizes the fan of this perfume water immediately and here are reflected Mediterranean feelings of sensation.

This seal is born of sensuality with a cool note of fresh bergamot, with traces of juniper and pepper, paired with tangerine and grapefruit. Later, incense, musk and elements of rosewood and rosemary join this composition of nuances. This creates freshness and an intoxicating lightness

This together with the design of the shape of Light Blue woman makes confident and feminine at the same time. Because the top of the bottle with its light blue color is the reference to the sky in a landscape with Mediterranean environment. So you feel comfortable and recognized here. This is the fragrance women find irresistibly attractive and recognize themselves exactly here.


Guerlain – Shalimar pour Femme

Mysteriously exotic like a dream from the Arabian Nights comes this fragrance from Guerlain. Shalimar is a composition of exotic notes such as mandarin, vanilla, rose and iris. With a touch of incense, leather and musk, this composition is exotic and lively at the same time.


Hugo Boss – Woman

Hugo Boss Woman is the essence for the modern independent woman who has her own rules in life. This composition combines fruity notes with floral nuances with an unexpected aroma of black tea. If she treats herself to this sovereign gem in the morning, she will have fun with it all day long.

Gemeinfrei, Link

Bild Hugo Boss Wikipedia embedded

Issey Miyake – L’Eau d’Issey for Women

Always in search of new innovations, Issey Miyake shows that he meets people as a visionary and manages to fascinate. L’Eau d’Issey femme/woman is a testament to the art of architecture in this endeavor and he relies on tradition, color and culture. The creative spirit of this visionary is proven here and it shows in this combination.

This clearly proves the spirit of the creator and his goal. With L’Eau d’Issey femme/woman he has succeeded in making this proof real and the women who use this perfume benefit from it.


Jean Paul Gaultier – Scandal pour Femme

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal is the distinctive fragrance for women. It creates a really elegant aura, about the nuances of blood orange and that sounds a little wicked, which is the breath of freedom.

It is just more than a make, because it is the spirit that Jean Paul Gaultier has captured. Also the heaviness of honey and gardenia gives its touch here. So it looks fruity and fresh when they treat themselves to it.


Jil sander – Woman

Jil sander woman for women is a real classic. Many ladies swear by this masterpiece. It does not wear particularly, but decays discreetly, yet impressive and timeless. In addition, this scent is very suitable for consumers who love not to smell intrusive, but still impress.

Jil sander – Sun pour Femme

One of the best-selling women’s fragrances of our time is Jil Sander Sun. It is a true classic, because Sun has been on sale since 1989 and has been loved by the ladies since then. The makers have already scored with the bottle, because the simply shaped bottle convinces with just this simplicity and focuses on the contained essence.

It is quite a tribute to summer, because this monument tries to capture the feeling and breeze of summer. It is a sensual and carefree fragrance, which expresses a cool freshness. However, the ladies love Jil Sander Sun also because of the floral note it contains, because this gives it that certain something and rounds off the appearance of a lady in style.

The base combines benzoin, vanilla and tonka bean before jasmine, violet and lily of the valley round out the experience.


Jil Sander Sun

Joop – Le Bain pour Femme

Joop! Le Bain woman

Joop! deals not only with clothes, but there are wonderful fragrances for him and her from this manufacturer. They are intoxicating and have a wonderful appeal. Le Bain is also from the collection of Joop! and it is a surge that smells oriental and floral. This gem will give her a touch of Bollywood that she can incorporate into her daily life.

It will reflect the soulful women’s fragrance. The top note is wonderfully breathed on and every seductress will be thrilled when she gets to put on the perfume. It is an essence that will be worthwhile and will blow her mind as well as her partner. Anyone who is looking for a man should put on this fragrance. It is unique and will definitely hit just the right one. All women who like it sensual will love him.


Kenzo – Flower pour Femme

As delicate and lovely as a flower is the special fragrance composition of Kenzo. Flower is feminine, but also shows strength when the individual increcences of delicate rose, powerful jasmine, sensual bergamot and intense musk combine with each other. Flower is aimed at strong women who do not want to hide their feminine side.

Lancome – Trésor pour Femme

What user does not like to wrap herself in a sensual and exciting fragrance? Lancome Tresor will delight many men with its floral and woody aromas. Add to this a touch of the Orient and she is perfectly wrapped.

He will not only make hearts stand still, but also time. Man can not get enough of it. The bottle itself looks like a jewel and that’s what this epic for women is all about.

Lancôme – La Vie Est Belle pour Femme

The enchanting La Vie Est Belle from the house of Lancôme stands for sensual femininity and exudes feminine joie de vivre and elegance. With a symphony of black currant, pear, orange and jasmine, it has a lively fruity effect, then in the heart they feel a striking base note of Pallida de Florence iris, paired with a sensual patchouli essence.

This smelling water, which has already become a classic since its release in 2012, describes the unique character of its wearer and indicates that a feminine and cheerful side of the wearer of this unique deodorant is described here. Through the fruity-floral elegance, this essence is considered a special spring-like and summer-light, he lifts the attitude to life and puts the wearer in a positive mood .

No less than three perfumers were involved in this special creation. Anne Flipo, Dominique Ropion and Olivier Polge, three well-known stars of their guild recognized the enchanting interplay of the individual nuances of this unique feminine breath.


Lancôme La Vie Est Belle

Laura Biagiotti – Laura pour Femme

Young and mature ladies alike are thrilled by Laura Biagiotti Laura. This women’s fragrance offers that certain something for their own appearance, which in turn makes it something special. It has a certain lightness, but also the grace of a lady, whereby a high attraction is achieved.

The experience can be perceived as light, delicate and pleasant, because the creators have created a very harmonious image, which after application shows its full bloom. Starting from the base note of vanilla and sandalwood, Laura Biagiotti Laura is rounded off with breezes of fruit in the form of top notes of lychee and watermelon.

In addition, shares of roses and peaches have been incorporated into Laura Biagiotti Laura, which makes this offer a great experience especially for the warm season. Laura Biagiotti Laura has an incredibly sensual effect on men, which is why they certainly want to get closer to the respective lady very soon.

Laura“ – Laura Biagiotti Parfums | Official Website


Marc Jacobs – Eau so Decadent pour Femme

This great odeuvre is not only very elegant, but also appeals to the modern woman of today already by the special design. It is very pleasant and seductively fresh. So they fühleb like newborn and have a unique appearance, fragrance and a great charisma.

Paco Rabanne Olympéa pour Femme

This work of art is extremely sensual and feminine and with a great aroma. It is designed floral and fruity at the same time, making it very nice for the summer. In addition, its character makes it reminiscent of a goddess. This is also expressed by the name of the perfume. It is therefore very suitable for women who are very strong and have a distinct character. Be such a lady too and wear it with pride and charisma.

The design of the bottle is also very special and reflects the properties in the bottle. The design is reminiscent of a trophy from ancient Greece. The contours are also based on the female gender. It embodies, so to speak, the pure femininity again.

It pampers the wearer not only with a sensual smell, but also with an incomparable radiance of the flanker. An experience that seeks its equal and in any case envelops the wearer with a very unique flush.

Lady Million

Paco Rabanne Lady Million Eau de Toilette is an opulent oriental work for ladies for the modern self-confident woman. With this creation it was important to the manufacturer to continue the success of his men’s perfume One Million with a feminine counterpart. He commissioned three well-known perfumers: Béatrice Piquet, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion to create a new fragrance.

The composition of this new substance smells very feminine. Immediately after application, they perceive the bright top note. It is a mixture of citrus flower „Neroli“, raspberry and lemon. The fruity freshness of this creation is completed with a floral heart note, whose components geranium, jasmine and orange blossom give it its sensual feminine character.

The base note appears at the very end. It remains longest on the skin and thus makes the main character. Here, patchouli and honey play a supporting role and leave a sweet aroma. Overall, the composition of Paco Rabanne is luxurious, feminine and erotically stimulating.


Lady Million Paco Rabanne

Alien pour Femme

Thierry Mugler Alien is an extraordinary, radiant very mysterious perfume. A hymn of fragrances with an aura of luxury and abundance. An elixir with three different facets, Alien opens with a sweet note of mandarin followed by a clear floral heart note consisting of jasmine sambac.

The conclusion is dominated by a woody note, which is characterized by cashmeran. White warm amber is the classic yet very own base, a masterpiece as if from distant galaxies, unique, powerful and warm. The strong concentration of precious oils gives the wearer a strong, luminous in luxury.

Like all products from the house of Thierry Mugler, Alien is sold in a very noble unusual bottle. Which can be a beautiful collector’s item.

Alien is a brilliant experience for you, which spreads a concentrated charge of nuances over its wearer, making her stand out and unique from the whole crowd.


Mugler Alien Perfume Ladies

Thierry Mugler – Angel pour Femme

Are you perhaps looking for a fragrance that your wife will absolutely love and put on every day? Then Thierry Mugler is perfect for you. It comes from the Angel product line and the bottle looks like a star, intoxicating and at the same time absolutely sensual. It is a spray in a bottle that is easy to apply.

The item is perfect for the job, but also in the evening. You can also buy this perfume for yourself and reward yourself with it. It will inspire you and with it you will get a unique individuality delivered. Also your sensuality will increase and improve enormously.

So you see, this elixir can take you to a whole new level. It will make you live more openly and certainly a little more willing to take risks. Give yourself a unique head start.


Black Opium pour Femme

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent is rebellious, rock and now even more current. It seems serious and playful to surround yourself with this odeur. A question of environment arises that expresses itself as rebellion and inclination to tradition.

This is the mixture of this work of art and this stoutness can hardly be grasped. It creates such feminine sensuality and that characterizes this mixture of nuances from the elements that form a true composition here. You will feel these scents of coffee beans Sambac jasmine and orange blossom and With patchouli and vanilla completes the sensation of this sensual experience.

This awakens spirits and is joined by the woody cedar with the final chord.


Fragrances as sets or gift sets

Benefit from new and old classics throughout the year, not to mention the wide range of women’s fragrances for summer and winter. Above all, the bouquet you use at any time should fit your character, age and style as a woman.

Do you know which perfume suits you best?

Whether you’re still searching for the Holy Grail that best reflects your personality, exploring new horizons off the beaten path, or want to give one of the women in your life a fragrant and luxurious gift in the form of a set or gift set, you’re sure to find it in our selection of classic women’s fragrances above!


Whatever you choose, a pleasant fragrance is always welcome, and if you can get it in a women’s perfume box, you can combine it with other products from the same line, such as body lotions/body spray, feminine deodorants, hair products.

Do you want more info also for men?

Men fragrances “ Perfumes for men


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