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Perfumes for men and women are an everyday product. Men love men’s fragrances and it is literally a part of our heritage and culture.
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Men’s perfumes – From Armani to Yves Saint Laurent.

Which is the best fragrance for men? Many of us believe that an eau de parfum should reveal our personality. With this in mind, there are a variety of different products available today. Choosing a fragrance is not easy….

In fact, many people take years to find the fragrance that really suits them. It is also said that an odeur should match your individuality.

It almost seems like there is a brand for every personality, because the selection of men’s eau de toilettes is immense! So which new scent is right for you?

Besides, you won’t be wearing the same odeur in your 20s and 50s.

Recommendation – here we have collected the classics for you.

To choose a fragrance, you have two options: Bet on an essence that appeals exclusively to yourself, or try to seduce the people around you. Here you will find our classics recommendations:

Giorgio Armani – Acqua di Gio pour Homme

The eau de toilette Giorgio Armani – Acqua di Gio pour Homme is considered authentic natural and elegant. It is a fragrance that has already convinced many men and this is crossed by the smell of jasmine and the freshness of bergamot with Indonesian patchouli. It is a kind of sea breeze that flies towards you when you pick up this scent and this works very harmoniously together with floral and fruity elements.

Beschreibung: Giorgio Armani

Image: Armani Wikipedia embedded

Giorgio Armani – Code Homme

Armani Code Homme is an eau de toilette for him. It contains the elements of oriental, spicy and woody. This is exactly what gives every man a certain touch of luxury. The top notes of this perfume are bergamot and lemon. The heart notes are star anise and olive blossom. The base notes are leather and tobacco. So, for example, it is an After Save by Armani that will intoxicate any woman.

If man wears this code, women will certainly turn to him and look at him intoxicated. It comes from Giorgio Armani and thus a world-renowned designer who not only manufactures and distributes clothes, but also provides olfactory water for men and women. The fragrances are exceedingly distinctive and very popular all over the world.

It is a product that is sure to delight women. This tribute will please the man very well. It expresses that he is very masculine and of course this plays a big role in the choice of partner. Who does not want a protector?

Armani Code Homme

Cerruti 1881 pour Homme

If an odeuvre with a masculine note is sought, Cerruti 1881 pour Homme is a good choice. It is a woody aroma, which creates its masculinity through a spicy freshness and thus proves appropriate in any situation. The sillage seems aromatic, although this is surrounded by fine floral accords, which give the masculine effect a certain playfulness. The base of oakmoss, sandalwood and patchouli creates a great harmony, which is very well complemented by the note of cyclamen.

Cerruti 1881 pour Homme has an exceedingly natural effect and therefore offers something irresistible. The men’s fragrance is also suitable for young and old alike. This is achieved in Cerruti 1881 pour Homme by the fresh top note consisting of lavender, juniper and currants. Its effect on the female world this odeuvre also does not miss, because the striking product draws the eye through on itself.

Chanel – Bleu de Chanel pour Homme

Bleu de Chanel propagates in its odeur the freedom of a man with its own aromatic-woody-fascinating fragrance. In the shapely bottle of an impenetrable blue comes this timeless, non-conformist brand. This eau de parfum surrounds the man with masculine esprit in its radical olfactory signature and leaves an extremely distinctive expression of character.

Bleu de Chanel is an aromatic woody product with musk and amber notes. Tart cedar notes bring to this composition warm sensuality along with the musky woody notes and sandalwood, which comes from New Caledonia, comes for elegance and depth to the overall picture.

Chanel – Allure Homme Sport pour Homme

This essence for men is a great opportunity to smell so pleasant after sports. The application of this special after shave is uniquely beautiful and very pleasant to wear. Especially if the man puts a lot of emphasis on a special appearance, he is very well served with this touch of Chanel and can feel completely comfortable and fresh. A unique experience for the senses that inspires again and again.

Cool Water pour Homme

Wild and free, like the ocean, that’s how this classic presents itself, which has already been on the market for 30 years and has lost none of its popularity. The offer keeps what it promises, because with the spray on a fresh breeze of the ocean can be guessed. Rosemary, lavender and mint provide a fresh note, while tobacco, cedar, jasmine and sandalwood combine to create a unique melange.

Even 30 years after its market launch, Cool Water stands for the modern and active man who wants to surrender to the demands of everyday life with a lot of verve. At the same time, Davidoff Cool Water is a timeless classic that is the right companion for every day. With this classic fragrance, the man of today shows that he is close to nature and has a modern attitude, but can still rely on classics.

Davidoff has always been considered one of the most famous manufacturers of high-quality fragrances for fashionable guys.

Davidoff Cool Water

Fahrenheit pour Homme

Fahrenheit by Dior has a distinctive signature and this creates powerful contrasts and has a beguiling effect. Masculine leather and woody scents with an accord of violets and the fruity Sicilian mandarin work together here.

Dior relies since 1988 on this composition of fragrances in this Eau de Toilette pour Homme and thus boundaries can be overcome and new terrain explored. The result is that this after shave is a multi-talent and inspires every day anew. The perfume classic is exciting and beguiling when they surrender to this essence and the freshness of these ingredients can hardly be described.

Hawthorn and honeysuckle form the finish here and these notes still work together here with nuances of the benzoin tree, sandalwood and the mastic tree. So it seems warm and approachable and that fascinates even today. Dior shows here his brilliant way to serve the man a striking tail and to play with these ingredients.

Dior Fahrenheit Perfume

Dior – Homme

Dior Homme is the transformative interpretation that stands for modern men who are determined, but do not forget where their boundaries are. Dior Homme is the item for the elegant man of today, who can hold his own in the business world, but feels just as comfortable in the freedom of the wilderness.

Dior Homme creations are painstakingly handcrafted by Dior perfumers and contain exclusive ingredients. These were handpicked, as always at Dior, because for Dior each fragrance is unique. For flowers and other ingredients, for example, the origin and growing conditions play a significant role. The iris dominates this work of art. It comes from Tuscany.

Another accent present in each of the Homme fragrances is sandalwood, which comes from Sri Lanka. The third dominant main ingredient of these fragrances, is a masculine leather note that gives the fragrances their exclusivity.

Hugo Boss – Boss Bottled pour Homme

The perfume that attracts women. Boss Bottled has a wonderful fragrance and it absolutely smells like a man. Its presenter is Chris Hemsworth and what woman would not want her man to smell like this personality. The product comes in different sizes.

Boss Bottled Men may be tested with pleasure and who does not get enough of it, can also opt for the shower gel. It is absolutely fantastic and will once again show her who is the master in the house. Masculinity comes out wonderfully in this essence for the stronger sex.

She will not be able to believe that her man now smells so good and will literally want to throw himself at him. It is perfect for those who are looking for a suitable gift.

Hugo Boss Bottled

Hugo Boss – Hugo pour Homme

The perfume Hugo by Hugo Boss as an eau de toilette convinces and it is the true fragrance that makes the user attractive. It can be said, this essence allows to break the rules and men appreciate it when they make these rules themselves. By doing so, they challenge their own potential and show that they really deserve this distinction. It is a breath that smells of sea breeze and transcends the conventions.

The masculine woody note makes the prelude and together with an aquatic elegance this harmonizes perfectly. Fruity apple invigorates the senses and gives this after shave its charming freshness. A green note results and Hugo by Hugo Boss is unmistakably an offer for real guys prefer and appreciate.

Hugo is considered a classic and is still trendy. Because this flavor is always current when men adorn themselves with an excellent gush of this type.

Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey – for Men

This French creation is for the man of strong character, expressive, who stands on class. He can identify very well with the smelling water and thus optimally underlines his preferences. In addition, it is bottled in a very attractive bottle and thus optimal to look at. Not only the fragrance impresses, but also the great design of the French company makes a real impression. A great smell that can be worn very well by a man with charisma and character and supports this optimally.

Jean Paul Gaultier – Le Male pour Homme

The tart Le Male by star designer Jean Paul Gaultier shows that strength and sensuality can be perfectly combined. 
Not only the name is program, because Le Mal translated means „The Male“. And so presents the symbiosis of strong caradamom, mint and cinnamon notes, as well as amber, caraway and intense cedar in the heart.
Thus, Le Male combines sensual notes with rough influences, resulting in a unique powerful essence.

Le Male is thus suitable for a gentleman who wants to show his masculine side, but also dares to reveal new and sensual sides of himself. 
As early as 1995, the French star designer presented Le Male, a fragrance that has no equal. And even today, men worldwide appreciate the incomparable combination of sweet, delicate nuances paired with intensely tart compositions that come together in a special symphony. It lasts particularly long and develops unique fragrances after wearing time.

Joop – Jump pour Homme

This unique perfume is very pleasant in smell and smells wonderfully attractive. It is from the modern house Joop and thus brings class and elegance. Especially the man who holds something out of himself wears it and thus appears very magical and seductive. Jump Men is strong in character, expressive and also underlines the character of every man very well. This is also close to the heart of the company.

This product from the house of Joop is not to disguise the wearer, but to emphasize their advantages striking. Thus, men can not go wrong with this choice and are always good smelling and therefore very attractive. A good men’s fragrance makes a lot of difference, whether in business or in private. He supports the appearance and emphasizes the appearance of each guy.

Joop – Homme

Joop Homme may be called successful, which stylishly underlines the appearance of the man. It is at the same time a classic among men’s fragrances, because already since 1989 JOOP! Homme is offered and used by the male sex very gladly. The eau de toilette is already positively noticed by a provocative flacon thanks to unusual shape and color scheme. As a top note cinnamon and bergamot was used, which in combination with the heart note jasmine and orange blossom creates an exotic but still masculine fragrance.

JOOP! Homme is rounded off by the addition of sandalwood, tonka bean and patchouli as a so-called base note, so that the masculine comes through this perfectly. Due to its composition, the eau de toilette is suitable for every situation in life and is now considered a tribute to the world of men. Joop Homme has long been one of the most popular odeurs of all time and definitely has an attractive effect on the female sex.

Joop Homme

Nikos – Sculpture pour Homme

Nikos Sculpture has an exceedingly fresh effect. Already its bottle promises a new experience and the eau de toilette can keep this promise. Thanks to a top note of orange blossom, lemon and bergamot, it is extremely fresh, but without losing a masculine note. This is especially ensured by the base note of benzoin and tonka bean.

Paco Rabanne – One 1 Million pour Homme

Who doesn’t want to wrap themselves in an oriental after shave that looks so perfect? This perfume is not just a breath, it is a composition. This one will make a fire of passion appear in every man. It is sparkling and absolutely effervescent. One Million has the heart notes of cinnamon, rose and there are many other nuances.

It will evoke the seducer player in every user. He will be able to literally bathe in it and every woman will be at his feet. It will evoke unbridled desire. It is perfect for those who can not decide on a particular aroma.

It is very well made and is sure to make many women’s hearts beat faster. When passing by, all women will want to turn around after this sensual smell. Everything is just right here.

Paco Rabanne One 1 MILLION

Hermès pour Homme

For the gritty gentleman who doesn’t want to settle for the conventional, that’s where it comes from. Terre d’Hermès by Hermès combines the elements, creates a symbiosis between earthy fragrances and fresh elements. For the man of the world, who does not want to miss his pithy side, is this fresh essence, which is already on the market since 2006 and has established itself as a distinctive favorite for the gentleman.

The popularity of Terre d’Hermès enstand certainly not only by the meeting of fresh oranges and lemons, musk and pepper that combines the fresh with a spice and makes it irresistible. Also the particularly long shelf life of the distinctive men’s fragrance make this melange such a desirable item for men.

The classic Terre d’Hermès was created by Jean-Claude Ellena, who knows how to create unique fragrances with few resources. Since 2004 Ellena works for Hermès

Terre D’Hermès

Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme

It is perfect for everyday use. It contains citrus and spices and thus exudes something particularly graceful. This cologne is not only subtle, but absolutely masculine.

It has citrus notes and bergamot. In addition, there are ginger and spices here. Everything here is wonderfully masculine and will radiate what the man can.

Which fragrance is the best for me?

Every person is different, and as such, all tastes are in nature. Nevertheless, there are certain trends in perfumery related to your personality. The aroma evolves with the seasons, your desires and the circumstances in which he is chosen. In this context, how do you know which is the best fragrance for men?

For example, the elegant man tends to turn to both floral and woody scents. As for the seducers, they are more attracted to oriental aftershaves. They mix spicy notes with more amber aromas.

In this case, it’s about knowing which fragrances appeal to women the most.

 The romantics take advantage of this to get on their dreamy side in their fragrant eau. In general, they like to buy cheap after shave, both fresh and floral.

There are people who choose a brand to please their partner.

Even if you choose a perfume to please your partner, you should know that it is also important to please yourself. Do not consider only taste of their partner. To be appreciated in its true value, a creature must correspond to the personality of the wearer.

Conversely, masculine guys seem to want to assert their masculinity in their spray scent. That’s why they usually like essences with a strong personality, like a shot of testosterone, such as Boss Bottled.

Beschreibung: Boss Bottled

Image: BossBottled Wikipedia embedded

But you don’t have to be macho if you’re actually a soft-hearted person. On the other hand, the fact that you wear a deodorant full of testosterone does not mean that you will suddenly become more charismatic.

 In this case, they choose products with character, impregnated with spices and woods.

 The most dynamic people, on the other hand, will tend to choose fresh and modern fragrances. Citrus and aquatic notes are generally appreciated by sportsmen and sportswomen. Eau de toilette, for example, reveal your instincts and offer you real journeys whose goal is to know you better.

After all, men who are more of the serious type of the new generation will probably prefer a better, more chic and discreet touch, without lacking character. Life is beautiful, isn’t it?

The idea is simple, best reveal your natural resources to make them your most precious allies and make your beloved’s heart stop beating. From then on, the magic happens and women will no longer be able to resist you….

Popular fragrance creations for summer and winter

At the same time, it should be noted that we do not perfume ourselves in the same way in all seasons. It is therefore essential to adapt your aroma to the climate and especially to the ambient temperature. Winter scents give priority to warm, sweet smells. A juice to comfort us. Woody and spicy notes swirl in the icy winter breeze.

Because while opulent deodorants are usually appreciated when it’s cold, they can quickly become intoxicating when the thermometer climbs. Therefore, prefer essences with character in winter.

And to welcome these juices, the bottles were designed as jewelry boxes. With the approach of the holidays, the packaging is also sublimated and comes out in its finest splendor. Thus, Jean Paul Gaultier has already designed a bottle as a collector’s edition.

By Amin – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0Link

Image: Le male Wikipedia embedded

His iconic Le Male bust, for example, was dressed in a Christmas sweater….

 In addition to all the above, trends also play a significant role. However, very often authenticity seems to be the most important thing. The different creations for you gentlemen of creation are natural, but no less powerful. But they also highlight your primitive instincts and help women to better discover you without any artifacts.

We are coming to summer, so in this sense do not hesitate to choose exotic fragrances that make you think of travel.

However, do not forget that freshness is the order of the day when summer comes. This can happen in several ways. Fresh flavors can be sensual, sunny, fruity or more aromatic. It’s up to you to decide which breezy buzz is right for you.

For many, many years, these cosmetics for the stronger sex were largely on the fringes of women’s beauty departments.

In fact, at the beginning of the last century, only women deodorized themselves with what we now call perfume. Men, on the other hand, simply wore eau de cologne. 
The exact difference between eau de toilette, eau de parfum, eau de cologne we have explained here.

 Fortunately, today’s trend has evolved greatly, and these gentlemen have an ever-growing selection of fragrances at their disposal.

Every year, for example, odeuvres for guys also focus on contrasts and play with duality. Their composition has a masculine and feminine touch and contains floral hearts, jasmine and vanilla notes. To bring warmth to the heart of the cold season, make way for brands adorned with tonka, cocoa, leather and woody notes. Spouses who are addicted to sea scents, for example, will also find happiness in offerings that unfold like an oceanic splash.

When did the very first men’s perfume really come out?

This was developed in 1934 by the brand Caron. At the time it was called „Pour un Homme“ (For a man). It was developed by Ernest Daltroff and Michel Morsetti and contains a mixture of lavender and vanilla, two ingredients that the creator of the brand appreciated. 
Even then, in short, whether a man was looking for a new attraction or a woman who wants to experience a little something with her boy, it was not always easy to find a good men’s deodorant.

Back to Caron, he wanted his blend to be a „marriage of a delicate plant from Haute-Provence with a tropical spice on a background of amber, wood, cedar and musk“. 
Further, an essence should not be chosen lightly. Perfume is a part of you, it reflects your personality and your influence on the people around you.

Incidentally, since 2014 Caron reissues the fragrance in a vintage version. The new creator of the juice, Richard Fraysse, trusted that he had „remained faithful to the original formula, but sublimated it by choosing the most floral lavender and the noblest vanilla. The base notes, amber and musk, have thus gained tenacity.

Since then, the catalog of men’s fragrances has continued to grow, and all fashion and beauty companies have added new items that have become bestsellers and are positioned as the best and most appetizing after shaves of the moment.

The classics of men’s fragrance

According to several studies conducted by different polling companies, some great luxury brands are now a reference in the world of after shaves. Among the most famous are Hugo Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss, Le Mâle by Jean-Paul Gaultier, L’Eau Sauvage by Dior and Chrome d’Azzaro.

It is indeed an area where consumers are less frugal and where we advocate for high-quality products, especially when it comes to fragrances. In this respect, according to a study, 90% of purchases for men in the cosmetics sector come from quality brands. And it all began when Dior broke the mold in 
1966 with Eau Sauvage, the first perfume from a major brand to arrive fresh and young – until then they were intense, powerful and increasingly outdated.

Some would say that a woman’s perfume is her last piece of clothing… Quite a pleasant idea, isn’t it? However, the stronger sex has also been wearing odeuvres for centuries, and men’s fragrances are now considered a second skin.

For example, if you are looking for a fresh and delicate but masculine offer, we recommend without hesitation Acqua Di Giò. Its aroma is noticeable without overloading the atmosphere and its long resistance makes it a perfect everyday deodorant.

Back to the last „garments

So, while odeuvres were once meant to camouflage unpleasant smells, today they are a tool of seduction that reveals the personality of the wearer.

In fact, essences have the duty to match the style of their owners. They symbolize temperament as well as seduction and men’s fashion. So you will not be surprised to learn that the world of floral fragrances for guys today is richer than that of women.

In this sense, to perfume without being too intrusive, you might like Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Le Mâle. With its notes of lavender, fresh mint and bergamot and its sweet aroma of orange and spices, it is delicate and not very aggressive. And on the sensual side, the whole is completed by woody aromas, but also sandalwood, cedar and tonka bean.

Indeed, a small revolution has taken place in this virile universe and designers compete with each other in their creativity to surprise us. Men today are flirtatious and sophisticated, so their tastes are becoming more and more refined.

Finally, Sauvage de Dior, which can be used on any occasion, since its aroma, although it has a long duration of action and good resistance, is not aggressive to body odor. In addition, Sauvage is an icon of rebellion and sensuality.

An absolute classic is of course also, as already described above, Davidoff’s Cool Water.

By Bruce The Deus –, CC BY-SA 3.0Link

 So now there is something for everyone, and whether you are looking for an extremely fresh aroma or a woodier and more intense, you will be spoiled for choice. You just have to let yourself be seduced. Don’t pout with joy, we know you love it!

The best for the man.

You may have already forgotten, but today’s perfumery is a far cry from the one we knew from our parents. You don’t have to go back very far to see that.

„Sir, venture into this world of fragrances created for you by renowned brands,“ it said at the time.

In fact, cosmetics products for „him“ suffered from a bad reputation in the 80s, and for good reason… between lavender scents and testosterone-rich juices, the corresponding beauty section in department stores was dull and boring.

Do not worry, all this is behind you, and the choice of appropriate products continues to grow, tending to more and more boldness and quality.

Set out to conquer the seductive ally that evokes your style, supports your natural aura and shapes the spirit of your personality and presence.

Brands are now taking the time to mature their ideas to offer you the best of their know-how.

But remember: don’t enter your fragrance wardrobe blindly, inform yourself beforehand.

Take, for example, one of the flagships, Sauvage de Dior. The publicity that has flooded the advertising pillars of the streets since the release of this long-awaited odeuvre was not to be missed… It accompanies you in any situation with which you are confronted: whether it is a seduction, a date or a business meeting.

Especially if you had a woman by his side: she could not help but look into the eyes of handsome Johnny Depp.

For example, if today after shave occupies a front place in the own care that a man gives himself every day, it is because it is a real commodity of confidence and elegance.

Well, if you look closer, Dior, for example, has taken no less than ten years to relaunch a men’s fragrance since the release of its predecessor, Dior Homme. Within the house, they say, „Dior has always known how to take the necessary time for its creations. The word ‚creation‘ is very important because it means that our fragrances require real reflection and maturation.“

Whether you vary day to day or prefer a single scent that identifies you, the goal is for your sillage to leave a pleasant mark that is embedded in your memories.

Rather virile, dynamic, trendy, sporty, successful, mature or young?

From the sweetest to the spiciest, subtle, elegant or dynamic, you will find the soothing or seductive swirl that will captivate those around you.

Each personality has its own olfactory notes: discreet, subtle, strong or woody, sweet, spicy?

 From now on, brands no longer deliver just an intense fragrance or an eau de cologne, but an olfactory universe. Everything is in perfect harmony.

It is a life companion, it accompanies us in all the events of our lives. The choice of cologne can both emphasize the character of the male individual and put in front of the mood of the moment.

In addition, the entire communication around a men’s perfume is very elaborate. One only has to look at the number of prestigious muses that follow one another in this field: Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Vincent Cassel, Simon Baker….

Moreover, an essence may have a different use specific to the person. In other words, the choice and use depends essentially on his constitution.

So, the bottle of the selected brand exudes a virile image, usually with a lot of elegance. It is made of noble materials and is a real tool of prestige and seduction.

In addition, you can choose a soft and subtle fragrance for everyday use and a more distinctive brand for special occasions.

 So when you put a men’s fragrance on the back of your neck, it’s a bit like diving into that prestigious atmosphere, asserting all his charm while putting the world at your feet. It is an odeur that will accompany you always and everywhere, so you have to like it and never get tired.

 So, even if this development took time, we must admit that the result is very conclusive.

The products for the stronger sex now combine authenticity with modernity. Everything now lies in the boldness and imagination of the brands. Houses are constantly renewing, and each appearance of new brands becomes an event.

Which fragrance suits me?

Don’t they say that all tastes are in nature?

 But how do you choose the right aftershave for you?

As we just said, if you want to choose a product, you now have a colossal selection to choose from.

Therefore, not all partners or wives will like the same style.

 But then how do they do it right?

Perfume Guide – Eau de Toilette – Eau de Parfum – Eau de Cologne

Actually, it all depends on your personality.

With this in mind, choose a water that suits your personality.

A fresh and mysterious trace will tend to seduce sensual, but not eccentric women. A light and exotic touch knows how to turn the head of a woman who loves to travel or someone with an artistic streak.

The fragrance can be chosen according to your age or style of dress, but most importantly, it must seduce you.

 A rich, masculine and assertive aftershave will appeal more to those who like to feel dominated and protected by their man.

If you are a sportsman at heart, the family of sportsman fragrances with citrus notes in the top might be just what you are looking for.

The freshness is more to the taste of sportswomen. Finally, the greed gives a very tender side and will be able to highlight all your sensitivity.

In addition, these offer fresh citrus notes accompanied by aromatic plants. These seem to be tuned to your movements and will accompany your overwhelming dynamism. In addition, creative houses often integrate the aroma of their brands in other products of the same line.

Terre d Hermès, La Nuit de L Homme, Azzaro pour Homme, Legend de Montblanc, Burberry Brit, Boss Homme, Eau de Rochas Man and all items of Comptoir Sud Pacifique: the best essences are available in the store!

As for ladies, the products are available as essence, eau de parfum men and eau de toilette. Perfume is more concentrated in alcohol. Its fragrance is stronger and lingers longer on skin and clothing. Conversely, an eau de toilette for „him“ is more subtle. Its smell is the same, but its trace is more discreet.

Also, if you are a sportsman, you will be happy to know that you can get the deodorant adapted to your masculinity. On the other hand, if you are more into suits and ties, the woody fragrance family will fit you like a glove. They are usually more sophisticated and extremely virile.

Perfumes for men generally consist of a harmony of oriental, spicy and woody chords. Musk, pepper and amber are notes that are often found in their recipes. These strong elements are sometimes tempered by floral facets and subtleties full of freshness.

 However, they are still quite discreet, fine and distinguished odeuvres. Nature lovers will prefer products with recognizable scents, like Bleu de Chanel. The olfactory family of ferns should then fill them with happiness.

When choosing a fragrance for men, pay attention to what you feel when you spray it on your skin: energy, masculinity, serenity, tradition…

 In fact, these essences smell like deodorant or shaving products. For example, Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le célèbre Mâle (The Famous Man) evokes the smell of an old-time barber.

And finally, if you are halfway between the casual and the very refined look of a dandy (that is, value sophisticated dress, demeanor us humor), you will like oriental fragrances instead.

An eau de toilette for men proclaims the personality of the wearer and certainly influences him.

These fragrances will dress both trendy dads and „boo boos“. Their trace is powerful and warm. They are very sensual feelings that are evoked. They know how to assert themselves without lacking softness.

For those who don’t recognize themselves in traditionally masculine or feminine offerings, brands also offer unisex fragrances.

Now that you know everything, you hold all the cards to find the ideal men’s fragrance that will satisfy all your desires.

Do you dare bold scents or turn to a classic safe item?

Our pages offer you a great deal of info on the various smelling waters for real guys, and your little darling will be among the hundreds of essences we discuss.

To best choose your favorite fragrance, do not hesitate to try several, ask your male and female entourage for their opinion.

Body lotion – Deodorant – After Shave

In the category of aftershaves you will find all your cosmetics manufactured by the biggest brands, as well as a wide range of products of different types, ranges and volumes and for different uses.

To expand the distribution of eau de parfum for men, you must know that cosmetic products that display the same reference are of infallible benefit. In fact, it is even more interesting to buy the entire sets with both body lotion and aftershave and roll-on deodorant and shower gel of the brand in question, which has the advantage of combining all these cosmetic products.

 In fact, yet offer a wide range of items of all kinds: the discreet eau de toilette spray for the day, or the eau de parfum or perfume extracts with more power for the evening, as well as a whole range of eau de cologne from Guerlain, Yves Saint Laurent and many other famous designers.

Thanks to the wide choice that the world of perfumery has to offer, every man can choose a class of fragrance that best suits him.

 But the range of deodorants also offers you a wide choice.

You can make your choice among some spray deodorants, but you can also find other formats like stick or roll-on.

Many varieties of smelling waters allow them to find their own style of fragrance.

 You have all the choices at your disposal, and all you have to do is use the ranges for your greatest pleasure!

Men’s fragrances – body care, shaving, facial care, showering and bathing.

Discover also the essential scented face and body care products that can be used during bathing or showering, whether soap or fragrant shower gel for the skin and for shaving and care of the male face. In particular, you will find a whole range of shower gels, for all ages and in different sizes, formats and bottles, but also soaps, always for men.

There are a few basic rules for wearing eau de toilette for men. In order for men’s items to spread, the essence should be sprayed on vital points such as the wrists, just behind the ears or in the crease of the elbow. Then we can cream – still on these crucial points.

This body application does not allow the pores to absorb it, which consequently increases the scent of men’s perfume longer on his body.

Eau de Parfum pour Homme category also offers everything you need for your face, from shaving to skin care. Aftershave lotions help prevent burns or irritation that may occur.

Do not underestimate the seductive power of these lotions, they mark the senses.

The skins most susceptible to these irritations will be delighted to discover our balms and emulsions to soothe razor burn and prevent pain.

Aftershave, woody surge or eau de toilette for men?

 Of course, manufacturers also offer the fragrant products you need for shaving: Shaving gel or shaving foam, depending on your preference.

Sets – luxury perfumes and gift sets

Fruity, fresh and fruity… Each person has their own personality and therefore their own distinctive smell. The holidays are fast approaching and we are already looking for the ideal gift. You have the opportunity to go off the beaten path and discover luxurious ideas and gift sets.

At the top of the gift list is the great favorite: the must-have fragrance that takes its place at the foot of the tree every year. An olfactory gift for a magical Christmas.

In gift sets, there are many different types of sets with eau de toilettes on, presented by the biggest brands in this field.

Whether shaving sets, perfume / fresh eau de toilette duo, products for use after sports or to start the day – among the many sets available here (gift sets, eau de toilette sets, facial care gift sets, gift boxes or sets for Father’s Day) you are sure to find something that will please you or your friends on a special occasion for example One Million by Paco Rabanne.

By Beemwej – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0Link embedded

Here’s a tip for choosing the right gifts:
Whether you are young or old, classic or fashionable, sporty or lively, fearless or thoughtful… and without knowing which of these cheap essences in sale suits you best, it is unlikely that you will make a mistake if you choose your brand among bestsellers, it is cheap and you give it as a gift. Remember, these odeuvres win in this sense the public for a very long time and some of them for decades!

Give yourself the choice and above all the time to look, meditate and decide, because to satisfy everyone’s tastes, it takes a lot!

For individualists, on the other hand, there is often the category „Rare Perfumes“, here you will finally be able to discover the most luxurious works, whose bottles bear the mark of a real aesthetic research of their creators. 
Especially on the first floor of Berlin’s KadeWe, the selection in this section is very extensive.

Ladies, think about giving an original gift for men for Valentine’s Day!


Now that you know all about women’s favorite fragrances, you should know that there is a way to apply the waters so as to make the most of its seductive power.

Before that, quickly find all the best eau de parfum and eau de toilette for you.

 So it is recommended to put them on the pulse and heat points of the body, such as the neck, the back of the ears or wrists.

In this way, it will release its odeur more thanks to your body temperature. Discover new facets of the offers through this approach.

 Avoid spraying it on your clothes.

Try to keep your hand light so that you don’t strain the essence too much. Don’t choose your smelling water at the last minute.

The bottle can also influence your purchase when it comes to men’s products. Like the contents, the container must give you a minimum of pleasure, because you will use it every morning! And in this area, brands are getting more creative to create sprays that are both beautiful to look at and practical to use.

Speaking of application, every fragrance reacts differently to skin contact. That’s why a certain brand won’t smell the same on you as it does on your best friend. So give it a try!

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